Wednesday, October 26, 2005


For all of you folks in town for the game and for those who live here, navigating downtown virtually just got a whole lot easier. Plug into your favorites. A well kept calendar, easy to use maps including (gasp!) parking options and prices based on where you are going, and a directory to everything downtown.

So with this post and the next one, you have everything you need to know without really coming here. DON'T be fooled! You must be present to WIN! Get off your rump and come downtown. Need a reason, again, check

DON'T FORGET TO COME DOWN TO THE RIVER THIS SATURDAY! Just west of the Landing on the northbank riverwalk we will have our last Take Me to River from 10-4.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Urban Jacksonville dot INFO

What we need downtown is consistency. READ:
Joey and friends take one more step towards total downtown domination with their new domain debut.

Solid media converage, local stakeholder/neighborhood perspective, reviews & courageous new urban opinions, and CONSISTENCY. Read it daily. Pass it on.

End of an Era and a last chance to Get Down!

Ok, so, apparently there is a football game here this weekend. But there is ALSO the last chance to see the oft acclaimed Take Me to the River campaign initiated by Mayor Peyton. We started the weekend after Memorial Day and worked every Saturday during one fo the hottest and stormiest summers ever to bring you a solid, consistant, and fun event downtown. Take Me to the River featured local and regional live jazz, vintage jazz records, international djs (including our resident DJ David Luckin (also of Electro Lounge fame (89.9 tue-sun nights))), fresh produce, fresh cut flowers, local arts, crafts, and jewelry, expert massages, yoga, and lots more. It was always lively though often VERY HOT. And even though the number of our vendors varied throughout the summer, our number of participants always grew. Big ups to the bikers, walkers, and skaters. People also came by boat, jet ski, scooters, and even segways.

We met folks from all over Florida, Germany, Italy, and even Georgia! Just kidding but we did meet a lot of evacuees, sailors, and family reunion attendees. We survived a couple of tropical storm misses and a very scary green tide. Big thanks to the Riverkeeper for keeping us informed on our greatest asset. Big thanks also goes to the DVI ambassadors for keeping the order and a nice clean riverwalk.

So its been a lot of fun and if what you have been waiting for is a critical mass downtown, well then this weekend is your chance. And for this event, it is your last chance.

Saturday 10-4, Norhtbank Riverwalk, Just west of the Landing. See you on the Mighty St Johns!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Make money money money

Thanks go out to all for a very successful night of raising dough for the Electro Lounge and public radio 89.9. I really enjoyed spinning the old and new wax, including my personal highlight, the new Asamov single. As predicted, Jeff Vrabel was not stumped and named my pearl jam on his sight

We did well because people took the 90 seconds and made one call to 353-9529 and pledged online at It takes a lot to motivate someone to do that but it also takes a sophisticated consumer to understand the return on investment, because as a business model public broadcasting is one of a kind.

When you compartmentalize it, it becomes easier to see benefits. When the content taps into local issues and culture its even more apparent.

If you do decide to give during this drive please do so and mention Electro Lounge.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vinyl Pledge Jam 05

Tonight I'll be spinning from the deep crates of Burrito Gallery. Two solid hours of power on David Luckin's Electro Lounge. Please call in and pledge something, anything for public radio. Its damn important we support local radio programming and Electro Lounge and Bob Bednar are about all we have left folks. Listen tonight from 9-11 on 89.9 WJCT or online at And let me know what you think of my set.

biggie tea

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Snacks Blues Band

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Here are three recordings from my blackberry. These were recorded on the corner of Ocean & Adams in beautiful downtown Jacksonville. Legitimate blues on the streets of downtown. Sorry the recording couldn't be better, but I'm just teasing you to see these guys in real life anyway. Supporting local art makes you feel good. For more info on the Snacks (new record out soon) you can contact John Michael Brown at (904) 349-6148.
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this is an audio post - click to play

I tried to tell ya'll

Straight from, here is the goods on the first day of sales from Jacksonville's own Asamov. Here is an urban core secret. You can order the cd and get not only a fresh new free t-shirt but also a mix tape that is "supa dynamite!". Cop this album. Here is the news:


October 19th, 2005 (Jacksonville, FL) 6 Hole Records announced this morning that all copies of Jacksonville, FL based Asamov's debut album "And Now..." have been sold out in the city on its first day of release! Disappointed Asamov fans hoping to hear "And Now..." were turn away by the "dozens" according to FYE employees. The record has become such a hot commodity in Jacksonville it has begun to get traded on message boards and websites for nearly triple its retail value by fans looking to score the critically acclaimed debut locally.

Adding to the scarcity of "And Now..." is a promotion which allows fans to receive free admission to this weekends Official "And Now..." CD Release Party starring Asamov being held at Club Endo Exo (1224 Kings Ave.). Joining Asamov on stage Sunday night will be Boston's newest protege Edan and Orlando's next big thing X:144 and SPS. Showtime starts at 9pm and admission is $10!

The album has been reordered for the weekend and there should be plenty of copies available at area FYE, Coconuts, and CD connection retail stores.

"And Now…" follows the success of Asamov's lead single "Supa Dynamite" (feat Mr. Lif) which is currently being serviced to college/independent radio through out the US and Canada. Asamov's full-length effort features Jay-Z/Destiny's Child super-producer 9th Wonder, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, J-Live, Wordsworth and Cassidy.


Asamov is without a doubt one of the most creative and refreshing groups on the underground urban music scene. With four gifted MCs and two genius producers, they tell down-to-earth, authentic stories laid over brilliant soundscapes.

Originating from Jacksonville, Florida Asamov centers around MCs Therapy, Basic, J-One-Da, and Willie Evans, Jr. Each member of Asamov is at least a triple threat referring to the fact that each member either rhymes, produces, or DJs making them an abnormality on the Hip-Hop scene. Asamov's diversity is evident at their live shows which have become legendary for the way they "Wow" the crowd by changing up roles on stage and behind the turntables showcasing their Golden Era of Hip-Hop music skills. High energy, innovative, memorable, and "Fresh!" are perfect adjectives to describe what an Asamov live show is like!

In 2003 Asamov was signed to Major League Baseball player Desi Relaford's (Toronto Blue Jays) 6 Hole Records as the label's first act. Asamov's name is from the 21st century science fiction writer Isaac Asimov who wrote about technology and different worlds to inspire and challenge the reader to seek more in their creativity.

6 Hole Records

Founded in 2003 by Major-League Baseball player Desi Relaford, 6 Hole Records is one of the most prolific indie Hip-Hop labels in the under-ground scene. Focused on artist development and remaining true to Hip-Hop music's roots, 6 Hole has released 5 full-length albums and multiple 12" singles to date including the debut solo album from Little Brother's Rapper Big Pooh – Sleepers in February '05. 6 Hole Records is also the home to Little Brother's 9 th Wonder, Rapper Big Pooh, and Hall of Justus crew The Away Team and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

For more info. and audio samples on Asamov please visit: or

Monday, October 17, 2005

Creativity & Cuisine

The new RM Stern designed Main Branch Library on Hemming Plaza will open November 12 and feature a weeks worth of fun. The week starts off with a parade and ends with a great evening free of charge on November 18th from 6-9. Improv Jacksonville will do two performances and the Mark McKnight Trio will perform in the courtyard. The cuisine comes from downtown restaurants and features fare from $1-$5.

Creativity will also come from 20 local artists (some still needed; email me at showing work at each of the 5 landings of the grand stair case.

The library is unbelievable in its grandeur. This is not hyperbole, its as magnificent a modern space as I have seen. Please make it out to this or one of the events. More info released daily at

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I shouldn't have left you

It has been very hard to keep up with Ye Old Blog lately. There is a tremendous amount of stuff going on. My super secret March 2006 project and the Creativity & Cuisine event (November 18th 6-9pm - Free at the new main Branch Library Downtown on Hemming Plaza) have me swallowed up. All that after speaking and making my Florida Theatre acting debut at the 8th Florida Brownfields Convention. My speech, How Being Green on Brownfields Makes You Feel Like and Idiot, was well received. I also got a best actor award for my role as "Jack Ass Developer" in the main event, Taking Brownfields Center Stage. I had to go up against Diane Kerr which I would never do, but I guess thats why they call it acting.

Oh yeah, and some partners and I have an apartment/condo conversion project under contract and are negoiating with the city's best architects for a collab. Should be another learning experience and with the stated goal of creating ownership opportunities in Avondale at mixed income levels it should be challenging as well.

Look for better maintenance of Ye Old Blog in the coming weeks. There are some very exciting announcements around the corner.

Oh yeah, and we've made the blog easier to find. Its at

Your pal downtown- Tony

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Support Duval's Finest

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The debut album from Asamov is out October 18th on 6hole records. Buy the album and play it for your friends before you see the cut outs at Sam Goody and everybody has it already.

If you came to the benefit show at the Burrito this weekend you know whats up. Look for a post soon about that show......