Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I believe this is across Riverside Dr. Maybe taken from the Cummer?

East Adams
(photos from

There are areas of JAX that need to consider flooding in a big storm. I think a category 5 would do similar things to our low lying regions. We saw some pretty high water last year. San Marco and Riverside are concerns I would think. Thankfully we sit a lot higher than New Orleans.


Here are some links from my boy Woody. Features the worst album covers of all time. That takes some extensive research. My favorite is Furr. Enjoy,,5-2005380599,00.html

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans

I can't believe it has gotten that much worse in such a hurry.

I'm betting on New Orleans to pull it together and will be stronger and more unified when its all over. It is weird to have just been there and now it looks like a movie effect.

On New Orleans!

Monday, August 29, 2005


A group of us went to New Orleans last week. We sure can pick em. I hope this storm takes it easy on the big easy. They are really going to get slammed. Much love to all of those there and with friends and family there. I've been through plenty of hurricanes (none like this) and have seen the devastation of Ivan the Terrible up close. I can tell you it pretty much feels like getting the wind knocked out of you for a long time. The city I grew up in, Gulf Breeze, will never be the same. But like all strong communities, New Orleans will rebuild stronger than ever. Hold that levy!

Save Cornerstone! Save Central Grocery! Save Deja Vu! Save Lafittes!


The BG Cyclones are 1-0 and on top of the Amercian Division. With a 6-0 dismantling of United Force the Clyclones registered their first opening game win in years. Normally it takes us several games to come into our own. The United Force did well to hang on to a scoreless tie until about 20 minutes left in the first half. Joe K (USA) and Rob (USA) buried goals and Felipe (BRAZIL) had a last second goal. The United Force it should be reported played a man down for most of the game and really gave it their all. With field temps in the high nineties and 100% humidity, and 9-10 players, they could have called it, but played hard and put up the good fight.

The BG Cylcones debuted this season in their newly sponsored home white kits. Waters were also provided by the Burrito Gallery for the home opener at Losco field in South Jax. While the Cyclones are happy with their effort, several key players are out for the season, including our search for a quality (over 30) keeper. Unfortunately there is no roster room for non keepers (or keepers who are cruddy). Holler. In the second half, Felipe had another goal, Stefan (GERMANY) headed in my goal. I swear it was going in. I'll take the assist though. Rob had another nice goal in the upper ninety. Rob has 5 points after one game, but to put that in perspective, Tonino has 4. Anyway. Good game guys.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Antonio Allegretti

Welcome all to my blog. I'm very interested to see how much time I will dedicate to this. Seeing how its all the rage.