Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where are you from?

Before you get all up in arms, listen closely to the lyrics. What Murs is trying to say is that his city has had its problems (and still does) but the quality of life and sense of place each neighborhood has is something to cherish. There are some good lessons on work ethic here too, but mostly this jam is about doing your thing and being proud of where you are from.

I may not be posting for a couple of days so I thought I'd leave you with some fresh content. When I fist heard this jam, I kep coming back to the Murs page. Hopefully you like it as much as I do because it will be up for a few days. F dot L dot A dot

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank You River! Jazz and June! People!

Photos: Sarah G

Big thank you's coming soon with new video of the sensation at the riverside. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Lets do it again real soon.


My last post about the in store I promise - Top ten blogs I read.

Note: My blog is for adults. If you are too young to join the army please go here.

I say that because I might get a little salty with my language or content. Or upload a really cool rap song or something. Yikes, hip hop! You know, myspace it out. More so be warned about what I link to. Lots of potty mouths and the occasional fly on the nipple pic.

Anyway, in that regard, here are the top ten blogs I read as of today.

10. rachelleb - photographer, Chicago, has an excellent street writing page

9. BoingBoing covers just about everything, un-classifiable.

8. Ricotta Park - local!- I never met Mr. Longlunch but he seems like a straight shooter. I love that. Sometimes blogs get a little panderingy. Like when I publish something I know my mom is going to read and then I'm like, better tone that down. Mr. Longlunch is not panderingy. Anyway, there is a raging debate about the future of JAX's music scene that is worth reading on about 50 pages of comments. Worth a look. His posts, should they ever come back, are great.

7. Gridskipper - The Urban Travel guide. Ok so I have two very young childrens and I can't travel like I used to. Gridskipper allows me to see cool ass things in city's I can only dream about going to when I kick my kids out of the house 18 years from now. One day soon, JAX will definitely be featured in GS. Perhaps for Jazz in June (wait thats over) perhaps Art walk, or something else cool we do like World of Nations. Work with me.

6. The Strippy Tickle - Here's where we may get a little salty. I don't even know why this is #6 but Kathy singing NWA deserves some love.

5. Wonkette - I feel like I understand Washington a little bit better. And it hurts. Their updates on Katherine Harris' run at our senate seat are classic. Send photos!

4. Jacksonville Independent - local!- Umm they may be the nuttiest of the local blogs. They also picked Holland to go on, but Portugal beat them down. What do they know? Apparently lots.

3. Jeff Vrabel - local! - Music critic extraordinaire. Since Ryan Geddes left there is at least someone worth a crap at the times union. Just kidding. There are at least 10 people worth a crap at the TU. Please don't fire them.

2. Urban Jacksonville - local!- This is the first page I go to when my browser comes up. So why isn't it number 1? Because I read blogs to take me away from some of the stuff on his site. Its the best website in Dooooval but it can be very serious while informative. Since this is today's top ten and its Monday, I'd rather read about pranks on Haliburton than cops in the murder capital of Florida ticketing 10 year old skaters.

1. Tomorrowland - local!- One of the best blogs on the internets. Just go there and tell some friends.

If I forgot your blog, no worries, I'll do this again real soon. Just remind me you exist with an email or something. Since I don't allow comments. Tony Allegretti, Comment free since 2005.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Any ladies in the house? The ladies the ladies.

from Ian at Oasis

For immediate release
Contact Ian Mairs (904) 386 5675


The Oasis Theater Studio seeks an African-American actress for their upcoming
production of NOTES FROM THE BOTTLETREE by Addae Moon to be directed by Lee Beger and featuring Al Letson and Steven Anderson. Role is available for JULES ( late twenties/early thirties, clever, artistic, hiding a secret). Rehearsals begin in mid-July.
Performances begin September 9th at the Wilson Center for the Arts. Stipend for will gas
is offered. To set up an audition appointment, obtain a script or for further questions call
(904) 386-5675.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Since my post, jSB has posted one of the coolest sites, I've ever seen.

More great blogs from Jacksonville, where Florida Begins. I've been watching the JSB for a few weeks. J. Scott Barnard has some really sharp insight to news and world events. I've enjoyed his coverage of Venezuela, the surging economy, and Peanuts singing Outkast. Which is much less painful than Barney singing Tupac. Much.

The revolution will most definitely be blogged.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tommorowland is NOW!

What about Bob? Yes that Bob. I can't believe I forgot to mention Bob Maynard's quintessential blog, Tomorrowland, about very important things when I gave my interview with the Times Union's Charlie Patton.

Actually Bob alerted me of his blog long after Charlie called me. But I should have done something. Why? Because Bob's blog is useful and unique. It has national and international and otherworldly appeal unlike most of the JAX centric blogs I read daily.


Monday, June 19, 2006


pic of Princess Rashid from medici club

I was reminded by Princess Rashid of a great blog for area artists, Blog from the Center.

The Center provides the Jacksonville Community with a focused group of professional artists in search of excellence and recognition at their craft. Our artists are willing to work with anyone interested in growing the Jacksonville art industry in order to improve the quality of life for the people of Jacksonville.

This is a great blog to keep up with local art and the artists who make it possible. Make it a daily read.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Come on down

May I suggest watching the USA v Italy game at a downtown pub and then making the short walk to the Northbank Riverwalk for Jazz in June?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Our Main Branch ROCKS!

One of many upcoming events. I'll post them all! Feel free to link or blog about 'em too!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


tip: Sharla Valeski


The Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission is seeking local 3D artists to showcase at the Jacksonville International Airport (which receives over 5 million visitors annually).

Artwork will be displayed in 4 glass kiosks in the main terminal building for a period of 3 months. Discrete sales are permitted during this time.

To download an application please visit and click on artist opportunities.

Submissions are always accepted, but gallery scheduling will begin soon – so please respond ASAP. Any questions contact Faith Jordan, program coordinator at or 904.741.3546

Faith Jordan
Program Coordinator
Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission
PO Box 18018
Jacksonville, Florida 32229
904.741.3546 ring
904.741.2224 fax


Saturday evening July 15th, 2006

A back to basics evening, for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife.
A raw space transformed into a venue of intimacy and urban appeal. A happy medium - a bit glam, a bit chic, yet still underground, vibrant, and driven by the music......
Patrons will enter thru the main museum entrance, first floor will be open, and led to the transformed warehouse section of the space, not to worry, it's gonna be HOT!

Music by Catharsis, Philly G, Cool Rog Rox & Odyssey

Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art.
333 North Laura St. Jacksonville, FL 32202 doors open @ 9pm

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Skate or die

I was checking out Urban Jacksonville's new design. Smart! Blogger does ache. But not as bad as myspace! The new post regarding flatline reminded me of Skate Jax which I haven't been to lately and there I was reminded about the skate in. I'll be out there. Hope long boards are acceptable.

There is also a nice large color poster at the London Bridge Pub to check out while your watching soccer.

See you on the streetses.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Every one wants to play us.

Whoa. Nice marking.

Now we need some help. On my whistle everybody tie.

Don't call me at lunch, I won't answer

The USA kicks off today at noon verses Chech Republic, ranked third in the world.

Viva la Mullet

Back in the days when the only thing our team had was the coolest mullets and faux denim jerseys over tiny red shorts over white spandex, Balboa (above) kept it real. We would have been losing games by 5 goals or more without him in the backfield. He's doing the same regulating on the ABC/ESPN broadcasts though not as bitter as Harkes.

But my man Kliensfeld made a keen observation yesterday. Univision broadcasts are much better looking. The brilliance of the picture is easily seen. What gives? I'm pretty sure Disney has more money and clout that Univision.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Disney is broadcasting all the games. Thats huge, but come off the crappy picture.

OK Smarty, what's the next topic?

This is from the JCCI newsletter which I'm sure you can subscribe to yourself, but since they need topics...How about the impact of myspace on idiots?

Seriously Seeking Issue Forum Topics

Forward is now taking topic suggestions for our 2006-07 issue forums. What do you think we should study next? Topics should be manageable, important, necessary, of interest to our membership and community, timely, and actionable. Suggestion forms are at the JCCI office, on the Forward website, or you can email your suggestion to, mail to the office, or fax to 398-1469. Please include you name and contact information.

Deadline for issue forum suggestions is June 15, 2006.

Topic form -

What: Summer Solstice Social Bash

When: June 21, 5:30 – 7:00

Where: Mark’s Downtown Club & Lounge

315 East Bay Street

(across from the Duval County Courthouse)

First drink free and appetizers provided!

Help us celebrate the past year and welcome the new leadership team!

Issue Forum Reports – Creative Community and Streetscape to Skyline.

Everyone welcomed to attend! Bring your friends.

What: JCCI Study Release Luncheon

“Attracting and Retaining Talent”

When: Thursday, June 15, 11:30 – 1:30 pm

Where: Wyndham Hotel (Radisson on the Riverwalk)

Who: Dr. Edward E. Gordon, “The 2010 Meltdown – Solving the Impending Job Crisis”

Cost: $25 Rsvp to or Cynthia 396-3052x12

JCCI Forward RSVPs to Esther 396- 3052x11 or

Events and trainings are free to members of JCCI Forward

For non-members, $50 includes one-year JCCI membership

Friday, June 09, 2006

Picked to win

Can anyone beat Brazil? We won't know today. (Actually Argentina did 3-1 in qualifying which means nada)

I'm rooting for the ticos to upset the Germans (said like Monte Burns, ooooh the Germans) at noon. Hold my calls, I'live blogging from the London Bridge.

I went to bed depressed having watched this.

I'm pretty sure we don't need all that cheap crap from China. Unless of course it comes through our port! Ugh.

Alas, I woke up excited. Today is game day on the world level.

Tammy reminded me that today was take your baby to World Cup kick off day. Daddy said not.

On Costa On Equador!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was on the panel for the first of these summits and was totally impressed by the quality of the panel, the quality of the discussions, and the simple feeling of community. I hope you can make it out. Plus, there is a rumor that the Mayor might show up. Perhaps he'll freestyle. Last time Councilmember Mia Jones belted out Rapper's Delight. So fresh.



Second Duval Hip Hop Symposium/Town Hall Meeting "Even Bigger and Better" to bring together Artists, Politicians, Music Executives and Religious Leaders in uniting the Hip Hop Community, tackling lyrical responsibility, healing inner group conflicts, economic & political impact and more.

April 24, 2006 - (Jacksonville, FL) Ritz Theatre & La Villa Museum in partnership with the Hip Hop Economy Network Inc Presents The Grind 2 Shine Symposium 2.0. This second symposium seeks to build upon the incredible success of the first town hall meeting which was held in March and to attract broader audience participation. The Grind 2 Shine symposium is designed to bring together political leaders, media, professional athletes, religious scholars, musicians, artists, and all other professionals within the Community to spur serious discussion and allow networking opportunities for attendees. The Grind 2 Shine Symposium 2.0 will be held on Saturday June 10th at the Ritz Theatre located at 829 N Davis St (downtown Jacksonville) starting at 10:30am sharp and running until 4pm.

The Hip-Hop Economy Network believes that Hip-Hop is about empowerment, the opportunity and responsibility to end poverty as well as revitalization within the community. Troy McNair, CEO of the Hip Hop Economy Network feels you must make a decision to invest in yourself, start by giving yourself the opportunity, "Envision it and then work hard at what you want to get."

Part of the days activities will be a preview of the highly anticipated local documentary "Grind 2 Shine" by Chad Hendricks which spotlights many of the top Jacksonville artist's climb to fame in the music industry including Young Cash, DJ KING RON, Bigga Rankin, SWORDZ, Asamov, Redrock, Rob Roy and many others.

This unique forum will provide not just music, but exhibits on health, finance, wealth building, hip hop economics, entrepreneurship and other related topics.

Topics discussed included: Media, positive and the negative of Hip Hop community, Hip Hop votes, Hip Hop in the church & Stop Hatin': A Hip Hop anti-violence campaign.

To help kick off the weekend's events, there will be an official "Grind 2 Shine" pre-party at Club Endo Exo (1224 Kings Ave) Friday June 9th with a very special performance by Jacksonville's own Asamov and SWORDZ. All night long DJs Therapy, Basic, and Shotgun will be spinning local music so local artist are encouraged to come and bring their music to be played listening party style.

For additional information on Hip Hop Economy Network visit: H2EN

Worst Haircut(s) Ever

Worst World Cup Haircuts

I'm sure we'll see some greasy mullets this year too. What was up with Ronaldo? That
s terrible.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Video shows the Italian MNT practicing their dives.

This sucks. I grew up rooting for the Azzurri. I am hoping it is not true. After further review (click the play button continuously on you tube) it looks really suspect. There are not enough players and they have some segments just too well choreographed. I don't recognize any of the players or coaches.

There are some really interesting comments at the bottom of the page at the world cup blog. Actually they are pretty status quo and serve as confirmation that even soccer fans can be total idiots.

The passion. The world's game. The comments. whatever

And for those who are wondering I am all USA all the way. Will also root for Italy (video real or not real. I could see some BASL compadres pull this type of practice), England, Costa Rica (any CONCACAF really, including, ahem Mexico), Holland, and any underdog except of course Ghana.


Folio Weakly

I see how it is. I blog my fingers to the bone and give your boob-laden, overpriced rag 20,000 great quotes and you pick a so so one with a mispelling. I'm not changing it!

Skrew ewe folio!

Just kidding. Love your show.

My blog is also found at, for the brand conscious consumer.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Ray Rodriguez, owner of the Real Estate Strategy Center of North Florida Inc., said quality of life is another reason for booming luxury home sales. "Thanks to the effort in the last five years to promote Jacksonville, Jacksonville is finally being seen by people who spend that kind of money as a place to live."


YEAH BABY. Now get your fat wallet and come check out the river you'll be living on! Jazz in JUNE!



This looks like a lot of fun and a good pre-party thing to do on a Thursday. The Summer art season is heating up!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Football Pie all over your shirt

As we all get really excited about the cup. Here is a warm up video from the 1994 games. HILARIOUS




Thanks to Trip for this tip on an AWESOME article about Eddie Johnson. I could not be more pumped up for the World Cup. By the way we will be watching at the London Bridge (every game we can) and at Mudville downtown as an alternate or for good luck if your squad is down.