Monday, October 30, 2006

Sugar Magnolia

Whether its Tony Bennett or RatDog, the Florida Theatre really swings, for a 79 Year Old Lady. She's got a myspace.

Yes its this Wednesday

Happy Birthday Dog.

Bunnies in Hell

Tip of the hat to the art group email list, not sure how I got on it, but I like it. This looks like an interesting show. Read the article in the EU here. The EU is coming strong lately.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Join us for
Riverside Harvest Gala
You are cordially invited to attend RADO’s rst
annual fundraising event
November 3, 2006 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The event will be held at the Five Points Theatre
1025 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida
Dressy casual attire
RSVP by enclosed correspondence or by phone
répondez, s’il vous plaît
Riverside Avondale Development
Organization is a non-profit
organization whose mission is to
encourage revitalization within the
Riverside Avondale community.
We are dedicated to historic
preservation, creating and preserving
quality obtainable housing for low to
moderate income families, increasing
public safety, reducing crime and
improving the overall livability of the

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Toodledolist with extra black olives


I really like the Jaxopolitan Blog. Today's entry has a good run down of the haps this FLGA weekend. Its like an insiders guide to going out. Many fun things to do and of course many many people down here. Party on.

If you are on the Northbank Downtown or in Arlington this evening (between 6 and 10), I will deliver hot fresh pizza to you. Well maybe not me personally, but my friend De will. $8 large and $10 extra large cheese. $1 each additional topping. Pauly's Arlington/New York Style Pizza. 745-4815. Tell them you want the biggie special and get an order of garlic knots free. Put the number in your cell phone under Pauly's.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Get your team in!

Check out my previous post. This will be a lot of fun. Don't forget your fith wheel. I've talked to a lot of 5th wheels lately. See you on the streets.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stay human.

Jacksonville Human Relations Commission Special Event

FREE ADMISSION - RSVP call 630-1212-4813

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, 9th President of Spelman College will be in Jacksonville on November 9, 2006 at 6:00 pm at WJCT Public Broadcasting Studios, 100 Festival Park Ave. Visit & search JHRC

All you have to do is believe.

from your urban daddy

If you happen to be in New York this weekend and I know 14 million of you will be. This is what I would suggest:

Mensa Admissions Test
Sharpen your No. 2 pencils. Let your brilliance loose for the exam of all exams...witty banter with members of the elite "society for bright people" is only a few fill-in bubbles away.
411: Oct 21, 10am and 12:30pm, $30, 44 E. 32nd St, 11th floor (between Madison and Park Ave S.), 718-356-3387. Warm up here.

Designer Denim and Theory Sample Sale
50-80% off denim (7, Ben Sherman, Chip & Pepper, etc.) and Theory shirts.
411: Today through Oct 22, 62 Greene St (between Spring and Broome), for more info click here

"Picasso and American Art" at the Whitney
Picassos next to American art he next to a girl who is duly impressed with your cultured self.
411: Now through Jan 28, 2007, 945 Madison (at 75th)

Held Over?

St. Francis's Big Red
Red wine and red meat—aka basic sustenance. Hearty food and wine tasting from more than 50 NY steakhouses including Craftsteak and Porter House, paired with red wines from St. Francis.
411: Oct 23, 6:30-8:30pm, Westside Loft, 336 W. 37th St, 866-562-7263, for tickets click here

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Best Blogger Alive

footage courtesy of Rupert Murdoch

Traffic was actually down yesterday. Thanks Folio!

So obviously I am not the best blogger alive. That's probably a creative one like this one or a useful one like this one. But people who read the Folio, can't, ahem, be wrong. Right? Anyway. Here is my list of the top 10 local blogs. Had the ballot box not been stuff I think there would be a different king.

10. The Most Hated Man in Riverside - Ok. He never posts any more, see number 3. Tied Suburban Jacksonville. HELLLSSS YEAHHHH! Have you ever tried to turn around at the walmart on Monument? Cheese and rice.

9. Jaxopolitan - really deserves better than a 9 but hey, they are new. Big BIG props for the Skyway jam by Lyle Lamly. I think of this as more of a Shelbyville blog.

8. Got to be a Chocolate Jesus. We all know where he is going with the title. Actually I haven't a clue, but I bet its tasty. This blog has great takes on the new Music. Music is good. Go with it.

7. biblioklept. Damn. This one is like Bob's blog in that it is pretty much strong enough for national/international consumption. A big thank you from the hyperlocal blogs for repping Jacksonville. Oh yeah, its about books. I'll explain what those are in a later post.

6. Parag's Blog. You would think since Parag and Blahg rhyme he would have come up with something more inspired than Paragelicious but I'll cut him some slack. Thing is he NEVER posts but when he does. Damn. He says exactly what is on his mind. That is good for many, many points, but not enough to thrust him into my top five, sorry dood.

5. Ricotta Park. Ricotta Park is like a delicious meal. One course of weird Middle East debate and anti proliferation banter, One course of indie/core music samplage, European vacation diaries, commentary and reviews of downtown haps. What is not to love? A daily read.

4. Metro Jacksonville. This is message board that spawned a blog or vice versa. If you don't read it daily you will surely miss something. If you have the kind of job that lets you read the internets all day then I HIGHLY recommed the savory message boards. I'll up your Cecil and throw in a Post street closing! They have candidates and debates and politicians and stakeholders flaring up in every neighborhood. They are fighting crime and apathy downtown as we speak. Hell, more arrests to COME!

3. Moon Colony Razorblade. Forget books, remember records? While MCR is definately the best indie record store downtown they are easily the best record store site, blog, thing with videos and such downtown also or something. Anyway. Great site. Sometimes I listen to music that they post (all hail Youtube) and run down there and buy it. If you just got kicked out of your old lady's house, here is what you do: Head to the thrift store and buy a phonograph (make sure it has the needle!), head to moon colony and buy 20 albums on vinyl. Since there is a large selection of $1 records you can while away your heartbreak jamming to stereophonic bliss for like $30 total. That is easily enough to get you through the year of hurt. Also, open up the windows and clean that dump. But not too much because your riverside slumlord will up your rent to like $500 or some crap. Maybe get like a sixer of pbr to even it out.

2. Tomorrowland. Don't forget your www's when visiting Tomorrowland. It is very hard to write about something that is so cool. Its like wild baby. Sorry, too much coffee. This is my favorite blog that is not about Jacksonville's incity. It is alot like wired but interesting. Go Bob. It's your birthday.

1. Roll with it. Move over Dave, here is a top ten within a top TEN!

Urban Jacksonville should be a daily read if:

10. You work downtown
9. You play downtown
8. You like pics of hot young metrosexuals (sorry, yo, but there is a demand, and he does it like once a week, tip to TSI)
7. You could care less about when Cheesecake Factory will finally legitimize the Landing.
6. You ride a bike.
5. You keep up with urban core policy decisions
4. You like living here despite its redneck drawbacks.
3. You know there are people who live here who are cool but you just haven't met yet.
2. You like the culture and the fabric of Historic Districts (and San Marco)
1. You like the original town center on the actual St. Johns. No offense, but just because you can see Dress Barn facing DSW from your three bed two bath doesn't mean you are urban. Related: If you live somewhere where you can't see your car from one of your own windows, you are!

Well it started as a big shout out to Joey anyway. He has the best blog in Jax. We all know I should have gotten best DJ.


Monday, October 16, 2006


Hendricks Again!

Support Mom and Pop!

Yes, Joey has the same post. Yes, its that important. Go. Tuesday Night 9 PM!

Protest/Celebrate the 99 year construction project that is Hendricks Ave. It simply HAS to be over soon. I remember charettes about this at the San Marco Merchants association meetings when I worked at Theatre Jacksonville at the turn of the century. We're pushing 2007 fellas. Come on.

What up TJ?

Angelo's Opens November 3rd!

I have missed a lot of meetings, phone calls, and emails of late. The blame is found easily enough. It is at 2111 University Boulevard North (just south and across the street from JU). Angelo's Italian Restaurant was an icon of Arlington for more than 30 years. My clients (the owners), Chef Ian, JD, and I have been working like mad to get this restaurant open. We want it to be all that it was and then some more. We have visited Little Italy (NYC) and have eaten Italian only for months. Some of us years ;). We have special surprises once inside and 3 bocce courts in the piazza outback. We look forward to serving Arlington and the greater Jacksonville area very soon!

qui andiamo!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pump up your jeeps and blast down your chinos

Saturday Oct 14th, 2006
Ravenswood "Ravens Rave" part Deux

funky cool wine tasting, featuring the wines of Ravenswood.........

DJs Catharsis & Brian V
9:00-11:00pm tasting, DJs spin 9:00-?
Just $10 for all this fun

Blogging is still unimportant

Joey at Urban Jacksonville is on hiatus because he is slammed at work and has a young'n. I know because I have one the exact same age. Joey an I met in the discharge class. Classic blog story if there is one. We knew each other from our blogs before we even met. Couple the issues of rebirth, crime, scandal, and rebirth again associated with living in Springfield and it makes for a tempest of things to do besides blog. The problem is everybody wants you.

Back to the story. Since my blog basically grew from an email I use to send about upcoming art shows and the art walks (3 year anniversary Nov 1!) I do a lot of cutting and pasting. Everyone is good at something. I often think about Bob's Tomorrowland blog and Joey's Urban Jacksonville blog when I'm a cuttin' and a pastin'.

How do they do it? Joey has a job with a bunch of cool people. I assume he can get his work done and they could care less that he upkeeps the best media source in the city. WWW Tomorrowland on the other hand is one of those blogs that is read worldwide, its a really good blog. How does he have time to find McGiver's dopt kit and Scientology orientation tapes? I don't want him to lose his job at the chicken rendering plant so I'll say no more. Except I say all this to say that I love ya'lls blogs and I can definitely withstand a hiatus or two or four. Even if you get real slacky like SuburbanJax, Ricotta Park, Parag, and the most blogger blogs in Bloggercide.

And Cheers to the newest in new.

see you after the break!

How we gonna kick it?

Long live you tube.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Live From TOny's Nuthouse

Need to Get Rid of Stuff?

This is from my artist friend Brenda. I like her quotes at the end so I'm copying her whole email. Maybe I'll just cut and paste emails for my whole dang blog. Hmmmm.

My coworkers wife will soon be travelling to Juarez, Mexico as part of a follow up to bring aid/relief to very poor families in a rural community over there.

If you would like to help these families, please send her any spare toiletries you may have. Even hotel toiletries you may have saved from a trip are very helpfull to these people who have nothing. (soap, pens, notepads, shampoo, lotions, razors, combs, etc)

Mail or drop off these items to the SkyeTec building behind Regency Square Mall Attention Greg Lomax by Wed, Nov 1st. His wife is leaving Sat, Nov 4. Your items will be had delivered to the people in need by his wife. They will not get lost in some huge non-profit orgs red tape.


:)Brenda Kato

9570 Regency Square Blvd.
Suite 410
Jacksonville, FL 32225

for more information call Greg Lomax 904-982-7804

PS Don't make the mistake of thinking an item is too insignificant for them. These folks have nothing. They gave out little toys about the caliber of cracker jack surprises and the kids eyes lit up like they were receiving X-Box consoles! Thanks, Greg

Brenda Kato
Art Director / Illustrator / Fine Art
cell: 904-434-2714

Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too.

- Voltaire

Maturity is the ability to do a job whether or not you are supervised, to carry money without spending it, and to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

-Ann Landers

Monday, October 09, 2006

Search and Destroy

My friend Scotty Hays sent me this message today:

To my friends who arent in the ‘biz’ , a RIDER is a document sent in advance of an “entertainers” ( a term I use ever so loosely, generally) performance that outlines to promoters, venue staff, and production people what is expected to be in place, functional, and ready before said performer goes out and does his/her thing. They cover everything from band gear needed (drum kits, gitarz, keyboards, etc), to lighting equipment and stage layout, to dressing room sizes, to the types of food, liquor, and drugs REQUIRED before aforementioned PRIMA DONNA’s will step onstage to WOW us all….They are generally dreadfull reads and lack anything resembling literary ability, and sometimes even lack technical talent as well…We’ve all regurgitated the tired hack about Van Halen and brown M&M’s, but hats off (and shirts if u know Iggy) to Mr Iggy Pop and the Stooges for this wonderful 18 pages of joy….Saul and Lorie- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE convince Mr Hart to book these guys…I’ll buy 10 tickets AND run the board for the show! I don’t even particularly like his music…..

Here is Iggy's rider

I wish ALL riders were like this. I would go out of my way to supply EVERYTHING, with myself performing as Bob Hope Impersonator….what would Jacksonville’s LOCAL BEER be?

ENJOY kids


Enjoy indeed. By the way Mr. Hart did book Tony Bennett for December 12!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Trench Fest Downtown Tomorrow!

Shangrala • Julius Airwave • Tuffy • Spacebar
Crash the Satellites • DANG! • Baker Act
Chinese Horses • When Tides Collide • Jet Fighter
Hand of the Host • Steve • Ed Diaz
The Sleep Pact • Civilization • Animal Fight
Locust Grove • Captain Omen • Bob Maynard
Purple of Cassius • Christina Wagner • The Yusge
BoJack • Elephant See • (Schwa)Ray
Kingsbury • Fountain • My Toy Heart
Rickolus • Dollyweed • Christina Wagner
American Heartthrob • Environmental Youth Crunch
The Yusge & More


Burrito Gallery
21 E Adams St

Moon Colony Razorblade
114 E Adams St

London Bridge
100 E Adams St

Club TSI
333 E. Bay St

Dive Bar
331 E. Bay St


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Downtown is DEAD

A lot of people have told me "I keep meaning to go to the Art Walk, but something always comes up." To which I say, "No worries, they do it every month."

So today is the first Wednesday of October.

Are you brave enough to venture downtown even though there is no Macy's or Cheesecake Factory? Even though the only retailers are family owned and operated? Even though all of the art is not mainstream? Even though you might have to search for a place to park?

If so, come on down, but be warned there are actually people walking across the streets downtown. Don't plow them over because we have one way streets designed to move you through and out and back to the burbs.

I used to list all of the venues. Click the link for that.

Here is a suggestion from a friend and great artist Jenny Henley:

Please join me Wednesday October 4th at Gallery 11E on the corner of Main Street and Forsyth Street in downtown Jacksonville.

I will be exhibiting new works from my Paint-by-Number series. I will also be exhibiting smaller works starting at $35 which make great gifts.

11E will be hosting the Dia de los Muertos altar presented by La Union de Mexicanos en Jacksonville.

Joey has a post about this show too!

Viva los Muertos or something. See you on the street.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ain't nothing but a Seka party

JMoMA's Great Race

I've heard a lot of people putting teams together for this event. Restaurants, bars, offices, so on, use this as a team building excercise and all the cash goes to JMOMA, but you get a lot too. There are some teams that are really into it. Sign up and have fun!

“JMOMA’S Great Race” - a new kind of “Urban Game” presented by ANGELO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT

· 4 people = 1 team

· 1 Car, Truck, or SUV

· Camera

· 75 clues

· $2000 cash prize

October 21, 2006 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

On the morning of the “Great Race”, Saturday, October 21, 2006, each of the 50 teams (consisting of 4 people per team) will receive 75 clues that will take them all over the First Coast (75 locations). After deciphering the clues, the teams must find their way to the location and then capture their presence on film (Digital, Polaroid, or a good old fashioned Kodak). Pictures equal points, and points equal CASH! At the end of the day, the team with the most points wins a $2,000 cash prize.

It’s really easy. Organize a team consisting of four (4) people. Have each four people fill out their portion of the “team” application and sign it. Collect $50.00 from each team member (this will give your team their 200.00 application fee) and then send or bring the application and registration fee (in the form of check or credit) to JMOMA (333 North Laura Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202).

Applications are available at JMOMA and the Burrito Gallery (21 E. Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202). Teams must consist of four members age 18 or older. You can mail the completed applications to JMOMA, Attn: Troy Spurlin, 333 North Laura Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202, or drop them off at the JMOMA information desk. If an application is received without the 200.00 registration fee that application will be VOID. Space is limited to the first 50 teams!

Troy Spurlin

Director of Special Events and Marketing

Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art

333 North Laura Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32202

904.366.6911 x210

Monday, October 02, 2006


OCTOBER 4 | Self-Guided Tour | 5-9 p.m. | Rain or Shine

Get the passort here.

Special Features

5-8 p.m.

Bring the kids to paint pumpkins and make their All Souls Celebration masks in the Courtyard of the Jacksonville Landing.

5-9 p.m.

Be a part of the public unveiling of "Lyrical Light" created by JU faculty and students as a gift to the City of Jacksonville. This beautiful hand-made glass and stainless steel sculpture is permanently installed in the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts' waterfront Uible Lobby. Bring your punched passport to register for two tickets to a Times Union Center Performance.

Visit the Dia de los Muertos altar presented by La Union de Mexicanos en Jacksonville at 11 E. Forsyth.

Get your one of-a-kind Dia De Los Muertos posters on sale at the Florida Theatre.

Turn in your Art Walk passport to the door host at The Twisted Martini upon entry for complimentary premium cocktail, draft or bottled beer, house wine, or the artist inspired martini-of-the-day. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire.

9 p.m.

The official Art Walk After Party at The Twisted Martini, sponsored by Bonterra wine. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire.

The First Wednesday Art Walk is a free self-guided tour of Downtown galleries, museums as well as cultural and educational venues on the first Wednesday of every month, rain or shine. The event will feature original work from local, regional, national and international artists at 31 Downtown venues. Plus, enjoy live music performances at more than nine venues.

Free metered parking available after 6 p.m. Umbrella escorts provided by Downtown Ambassadors. For more information call, 904.634.0303, ext. 230.

1. Jacksonville Bank - 100 N. Laura Street – Curated by Stellars Gallery of Ponte Vedra. Music by DJ Catharsis and PC Synergy. Hospitality provided by Lifestyle Realtors.

2. 11 E. Forsyth – TRAVEL. The word alone means something different to everyone. This show is a gathering of different interpretations of not just the word, but the idea of travel. Each artist will showcase their visual representation of travel on a piece of luggage, adding to the theme of the show. So come join us on this journey as we begin to TRAVEL.
3. JMOMA – At 7 p.m. the 1975 film “The Passenger,” directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, shows in our Theatre.
4. Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum – View classical music manuscripts.
5. The Atrium Gallery – The photography of Matt Uhrig
6. The Center at The Carling – Visit our finished space! Works of more than 17 local established and emerging artists are on display representing a wide range of styles and medias. Refreshments will be served. Plans are in the works for workshops and studio space.
7. WA Knight Building – Thieves in the Knight, a grassroots gallery experience (subject to change).

8. Florida Community College at Jacksonville
9. Florida Theatre – The Florida Theatre features Riverside Fine Arts Poster Series created by Harrington Design Company and Ketterman Photography. Tickets will be on sale for The 5 Browns presented by RFA on October 5. Free bites from Fuel Coffeehouse & Ragland’s, live music, and complimentary wine also served. 5-8 p.m.
10. Hemming Plaza – Farmers’ market vendors, live music, drum circle, and the Community Artist Bazaar.
11. Main Library – Two features, both from Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital, will be presented; the Red Wagon winners are featured around the 3rd floor landing. Also featured in the 3rd floor gallery is children’s art from Art with a Heart.
12. Times-Union Center – Join Jacksonville University College of Fine Arts and the Times-Union Center for the grand reception of Lyrical Light. Event will include food, beverages, live music and entertainment. Sign up for raffle drawing of two tickets to a Times-Union Center performance.
13. Times-Union Center Northbank Riverwalk – Enjoy the river as you watch glass blowing demonstrations and glass art by JU students, ceramics demonstrations and African Hand Drumming by JU's percussion ensemble from 7-8 p.m.

14. Boomtown – 5-7 p.m, Blues pianist, Jammin’ Jim; 7-8 p.m. Mad Cowford Comedy Improv; 8:30-10:30 p.m. Boomsong the sing-a-long!

15. Burrito Gallery
16. Jacksonville Landing – Inside, browse the works of local area high school students and bring the kids down to the courtyard to paint pumpkins and make your own All Soul’s Celebration mask.
17. London Bridge Eatery & Pub – Live music indoors and out! Outside enjoy acoustic rhythms from Snaps and inside enjoy organist and pianist Carl Oberg.
18. Marks
19. Moon Colony Razorblade – Drawings by Calder Yates.
20. Mudville Grille
21. The Twisted Martini – The official Art Walk After Party sponsored by Five Rivers Wine, featuring music, art and martinis. (Please refer to Special Features.)
22. TSI

23. Carribean Sunsplash – 116 E. Adams Street – Visit Downtown’s newest restaurant.
24. Koja Sushi – The Art of Sake: sake sampling for 21 and over. Japanese inspired art work and antique ceremonial wedding outfit displays.
25. Starbucks – Local artist Ali Fuderer presents her acrylic on canvas of disproportionate colorful child-like patterned houses.
26. Paradise Café
27. Zodiac Grill – Featuring the work of artist Toni Duguid.

28. Bellsouth Tower – Featured artist, John Vessell will premier his “Star Series” containing several mediums including oil, pastel, charcoal & watercolor. Live music and refreshments!
29. Daniel James Salon – Featuring the work of Mark Howard.
30. Gold’s Gym – Visit Gold’s Gym’s newest location. Free passes and entertainment.
31. Hemming Plaza Jewelers – Artist John Lewis. Live music by high school student and piano prodigy Brian Harris.
32. Inside Golf – Photography by Josh Reed, as well as work by Eric Hinote, Princess Rashid, Cin Dolan, Annelies M. Dykgraaf, Elaine Emery Bedell and Desiree Kantrim.
33. Jacobs Jewelers - Wes Denham, a student of Ansel Adams, has spent 25 years photographing Florida Wilderness and will show his black and white silver prints and chromogenic color prints.
34. Shugar Shack CHOCOLATIER – Micro Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork by Nancy Snyder, LMT and NCTM. Danielle Blumenberg returns with her custom Balinese silver with Venetian-Muano glass and Swarkorski crystal jewelry. Complimentary wine tasting and samples of ChocoPop.
35. Tiara – Featuring handmade jewelry by local and national designers.
36. TTV Architects – Photography by Pablo Rivera.

The First Wednesday Art Walk is sponsored by Downtown Vision, Inc., City of Jacksonville, WJCT, Folio Weekly, JMOMA, 102.9 The Point, the Twisted Martini, Five Rivers wine and Clearwire. For more information email or call 904.634.0303, ext. 230.