Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The hiatus is back on. Sorry for the delayed posts but I've been a smidge under the weather even though we've had great weather.

The above photo (can you find me in it?) was taken at the Jacksonville Asian American Alliance Lunar New Year Party that I was honored to co-emcee. I know, I know, Allegretti is not your typical Korean name, but the theme for the night was East meets West and the org's tag line is Strength in Diversity. With more than 12 countries represented at the party Saturday night and a pasty white emcee, I think they stayed true to their mission. What a brilliant show, well behaved kids, and some of the most delicious foods from around the world.

Please check out the JAAA website for more details on this excellent group of people of which I am proud to be a member.

Happy Golden PIG!

Friday, February 23, 2007


OM: MIAMI 2007 SHOWCASE ON MARCH 22ND @ Y Ultralounge

Om Records presents OM:MIAMI 2007, The most superior, high profile and
press worthy event of the 2007 Winter Music Conference. The combined line up of world renowned DJ's and LIVE artists, each with their own
internationally recognized discography, truly embody the most credible and sought after talent on the dance/electronic music circuit. To compliment
this innovative line up, Y / Tottem / Tottem Gardens will feature four microenvironments of state of the art sound, video and lighting to
accommodate the LIVE artists / DJ's as well as event specific visuals.

Confirmed Lineup:

Mark Farina
DJ Sneak
DJ Heather
Greenskeepers (LIVE)
Afronaught & Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic)
Chuck Love
Marques Wyatt
Andy Caldwell
J Boogie
Chris Duckenfield
Landshark (LIVE)
Mr. C
Mike Monday
Johnny Fiasco
JT Donaldson
Fred Everything
Jason Hodges
Joey Youngman
PC Synergy (Phil Green & Catharsis)
Jake Childs
Kiko Navarro
John Howard

Date: Thursday, March 22nd, 2007 10pm- 9am
Venue: Y Ultralounge / Tottem / Tottem Gardens (71 NW 14th St., Miami, FL
Capacity 2500+, 6+ bars, 4 Microenvironments with State of the Art
Lighting, Video and Sound! A Sanctuary of Art and Entertainment

9th and Liberty

In case you haven't heard yet Byron King is curating a large national/international art show in Historic Springfield, May 12.

There will be a sneak peek sampler during the Springfield Heritage! events. We will also be doing something fun over at the adjacent 1951 Market lofts.

There are links to all the participating artists (lots of west coast cities in the house) at 9th and Liberty dot com.

Also here are some pics of a show in San Fransisco where one of our participants (Ramblin Worker) shows off a shirt he is making for Modest Mouse.

Turns out Ramblin grew up on Neptune Beach.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Enough about me

Its probably the A.D.D. but I swear something has changed over at Inertia. I was commenting this morning and noticed a new Inertia blog. Viva la Tank.

Putting in my linx now.


Click on over to Urban Jacksonville (not to be confused with Suburban Jacksonville) to see a story about a new blog in town, Jax Daily (Not to be confused with Jax Daily Record). I can't wait to see who bites me, The Urban Clone, the urban taco, the Suburban Core...I wonder if they've gotten any cease and desists from the Daily Baily.

I figured since I am still reigning champion of the Folio readers I would post my unique users above.

Thats right!

Actually I am tongue in cheek about my Best Blogger Alive title. It means a lot, yes. My plaque is next to my monitor, yes. But is staying on top the only thing I think about? No. Its not even number one!

I'm sure that my international appeal (Jax Daily's summary only includes Americans!) would throw me below Ricotta Park, Jaxoscorpion, Tomorrowland (which I believe is probably the international champ of DUVAL) and Flag or whatever they are calling that thing.

Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood. Good job Jax Daily.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unky Al

I pretty much like the YouTube commercial revolution. The above is a Nike project(?) where they put a statue of Albert on The Ohio State University campus. It last 5 hours which (as deadspin points out) is longer than the OSU football team lasted.


From Tiffany:

Hey Tony,

The deadline for artist submissions for Art at the Met is March 2. The show will take place during the Jazz Festival at Metropolitan Park on April 13-15. I was hoping you could e-mail your artist group to remind them of the upcoming deadline. You can push them to our website for an application www.jaxjazzfest.com

Thanks so much for your help!


Tiffany Valla Hutto
City of Jacksonville
Office of Special Events
117 West Duval St., Ste. 280
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Phone: (904) 630-1212 x 2101
Fax: (904) 630-3693

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Library Photos

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Going out to find a King Cake today.
"Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
"Laissez les bons temps rouler!" is a Cajun expression meaning "Let the good times roll!" It strongly conveys the "joie de vivre" ("joy of living") attitude that pervades south Louisiana. The saying lent itself to the title of a "proto-zydeco" song by R&B musician Clarence Garlow of Welsh, whose "Bon Ton Roula (Let The Good Times Roll)" — also known as "Bon Ton Roule" — appeared on the Macy’s record label in early 1950. (It climbed onto national R&B record sales charts that year.) Around 1958, Cajun musician Lawrence Walker recorded "Bon Ton Rouley" for Floyd Soileau’s short-lived Vee-Pee label of Ville Platte. Although hardly a new invention, the expression now appears on everything from T-shirts to bumper stickers; it also is now generally regarded by Cajuns as a cultural cliché.

Source: Broven, South to Louisiana.
Happy Fat Tuesday Ya'll!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Burrito Gallery is in the Cathedral District

Head over to JAXOPLOLITAN for info on this not-to-be-missed event. Actually you will miss it if you do not register soon. Only 75 seats folks.

If you need me I'll be in a warehouse voluntarily.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Florida Theatre. We all love mofro. We all know they are westside/maxville. I think its cool as hell that they have Jacksonville, FL as their home on myspace.

Think you have problems?

Growing up on the Gulf Coast I have been through several disasterous medium/large hurricanes. When Ivan totally wiped out Pensacola Beach and my home town, I started really following the pre and post logisitical challenges of disasters and our reaction to them. Some would say we have yet to begin to react to Katrina.
But lets look at the bright side.
Sure you got another parking citation, the dry cleaning is too expensive to pick up, and your mother in law wants her tivo back. But dude, it could be a lot worse.
Let me warn you that you will want to rush out and get a HUGE monitor dedicated to the below link. Well, if you are Ming the Merciless.
Be prepared to take a real time look our entire planet's problems. From the very big natural disasters to technical failures this site is all you need. Its Hungarian and its global scary. By the way Urban Jax has local scary today.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

From me.


And the winner for best holy shit graphic, goes to...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Loft Living in the Springy

My good friend Stephanie just sent me a link to a page her and homie made for the lofts at 1951 Market. Stephanie is a realtor and a damn good one. She also plays a mean game of tennis. These girls understand the urban, new urban, incity living. Their site is called Intown Jacksonville. Solid!
Also, check out Urban Jacksonville today for Ennis' project 15 West 6th, which I will never be able to move into because its right across from the Shanty and Mrs. Tea says I spend enough time there as it is. Imagine if you will, walking out of your front door, across the street to $2 Guinness on Tuesday or a quart of OE on Metal Monday? MMMM Urban.
Thanks Steph! I sent a thank you email but the lifestyles mail czar said it was too juicy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Where Brooklyn at?

Photo from the FDOT, specifically the BIG I
Seriously. Do you know?
Back in the heady pre Super Blow days of February 2004, Mayor Peyton chose Urban Design Associates of Pittsburgh over seven other urban planning firms to come up with a way to revitalize Brooklyn while attempting to keep some of the historic fabric. And there is some left, just drive through. Not much though. Our ode to Los Angeles, the Big I will pinch much of Brooklyn like 95 did. I give a great deal of credit to the Mayor and UDA for looking at this thing and putting a plan together. That plan should be available to the public. If you are interested make a request. I'd try the JEDC first.
UDA handled the design job like a charette where residents from Brooklyn, along with city planners, activists, business owners, and developers could provide input and come out with a design that all of those interested could buy into.
Every meeting would start with the same story about how once they got in the cab at the airport the consultant would ask if the driver knew where Brooklyn was (in Jacksonville). Always, the cabbie did not know. So it made for a good story. Here was this historically relevant downtown neighborhood (I tease my Springfield friends all the time that Brooklyn was platted in 1868) and not even the most geographically astute of us knew where it was. Clearly we have a problem.
The first thing that concerned me about the charette was the name. It was called the Brooklyn/Riverside Avenue Neighborhood Strategy Plan. Why throw in Riverside Avenue? If its in the district why add in one street name? I asked this question alot. No one wanted to answer it other than something along the lines of "we have these great local corporations and successful development along the river on Riverside Ave and we want to highlight that". Bullshit. Not bullshit thats why they named it that but bullshit in general. Why go to the trouble of telling this story (mostly to business owners and residents of the long forgotten neighborhood) that no one knows where your neighborhood is, and then immediately dilute the brand by highlighting the only successful part of it by segregation. Why must Brooklyn and Riverside Avenue be two seperate things? I asked this every time "branding" came up. I really got on the nerves of then DDA leader Al Battle who was not going to change the name of the plan. Throughout the charette's breakouts and committees I would hear things like we need to re-brand and then I would bring up that the damn name of this entire excercise is turning its back on Brooklyn. Re-brand? You can't even admit you are in Brooklyn (accomodations were provided by the Haskell Co.). I said what about a campaign that basically says: "Five of Jacksonville's top ten corporations are located in one of downtown's most storied and beautiful neighborhoods." Each of the powerhouses on Riverside Avenue could adopt Brooklyn and claim it as home which would have been and still could be a huge win for the hood. America's Design Build Leader is in Brooklyn, the largest healthcare company in the state, Our Paper of Record is in Brooklyn, the largest land owner in Florida is in Brooklyn, the largest company in our city is in Brooklyn... you get the picture.
It only got worse. Urban Design Associates and Councilmember Reggie Fullwood did an admirable job of keeping the peace with residents who were expectedly skeptical during the community meetings. In the breakout sessions I attended there wasn't much of the neighborhood represented. In fact in one such session a political heavy hitter actually put a name change on the table. Saying that "Brooklyn" had a negative connotation. Whoa. Thankfully we convinced her (I pray) that the original Brooklyn was one of America's shining examples of a diverse, walkable urban neighborhood. Perhaps our best.
This name change came up again in 2007 and I'll talk about it in a later post, but its really why I'm posting all this. Well that and the fact that Joey posted some amazing pics from a Brooklyn gallery opening.
With large dollar infill projects like Brooklyn Park, the haven't-heard-from-in-awile McCormack Baron Salazar, and Hallmark's riverfront office building, Brooklyn's future has never looked so bright. If the money, businesses (note location in article headline) and consultants keep investing in Brooklyn (should it hang on to its name) she will rise like a Phoenix. Yes that Phoenix will have to squeeze through the Mighty St. Johns and the Merge, but she will.
Please do your part and tell your cabbie where the damn thing is.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Where Europe at?

I was checking out my where froms and its looking like I need to reach out to my friends in the West and Europe. I'm not even on the map in Asia. I wonder what Tomorrowland's map looks like. He is on fire lately.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Its getting hot in here


Buy This Record

Actually buy the Chilled one. I just like the art for the one above.
Track 8 on the Chilled record features a killer jam by Jacksonville's Crystal Stafford and remixed by PC Synergy. I think all of the artists on that track are from the bold new city. Anyway, I copped this at HQ last night and have been enjoying it all morning. Very Strong.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Art Stagger

he must have read this

Jaxoplitan is off the hook today. Check out the play by play. Then scroll down to the disturbingly funny unofficial art walk video.

And scroll down here and support the cause below. Please and thank you.

The Decider at TSI is $1.50. I'll be ok.

Happy St Baldys!

Happy St. Baldrick's Day! There are a few reasons I'm posting this today.

One is that every good blog in town will be covering tonight's ART WALK, sure to be a blowout (like shot week).

Two is that a lot of people read my blog to catch up with me and the fam. Well, for both the FoA and my local do-gooders here is a really good cause and you can make a difference with a few clicks. It does not take long. I donated anonymously. You can make it any amount. It takes about a minute and is 3 pages of the typical online transaction. Please consider it. I am so proud of my sister, here is the text from her email (bold emphasis by me):

Friends and Family –

Greetings! I hope this email finds you all doing very well.

Several years ago a patient convinced me to donate
10” of my hair to help make a wig for a child undergoing cancer treatment.
At the time I didn’t even think twice about it – and of course, just as I
thought, my hair all grew back!

This time I have an opportunity to
lose all my hair (yes, I mean shaved) in order to raise money for cancer
research. I’m an official shavee participant for the St. Baldrick’s event
here in Austin, TX on March 15, 2007. Check out

About the St.
Baldrick’s Foundation (SBF):

- SBF provides grants to research organizations that meet stringent criteria and who share the foundation’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and emphasis on
- The foundation supports cooperative research on a national scale to help doctors work together to develop the best treatments for all children with cancer. St
Baldrick’s research grants help fill crucial funding gaps at medical
institutions where children are treated for cancer
, ensuring the finest care for every child.
- St Baldrick’s is an independent, IRS approved, 501(c)(3) organization, Federal ID # 20-1173824
How it all started:
- St Baldrick’s is a fusion of ‘St Patrick’s Day’ and ‘bald,’ as the original
head-shaving event took place on St. Patrick’s Day.
- St Baldrick’s began in 2000 when three reinsurance executives from New York City turned their annual St. Patrick’s Day party into a fundraiser; shaving their heads in solidarity with children who have cancer.
- They recruited volunteers to shave their heads in return for donations from friends and family for the cause of childhood cancer
- The first St Baldrick’s event was held on March 17, 2000 at Jim Brady’s pub in NYC with the initial goal of 17 people each raising $1k for a total of $17k. They
exceeded that goal; 20 volunteer shavees raised over $100k.

Worldwide 160,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year.
- Childhood cancer kills more U.S. children than any other disease – more than AIDS, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies, combined.
- The SBF coordinates worldwide head-shaving events that raise money to support childhood cancer research.
- From 2000-2006 over 26,000 shavees – more than 2,000 women – have shaved their heads at 828 St Baldrick’s events, raising over $20 million
- In 2005, the SBF established the first St Baldrick’s fellowship to encourage promising new medical professionals to pursue pediatric cancer research as a specialty.
- St Baldrick’s celebrations have been held internationally in Argentina, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Iraq, Ireland, Poland and the U.K.
- Several celebrities have been barbers and shavees, including: Michael Douglas, Jay Leno, Damon Lusk, David Blaine, Eddie McGee, Jason Kidd and Aaron

Yes, I know my hair will grow back so I’m going to shave it –
but I want to raise as much money as possible. Shaving my lady locks would
hardly be worth it if I only came up with a few hundred dollars – so please,
give anything that you can AND then forward my email to your friends and
families. Share with them how you know me and the excitement for raising
money for childhood cancer research! You can donate money in my name by
following this link:
Be sure to donate in my name!
Because of childhood cancer research I have a career! In the U.S. three-quarters of the nearly 12,000 new diagnoses a year can expect to be cured! Because of childhood cancer research, new therapies have been developed and implemented. To date, more than 250,000 people in the U.S. have successfully been treated for childhood cancer.
These are the kids, adolescents and young adults who have the need for the
LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center – which is who graciously employs me!
donate a dollar if that is all you have – then pass this email on! Thanks
again. I know I can do this with your support.

Allegretti, RN, CPNP
LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center
1410 N. IH-35, Ste
Austin, Texas 78701

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Events at MOCA Jacksonville
Art Walk Downtown
February 7, 2007 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to stop by and join the excitement of:
Target FREE Wednesday at MOCA Jacksonville

Scroll down to view more information on the Museum’s current exhibition

Spring Cinema Starts Tomorrow at Art Walk!

African American Cinema Pioneers
February 7 – February 28, 2007

Body and Soul (1924)
Directed by Oscar Micheaux
Tomorrow, February 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Between 1919 and 1940, the black pioneer of American movies, Oscar Micheaux, wrote, directed, produced and distributed close to 30 feature films, exhibiting tenacity unparalleled in American independent cinema. His 1924 silent Body and Soul stars the legendary Paul Robeson in his first film. Robeson plays two roles, a young woman's respectable fiancé and a vicious ex-convict who poses as a clergyman and commits rape and murder. A complex and ambiguous work, the 1924 theatrical version was altered from the original because of objections from all-white censorship boards. A newly reconstructed version includes the lost scenes of this rare silent gem from the godfather of black independent filmmaking.

Tickets at the Door: $8 non-member/$6 member

The spring film series is held inside MOCA Jacksonville’s Underground Cinema and provides an eclectic sampling of riveting art and independent films from across the globe. Save the date for these wonderful films.

February 14th: Buck and the Preacher (1972)
February 21st: To Sleep With Anger (1990)
February 28th: Get On the Bus (1996)

For more information contact 366-6911 x 207 or visit http://www.mocajacksonville.org/.

Warehouse Party

Canvas of Sound II
February 17, 2007 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

Save the date for a fabulous night downtown at the second annual MOCA Jacksonville Warehouse Party featuring DJ’s Phil Green, Catharsis, and Odyssey as well as the soothing sounds of Electro Lounge’s David Luckin and Michael Muttillo in the Museum Atrium.

Tickets at the Door: $15 non-members/$10 members (21 and up)

Full Cash Bar

For more information please contact 366-6911 x 210 or visit http://www.mocajacksonville.org/.

The Latest Buzz at MOCA!

Four New Exhibitions
Friday January 26, 2007 – April 7, 2007

What all the buzz about you ask? Just visit these links and see what people are saying about the new exhibition!

Entertaining U Newspaper - Jacksonville

Florida Times Union - Jacksonville

Featured Exhibitions:

SECOND SKINS – Sculptural Soundsuits and Tondos By Nick Cave

ATHLETE/WARRIOR – Photographs By Anderson & Low

First Coast Portfolio – a juried exhibition of area art educators

OTHER WORLDS – The Landscape in Contemporary Art
Featuring nationally recognized artists such as Katy Stone, Kurt Lightner, Ati Maier and Cristina Rodriguez

Call 366-6911 x 214 for more information or visit http://www.mocajacksonville.org/.

Travel with MOCA Guild!

Join Director George Kinghorn for an Art Trip to Atlanta
March 5 – March 7, 2007

MOCA Director George Kinghorn leads a two night, action packed trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Highlights of the trip include a guided tour of the newly expanded wings of the spectacular High Museum of Art, an exclusive wine and cheese reception at one of Atlanta’s hottest commercial galleries, a visit to an artist’s studio and a breathtaking tour of the cities’ newest attraction, the Georgia Aquarium. Enjoy an evening on your own to shop, dine at a favorite restaurant or take in a performance.

For information on pricing and registration, contact Mary Sandifer at (904) 448-0542

Chew your Breakfast

Every time I arrive downtown not having had my coffee I hit Chew and order a LavAzza.
This is the best coffee option downtown. Sure, more are coming. What with the Shelby's, Chamblains, and *$'s slated for the 11East retail bay, you'll have a lot to chews from. Wink. Anyway, I'll probably still hit up Chew as the LavAzza is Italian and I think the big A is for Antonio or possibly Allegretti.
Back to the point. Chew has two breakfast selections each day a savory and a sweet. I'm not into sweets (today's was a scone anyway). The savory was andouille bread pudding. At first the thought of made me whince. Upon seeing my whince the barista said he thought the same thing but has been eating it daily because it was so good. He said its not runny or what you would think of as bread puddin. And he was right. Holy cow. It was just moist enough and held itself together in a muffin form with just the right pops of the sausage that made New Orleans famous (or is that a lucky dog?). The ABP came with slices of fresh pineapple and oranges and was just the right amount of food to give my LavAzza something to hold onto.
A top pick indeed. Don't forget to Chew your breakfast. Chew is on Adams between Laura and Hogan, next to the Thief in the Knight gallery.

Monday, February 05, 2007


From the Byron King and friends group show at the Burrito

5-9 p.m.Love all the different arts you will find bringing the streets of Downtown Jacksonville alive. Besides the Artist Bazaar in Hemming Plaza, look for belly dancers, live bands, a drum circle, martial artists, acrobatics, break dancing and a live marching band!
Bring your hole punched passport to the BellSouth Tower to register for the drawing of a framed, matted and signed original photograph, “The Olive Press” by Roberta M. Knapik.
Turn in your passport to the Twisted Martini door host for a complimentary premium cocktail, bottle or draft beer, glass of house wine or the martini of the day.

8 p.m.Downtown 101 – a one-hour course on Downtown Jacksonville history beginning outside the Main Library.

9 p.m.The official Art Walk After Party at the Twisted Martini, sponsored by Five Rivers wine. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire.

HEADQUARTERS*1. Jacksonville Bank Building – 100 N. Laura – Curated by Steller’s Gallery of Ponte Vedra featuring a juried exhibition by the Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Artists. Music by DJ Catharsis and PC Synergy. Hospitality provided by Lifestyles Realtors.

GALLERIES & MUSEUMS*2. Gallery 11E – Featuring purses made of cigar boxes by Rio Chatman and the works of noted local artists.
3. Gallery L – Modis Building – Artists Bill and Virginia Cantore.*
4. MOCA Jax – Take the kids to the fifth floor Art Explorium.
5. Karpeles Manuscript Museum - 101 W. 1st Street – The Jacksonville Consortium of Afican American Artists in celebration of Black History Month reveals “The African American Collection”, works from the artist collection with art from the students at Raines High School. Opening reception 6-8 pm.
6. Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum – “With an Even Hand: Brown v. Board at Fifty”, a Library of Congress exhibition marking the 50th Anniversary of the Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education.
7. The Atrium Gallery – The photography of Matt Uhrig.
8. The Art Center Gallery – Explore the works of featured artist Suzanne Pickett and enjoy refreshment
9. WA Knight Building – Thieves in the Knight, a grassroots gallery experience (subject to change).

10. Hemming Plaza – Sample the eclectic “arts” at the Artist Bazaar. Also visit the Farmer’s Market vendors, drum circle performers, belly dancers and Renaissance performers. Featured artists will include: Gretchen Torres, Susan Taylor, FCCJ Artists Guild, Memory Hill Photography, Sami Parbhoo, Anthony Hodge, Zinnia Pagan, Linda Hawkins, Jethro Francois, Tracey Mims-Jones, Reba Craig, Justin Hill, Tiffany Rodriguez, Toni Bravo-Rodgers, The Gothic Urges Art Gallery & Studio and many more. Also look for information on the First Coast Writers’ Festival and Dignity U Wear’s Undie Sunday Undie Monday underwear drive.*
11. Main Library – In the 3rd floor gallery, photographer Wesley Lester will present his exhibit, “Just Miles from Downtown: Nature Photos of Preservation Project Lands”.

MUSIC/NIGHTLIFE VENUES12. Boomtown – 8 p.m. is the Mad Cowford Comedy Improv Troupe and join the YouTube music video contest as part of the Boomsong Sing-a-Long from 8:30 – 10 p.m.
13. Burrito Gallery – New works by Bryon King, Dan May, Sean Mehan and Dana Turner. On the patio, enjoy music by DK Rasmon.
14. Jacksonville Landing
15. London Bridge Eatery & Pub – New paintings on display and for sale by artist Jimmy Pines, Pat Lally and Jason Wright. Original designed and crafted funky and fun jewelry available for that special Valentine. Happy hour 5-7pm. Wednesday night is Ladies’ Night with Happy Hour prices for the ladies all night long. 16 beers on tap and traditional British food.
16. Twisted Martini – The official Art Walk After Party sponsored by Gala Rouge wine, featuring music, art and martinis. (Please refer to the front of the passport).

17. Casa Dora Italian Café – Original artwork by Walden.
18. Chew – Live music from The Carlisle Group.*
19. Koja Sushi – Four new oil paintings of famous Formula-One race cars, by Don Packwood from New Zealand displays his original works and enjoy the harmonies of Sweet Adelines. First sake free for those 21 and over.
20. Paradise Café
21. Zodiac Grill – Photography by Galen.

DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES22. BB&T – Artists Susan Taylor will present her works. Enjoy wine and refreshments.*
23. BellSouth Tower – Photographer Roberta M. Knapik will exhibit her work “L’Italia bella,” a showcase of her 2006 trip to Italy. Bring your punched passport to register for a framed, matted and signed photograph, “The Olive Press” by Knapik. Entertainment and refreshments in the 2nd floor gallery form 5-8pm.
24. Berkman Plaza II – 500 E. Bay St. on Riverwalk behind The Plaza Condominium – Original works of art curtsey of R. Robert’s Gallery.
25. Central Fire Station – Sponsored by Prudential Network Realty.
26. Ga’ La-Car Beauty & Style
27. Gold’s Gym – Paintings by Gold’s Gym member Shea Slemmer. Stop by for food, refreshments and a pick-me-up with a chair massage.
28. Hemming Plaza Jewelers – View the work of self taught artist Blaine Filthaut and watch local artists paint a live model on the corner of Hogan and Monroe.
29. Jacob’s Jewelers – Visit portrait artists Mae Jean Burch
30. LRK Architects – Fogle Fine Art showcases Georgia artist Lori Keith Robinson’s paintings of the Georgia Low Country in the first floor lobby. Wine and refreshments.
31. The Metropolitan Loft Apartments – 421 W. Church St. – Enjoy wine and appetizers.
32. Natasha’s Professional Tailoring & Alterations – Artist Alex Gritsiyan.
33. Needless Things – Hand painted items including glass, ceramics and canvas. Custom orders available. Wine and refreshments.34. Shugar Shack Chocolatier – Manisha Joshi, owner of Sunisha Designs, creates unique, handmade handbags, wine and gift bags, hand-woven baskets and beautiful baby quilts. All products are customizable. Enjoy complimentary wine, samples of ChocoPop, and our Chocolate ShugarBerry on special.
35. Tiara Shoes – Black and white pen and ink drawings by Meredith Kerley and handmade jewelry by local and national designers.36. TTV Architects – Painter Michael Angrisani will display his works and Bonnie’s Floral Designs will present her “Love” inspired works.

The First Wednesday Art Walk is sponsored by Downtown Vision, Inc., City of Jacksonville, WJCT, Folio Weekly, JMOMA, 102.9 The Point, the Twisted Martini, Bonterra wine, Art Institute of Jacksonville and Clearwire. For more information email circe@downtownjacksonville.org or call 904.634.0303, ext. 230.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Market Tomorrow!

Conventional Wisdom

I thought it would be a cool idea to post the minutes of the SUPER SUNSHINEY Convention Center Task Force.

Get involved. Everything with this study is open to the public. Yes YOU!

In attendance:
Task force members and Community participants: M.G. Orender (Chair), Tony Allegretti, Charles Appleby, Ron Barton, Danny Berenberg, Melody Bishop, Juan Diaz, Pam Edwards-Roine, Bruce Ferguson, Randy Goodwin, John Haley, Amy Harrell, Annette Hastings, Donald Harris, Bob Johnson, Kish Kanji, Millie Kanyar, Scott Kim, Bruce McKenzie, Kelly Madden, Karen Mathis, Don McClure, Mike Miller, Medardo Monzon, Michael Munz, Ted Pappas, Dennis Pate, David Potts, Fred Pozin, Jim Pritchard, John Reyes, A.D. Roberts, Toney Sleiman, Michael Stewart, Scott Stuckey, Arnold Tritt, Phil Tufano, Tri Vu, Robert White, Anthony Williams, Mark Wood, and Tony Wynn

Staff – Mickee Brown, Skip Cramer, John Reyes
** [Staff note: Please advise staff if your name is not listed above. Also, the phrase “study participants” as used below refers jointly to task force members and community participants.]

Meeting Time: 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Speakers: The Honorable Michael Corrigan, City Council President
R. William Crowe, City of Jacksonville Assistant General Counsel

Purpose: Orientation for study participants on roles and processes

Discussion: Task force chair M. G. Orender opened the meeting by introducing the evening’s agenda and asking City Council President Michael Corrigan to provide study participants with an overview of why it is important for the community to have an open dialogue about the future of the convention center at this time.

Michael Corrigan
Though many studies have been conducted in the past, Jacksonville is in a unique position right now to plan what happens next with its convention center due to tremendous community growth. As a community, Jacksonville must decide if pursuing more convention business and/or a larger facility is a worthwhile investment and if so what can be done to maximize the chance for success.

JCCI was chosen as a third party facilitator for this exercise because the organization has a history of being fair and inclusive. Everyone will not agree with the final results, but everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the process.

Later M. G. introduced members of the Convention Center steering committee and members of the subcommittees they will helm as follows:

· Kelly Madden, Business Demand
· Phil Tufano, Marketing Support and Infrastructure
· Charles Appleby, Site Selection
· Mark Wood, Finance
· Don McClure, Facility Operation
· Ron Townsend, Community ROI
[Staff note: A full list of members per subcommittee is available upon request.]

Each subcommittee meeting will be announced in advance to allow all task force members to participate in the process as fully as his or her time will allow. That information will be made available at each meeting, via the JCCI web, and on request.

JCCI Executive Director Skip Cramer reviewed the roles of the steering committee, the task force, community participants, and JCCI.
Steering committee: Along with influencing the design and content of the study, each steering committee member will helm a subcommittee examining one critical area of the study (see above).
Task force: Each member of the task force has two primary roles; subcommittee member and general (task force) consensus member. As a member of a subcommittee, task force members will explore one topic in detail over a period of three weeks. Upon reconvening, the general task force will review the subcommittee’s work and through consensus reach agreement on the smaller group’s findings and recommendations.
Community participants: Are welcome to share their observations and give input at every subcommittee and task force meeting. Specific time will be set aside on every agenda for such inputs. Observations and comments are also welcome via the JCCI website, CCTF web log, and the comment cards to be distributed at every meeting – these are all avenues for the community to voice their opinions for the study record. However, community participants are not consensus members of the task force.
JCCI: In addition to neutral third party facilitator, JCCI is the study’s record keeper and administrator. Any material to be considered by the task force must be cleared in advance through JCCI. No materials may be distributed at meetings without this clearance.

Skip reminded all attendees that the study process is most successful when everyone leaves behind his or her professional and/or personal interest to represent the interests of Jacksonville’s citizens. He also asked that the meetings be governed by the following rules of engagement (JCCI’s Forum Decorum).
- Start and end on time - Turn all cell phones and pagers off
- Engage in active listening - Raise your hand to speak
- All ideas and opinions are debatable - Attack the person not the problem
- Stick to the topic - No filibustering
- Respect the process - Have a great time!

Skip reminded participants that all information pertaining to the task force (agendas, schedules, meeting summaries, notices, etc.) are available on the web (http://www.jcci.org/), by email request at ccctf@jcci.org, or by contacting JCCI’s offices (396-3052).

M. G. also provided study participants with an update on the three contract studies that will influence the length of the study.

On December 15, 2006 steering committee members commissioned two studies; one to determine Jacksonville’s appeal as a tourist destination and another to clarify whether or not Jacksonville would become a sought-after destination for conventioneers if there were additional convention space. The results from both studies will be available at the end of February. The results from both studies will then inform the work of the Business Demand subcommittee beginning in March. If the task force then agrees the studies do not support expanding convention capacity, the task force will end its work.

On January 25, 2007 the steering committee met to discuss feasibility study proposals from five firms. The top ranking firm was Convention, Sports and Leisure (CSL) International, with offices in Dallas and Minneapolis. While the selected firm will be notified, the feasibility study contract will not be executed until the task force agrees that the outcomes of the destination and appeal studies support proceeding with that step. That decision is expected in March. The task force is scheduled to review the feasibility study results on June 28, 2007. If the cost vs. benefit is disproportionate (high cost/low benefit), then the task force’s work will cease.

Bill Crowe, Assistant General Counsel, gave the last presentation of the evening regarding Florida’s Sunshine law. The highlights of his presentation are listed below.

All Convention Center Task Force meetings are governed by Florida’s Sunshine law.

The Sunshine law requires that 1) meetings of boards or commissions must be open to the public; 2) reasonable notice of such meetings must be given, and 3) minutes of the meeting must be taken. Tell-tale signs of potential violations include, short meeting notice, lack of minutes, and whispering at meetings.

The Sunshine law applies to any gathering, whether formal or casual, of two or more members of the same board or commission to discuss some matter on which foreseeable action will be taken. Telephone conversations and chance meetings are also subject to Sunshine law.

Members of a public board are not prohibited under the Sunshine law from meeting together socially, provided that matters which may come before the board are not discussed at such gatherings.

Any material made or received by the board or committee to perpetuate, communicate or formalize knowledge is considered public record, subject to Florida record retention requirements and Freedom of Information Act requests. All written documents, tapes, photographs, films and sound recordings are also considered public records and are subject to inspection.

To gather more information about Sunshine law contact Bill Crowe directly, review the packages of information distributed by Bill and the CVB, or visit the Florida Office of the Attorney General online (myfloridalegal.com)

For the purposes of the Convention Center Task Force all “master files” will be maintained by JCCI.

M.G. opened the floor to public comment from all in attendance, but none were offered.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.