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Lots to do this weekend.

Friday ^

Saturday & Sunday ^

More to come. And don't forget to mark your calendar for: ^ That is May 12.

Then the week after that there is a Film Festical. Hurrah.

Ch Ch Ch Changes

I'm not allowed to talk about the Convention Center moving to Mandarin (because I'm on the task force).

But I am not yet on the task force for why we have a jail in the middle of downtown? I know I know back then the river sucked and nobody cared about anything and blah blah blah.
Actually there is not a move the jail task force yet, but there should be, even if you don't live in Berkman 2 (AKA the duece).

Anyway, since ideas are flowing, here is an idea on how we might get er back on the tax rolls.


Perhaps we should think of the 80 something posts over at frog as the manifesto and the Velvet Hammer's JAXCAL as the church of what's happening now. The image is just a teaser. I like my art walk on Wed but lets discuss.

Art Walk Memoirs

I wrote the post below way back but I can't figure out how to link directly. Its somewhere at which is one of the ways you can hit this blog site dot com.
I was telling a friend about my day Thursday which included giving a speech and my wife giving birth and my friend asked what my speech was about and I said the "state of the arts in Jacksonville". You should check into this group (where I gave the speech) and join the discussion if you have ideas or questions or both. Anyway, I said I left a handout about how we started the Art Walk and he said he'd like a copy.
So here it goes below:
Downtown Jacksonville’s First Wednesday Art Walk
A Primer by Antonio Allegretti
Disclaimer: This was written at the beginning of 2005.
Art Walk specifics and other information may have changed since this was written.
The first Wednesday Art Walk in Downtown Jacksonville was first proposed late 2002 by local artists and arts advocates and spearheaded by Downtown Vision, Inc. Downtown Vision’s 100 Windows of Art program, a precursor to the Art Walk, grew so rapidly and had such a positive response, arts programming became a focus to introduce and re-introduce the citizenry to the Business Improvement District. The 100 Windows of Art program relied on clear, vacant, street-facing, installable, windows to showcase local art. The ongoing revitalization of Downtown soon soaked up many windows and the program lives on in only a few suitable strolling galleries. No less than 80 of the initial windows have seen dramatic transactions, either through the sale of the buildings or lease up.
The Art Walk soon took over as Downtown Vision’s Arts programming focus. A fact-finding mission was completed in December of 2002 reviewing Seattle’s First Thursday Art Walks. These Art Walks have more than 20 years of history and the basic infrastructure helped build the base for what would become Jacksonville’s First Wednesday Art Walk.
Things that worked in Seattle have worked here. For example, art is everywhere. In Pioneer Square, the cornerstone of the Seattle walk, art is on the benches, on the sidewalk, in the trees. Much is the same here, on the sidewalks, in Hemming Plaza and at the Jacksonville Landing, where our Farmer’s Market and Community Art Bazaar reside respectively. Drum circles beat in Seattle just as they do here in Jacksonville, giving the walk a pulse and contributing to the soundtrack. Bands play on the curb, lights flicker on the water, and people stroll our downtown just as they do in many art-forward cities around the country.Everything is a gallery. Certainly Seattle has more galleries and even gallery districts, but the lofts, the offices, and all of the retailers feature art and open doors on Art Walk night. This was important to the foundation of our Art Walk. When we started the walk we had only our Modern (JMOMA) and a gallery on the second level of Modis building (Gallery L) as true galleries. It was important for us to make art venues in non-gallery spaces. Restaurants and pubs, lofts and retirement homes, office buildings and banks, churches and even tunnels, all have been filled with local art through our Art Walk.What started as eight venues has grown into consistently more than thirty venues with even more on the horizon. With attendance growing each month by an estimated 20%, we’ve seen crowds of more than 7,500. Weather has played a particular villainous role on our Art Walk but has proven more bark than bite. Even on terribly rainy or cold (or both) days, the Art Walk brings a large, energetic, and interested crowd. Much can be made of attendance numbers, and to individual venues they are important, but the conversations, the tapas, the wine, the experiences, of our walkers are the real value of the walk, not the clicker at the turnstile.
If you must have a quantitative analysis the best numbers from the walk came from our Marketing Plan. Our Marketing Plan is a comprehensive coordination of sponsored and purchased impressions. We estimate our total reach from our Marketing Plan is nearly 2,000,000 impressions per month. This includes print ads in Folio Weekly, Entertaining U, Downtown This Week, on air with 260 spots per month on WJCT (National Public Radio), Nightly mention on Electro Lounge’s (89.9) Art & Events Calendar, our PBS self-produced television program Downtown Now, Daily Billboards, and our web page which receives more than 1,000,000 hits per month. Flyer distribution (10,000+ per month) and “word of mouth” remains the cornerstone for our marketing strategy. Our flyers go to art departments of local high schools, each of the borough’s shopping districts, key visitor kiosks, local hotels, and en masse to the Downtown workforce.
In addition to our Marketing Plan the Art Walk has been featured and mentioned in many publications and broadcasts. First Coast News has broadcast live twice from Art Walk venues, Channel 4 has monthly Art Walk weather updates, through our official Art Walk Meteorologist Richard Nunn. The Florida Times Union has written multiple stories about the walk and about venues and artists featured on the walk. Our venues and artists, in turn, mention the walk in stories about them. The Art Walk has also been featured in Skirt Magazine, Jacksonville Magazine, Arbus, Florida International Magazine, and The Daily Record. The strength of our Public Relations relies on each venue’s commitment to enhancing one’s experience Downtown while on the Art Walk. Each venue then acts as a PR coordinator expressing their gallery and exposing their artists. Our Art Walk utilizes several street teams to disseminate our flyers/passports. One team focuses on clubs and pubs, one on office workers, one on schools, and one on retailers Downtown and in the surrounding boroughs. Downtown Vision also has its own street team, the Downtown Ambassadors. Ambassadors are crucial to keeping Downtown clean and safe and also are a huge part of Art Walk story-telling. Besides their normal duties of umbrella assists and directions, they serve as flyer distribution, clean-up crew, live-action trolley stops, and a networked communications team vital to a smooth walk. And they serve Downtown all the time, not just Art Walks. More information on the Ambassadors award-winning program can be found at
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the First Wednesday Art Walk Downtown?
The Art Walk is a monthly promotion sponsored by Downtown Vision and patron companies to invigorate the streets of the center of the city. Local artists showcase our regional talents in painting, photography, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, and almost anything creative. The backdrop is Downtown Jacksonville’s unique historic architecture, well situated grid system of streets, and of course our beautiful St. Johns River. As many as 34 venues have been on the monthly Art Walk and each is unique. There is no set agenda for visiting the venues, we encourage a “start anywhere” and “go anywhere” approach.
We also utilize creative incentives to compel folks to visit multiple venues. Once a walker has visited 10 or more venues and returns to Headquarters, they will receive a free gift. The gifts are as creative as the program. We’ve given away Downtown Sounds, a cd co-produced with Water Music (Los Angeles), providing a soundtrack to your downtown expeditions, Downtown Ground, freshly ground gourmet coffee sponsored by Downtown’s Martin Coffee Co., and Vintage Jazz Fest Posters, provided by WJCT, our local NPR and PBS stations to name a few.
Why the First Wednesday?
Originally we thought that trying this event on a Friday or Saturday would be too competitive with other events. At the time there were very few people coming Downtown during the weekends. There was no precedent for an event like this. When asked on the day of the first Art Walk (by the board of DVI) how many people would come out, I had to guess. I said 250. We have never had a walk (even in hurricane-ish weather with less than 1000 walkers). We needed a week night were we could compel the 60,000 plus employees to come out after five and enjoy some local art and flavor. Thursday was out because the JMOMA was closed on Thursday nights. A large number of folks attend church on Wednesday which by most accounts is our biggest attendance drawback for having the walk on this night. Going forward, patrons, artists, and venues alike are interested in changing to a weekend night to increase the universe of people who can attend. It is simply more difficult to get folks out on a school or work night. The early consensus favors Friday. Worth noting here is that the Art Walk does not close streets down, import portable restrooms, or otherwise make an “event” out of the walk, making any night a prospect. The real value of downtown and a street-front experience is seeing it for what it really is Monday through Friday and on the weekends. The City of Jacksonville does a most excellent job of throwing events, parties, concerts, and fests. The Art Walk should be thought of as a promotion not an event. I think of it as a monthly symphony of private downtown businesses, artists, and patrons. .
How does a space Downtown become a Venue?
A lot of important infrastructure decisions had to be made to answer this question. The Art Walk itself is limited to the Business Improvement District (the 90 blocks Downtown Vision is charged with advocating and improving). After Parties and associations may be made outside of the BID but the participating venues are (with few non-profit exceptions by trolley) all within the core. A venue must have accessible restrooms and insurance. Each venue is responsible for whatever happens in their venue much the same as any other night or day. Downtown Vision and the Art Walk cannot claim victory for excellent experiences nor defeat for lousy experiences. The beauty of Downtown and the Art Walk is that it is what it is. We are constantly working with managers/curators to represent their venue accurately so that expectations meet realty when a patron visits a venue. Each venue provides its own experience, supplying DVI with info about their space, curating the installation of art, coordinating music, beverages, and food if they wish. Our job is to promote what they are doing (through info provided by the venue) and relay that info to encourage visits to each venue. On occasion we will consult and refer artists to help a venue with their experience, but the experience is usually best left in the hands of the people responsible for the space.
Which brings us to one of the most important maxims of the Art Walk: We do not recruit venues, they come to us. This is easily the best qualifier on interest and earnestness. How do artists become involved in the Art Walk? The short answer is to walk the walk. Find a place that fits your art and try to speak with the person responsible for that venue. I think artists find that most of the venues are more than willing to speak with them and review portfolios. We have also started monthly meetings on the fourth Wednesday of each month as mixers for artists to meet each other and venues and discuss projects and walks. One of the missions of the First Wednesday Art Walk is to provide exposure for any local artist. We do this through our “drop in” gallery, the Community Art Bazaar.
What is the Community Art Bazaar?
The Community Art Bazaar is in keeping with our mission to provide exposure to any local artist through the Art Walk. This space is usually in the Jacksonville Landing, either outside or inside depending on the season (for lighting) and the weather. Artists simply “drop in” on the day of the walk an hour before it starts (4pm). Artists set up their work using available tables and their own easels. We do not ask for registration or reservation. Meaning if you can’t or don’t make it, you don’t feel guilty about missing the show. It is up to you if you want to come or not. We always have a mix of new and recurring artists at the CAB, making each walk special. For some artists it is very difficult to show work for the first time. The CAB strives to be open, accessible, and not daunting. We also charge no commission, meaning, if any art is sold that transaction is the completely between that artist and patron. The Community Art Bazaar has been an invaluable part of the Art Walk. More than 150 artists have shown their work for the first time and dozens have sold work for the first time at the CAB. One crazy night, every artist sold something. In addition to the artists showcasing their work, we invite local non-profits to have a presence at the Community Art Bazaar. Many orgs use the CAB as an additional outreach venue. Much thanks goes to the Jacksonville Landing for hosting this important venue.
Why did we go with slick, edgy art direction for a promotion that seems so grassroots?
We needed to compel folks to come Downtown. Downtowns are thought of as creativity centers. We think our ever-changing art direction helps encourage folks to experience the walk and come downtown in general. What non-profit and civic organizations are or have been involved with the Art Walk? Here is a partial list. Remember, all non-profits and civic orgs are invited to set up a presence at the Community Art Bazaar.Cultural Council of Greater JacksonvilleRitz Theatre and LaVilla MuseumRiverside Avondale PreservationThe Jacksonville Film FestivalThe Jacksonville Jazz FestivalCummer Café NightsJacksonville Museum of Modern ArtJCCI ForwardCathedral ResidencesFirst Presbyterian ChurchJacksonville Public LibraryJacksonville Transit AuthorityKarpeles Manuscript MuseumBrooklyn Arts & Design CenterArt With a HeartCommunity Hospice with Cummer Art & GardensSpringfield Preservation & Revitalization CouncilFirst Coast MPOFCCJCafé Muse & StudiosImprov JacksonvilleFirst Coast ReadsOtis Smith FoundationSix After FiveThe Nature ConservancyThe Florida TheatreWJCTAmerican Ballet Theatre
In conclusion, the Art Walk has been a resounding success. We estimate the economic impact of the Art Walk for the 2004 calendar year at approximately $360,000. Of course the goodwill and transactions live on in tenant lease-up of retail and residential properties Downtown along with the adoption of Downtown as a destination to those who have been introduced and re-introduced to our city’s vibrant, diverse, and emerging urban core.

Friday, April 27, 2007

As the Museum Turns

Flowen's og is better than cable lately. Cheese and Rice.

Some gems are coming out of it though. Like this brilliant idea (the Jacksonville Biennial) from Jim Draper:
Don’t want to be a Pollyanna, but if we were to take this energy and lobby to the
“powers that be” which is in reality the board of the museum, for a vehicle that
would solidify a NE Florida arts voice, then the solid sound of authority will
quiet all clamoring. That event might be a regional show, competiitve
exhibition, or a curated event maybe the Jacksonville Biennial. Something like
that would create a climate where area artists would be ableto present their
work and get feedback from a nationally recognized guest curator or judge who
would leave the personalities out and look atwork in the context of a level
playing field. If the board would look at some sort of competitive show it would
double its membership and get a huge level of involvememt from area artists. Just
a thought. I suggest we all post our comments to the board as helpful suggestions
as to how the museum may better serve our needs. The attitude and direction of
the museum is established by its board ofdirectors, not its staff. Staff carry
out the mission of the board. All parties concerned have done a noble job getting
it to the place that it is. I am sure they would love all of this imput as to
how it could be better.

Each local artist that participates should get a free or discounted membership. He has good points as well.

Now that we've totally fixed the visual arts community, lets click over to JAXOPOLITAN to see whats the haps for the weekend. You guys need it.


Wasn't there like a shake up with the Film Festival?
Come on Blowen, can't you expose the nasty truth about ALL of our cultural institutions? Ok, its a jump to say nasty truth. Because the freaking truth will probably never be told by an identifiable person. Because ain't nobody with a stake is going to say anything that might upset a grantmaker, benefactor, homeboy, art czar, etc.
However, if you've ever been rejected by anyone at any time there are always anonymous comments! I like mine seasoned with half-truths and injected with acidic vitriol. Then pan fried and sprinkled generously with inuendo. Don't over do it! It could be removed!
Lets remember your oath. Its ok to talk and expose coverups, and probably a relief to get something off your chest, but just because someone sucks doesn't mean you have to get in gutter and woller around with 'em.
All in all its probably good for the arts and the ART IT UP movement! There is more going on in this town and more people who give a shit than I have ever seen before. And since Joey says its ok to cuss on Friday I'm saying "fuck yeah" to that! Sorry mom.
Shake ups within the big boyz probably will end well too, don't you think?
Oh yeah, almost forgot, this post is about a free screening. Blind Dating will be shown free. Even though the poster and name and tag line, looks stupid. From the JFF:

Danny (Chris Pine), is an intelligent, confident, handsome
young man who also happens to be blind. Determined to help Danny have his first
sexual experience, his brother Larry sets up a series of hysterically disastrous
blind dates with shallow girls that can't seem to get past his sight impairment.
Danny is all but ready to give up on love, until he meets a pretty young East
Indian nurse named Leeza (Anjali Jay), who works at the office of his eye
doctor. The two seem made for each other...until Leeza reveals that she has been
promised to another man in an arranged marriage.

Directed by James
Keach (Producer, WALK THE LINE), BLIND DATING is
a warm and funny story about
overcoming the cultural boundaries, physiological differences, and above all,
finding true love.
Cast: Chris Pine (JUST MY LUCK), Eddie Kaye Thomas, Anjali
Jay, Jane Seymour (WEDDING CRASHERS), and Stephen Tobolowsky. The film is
written by Christopher Theo.
Show-time for the sneak preview for BLIND DATING
(PG-13) is Tuesday, May 1st at 7:30PM and will held at the AMC Regency Theatre.
Pick up tickets at the San Marco Theatre. Thats kind of weird. Pick up tickets at one theatre and watch a movie at another. Just to be sure I am not screwing things up double check for details.
I was warned of this opportunity to because I am on the email list. Which is one of the only reasons I know the festival exists. Where in the world is the marketing? Seriously, if you know, email me. Maybe I'm outside of the demo or something.

A friend sent me info about Check it out. I'm not sure about paying for bike parking (since we have plenty available- right now), but some of the other conveniences are really cool. Like bike rental. Next time I'm in a bikestation city I'll definitely check it out. Email me if you have ever used a service like this.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bike Week (Explicit)

image - urban jacksonville

There is a Bike Bike revolution going on right now, while you fill up your Escalade at Daily's.

Its got to be good for all of us if only for the carbon relief. Have you noticed? I see a ton more bikes downtown and in Springfield than in the last few years. Like out of nowhere. Makes me want to jump on ole sanibel right now.

We'll never be Copenhagen (see below) where there is a 200% tax on cars, however there is a clear momentum here that won't die. Respect the bike.

Kids have been meeting up at the Cummer at midnight for years to Do the Midnight Mass. Below is a video of said Mass. Its very fun and a little, umm, spicy. And dark like blairwitch project or something. At the beginning I thought Maartin might come out in his pjs and run off the punks. Tonights Thursday. Have some fun.


Pump up your jeeps and blast down your chinos.
from DVI:


MAY 2,

Click here to see a
map of this month's First Wednesday Art


5-9 p.m.Join the USO and The
Jacksonville Landing to add your own artistic touch to a special patriotic mural
in the courtyard. Everyone is invited to stop by and paint a patriotic
symbol or write an encouraging note to our troops. Also, enjoy live music
in the courtyard from 6-10 p.m.

Celebrate National Historic
Preservation Month with a special tour of City Hall, First Baptist Church, the
Florida Theatre and other locations. Don’t miss Downtown 101, a one hour
course on Downtown Jacksonville history beginning outside the Main Library at 8

Enjoy live music and many artists throughout the streets of
Downtown Jacksonville including Chris Kidman, Angie Christmas, Alex Nguyen, Mark
Wiechman, Time 2 Swing and Scott Morphew.

9 p.m.The Official Art
Walk After Party at Twisted Martini. Turn in your flyer at the door for a
complimentary premium cocktail, bottled or draft beer, glass house wine, or the
featured martini of the day. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and

HEADQUARTERS1. Jacksonville Bank Building – 100 N.
Laura – Curated by Steller’s Gallery of Ponte Vedra, featuring a juried
exhibition by the Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Artists. Music by DJ
Catharsis and PC Synergy. Hospitality provided by Lifestyles

GALLERIES & MUSEUMS2. Bryan Building Gallery –
Open studio and exhibition space, live model drawing and painting, spoken word
and music.3. Gallery L – Modis Building – Displaying work of local
artists.4. MOCA Jacksonville – Take the kids to the fifth floor Art
Explorium. 5. Karpeles Manuscript Museum – 101 W. 1st Street – A
manuscript exhibit of “Early Maps of the United States” and pieces by the
Jacksonville Watercolor Society. Outreach Student show and artists
exhibit.6. Laura Street Gallery – 209 Laura Street – Visit Art Walk’s
newest gallery, featuring the works of Joanelle Mulrain, Jeff Davis and Rhyan
Taylor.7. Opaq Gallery at TSI – 333 E. Bay – Mixed media artwork by Joey
Egly. Light hors d’oeuvres provided by the gallery and drinks at the bar
until 2 a.m.8. The Atrium Gallery – The photography of Matt Uhrig.
The original music of Laurel Leeand presentation and information for the
Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens.9. The Art Center Gallery – Featured
artist Princess Simpson Rashid will be presenting “The Assembly Line.”
Enjoy live music and hors d’oeuvres.10. WA Knight Building – Presenting a
Bike Show. Buy, Sell and Show.
VENUES11. Hemming Plaza – Sample the eclectic arts at the Artist Bazaar
including Farmers’ Market vendors, drum circle performers, belly dancing, dance
performances by Culture Moves and live music by Terrill & Company.
Featured artists will include: Toni Bravo-Rodgers, Michael Craig,
Elizabeth Fontanez, Andrea Cody, Amanda Hood, Zinnia Pagan, and Memory Hill
Photography. Stop by and visit the Jaguar Championship Club for
information on season tickets.12. Florida Theatre – Featuring the
Jacksonville Film Festival. There will be a preview of the upcoming
selected films in the theatre, cash bar, art and more.13. Main Library –
Enjoy UNF Spring 2007 Student Printmaking Exhibit on the 2nd floor
landing. Also see “Art in the Jail” on the 3rd floor landing. The
Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville has partnered with the State Attorney’s
Office to provide arts education to juveniles jailed as adults in the Duval
County Jail.
MUSIC/NIGHTLIFE VENUES14. Boomtown – 8 p.m. is the Mad
Cowford Comedy Improv Troupe and join the YouTube music video contest as part of
the Boomsong Sing-a-Long from 8:30 – 10 p.m. 15. Burrito Gallery –
Works by Judith Rosenau – Cologne Germany and enjoy live music.16. The
Jacksonville Landing – Join the USO and The Jacksonville Landing to add your own
artistic touch to a special patriotic mural in the courtyard. Everyone is
invited to stop by and paint a patriotic symbol or write an encouraging note to
our troops. Also, enjoy live music in the courtyard from 6-10
p.m.17. London Bridge Eatery & Pub – Enjoy local artists Jimmy Pines,
Pat Lally and Jason Wright with live music inside from Mike and Mike and outside
from Joe Thames from 6-9 p.m. Serving cold beverages and homemade food in
our newly painted and air conditioned restaurant. Wednesday is Ladies
Night with happy hour prices all night long. 18. Plaza III
Steakhouse – Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront – View historical photographs
of Jacksonville provided by the Jacksonville Historical Society. Enjoy ½
price appetizers and ½ price drinks for happy hour from 5-9 p.m. Live
music.19. Twisted Martini – The Official Art Walk After Party at Twisted
Martini. Turn in your flyer at the door for a complimentary premium cocktail,
bottled or draft beer, glass house wine, or the featured martini of the
day. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire.View the work of Joyce
Gabiou on the main stage.20. J-Bar – Omni Jacksonville Hotel – Meet award
winning author Rita Malie “Goodbye America” and enjoy the sounds of live jazz

CULINARY ARTS21. Casa Dora Italian Café – Original
artwork by Walden.22. Firehouse Subs – Stop by to view historical fire
fighting works. Get a free drink when you purchase a sub from 5-9
p.m.23. Chew – Enjoy the live music of 3rd Bass.24. Koja Sushi –
View the works of local tattoo artists. First sake free for those 21 and
over.25. Zodiac Grill – Multimedia artist Patricia Myers and original
music by Laurel Lee.26. Café 331 – See the unique works of featured artists Peg
Munsey with paintings and photo manipulation, and Reba Craig with photography.
Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served.27. Shelby’s Coffee Shop – Come by and
see the newest addition to the Main Library. Enjoy photography from local
UNF students, coffee, beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres.
BUSINESSES28. AmSouth Bank – Come by and view the Lutheran Social Services
Bowls and enjoy a glass of wine.29. BellSouth Tower – Florida artist
Joanelle Mulrain features her nature works. Entertainment and refreshments
in the 2nd floor gallery from 5-8 p.m.30. Gold’s Gym – Works by Anna
Membrino and Shea Slemmer. Stop by for ½ off a gym membership, Royal
Smoothie samples and a pick-me-up with a chair massage.31. Hemming Plaza
Jewelers – Enjoy the works of Chris A. Grisaffe and a live saxophone
performance.32. Jacob’s Jewelers – Portrait artist Mae Jean Burch presents
her work.33. LRK Architects – 315 E Bay St. – Fogle Fine Art features the
work of Marsha Hammel, jazz-inspired paintings of music and figure. Fogle will
showcase the upcoming Art and Interiors event hosted by Ethan Allen. Wine and
refreshments served.34. Metropolitan Loft Apartments – 421 W. Church St. –
View the works of Sandra Baker-Hinton and Joyce Gabiou.35. Natasha’s
Professional Tailoring & Alterations – Artist Alex Gritsiyan.36.
Needless Things – Hand-painted items including glass, ceramics and canvas.
Custom orders available. Wine and refreshments.37. Shugar Shack
CHOCLATIER – Enjoy complimentary wine and samples of ChocoPop.38. Tiara
Shoes – Unique hand made jewelry from national and local designers. 39.
TTV Architects – Painters Mary St. Germaine, “An Intimate World,” and Marcia
Scheeter.40. 11 East Forsyth – View the works of Jeff Scroggs and
Christopher Brisson, two tenants of the apartments. Enjoy light hors

COJ SPECIAL EVENTS41. Attention seafarers and
landlubbers, learn about upcoming downtown events including Sail Jacksonville on
May 4-6. Plus, get into the swing of The Players Downtown Experience on May 11
and test your skills on the putting green.

Art Walk
SponsorsJacksonville: Where Florida BeginsDowntown Vision, Inc.FolioweeklyThe
Twisted Martini

For more information email
or call 904.634.0303, ext. 230.

ART IT UP! (working title)

Head over to my friend Blowen's og. There is a weird semi vieled confrontational, yet extremely important conversation taken over by Mark Creegan's motivating and provoking (and loving) call to artists.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CREATE actionville

CREATEJacksonville is becoming a daily read for sure. Check out the story on David Morico (shot the above pic).


I love a good press release. The mayor and I go way back.


Redevelopment to Begin for Mixed Use Project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla, April 25, 2007 – The Jacksonville Economic Development
Commission (JEDC) has closed on the sale of the former Haydon Burns Library with
Main Branch, LLC. Main Branch plans to redevelop the site as a mixed-use project.

“I’m very pleased that we have reached an agreement that will preserve this unique historic building while providing commercial, office and retail space that will further enhance our downtown,” said Mayor John Peyton.

The closing of this deal signifies an end to a process that began in April 2005 when the city issued a Request for Proposals for the redevelopment of this site. The JEDC, serving as the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for downtown, negotiated with Main Branch, LLC and ultimately an agreement was reached for the sales price of $3.25 million, with construction beginning within one year of the closing.

Located at 122 Ocean Street, on the west side of North Ocean Street between East Adams and East Forsyth Streets, this adaptive reuse of the existing building will include approximately 122,000 square feet for commercial, office and retail uses. Retail is a vital component of this development plan with a list of potential retailers, including the first urban grocery store in downtown, a wine bar and a possible furniture store.

Main Branch, LLC is rehabilitating the current structure, with subsequent phases planned for the addition of two or three floors to the top of the existing building to allow for residencies. Approximately 45 parking spaces will be provided on the ground and basement levels.

“Redeveloping this building will be a unique opportunity to preserve for future generations a classic example of 1960’s modern art and architecture that will never be duplicated, while making it a productive asset in downtown’s revitalization. We see this building, with its great architecture, tenant mix and location, as becoming the new retail and entertainment hub of downtown Jacksonville, “said Tony
Allegretti, one of the project’s partners.

This project is significant as it results in increasing the tax base by having a vacant public building, currently not on the tax rolls, being developed into an improved privately-owned structure, with no city incentives being utilized.

“This offering of a mixed-use project providing residential, retail and entertainment continues to add to the critical mass needed to build momentum for downtown,” said Mayor Peyton.

“The addition of the proposed retail to the area will create vitality at the street level and further engage pedestrians enjoying Jacksonville’s revitalized downtown.”

Main Branch plans to have the confirmed stores open within a year.

Film at 11.

Other notes:

Last night I told Charles Landry that we were thinking mini storage. He didn't get it at first.


I just erased about four paragraphs I was going to post from my memoirs on this deal. I am going to remain positive and not expose all the CHEATS today. But dude, you are not off the hook. In my memoirs I am going to name names.

Back to something positive. I do want to thank Ron Barton and the JEDC and city attorney John Germany who had to put a lot of hours in this thing over the last 90 days. Also thanks to Beverly at Ameris, Rob at Silverstone for the plan C if we needed it, and all of the prospective and signed tenants. This is going to be awesome.

I strive for the day I can put on the apron and Lombardi glasses and chase the skate rats out in front of the grocery with a rolled up newspaper.

Now, who wants a muffellatta?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


JUlius Airwave - thanks Lisa


Julius Airwave - from DV. February 5, 2005.

I have some friends working on a redesign of this blog. I always make an image gumbo for new projects. Since this blog is basically about me and my DNA, all the images provide vivid memories.

I'll probably make Flashback an ongoing feature. Email me if you're feeling it.

Community Picnic Ya'll

From Kool Kieth
Friends and family, it is that time again. That time when we come
together for something more than ourselves, for our community. With it
being April, and so close to earth day, we thought we would get outdoors and
throw a community picnic in Riverside. The jam happens this Saturday, the 28th
of April, at 1:00 p.m. It will be located at Memorial Park. This is
the park located near the Publix in Riverside, on the river. This month's
charity is the St. Johns Riverkeeper. The St. Johns Riverkeeper is a private
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves as a full-time advocate and
"watchdog" for the St. Johns River, its watershed, and the public to whom it
belongs.Riverkeeper works to improve water quality in the St. Johns River and
its tributaries, to protect critical habitat in the St. Johns River watershed,
to provide meaningful public access to our waterways, and to educate our members
and the public about the River and the issues that impact its health

Friday, April 20, 2007

Riverwalk Video

Portland- tip Streetfilms

Go to streetfilms and Watch the movie Bike Move. Whoa.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Very soon Jacksonville will lose a very talented couple of doctors, some good kids, and a damn strong sweeper (BG Cyclones for life!) to the republic of California. The upside is that it creates an opportunity for a family to enjoy one of the special homes of Avondale. I am not a realtor and I always try to let you all know when I am pitching a product of mine. This is not that. This is a great home and a really excellent deal. I like the guys so much that are selling it, that it would make my day if exposing it to people who read about my crazy life helped the story below continue. As you will read it means a lot to them. Here is my friend and teammate's take on his time in Avondale:

We’ve very much enjoyed our home in Avondale. If we weren’t committed to a
career in the Navy, we’d never leave. When we moved to Jacksonville we looked
for a house in Avondale with a pool. It wasn’t easy to find, but it was definitely worth the effort. We’ve had the traditional historic home we’ve always wanted and our boys have had a great house to play in.

Our house has been the center of activity in our children’s lives. Our teenage son and his friends have passed many afternoons in the pool. We’ve watched them move from playing squirt gun and ball games to tanning and inviting girls over to swim. We’ve had many parties for baseball and soccer teams and countless sleepovers on hot days. The best part has been that after a game or finals at school, the kids all come over to our house. Our two year old demands a swim every night in the summer. We remodeled the deck last year and we frequently eat outside or just relax out back after a day of work.

Our neighbors are fantastic and there are many kids of all ages in the neighborhood. Most evenings we release the dogs and kids and convene in the cul de sac with our friends and neighbors. The park serves as a buffer between our house and traffic and provides a place to throw Frisbees, kick soccer balls or play tag. We always have a party on Halloween and for the Christmas luminaria. The Sunday afternoon before Halloween all of the little kids in the neighborhood put on their costumes meet in our park for cookies and popcorn then parade through the neighborhood. Most neighbors come out on their porches and clap for the little ones. On Halloween nights people invite you in for a drink or pass along hot chocolate from their porches while the kids trick or treat. For many years, our neighbors have had a couple of block party picnics in the summer and everyone just spends the afternoon hanging out in the park. Folks come from several blocks away, bring a dish and get to know each other.

Avondale is a great neighborhood and we’ve been lucky to be right in the middle of it. Lee High school is just minutes away and has a track and football, basketball and baseball fields. We use them all the time to work out or prepare for whatever sport is coming up next. We can walk to the shops in Avondale, which is very convenient for big events like Christmas in Avondale or Luminaria or just strolling home after a bottle of wine at Biscottis! Five Points and the restaurants and shops at Park and King are also just minutes away. Boone Park, Willowbranch Park and Library and Memorial Park are all within walking distance. Our son attended, Riverside Presbyterian Day School and most of his classmates live in the neighborhood. We we’re thrilled with his academic and spiritual education at RPDS.

When we bought our house it was well maintained, but hadn’t been updated in some time. In addition to the deck remodel and the kitchen, paint and bathrooms, we did all of the less exciting renovations as well. The roof, shed, pool filter and pump, some
windows, shutters, hot water heater, HVAC, etc. have been replaced. (See attached list of repairs) This makes us even sadder about leaving, but lets us pass the house along in good conscience to another family to grow up in. It’s hard to move on, but we know a lucky family will love our house.

Good luck house hunting!

Scott, Michelle, Matthew, Adam and Max


From Arts Emeritus, Bob White:

Greetings All –

…and apologies to those of you who are receiving
this twice.

Today’s Call to Action is important. Many of
Duval County’s arts and cultural institutions are going to be impacted
negatively by the action proposed by the legislature.

Unlike the
last call, this one will indeed take about 3 to 5 minutes to complete. I
am very hopeful that you will find the time today to take this action.
-- B


TO: Members of the Florida Cultural Alliance
FROM: Sherron Long, Florida Cultural Alliance
DATE: April 18, 2007
SUBJECT: State Budget Conference Members


There are TWO LINKS below you will need to ACT NOW. Link Number One is an Excel file that lists Senators and Representatives who will work out the differences between the Senate and the House on arts and cultural state appropriations for FY 2007-2008. Link Number Two is an Excel file that lists the differences for grant line items administered by the Florida Divisions of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources. Please give both documents a moment to open. If these documents don't open, go to;/ click on advocacy; and access the links there. Recommended Cuts for FY 2007-2008: The Senate recommends a cut of approximately 21.7% to the Division of Cultural Affairs' grant line items; the House recommends a cut of approximately 70.4%.

Link #1: Link to Budget Conference Committee Members who will work out the differences: When the document opens, click open to open it.

Link #2: Link to Excel file that lists differences between the House and Senate:,%20Cultural,%20Historical,%20Other%20Budget%20Breakdowns%20April%202,%202007.xls When the document opens, click open to open it.

Suggested Actions -- will take you approximately five minutes:

1. Open and download link number 1 above -- it's a two-page document you can print in landscape format on legal-size paper.
2. Check to see if your county is listed.
3. If your county is listed, send an e-mail and call the legislator/s and/or their staff listed next to your county.
4. Encourage others in your county to contact the same legislators and/or their staff members on this issue -- these legislators must hear from people in the counties they represent.
5. EVERYONE throughout the State should e-mail and call Senator Mike Fasano and Representative Dean Cannon, co-chairs of this specific budget conference committee.
6. Make sure you personalize your message, but the KEY POINT bolded below must be made to conference members:

PLEASE SUPPORT THE SENATE'S POSITION on arts and cultural funding. Arts, cultural, humanities, and historical resources play a vital role in economic development, job growth, and tourism. State investment in arts and cultural programming has actually declined by over 40% in the last 11 years and a substantial cut to Florida's creative industries goes against the trend to build and sustain those factors that create a strong creative and innovative economy. Thank you for your support and leadership to ensure Florida's partnerships and investments with these vital creative industries are sustained.

Thank you for your continued advocacy efforts. If you need additional information, please e-mail us.


Sherron Long

PresidentFlorida Cultural Alliance

Post Office Box 2131

West Palm Beach, Florida 33402-2131

Telephone: 561-848-6231

Web site:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Downtown Sound

About 3 and one half years ago I approached international dj's PC Synergy to provide the beats for headquarters of the then 8 stop art walk. Now you can strap on your ear goggles and take an art walk back in time.

Art Walk: A Retrospective Volume I "Up Beats for Downtown" a collection of original compositions and global rhythms mixed LIVE by PC Synergy (Phil Green & Catharsis)
a celebration in audio representing the 3 years + of the Urban Core monthly tradition, we all know and love, mixed to perfection of course...... For Promotional Use Only 2007

19 Track Mix CDPersonnel: Global Recording artists PC Synergy (Phil Green & Catharsis, Scott Petersen)Session: Recorded Live @ Art Walk HQ April 4th, 2007
Special Thanks: Downtown Vision. Inc., Biggie T, David Luckin, Paul Shockey, Brian V, Marco M, The Burrito Gallery, Celeste, MOCA & all of the Jacksonville Urban Core...Everything We Do Is Music!

let u know when they are out of the oven:).....

Love, Respect, & Music!!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Neeky Approved

A ringing endorsement from one of my favorite real estate appraisers.

Coming up is a little bit about a house that I so wish we could get.

But don't feel bad about snaking it from me. My friend Scott's family really enjoyed it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Touched by an Angel

photo sarah g, pear painting Steve Forster (next at BG)

I am exhausted and so incredibly busy right now (I apologize if you have called/emailed me in the last 3 weeks). Its not you. Its me. So anyway this post will be brief bullet points that may or may not be followed up.

  • I was in the movie. They needed more "background" and I was there. It was said that everyone looked the same and thats why they needed me. I should point out that everyone in the scene was young, thin, and attractive dammit. Johnny Tightpants plays himself.
  • Lucy Liu walked up behind me and put her hand on my back. She did this so I wouldn't step on her, she is tiny. And very friendly. Nearly everyone on the set was cool, though it was the last day of shooting and it went long. Very long.
  • Jimmy Fallon is funny all the time and doesn't know his left from his right.
  • You can see the economic impact of the film industry on location. Holy cow. (photos later)
  • I was a little dissapointed in seeing a lot of crew not from Jax.
  • I will be posting a great home for sale in Avondale very soon (got pool?).
  • I will be posting an update on the library acquisition soon. We are scheduled to close on the 23rd. We have new tenant updates forthcoming.
  • Urban Jacksonville has a very cool project kicking. (I still have time to read UJ!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This weekend, may I suggest.

Meet for a late breakfast, probably the Health Nut at the New Fox.
Ride your bike to Riverside Presbo (849 Park) for the above Global Warming Learning, Talking, Arguing (its on the flyer).
Hit Riverside Park for some reception action and fuel up for a Riverwalk ride.
Remember the 3 B's are always welcome on the Riverwalk. Bikes, Blades, and boards. Skateboarding is not a crime.
Anway, if its hot, ambush the Berkman pool. Email me for code word. Then its further east on Bay for the Jacksonville Jazz Fest, here is Saturday's Schedule.
After enjoying the river and the jazz (be careful, they may still sell wine by the bottle!), hop back on your B and head home along the river. What a city.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Sometimes you don't have time for a meal, but the quick items are always off message. Greasy breakfast, office candy, vending food, or worse. I've found that more often than not, a smoothie will do just the trick. The Royale Smoothie Co. in the Gold's Gym (FORSYTH AND LAURA) is open when the Gym is open.
When someone asks about dessert at the Burrito we often tell them to hit the Royale. You can walk off lunch and still hit the sweet spot, guilt free. That feels even better if you mix in a work out that day.
We are going to form a deeper relationship with our Downtown Gold's. We love it.
For now grab a three day pass for Gold's at the Burrito in the brochure rack at the register.
The Gym is very friendly, has all of the equipment and a lot of it, and is as laid back as it it takes to get you focused and energized. The staff is helpful if you need them. I haven't had the guts (bad analogy) to try a class yet. They look serious. The gym is very expansive and has huge picture windows on Laura and Forsyth. I call the elipsis machine in front of the marble trio when they start on that project! They also have a "womens only" section which, well I haven't seen too much of that, but I bet its cool. Also, wifi for you nerds who put the work in work out. If you bank at Jacksonville Bank, its next door.
Downtown Golds also does great speakers and seminars. Hey, Here is one now:

How confident are you with your workout program?

Beginning Wednesday, April 11th,

Royale Smoothie at Gold's Gym Downtown presents


a six week educational series that will structure an exercise and diet program for

All forums are FREE to attend, but require an RSVP. You can email us or
sign up at Gold's Gym Downtown. Seating is limited to 20.

Forums begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. and Royale Smoothie samples will follow each session.

Please email or call 448.0600 to reserve
your seat today.


April 11th

The Fundamental 5 (the basics for your exercise program)

April 18th

Your Strength Program (Weights Basics)

April 25th

Put Your Heart Into It (Cardio Program)

May 2nd

Fuel Your Body (Eating for Results)

May 9th

Stretching: The Truth (Maintenance & Rest)

May 16th

Putting It All Together (Get Results)

Stay fit.

Stay focused.

Stay northbank hard.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Opening Downtown

From Keith:
First of all, our very own PB&J's host, Tommy Hobin, is hosting his
first international art show this Saturday night. He's brought in German
painter Judith Rosenau. 25 large canvases will be on display at the
Burrito gallery downtown (21 East Adams Street). The art show begins at
6:30. Tommy has shown me some of the pieces. They're really
impressive, and well worth coming out to see. Tommy's doing a great job to
host an international artist to Jacksonville, so let's show her some support,
Jacksonville. {Flier attached}

Sopranos Start Sunday (EXPLICIT)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


We all want walkable, livable, culturally thriving, cities right? RIGHT?! So come talk to the man who knows them better than anybody. I'm telling you. He's the man.

Please join us for a special workshop

Wednesday, April 25
9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville
333 N. Laura Street

The Cultural Council will host this lively session with Charles Landry, one of the world’s foremost urban innovators, who will discuss ways to foster a culture of creativity in Jacksonville and consider our cultural resources in new ways.

FREE and open to the public.
Please RSVP to Sandy at the Cultural Council
(904) 358-3600


Another awesome photoset over at Metro Jax. I can't find an attribution. Someone has a nice camera.

I can't believe there were 100,000 at art walk (not counting movie stars).

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today in History (40 years exactly to today)

He made this speach today 40 years ago. Today, 39 years ago he was shot and killed.


Sleep Tight by Dan May

I just heard on NPR that as many as 50,000 people may be at ART WALK (<---map here)tonight. Don't worry, there are 40, YES 40! Venues so it won't be like pushy shovey.
Leave some time to find some creative parking.
I suggest the Landing Lot early or clustering down by TSI (see flier above) or at some other outskirt location if you are not already drinking beer on the patio at the taco stand.

Also, and this is super inside information, there will be Hollywood and New York City types walking around. I know this because I'm helping a little bit on the movie. Lil bit. No, I can't get you a short conversation with Lucy Fallon. Or Sharon Arnold or anybody. Happy B-day Matteo. However, you never know who you will see on Art Walk.
If for some reason it clouds up, think of it as crowd control and an opportunity to connect better to the art which is what its all about dude!

Here is where one might stroll by:


APRIL 4, 2007 5-9 P.M. (TODAY)


Celebrate the Jacksonville Jazz Festival with live music at more than 10 venues, including performances by local Jazz legends, Von Barlow at the Florida Theatre and Bill Prince at the Main Library.

Bring your hole punched passport to Koja Sushi to register to win a dinner for 2 at Koja Sushi and 2 tickets to the George Thorogood concert at the Florida Theatre. (THAT PRIZE IS BAD TO THE BONE. Sorry)

Turn in your passport to the Twisted Martini door host for a complimentary premium cocktail, bottle or draft beer, glass of house wine or the martini of the day.

8 p.m. Downtown 101 – a one-hour course on Downtown Jacksonville history beginning outside the Main Library.

9 p.m. The official Art Walk After Party at the Twisted Martini. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire.

1. Jacksonville Bank Building – 100 N. Laura – Curated by Steller’s Gallery of Ponte Vedra featuring a juried exhibition by the Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Artists. Music by DJ Catharsis and PC Synergy. Hospitality provided by Lifestyles Realtors.

2. Bryan Building Gallery – The Expansion of the Art Center Grand Debut Opening. Open studio and exhibition space, live model drawing and painting, spoken word and music.
3. Gallery L – Modis Building – “Fresh Squeezed” paintings by Eric Hinote and Garry Wayne Dodds.*
4. MOCA Jacksonville – Take the kids to the fifth floor Art Explorium.
5. Karpeles Manuscript Museum – 101 W. 1st Street – “In Flux” by Margaret Schnebly Hodge and a manuscript exhibit of “Early Maps of the United States”. Spoken word entertainment by JCAAA.
6. Laura Street Gallery – 209 Laura Street – Visit Art Walk’s newest gallery, featuring the works of Joanelle Mulrain, Jeff Davis and Rhyan Taylor.
7. Opaq Gallery at TSI – 333 E. Bay – “Here/There” a group of artists documenting extraordinary realities. Light hors d’oeuvres provided by the gallery, drinks at the bar until 2am.
8. Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum
9. The Atrium Gallery – The photography of Matt Uhrig. The original music of Laurel Leeand presentation and information for the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens.
10. The Art Center Gallery – Featured artist Annelies Dykgraaf will be presenting "Life Along Nigerian Rivers." African drummers & dancers will be performing through out the evening.11. WA Knight Building – Thieves in the Knight, a grassroots gallery experience (subject to change).

12. Hemming Plaza – Sample the eclectic “arts” at the Artist Bazaar including Farmer’s Market vendors, drum circle performers, belly dancing and live music by Time 2 Swing. Featured artists will include: Toni Bravo-Rodgers, Susan Taylor Gallery, FCCJ Artist’s Guild, Lemon Grove Jewelry, Amanda Hood, Traci Mims-Jones, Zinnia Pagan, Pamela Barnett, Anthony Hodge, Memory Hill Photography and Amy Stump. *
13. Florida Theatre – Come and meet the 2007 Jacksonville Jazz Festival poster artist Beth Haizlip. 2007 Hall of Fame inductee Von Barlow and the Von Barlow Ensemble will perform. Get your Jazz Festival merchandise and view the Jazz Hall of Fame member photos. Enter a drawing for 2 tickets to 38° Latitude: A Wine Tasting Experience at the Jazz Festival.*
14. Main Library – Enjoy Jazz Festival performance, “Jazz Innovators from Bepop to Hard Bop to Cool & more” by the Jazz Innovation Quintet with commentary by Dr. Bill Prince and view “Jacksonville Jazz Posters from 1979-2007.” Also see “Letters to Sala” from Nazi-held prisoner Sala Garncarz Kirschner and “Art in Action.”

15. Boomtown – 8 p.m. is the Mad Cowford Comedy Improv Troupe and join the YouTube music video contest as part of the Boomsong Sing-a-Long from 8:30 – 10 p.m.
16. Burrito Gallery – Works by Byron King, Dan May, Sean Mahan and Dana Turner. Live music by Aerial Tribe.
17. Jacksonville Landing – Local artists featured in the main corridor and live jazz by Teddy Washington.
18. London Bridge Eatery & Pub – Enjoy local artists Jimmy Pines, Pat Lally and Jason Wright with live music from Laughing Bones from 6-9pm. Happy Hour 4-7 pm. Wednesday is ladies night with Happy Hour prices all night long. 16 Beers on tap and traditional British food.
19. Plaza III Steakhouse – Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel – View historical photographs of Jacksonville provided by the Jacksonville Historical Society. Enjoy ½ price appetizers and ½ price drinks for Happy Hour from 5-9pm. Live music.
20. Twisted Martini – The official Art Walk After Party featuring music, art and martinis. (Please refer to the front of the passport).

21. Casa Dora Italian Café – Original artwork by Walden.
22. Firehouse Subs – Stop by to view historical fire fighting works. Get a free drink when you purchase a sub from 5-9pm.
23. Chew – Enjoy the live music of the Kevin Hindes Trio.*
24. Koja Sushi – View a display of the works of John Lennon. Bring your punched passport to register to win dinner for two at Koja Sushi and tickets for two to the George Thorogood concert at the Florida Theatre on May 1st. First sake free for those 21 and over.
25. Zodiac Grill – Multimedia artist Patricia Myers.

26. AmSouth Bank – We will be featuring the oil-based canvas paintings of South Korean artist Im Sung Hahn.*
27. BellSouth Tower – Florida artists Joanelle Mulrain features her nature works. Entertainment and refreshments in the 2nd floor gallery from 5-8pm.
28. Central Fire Station – 39 East Adams St. – Artists James Croft and Lara Summers.
29. Daniel James Salon – Photographer Sarah Price and paintings by Rob Middleton. Auction of mural created by FCCj artists for an Earth month celebration, with proceeds given to an Aveeda environmental charity. 10% off all products.
30. Residences at City Place – 311 W. Ashley at Julia – Contemporary photo art, live Jazz and catering by Burrito Gallery. Decorated models from $59,000 and priority selection event tonight!
31. Gold’s Gym – Works by Anna Membrino and Shea Slemmer. Stop by for ½ off a gym membership, Royal Smoothie samples and a pick-me-up with a chair massage.
32. Hemming Plaza Jewelers – Enjoy the works of Gordon Meggison and a live saxophone performance by Terrance Peters.
33. Jacob’s Jewelers – Portrait artists Mae Jean Burch presents her work.
34. LRK Architects – 315 E Bay St. – Fogle Fine Art features in the first floor lobby the work of Marsha Hammel featuring jazz inspired paintings of music and figure, she will also be present to welcome all attendees. Fogle will showcase the upcoming Art and Interiors event hosted by Ethan Allen. Wine and refreshments will be available.
35. Metropolitan Loft Apartments – 421 W. Church St. – View the works of Sandra Baker-Hinton and Joyce Gabiou.
36. Natasha’s Professional Tailoring & Alterations – Artist Alex Gritsiyan.
37. Needless Things – Hand painted items including glass, ceramics and canvas. Custom orders available. Wine and refreshments.
38. Shugar Shack CHOCOLATIER – Enjoy complimentary wine and samples of ChocoPop.
39. Tiara Shoes – Unique hand made jewelry from national and local designers.
40. TTV Architects – Painter Blaine Filthaut and potter Marcia Scheeter.

For more information email or call 904.634.0303, ext. 230.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Great Story

This photo never gets old. I love the ladder support crew.

Metro Jacksonville has a interesting story today with good quotes and memories from Dr. Wood and Bob Broward <---must read. Click it here.

At least it wasn't Doritos or something

Wonder how this would have played in Boston. You know they had to think about that when planning this.

Just keeping the viral viral for ya! More info here.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Editorial Mash Up

Since I've posted this I have since seen this site.

If Sunday's editorials in the Times Union were an April Fools Joke, they forgot to note it.

I'll leave the "Hurrays for the Billion(s) Dollars Beltways! (brought to you by Coggin or BP or Prada or whatever)" editorial for a later mashup.

Do I feel scared about running my mouth about the mighty mighty TU? Yes. Hammer don't hurt me. Please remember, less than 1% of Jacksonville reads me. BEWARE of the 1!

Also, since I'm digressing, did this Beware campaign take into account that 47% of Jacksonville adults are functionally illiterate (leaving well, not enough either way) or do the functionally illiterate read the TU? (2003 - Source JCCI). Maybe there were sources in the advertisement, but I didn't see the paper/ad. Email me and set me straight. Metro Jacksonville stole their thunder anyway. Impeccably timed with the piece of resistance on Mr. Conner. Who wrote that headline?

Anyway, since I'm knee deep in critique, on with the mash up (in italics):

TOURISM: Jacksonville's real assets

Good title here. No question.

It seems that a larger convention center won't cure
Jacksonville's tourism ills.

Seems to who? What ills exactly? On what basis do you all make this

That's what a survey of convention businesspeople have
told a committee studying a new convention center.

Oh, I haven't seen that yet. Sorry. I'm on the committee but I am
not aware of these survey results about the ills. There will probably be a meeting.

It won't bring the city instant nightlife.

That was in the survey or is that the editorial staff's take? Let
me know. Instant nightlife sounds dangerous anyway.

It won't make the city appear romantic.

The city appears romantic to me already. Seriously. Check into a
downtown hotel and watch the sunset. If you look to convention centers for romance you're... actually I will leave that one alone.

It won't suddenly turn the city into a popular place.

These all make it sound like these are goals of the Committee. Plus, according (to an angent my Mom talked to at) Delta, we have the second most full flights behind DC. We're already popular dude. Please.

In short, it won't turn Jacksonville into something it's not.

Best line yet. We're dialed in Captain.

Jacksonville is not Miami and never wanted the glitz.

What? I mean, there are things that I could see us NOT wanting
about Miami. But the glitz? Bring on the glitz. Does any one out there NOT want the GLITZ?

It's not Orlando and never desired to be a great tourist attraction.

We still get a boost of already overpacked roadway with Vacation Club Disney thanks for mentioning. Maybe they need a valve along the way. Anyways, I think we've got a lot of reasons to visit should you, gasp, unfortanately be stuck in Jax. You missed World of Nations, but you can still hit Jazz Fest. For an umm, example.

When the Super Bowl left, most of the nightlife did, too.

OMG. That wasn't nightlife. C'mon, that was a kegger at ATO on
steroids. You are really inspiring me to write my Super Memoirs.

(BTW - If you cannot find something to do downtown, every night it is
not downtown who is lame, grasshopper. Sometimes, you do have to look, I'll admit that.)

Let's also not forget that much of the Super Bowl "nightlife" was paid for by a
$1,000,000 sponsorship by the FTU -which you guys never mention. But that party was over on Monday, which is fine, but it doesn't really speak that well as "party hosts", when Kid Rock has to use a champagne bucket to VIP.

I don't want to give too much of the memoir away. Lets just agree that we're all glad it came. I love football. I really do. But can we all duck in to the Church of Whats Happening Now? Don't Decide anything on the party that was the Superfest.

Jacksonville is not artificial. It doesn't boast; it doesn't show off.

See above.

It has wonderful natural assets that are being protected as perhaps part of the nation's largest urban park system.

I totally agree.

It has a glamorous new library system, though libraries are not
normally tourist attractions.

No glitz, all glamour. I do so sweetly love my libraries. I mean
it. Tourist Activities galore dude.

If you want to find the real Florida, full of rivers and streams and
parks, then Jacksonville is your place.

Agreed. What is your point? Replacing a parking lot (anywhere) won't
change that.

Maybe an expanded new convention city doesn't fit into that scenario.

So your saying there's a chance? Ok, good we got to maybe. Whew. Because for a minute there I thought we decided.

As we have long surmised, a renovated and expanded Prime Osborn probably makes more sense for the city.

I missed those editorials. What about the transit

Meanwhile, let's be content with being part of the real Florida.

Agreed. Wait. You mean and quit doing things? Wait, please tell me what this means. Email me.

Jacksonville has always been a great family city.

Totally agree.

When the glitz and glamour fades, Jacksonville has the sort of natural beauty that will always be appreciated.

I am so so glad you included this sentence. You didn't have to. It is
like seeing a flamingo flying through a beautiful sunset over West Riverside
towards the former Republic of West Florida. (tip to jack handy)

end rant

I know. I know. Its not really fair to take this apart piece by piece. I was going to send a letter to the editor but I know they would publish and this is just a personal rant on a personal blog. Sorry just hit me weird because I don't have much time to waste and I'm really into to hearing all of the CCTF sides but it seems you've long surmised.

I'm over it. And available for the board.

And Folio. Please know I really don't want any of this posting published in your paper. No offense. A friendly request. If you could be so generous. Thanks.