Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thai one on

From da*sey
Remember Batsauce and I went to China for 6 months?
Well, a friend of ours (a fellow teacher, from Minnesota)
just got back to the States and he's HERE visiting us! So,
come on out to Aurathai and bask in the glow of global
love, friendship and memories... Life IS sweet!

See you this weekend...

- da*sey

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NYC update

I think the only fair thing to do is update all ya'll on the NYC trip. Since I never did on Chicago/Lake Geneva/Milwaukee.

In case you are just tuning in, a new client flew me and key partners to NYC to taste and soak up the Italian culture and food in Italy's home away from home.

Let's start here on the ground. I nearly took the $3 JTA shuttle to JAX but decided not to risk it. I had to end up leaving from the house anyway, but I'm very curious to know if this shuttle service is working out. It seems like a great deal. Since I had a ride it wasn't a big deal but it could have saved me $30 for a cab or about the same in car parkage.

Flew Jet Blue. DAMN GOOD AIRLINES. Leather seats throughout and full sat tv with personal headphones.. Capable air stews if you will as well doling out purple potato chips, yum. We were 30 minutes early to get to JFK. Which mean that I was on the ground drinking a V&T at il Vagabondo before my plane was supposed to even land. Il Vag is a classic. Food was incredible but you go for the atmosphere which is old world. The photo of the bocce is from the 60s but the court has been there for more than 100 years.

We stayed at the Gershwin for a song. It turns out our tour guide (we'll call him Larry) helped finance the building or something as well a couple of the tougher to get into restaurants. Sweet hotel. Art on every floor but not pretentious art. Art from the emerging scene that was the Warhol soho era. My floor was Anton Perich. How cool is that.

We spent a lot of time at Italian restaurants. See the photo tour for some visual. Everywhere we went (large thanks to Larry) was unbelievably tasty. Big bonus stars go to Lupa and Frank.

I'm getting hungry just reliving it in my mind. So Lupa had the more refined your waiter will know everything you need to know kind of atmosphere and lived up to our must have been enormous bill. Frank was so packed that it took us (even with hookups) forever to get to our table. The food was rustica exquisita (made up). The waiters were in like tshirts (not matching) and shorts. It reminded me of the laid back stylings of the BG. New site there by the way. But the food at Frank, though dirt cheap, was so damn amazing. Its worth the $200 ticket alone. Its in the St Marks area too which is one of my all time favorites. Though when I look back I'm pissed I didn't get a Japanese tshirt from Search and Destroy for my DJ gig coming up at the Fl theatre. Oh well.

Some observations and tips:
1. Make contact with host and tell them you'll be at the bar and are very hungry.
2. Go with Larry.
3. Don't interupt Larry when he is schooling you about NY restaurants.
4. Bathrooms don't have men or women or even bathroom on the door. I peaked into more than my share of broom closets. Ocaissionally you will see a WC on the door.
5. Moretti and Peroni on draft taste more fresh on Mulberry St
6. Stay at the Gershwin and you can literally walk anywhere without a cab.
7. Take me with you!

Girls on Film

So the Springfield Womans' Club and the Manhattan Film Festival probably were'nt what Duran Duran was singing about, but go with it. At least its stuck in your head all day.

Dear Springfield residents, supporters and friends,

We are proud to announce this year’s format for the Jacksonville venue of the 9th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival. As you may know, this year’s festivities at The Atrium @ Shands Jacksonville is a fundraising program for the Springfield Woman’s Club and JaxFMPTA – proceeds will go right back into the community. Your support is needed to make this program a success and thus continue progress in the community. Tickets are limited and available now – see below for details. We are still seeking SMALL BUSINESS & corporate sponsorships to support this program (SIA/WC is a 501c3 non-profit). Please forward this to interested supporters.

See you at the movies!

Ingar Brunnett

Media Alert

For immediate release

August 29, 2006

Jacksonville media contact:

Ingar Brunnett

Melt Into Arts, Inc.


New York contact:

Nicholas Mason

Founder & Festival Director


WHAT: 9th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival

WHO: The Jacksonville venue’s title sponsor this year is Shands Jacksonville. Other partners include the Springfield Improvement Association & Woman’s Club(SIA/WC), Jacksonville First Coast Chapter of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association(FMPTA) and Lifestyles Realtors.

WHEN: Thursday, September 21, doors open for reception 5:00 p.m. and screenings 6:30 p.m. Friday, September 22, doors open for reception 5:00 p.m. and screenings 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: @ STUDIO 653: an eclectic art & performance, located at The Atrium of Shands Jacksonville. 653 W. 8th Street, corner of Jefferson.

WHY: Proceeds to benefit parks and community restoration efforts for SIA/WC, enrichment programs developed by the Jax First Coast Chapter of FMPTA for film and TV students in Duval County schools, and MSFF.

ADMISSION: Open to the public. LIMITED SEATING: Pre-ticket purchase suggested. $15 per person includes reception and screening. Buy tickets on-line at or or by phone 904.434.4888.

Jacksonville, Fla: This year Shands Jacksonville is the title sponsor of the Jacksonville venue for the 9th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival. Shands Jacksonville has become an integral partner in building alliances with the cultural and arts community as an active host for this eclectic evening of music, performances and Hollywood fanfare all woven together with internationally recognized short films from around the world.

When patrons enter the ‘studio lot’ of @ STUDIO 653 at The Atrium – the venue will be converted into an eclectic art & performance space, complete with music, performances, silent auction, art exhibition to jump start the ‘Hollywood buzz’ of the evening. MSFF returns to Jacksonville for the second year in a row, promising a glittering evening reception nightly which includes live music by MoonDancer: Cathy DeWiit & John Chapman present MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES and Indie-Country artist Laurel Lee on Thursday night. Friday night’s musicians include the contemporary acoustic sounds of Code of Light, Laurel Lee and Jazz Funk by the Jason Anderson Band. Dance sequences by Simone: The Arabian Princess will also be presented on both evenings.

Patrons can nibble on hors d’oeuvres catered by Morrison’s as well as a cash bar, silent auction to benefit SIA/WC and Jax FMPTA. A temporary art exhibit featuring original artwork by Sandra Baker-Hinton, a nationally recognized painter, glass artist and owner of Amelia SanJon gallery in Fernandina Beach will be highlighted.

New to Jacksonville are the provocative landscapes of Miikolean Morgan Longacre and a collection of work by Candace Fasano: “Currently my work is concerned with bringing together a deep concern for the state of our environment as well as a lover of painterly dialogue”.

The Manhattan Short Film Festival Announces its Twelve Finalists:

New York City’s Manhattan Short Film Festival announced today the twelve finalists in this year’s festival. Audiences from St Petersburg, Russia to Key West, Florida will judge the short films in September. This year, the festival received 487 entries from a record 39 countries, accepting twelve finalists with films from Poland, Cuba, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Israel, Spain, the UK and the US. Between the 15th and the 24th of September, the festival will screen 140 times in 72 cities throughout 14 countries and will be featured in 35 US states. Audience members will not only be entertained by the 12 short films, but will be asked to vote for the one film they think should win the event. Votes will be tallied and sent to festival headquarters, and the winner will be announced at the main event in Union Square Park, NYC on September 24th.

“The Manhattan Short Film Festival is a wonderful forum for these filmmakers to show their work. The idea of having one’s short film play to audiences in St Petersburg, London, Amsterdam, Taos, Halifax and so many other cities on the same day must be the ultimate showcase for a short film.”, said festival director Nicholas Mason.

The festival has plans to expand into Central and South America in 2007.

Film Titles

Last Night Hollywood Photos of Katie Mills

(Ireland) Director: Connor Morrissey (USA) Director: Paul Tompkins

Cigarette Box Security

(Poland) Director: Tomek Matuszczak (Germany) Director: Lars Henning

Farber’s Nerve Who I Am and What I Want

(USA) Director: Morgan Miller (UK) Director: Chris Shepherd

Lyra Lezama Serenade

(Cuba) Director: Clayton Haskell (Australia) Director: Kyle Blanshard

Third Parent Offside

(USA) Director: Christina Frenzel (Israel) Director: Erez Tadmore & Guy Native

Without Seeing Mowing The Lawn

(Spain) Director: Salvador Gómez Cuenca (UK) Director: Michael Bentham

Screening Locations, Dates and Times

(Alphabetical by state)

Montgomery AL 9/16 – Anchorage AK 9/14 -9/17 – Tempe AZ – 9/22 & 9/23 – Tucson AZ – 9/15 – 9/21 Little Rock AR 9/23 – Sacramento CA 9/21 – Denver CO 9/21 – 9/23 Hartford CT 9/22 – NEW Milford CT 9/17 – Washington DC 9/21 – Middletown DE 9/16 – Jacksonville FL 9/21 & 9/22 – Key West FL 9/16 – 9/18 – Boise ID 9/21 – Normal IL 9/23 – Bloomington IN 9/23 – Salina KS 9/14 – 9/20 Ellsworth ME 9/23 – Boston MA 9/15 – 9/21 Martha’s Vineyard 9/15 & 9/16 – Ann Arbor MI 9/21 – Springfield MO 9/22 – Reno NV 9/15 & 9/16 – Concord NH 9/22 – Taos NM 9/23 – Lake Placid NY 9/23 – Pleasantville NY 9/21 – Rochester NY 9/23 – Union Square Park NY 9/24 – Cleveland OH – 9/17 & 9/21 – Yellow Springs OH 9/17 – Oklahoma City OK 9/21 – 9/23 – Philadelphia PA 9/21

Providence RI 9/22 – 9/24 – Nashville TN – 9/21 – Houston TX 9/22 – San Antonio TX 9/21 – 9/23 – Brattleboro VT 9/ 15-9/21 – Charlottesville VA 9/19 – Olympia WA 9/17 – Canada: Halifax – 9/21 & 9/22 - Calgary 9/14 – Haines Junction 9/15 & 9/16 Dawson City 9/21 – Europe Galway Ireland 9/24 – London UK 9/24 – Alnwick UK 9/24 – Exeter UK 9/19 – Durham UK 9/20 – Torquay UK 9/15-9/24 – Wolverhampton UK 9/23 – Birmingham UK 9/24 – Manchester UK 9/22 – Newcastle UK 9/17 & 9/23. Amsterdam Netherlands 9/22 – Hamburg Germany 9/20 & 9/24 – Muenster Germany 9/24 – Bremen Germany 9/15 & 9/16 – Tampere Finland 9/16 – Jyvaskyla 9/21& 9/22 Joensulu Finland 9/15 & 9/18 – Kuopio Finland 9/23 – Oulu Finland 9/23 – Vienna Austria 9/19 – Cagliari 9/24 – Krakow Poland 9/24 – Prague Czech Republic 9/22 – 9/23 – Sofia Bulgaria 9/22 Moscow Russia 9/20 St Petersburg 9/22

Monday, August 28, 2006


click to enlarge, print, save, and pass on

Last time I dj'd this it was so packed they were turning away people at the door. The venue change should help with that. This is a fun night. Make it so. I'll be in the VIP by the way with Brian V. Come on big spender, its the Cummer.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ground Floor Retail Park King

title of show: Connect the Dots
location: a new space called Block27
address: 2766 Park Street (across from european street)
date: Friday, September 1st
time: 6-10pm
artwork by: brittni wood, kelly eason, catherine bauer, molly riefler, bryan eason musical performance by: crystal stafford

The goal of Connect the Dots and Block 27 is to break down barriers of pretense associated with art galleries by exhibiting affordable original art in a laid-back gallery atmosphere that is accessible to all ages and all levels of income. Block 27 bridges the gap between emerging artists and young collectors by offering a local gathering place to comfortably view, discuss, or purchase art.
Unifying themes that can be found throughout the exhibition include:
consumer-driven popular culture in America, human interaction with the environment, animals and creatures in the modern world, and the process of transformation through creation and destruction.
Contemporary west coast art and artistic movements from Pop Art and Dadaism to Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism have influenced the artists' recent works.

Sounds Awesome. Best of luck to the Block 27 team. Its in my hood!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I smell like garlic or what? eh? We'll I made it back from my trip to NYC with the new client. And what a trip it was. We ate 3 lunches and 4 dinners in 3 days and 2 nights. I'll give a full review of the entire trip soon.

I heart NY.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fly me to the moon...

I have a secret new client. I can only say this: we're opening an Italian restaurant and we want the best flavors and feel available. The partnership is so focused on this premise that the principals, the chef, and I are flying to NYC to check out the owner's favorite Italian restaurants. (he's from New York).

And we're leaving on a jet plane. Which is thematic for today in blogs as Tomorrowland waxes nostalgic about air travel and Gridskipper, recently propped at the Park, blew the doors off of having to look up multiple travel sites to get one ticket with Farecast.

Here is the deal. While you're waiting for fares it will tell you what carriers dominate your market and shows you the 49 day low and average flight cost, GRAPHICALLY. Once your results appear, your flights are listed in ascending order by price (20 pages of results, fast!). Click on the lowest and you're directed to the actual airlines to purchase. The added bonus or Farecast is an arrow that tells you that the rates are likely to go up, down or hold steady.

Hey Ho Lets Go!

Ari Gold

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ground floor retail part second floor

Went to the chamber's downtown council meeting today at the River City Brew Company (adjacent to the recent scene of the Yachtjacking crime - see below). It was a good meeting, a debate if you will of district 2,4, & 6 candidates for the school board. Only 4 of the 6 candidates from those districts showed. Each candidate did well I thought. The only district (maybe our most challenged) with both candidates was 4, which pitted Sharon Priestly Jackson vs. Elsick Upton. Both ladies were well spoken and driven and had great ideas. Every time I meet someone involved with the school board they seem to be focused and driven and going after it. But then I get to the schools and its not that, well, inspiring. F the FCAT or something (thats as fun friday as I get).

Anyway, I won a free round of golf at Inside Golf off of Hemming Plaza. This would be great if I played or had time to play. I hope its transferrable, because I'm going to give it to Eddy. But I think if you do play golf and spend time downtown, this would be fun. So check it out. The digs are nice, air conditioned (rare in golf, no?), and they serve beer and wine (not rare in golf).

I am also very interested in the show Joey posted about in 5points. Looks like a fun thing to do after the condo open house BBQ art show film fest preview at 1951 Market.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Southbank is hard as nails

I think we're like 0 for August in murdas. Go team. Thanks for not ending someones life today! But its still all street on the Southbank. What with the yachtjackings and all.

It reminds me of B-rad from Malibus Most Wanted, who had a stint at the Daily Baily before law school by the way. "People be walking all up and down on your private beach and shit."

Presumably the first things the crooks did was change the name.

The Northbank is still fadeproof though.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Blog in Bloggerdale. The hits keep coming.

Parag is cool.


I was looking up some images and came upon Thumbtack Press. There is some good work there and you can get it cheap. I'm thinking there are tons of Duvalians who could get work on there. Give it a shot. Upload.

Girls in cars

Tipped off by The Most Cartered Cash in Bloggerdale, there is a new blog on the bloggy bloc. The cleverly named Suburban Jacksonville has excellent illustrations, see the one I swiped above and a great feature called Yee Haws and Hells Naw. Check it one time.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ground Floor Retail for the girls

The ladies the ladies. Here is a promo for the newest in new at Tiara. Laura Street retail for the princess.


Here is a little taste of a new site I am working on with Sarah G. Sarah G is an excellent photographer for hire. She is best with candid shots in my opinion and most affordable. Hire her.

Delightfulness Preview

Here is an sneak peak of a site idea that I am working on for my friend Sarah G who is a gifted photog. I mentioned earlier she is on tour. If you know someone cool in those cities and they have an extra bedroom like catfish spaghetti, let me know by email. Motel 6 is a drag, I'm sure. Sarah G is inexpensive for high quality images and available for weddings, and parties, and art walks and such. Drop her a message or email me for her digits.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Photos of 1951 Market

by Sarah G, who is on tour in Lexington, SC taking photos and video of Shawn Lightfoot and Jessica Pounds .

Historic School loft tour. Cook out. Cold Beverages. Art Show and Sale. Manhattan Short Film Festival Preview.

Oh yeah, and condo open house. Interested in seeing Jacksonville's only historic school loft conversion you can own? Well, Saturday is your day. See details above. The event is scheduled to be convenient for a trip to Historic Springfield on its own or a "to do" before your night out on the town.

Sales agents from Atkinson will be on hand as well as the developers to answer questions about the project. Prices start in the low $160's.

About the project:

The school was built in the Collegiate Gothic style by famed Jacksonville architects, Mark & Sheftall in 1926. The school features exposed brick throughout with very high ceilings (voluminous spaces accentuate wide open floor plans), huge windows, efficient CHA, D/W, in home W/D, security systems, and all appliances. Some units feature balconies, terraces, patios, and dog runs. The homes at 1951 Market are gated though in a very walkable section of the Springfield Historic District, featuring a mix of classic historic homes and new historic replicas. The school is also adjacent to the newly renovated Liberty Park, convenient to the beaches, the airport, and about 2 minutes from downtown.

Please come by and see us!

Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the Developer. For correct representations, make reference to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ground Floor Retail part chew

chew. bless you.

So yesterday I was one of four peoples who sat down and tasted samples that would possibly grace the menu of downtown's newest upcoming hot spot. How do I know its going to be a hot spot? Because I ate there!

Holy cow.

Salad, very tasty, lots of flavor in the lime/chimichurri or as we like to say at the BG, Jimmy Murray, and thinly sliced plantains to bring it home, grade A.

Soup, french onion, one of the best I've ever had, grade A.

Riblet mini sandwich with some horsey and saur kraut, solid, B+, but only cuz I don't much eat the riblets.

Madame Croque, picture select ham and cheeze pressed, then sunny side up runny on top. Damn, A+.

Fried Green tomato BLT, gourmet bacon, need I say more? Maybe it should be BLFGT.

I won't be able to do these flavors justice, I mean they have their breads custom made yo. So just line up outside like the rest of us when they open, in September.

Thought and lots of it went in to each ingredient. Right downt to the international sodas and some of the best damn coffee I've ever had, french pressed.

So as another Adam Street Dragon comes on the scene. I say good luck, and LETS EAT!

Ground Floor Retail part B

Ok. I know, I've been posting a lot about June Holiday David Spade the last couple weeks. Well, its because I can go and drop $5 and get like 6 albums including one Priest and one Sinatra. I got the Blur v Oasis picture disc too. Had to. The 4 for $1 crates are on fire! Its also because they are doing THINGS.

Anyway, the Adams Street Dragons at 114E Adams had Brian Bonz from Brooklyn yesterday afternoon. Sorry I missed it. Those guys seem cool. They have a great local art show tonight:

August 10, 2006
Thursday, 5pm - 9pm

We're having an opening party for a group art show featuring Loretta Hirsch, Jonathan Lux, Madeline Peck, and and Ryan Rummel. We'll have free things to eat, drink, and look at.

and they are featuring the alarming attractive and easy to listen to Besties tomorrow. Get off your ass Jacksonville and catch up with downtown.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


As first reported by Urban Jacksonville. I will do my best to update ground floor retail in the Urban Core as fast as it comes.

Welcome JaxCore. Wish you were on the northbank and hope you do tune ups.

Remember, folks we now have three record stores in the core. Awww yeah.

Must support local retail.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Art Walk August 2006

all photos Sarah G

As promised, some shots of Thief in the Knight. More tribute to the art walk coming.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Sorry for the title mom. I'll try it out and report back on the convenience factors, but this sure seems like a good deal.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sarah G

Above is a cool short doc by Sarah G, commisioned by DVI for $150.

Its not all 2006, but its all local and all good. I found it while watching Urban Jacksonville's Thief in the night video.

Music by Tropic of Cancer.

A selection of Sarah G photos from Art Walk coming here soon.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006



Thom Yorke
The Eraser


Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped


Fiery Furnaces
Bitter Tea


Konono No. 1


Band of Horses
Everything All the Time


The Budos Band
The Budos Band


Camera Obscura
Let's Get Out of This Country




Sufjan Stevens
The Avalanche


Gulag Orkestrar

Ok. So support the real downtown by getting your tunes from MCR! Also Chad Jasmine and some friends are playing a surpriz show at burrito gallery. Thursto et al's show is cranking at the Knight building. TSI has new work. Also the MCR crew has a VERY LOUD BAND on the agenda. Womp womp or something.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Creating Parking Problems since 1919

I worked at Theatre Jacksonville for a while back near the turn of the century. Loved it. This was an ad I did when the parking situation got damn near explosive. I felt it was my job to point out that it was my job to create parking problems not solve them. Once you figure out your best parking scenarios you could sort of care less that the Underwood's lady has to walk a block. Well she saw to that anyway.

The opposite apparently is true if you own a business downtown and your primary customer is not Joe Modis Building the 8-5er (who is already parked). Spoon Calling a Spade a Spade is having parking issues as documented here and here. The latter I tried to chime in on with some hints from the parking underground. Except I screwed up a little bit. Here is my correction:

Biggie Tea's best bets for parking and enjoying MCR:
1. Come after 6 or on the weekends. Free.
1.b. Ride a bike or skate. Or, gasp, walk. Free.
2. If you are going to be less than one hour, street park on Adams or Ocean. Be careful not to stay over your meter or park in the speedy lanes that are ticketed during rush hour. Nothing says get the f outta town like speedy lanes. Fitty cent per hour.
3. If you are going to be between one hour and TEN hours park on Monroe. Its just a couple blocks north and east (between Market & Liberty on MONROE) features 10 hour meters with pretty good availability. Fitty cents per hour. $2.50 all day!
4. For really shopping your balls off (and #3 doesn't appeal, or is full, or you have money dripping out of your pocket), try the surface lot on Duval and Main. $4 all day. Still cheaper than the garage right across the street for the library but if money is no object you might want the Carling garage $6 all day. Play on player.

DVI needs to update their site with daily parking info around you. You should hit them up. Also, I don't think the administration nor DVI nor Parking Services actually hears enough from retailers. DVI says its the number one thing they hear about but I've never been in a meeting with them and Parking Services together and I don't think they have a parking consultant anymore.

And also, please stay downtown.

See ya'll on the ART WALK TOMORROW!!!!!