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Happy New Year Jacksonville!

Prediction: Mounties win with last second field goal.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas, here is an art show...

Your Christmas time hiatus starts now. Angelos is open for lunch by the way. Closed Christmas and New Years. Nothing on the lunch menu is over $9 (except our huge pizzas). Peace on earth and all that. Buy local and Smile!

For Immediate Release

643 Edison Avenue Jacksonville, Florida 32204 904-338-5790

“Bright Young Things” North Florida’s hottest emerging artists create an explosion of talent in their latest works.

“Bright Young Things” a new exhibit at the Jane Gray Gallery features works by a group of emerging young painters living and working in Jacksonville, Florida. Jane Gray Gallery, a new contemporary gallery that opened in Riverside this fall, will hold it’s second exhibition with a reception for the artists on Friday, February 9th from 6-9 pm.
These promising young painters are making waves in North Florida’s cultivating art scene.

As a follow up to his September solo show at the Jacksonville Museum of
Contemporary Art, Ian Chase presents his latest paintings at the Jane Gray Gallery.
Chase continues his preoccupation with exploring contrasting imagery in large format paintings while expanding his mediums vocabulary. Large two sided free standing assemblage pieces with media ranging from plastic, wood, wax, paint to neon, named “Tablets” by the artist act as a foundation for the new work.
Remaining nostalgic and consistent to a powerful style, Ian Chase continues to produce fresh and exciting work.

The paintings of Andrea DeFlorio are a vehicle through which to explore the domestic object as bearer of meaning. Her work attempts to make visible the psychology of taste through the rendering of extraordinary objects painted like
sweet, seductive pastries. The viewer must confront the fantasy, desire, and envy that is often disguised and concealed within an object. The sources for the chandeliers are domestic interiors. The chandeliers are photographed and a miniature portrait is created determined purely by visual pleasure. The complexity of the paintings is layered in the use of a color palette which accentuates fantasy.

Mark George's paintings of love, anguish and anxiety spare no emotion, and bear no
subliminal message. George’s work demonstrates his commercial art background, graphic design, and the idea of painting. With no visible brushstrokes, the pieces have a flat color quality seen primarily in printed work. The paintings on the torn, oversized, poly vinyl chloride panels are an attempt to embody an era of mid-century Americana in advertising and urban street art. The material gives the work an abandoned quality that suggests the piece is not a painting per say, but a relic or illustrative portion of an old billboard or advertisement. More dadist than pop, the look created is genre crossing.

The urban landscape is a never-ending source of inspiration for Clay Doran.
The towering typography, bold colors, and pop iconography of advertisements are changing in a constant cycle, while the streets themselves are slowly deteriorating, slowly filling with dirt, graffiti, and decay. While traveling around the world, Doran has paid close attention to the urban landscape of each city. His paintings combine drawing, painting, transfers, and collage into an aesthetic interpretation of what he has seen. “If city streets tell the stories of the people that travel them, my work is a chronicle of their stories”, Says Doran.

“Bright Young Things” will run through March 30th. Jane Gray Gallery is located at 643 Edison Avenue (one block off Riverside Avenue). For additional information about the gallery or to request photos please contact Missy Hager at (904) 338-5790.
Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9am- 5pm. Evenings and Weekend by appointment.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hang on kiddo!

Please read prior post below and shop local!

Don't forget local art makes great gifts! Urban Jacksonville has been doing great local features.

Une Bebe. Give with love, give local.

Une Bebe is a hip new childrens line, made from sweatshop free clothes. None of the models on the site had anything to do with the manufacturing of the clothes either. So don't worry, kids didn't make these digs, I'm not sure about the design but it looks a little advanced for a 10 month old. I digress.

Nico has a onesie that he told me is all the rage at day care. Actually he said "mamamama", but I'm his dad, I know what he meant.

Anyway, please shop Une Bebe because there are some cool cats (hey John and Tina!) that make these fine threads available for your tots and because they are really affordable for such a needed and distinctly unique local product.

C'mon Mom! Another big plus is that their site is super easy, secure, and written funnily.

Merry Christmas. This message will stay up here until you buy something.

Santa Tea

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Minth and Nain

I thought the description had 9th and Main all over it. I'll be out of town. Regrets.

Beaux Arts Ball 2006 - Urban Eden edition
We cordially invite you to join AIA Jacksonville for an unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration at the 2006 Beaux Arts Ball.

To purchase tickets: Visit or contact Marjorie Weibe-Reed at 904.356.2654.


The theme for the Beaux Arts Ball is Urban Eden; an idea influenced by the dark and sophisticated sides of city living. Be inspired by gritty, glitzy, glamorous Jacksonville when preparing your New Year's Eve attire. If not in black tie, let your mind’s eye spill over with spectacular masques and striking costumes. Allow yourself to be captivated by an evening of live music, dancing and entertainers as you enjoy catered cuisine, a full bar, and a champagne toast at midnight.


The celebration begins at 8 p.m. on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2006), located at 9th & Main, in historic Springfield.

Tickets are $75 and include heavy hors d'ouvres, drink tickets and a Champagne toast.

Proceeds benefit the Mellen C. Greeley Foundation

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crystal Clear

Local producers, engineers, dj's & global recording artists PC Synergy (Phil Green & Catharsis) have collaborated with local folk, indie siren Ms. Crystal Stafford.
The full vocal is called "Breathe" and features "Aerial Tribe's" Jared May on Bass, and Jeremy Kairulla on guitar. It has been signed to San Francisco's biggest independent "future -music" label
Om Records. It will appear on Om Record's Winter Chill CD Compilation available January 2007. In good company, Breathe will be featured along side selections from nu jazz & forward artists from around the world. Global distribution, Itunes all of it. They are very grateful and think this release will be perfect by the fire with loved ones.....

More info on Crystal
More info on PC Synergy

Back to School but not this one.

Jax Traxx Digital Recording Suite & School of The Recording Arts
OPEN HOUSE all day........ Friday December 15th, 2006
Call 904.636.8729 for more information

See page 80 in current FOLIO WEEKLY

You know you are going to shop. Shop local.

click, print, stick on fridge.

Merry Merry!


The Historic San Marco
Spring Fine Art Show

Is scheduled for
April 14-15, 2007 from 10 a.m.—5 p.m

The deadline to apply is Jan. 5th.
If you would like an application please email us your mailing address and we will send one out to you. Take advantage of the Early Bird and Referral Discounts that are available!!!!__________________________________
This is an outdoor show in the historic boutique shopping district known as San Marco. This area is on the South Bank of Jacksonville, Florida. This show is in the 11th year and anticipates an audience of approx. 35,000.

This is a juried show with Cash Prizes.
Complimentary breakfast, water and refreshments are provided for all artists.

J & Co.
Event Designs

Jamie Hendrix

j & Co.
Event Designs
904-541-1340 - Office
904-541-1343 - Fax

Sunday, December 10, 2006

similac child

Dec 1 through Mar 25
From his arrival in Manhattan in 1942 until his final work for The New Yorker nearly 60 years later, Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) was one of New York City's most creative and beloved artists. Trained in architecture, a satirist by nature, and a peerless anthologist of graphic techniques, he saw the city--its skyline, its people, its monuments and myths--as no one else ever has. A City on Paper: Saul Steinberg's New York brings together over forty of Steinberg's brilliant drawings, along with a selection of objects from the Museum's collection--maps, aerial views, postcards, posters, and more: "cities on paper" of the kind that inspired his unique vision. The exhibition coincides with a retrospective, Saul Steinberg: Illuminations, at the Morgan Library and Museum.

Funding for A City on Paper is generously provided by Charles River Fund, Melvin R. Seiden in honor of Rowan Richard Drant, the Ferris Foundation, PaceWildenstein, Condé Nast Publications, and CDS Gallery.

Press Release available here.

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blur or oasis

My name is Brittni Wood. I am a local artist and Jacksonville. I wanted to let you know that I will be having a solo show at the December Artwalk tomorrow. The Show is called Blur and it will be at AmSouth Bank. I included an image just in case you feel like posting it on the urban core. Thanks a lot.
Brittni Wood

definitely. sorry it took so long. see everyone on the art walk. t

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Warning. If you scroll down, you're gonna see some nipple.

artfully done of course. enjoy. more art shows coming soon. stay tuned.

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