Thursday, May 31, 2007


Got my attention too. Its been a tough week. I am actually in two places today. Actually Clement is in Tampa for me and I am giving a speech for Ron Barton in a few at the Shipyards. How is it that I am asked to fill in for the head of economic development of the nations 15th largest city but I don't even have a job? Don't ask me holmes!
I hope its not a tough room. The guest list is long and distinguished. Can you imagine getting up to replace the guy who was to explain the consequenses of these tax cuts on downtown. Hopefully I can edutain with my stuff because I do not know much about these cuts. Apparently our reps Wise and Hill have said that we are babies and stay out of important state business (I didn't actually hear their comments but this is how I heard it second hand). I plan to call all the numbers below tomorrow and I'll blog the results. I am fully prepared to tell them all to stay in Tallahassee if the mess withe Florida Theatre, the Cultural Council, MocaJ, Homeless Services, jeez. Downtown won't be your ordinary neighborhood for sure. What good are tax cuts if everyone moves?

Here is what I was sent from the Florida Theatre, America's best theatre, dammit.

To our Friends and Family,

Your FLORIDA THEATRE is in jeopardy.
We have only two weeks to influence our survival as a cultural entertainment center.

Because we are supported by yours and my property taxes. Our property taxes pay for:

Arts and Culture
Solid Waste Clean Up
Duval County Health Dept
Human Services
Fire & Rescue
St. Johns River Maintenance
City Special Events
Public Works
Neighborhood improvements
Better Jacksonville Plan

Without property taxes, these services will step back to where they were 15-20 years ago.
JACKSONVILLE’S entire QUALITY OF LIFE will be set back years.

WE, the public, have only two weeks to make our plight understood.
In two weeks, the big dogs in Tallahassee will decide our fate. WE must make our voice heard NOW.

Call or write to Governor Charlie Crist, Speaker of the House Mark Rubio, AND members of our DUVAL DELEGATION.

Express concern about property tax reform and the effects it will have on OUR quality of life.
They will be our voice on fate day.

Save the Florida Theatre, Save Jacksonville. Please act.

For further explanation, please refer to:


The Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc.

Erik Hart, President Saul Lucio, Technical Director
Toni Chadwell, Director of Rental Operations Tommy Sholar, Audio Engineer
Mary Claire Holloway, Director of Administration Lynda Lee, Box Office Manager
Debbie Grady, Business Manager Anne Lawson, Asst. Box Office Manager
Katharine Berry, Executive Assistant Florence Bell, Maintenance Supervisor
Jennifer Morgan, House Manager Samuel Williams, Asst. House Manger
Ray Mitchell, Maintenance Assistant

Legislative Contacts:

Charlie Crist, Governor, State of Florida 420 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee Phone: 850.487.0801 Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Mark Rubio, Speaker of the House e-mail:
Local Phone (Miami): 350.442.6911 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.4092

Duval Delegation House of Representatives - OUR VOICE from Duval Co.
(Delegates are in town now through June 11 - Contact them now.)

Aaron Bean, District 12 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.491.3664 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.6920

Jennifer Carroll, District 13 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.573.4994 Tallahassee Phone: 850.588.5102

Terry Fields, District 14 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.924.1777 Tallahassee Phone: 850. 488.6893

Audrey Gibson, District 15 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.353.2180 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.7417

Mark Mahon, District 16 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.359.6090 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.4171

Don Davis, District 17 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.247.4040 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.0001

Dick Kravitz, District 18 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.213.3005 Tallahassee Phone: 850.488.1304


Tony Hill, District 1 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.924.1646 Tallahassee Phone: 850.487.5024

Stephen Wise, District 5 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.381.6000 Tallahassee Phone: 850.487.5027

Jim King, District 8 e-mail:
Local Phone: 904.727.3600 Tallahassee Phone: 850.487.5030

Kurrent Events

If you're not sick of all the attention the SRG/Kurrent is getting in Springfield. Wait a day or so. But the attention is because its a really great idea.
Click over to Urban Jacksonville for a complete look including pics like the one I swiped above.
I took a test drive and it is a decent drive. New Springfieldians will definately stay on public works about finishing the resourfacing of the streets because you feel every grade change.
It was responsive and decently comfortable but very upright. Maybe it will help my crappy posture.
As a product I think it is very smart for an urban lifestyle. It is also a car. We love them cars. But its eco friendly too. You can hit all the 5 bouroughs without highway driving which is forbidden. It plugs into a regular plug. And it has a cooler/trunk that I estimate will hold 48 tecates with ice. I think Springfield folks in general will come out of the house more just to zip around.
Buy an SRG home and get one or just buy one straight up. Like I might. If I had a job. But I guess thats another post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taking the S Line

If this was pflog, it would be filed under WTF?

Join me and lets get off our fat asses and do something about the bassackward BRT. I have been watching on metrojacksonville over the past few posts about this and I just keep waiting for ANY reason beside road building (and you know how I love that) to do this BRT thing. How about some exhaust with that burrito? The only upside is that maybe they will open up the sidewalk next to Eddie Farah's building. I know, I know its only been 3 years. That sidewalk blockage is twice as old as my son.

I will post the next public meeting on the subject and I will be there. I thought this was a good quote from the comments at metjax:

Jacksonville "Anything but a World Class City," according to JTA plans.Written
by Robert Mann, Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 11:31:12 AMJTA may look like idiots
and talk like idiots but don't let that fool you. They really are idiots. I find
few government agencys annoying, and JTA is one of them. Ross Capon, executive
director of the National Association of Rail Passengers, said buses were slower,
carried fewer passengers and were sometimes dangerous. Also, he said, "evidence
has proven conclusively" that claims of superior cost-effectiveness of BRTs
"have been overstated." Similar preferences were noted in a Government
Accountability Office report three years ago to the Senate Banking, Housing and
Urban Affairs Committee. Although GAO official JayEtta Z. Hecker concluded that
BRTs offered many advantages in terms of cost and flexibility, she concluded
that "bus service has a negative image, particularly when compared with rail
service." She said rail-based plans were often viewed as the mark of "a
world-class city" and an image-enhancer that could attract developers. JTA is an
agency without any nice qualities, as far as I can tell. As a group they have a
toxic personality bordering on the radioactive. Ocklawaha

All that is left to do is make JTA think the S train is their idea. Oh yeah, and probably some politikin'. Welcome to the dirty dirty. Lets change.


From cool Keith:

Hey everyone, I need your help. Friends of mine have been selected as one
of the best 50 hip hop outfits in the country. The contest is being held
by Rawkus Records. They've put out Black Starr, Common, Mos Def, Company
Flow, etc.. This is going to be major exposure for them. The kind of
exposure that could really push the tipping point for them. They're called
The Smile Rays. It's three of them; an MC (therapy), a singer (Daisey),
and a producer (Batsauce). Some of you have met Britt (Batsauce) and
Daisey when they came to play my going away party in New York or when they
stayed with me in Korea for a month. They've got a positive message, an
arsenal of talent and soooooooo much soul. I really think they have the
talent that could launch a positive message in music. I ramble.....Rawkus
is having some sort of contest where people have to sign up to be their
friend. The group that wins this will get $3000 towards a professional
music video. Plus, I'm sure there will be a lot of extra exposure if they
win this contest. They're 56 votes behind the winner right now, and if we
could all pitch in to help them, it would mean a lot to me and to them. All the
information is in Daisey's email below mine. The contest ends May 31st, so
if you're gonna move, you better boogey now. Friends helping friends.....I
love it. KeithP.S. Go listen to them first if you don't believe

Oh yeah. Here is the link. Help ever hurt never. It took like one second. They are in a race with Julius Airwave to break first.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So today at my almost black google homepage (I use one that changes as the daylight changes, baby steps)... I see the quotes which I read every once and while. Today pretty much sucked. You're probably thinking, thanks for sharing, but I'm thinking I bet the guy that posts these had a shitty memorial day:

Hope is tomorrow's veneer over today's disappointment. - Evan Esar

I believe that professional wrestling is clean and everything else in the world is fixed. - Frank Deford

My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes. - Ronald Reagan

Here's to you Mr. posts all the quotes of the day (or Mr. moody robot)...

Also, I'm going to start blogging my Downtown Countdown tomorrow. 3 months of diet and exercise with a non-carbon attitude. Whooop

More Art Walkness

Rosana Casco McIntosh Exhibit opens at The Karpeles Museum on June 6th

“Color In Motion” is an art exhibit of painting by South American artist, Rosana Casco McIntosh. Please be our guest at the opening reception.

Color In Motion is a celebration of lines infused
with swirls of color. The artist engages the heart by reflecting life’s meaningful moments.

This is part of first Wednesday Art Walk (5–9pm).


June 6, 2007

Opening Reception
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Location: The Karpeles Manuscript
Museum in Springfield

101 West First Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

The exhibit continues through July 27th. The Karpeles Museum is opened from 10am – 4pm (Monday – Saturday) and Sunday 12 noon – 4pm. The museum is free to our community.

Information: Rosana Casoco McIntosh

Scroll below for more art walk love. On that note there is a brilliant article about my man Triclops I and Hip Hop Hell in Folio. (Its a printed weekly magazine available anywhere but City Hall) They also have a blog of some sort. While I'm at it, is anyone watching the retail revolution going on? Awesome, DIY in JAX.

Yes they still print magazines.

Stay Tuned for BRT, WTF?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Congrats 13 Minutes

Every party downtown lately has been a gala. I put the gay in gala. As in happiness. Go with it.

Anyway, my good friends and clients 13 Minute Productions took home the top Honor for their project 16:flat at last nights AIA Awards and gala. Architects, good ones, are my favorite artists because any one at any income level at any stage in their life can enjoy thier work. If it doesn't suck. Some of it sucks. You know who you are Mr. Smarmy Pants.

So I'm the spokesperson for the group (13 My Knut) and in years past the winners go up an give a speech. This year no one was speaking after receiving their award so I was unsure what to do. I had to go up and get the award with the fellas because it said on the projection (in big bright red letters) and the emcee said, "Accepting the award for 13 Minute is Tony Allegretti". Since I'm underexposed this probably went over real well with, I don't know, actual architects. Like the guy who wouldn't get out of my way when walking in the theatre. I bet he loved it.

The award ceremony was really cool. The presidents local and Florida of the AIA were there. The latter proclaimed the Florida as the best margarita drinkers (over Texas) and was selling cups for $12. In fairness, they looked like nice cups.

The judges were from Seattle and they were really sharp. In fact they read comments on the winners and were critical of every project. I bet there were people in the audience, thinking, shit, I'm glad we didn't win. I heard one year the judge said f-it, no one is winning. Balls! One quote was, "the judges were wondering what the big floating box was for" or something to that effect. The only project they really raved about was 16:flat which was a hell of an endorsement. They said they wanted to buy one. They said it reminded them of Seattle. They said that the only problem was the grafitti treatment on the text. They said when you have a hip project you don't have to hit them over the head with it.

Anyway, since I didn't get to do it last night and because traffic is blowing up today (assuming its from telling all the AIA guys I'd blog the speech) here it goes.

Thank you, Tom Tom (there was an echo in his mic), Neil, Mark, Frank.

On behalf of 13 Minute (pronounced My noot). Laughs.

I would like to thank the judges, and thanks for the tough love. Jeez. We'll have the grafitti boys outside to actually hit you over the head with it. Laughs.

Mostly the guys would like to thank their family, friends and significant others. Because this project was done entirely after 5 for no money (yet) it took sacrifice not just for the guys but also for the people who had to hear them stumble in at midnight.

Again thanks.

Have a great weekend every body. GO NOLES! Hit the ballpark. Its our championship. Lets keep it in JAX.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm booked to crap tomorrow

there is only one way to hold you over. Band of horses. This one goes out to Jay. I will be a good consultant soon. I swear.

Full speech coming though. Swear.

You've been selected for a

Since I did not get to give my speech tonight, I'll write verbatim in the morning.


Click over to our friends at JSOpolitan for a funny. It looks like Beverly Brookes a little bit. Though I don't think Bev would laugh at something like this. Or snort. Did you hear that?
Jack Miller...probably would. He is way cooler in real life. That news is nearly watchable. At least they got that cat scratching post off the set. I digress.

Intern pick of the week, I AM (EXPLICIT)

One of the many benefits of the French intern is the exposure to new music. When possible I will post good French jams. I am is the new Murs. Not that Murs is going anywhere. Kind of fun to post the .fr

I am has been around for 20 years. They are the grandfathers of French hip hop. Drop that knowledge at your next board meeting, fool.

100000000 more words

Again, photos, Sarah G. They are playing guitar hero next to my office. While Matthew Sweet is one thing. Sweet Cherry Pie is another. Savages.


Being there must be worth millions. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. All photos belong to Sarah G. I'll post more later. There may be one of you eating chocolate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

See Below Post and Click Photo Tour

photos, Dana Turner

Still Showing

If you haven't flicked through yet, you might want to give it a spin. There is an awesome set of photos from Dana Turner. Take the slideshow tour. This may have been the most photographed show ever. I think the photographers brought their photographers. The above photo is Sarah G.
So I say all that to say that Byron will be in the house from 12 to 5 this Saturday (email him to let him know you are coming). While you can see every piece online, you cannot really appreciate or acquire them unless you go. So please, make it a play date and go.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Time...We've Gone Too FAR!

Revenge of the River is a documentary that looks at some of the critical issues facing the St. Johns River and explores what can be done to prevent our booming population from overwhelming our river. As our state continues to experience rapid growth and development, we are faced with significant challenges and critical decisions that will impact the future of our river.
Will we decimate our remaining wetlands, lower or inadequately enforce our environmental protections, deplete our groundwater, and establish communities that are unsustainable?
The decision is ours. We still have time to reconcile with our river before it seeks its revenge.Revenge of the River will premiere on network television on
WTLV-12 on Thursday, May 24th, at 8PM.
Sent from your Riverkeeper

Product Placement

On the left our male model is sporting a limited edition t-shirt for the BG. Sold OUT! We'll make more soon.
On the right is a limited edition CD mixed down by PC Synergy who have been rocking art walk since its inception November 2003. The cd was recorded live at April's art walk! It is Souled OUT but not SOLD OUT. Pick up your copy at Headquarters ART WALK JUNE 6TH! $10 I believe. I am jamming it currently and it is worth every scent.
We don't do tshirts just for the fun of it. We have a mission. Ok that might be strong. Anyway. We want to be a part of this bike bike revolution.
We think the perfect way to work up an appetite and work off that burrito (and margarita(s)) is to ride your bike back home or back to work or to the beach if you're feeling frisky. Anyway, 90% of our employees ride their bike to work at least once a week.
So why the shirt? There is always free parking at the burrito when you ride your bike friends, thats the point. There is a rack right across the street at the vodka beer fest building.
So that you know, the parking lot next to the BURRITO GALLERY, the one with the GIANT MURAL is only avail for BURRITO GALLERY customers after 5pm and on the weekends.
Weekdays its Eddie Farah's. Eddie is cool, so don't push his buttons and park there during the day. He might not have your back. And we won't know where he took your Vega.
RIDE YOUR BIKE. Or walk. You get the picture.
If you are in the minority and wish to drive to the BG during the work day. Park at Liberty and Duval and walk the 4 blocks. Its a sweet walk through the Cathedral District and parking is free. Shhhhhh.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Hang loose

Ok, put this one down on your calendar for June 1. Mas seems older than 4, but go with it.

Its Monday so I have to unbury myself from a lot of work. Yes I have a job, sort of. Here are the updates coming:

1. Art Walk soundtrack (no not the first one, but the first one made live at an ART WALK!)
2. Grey Goose Party summary and photos
3. Chops - review and thoughts
4. Film Festival- review and thoughts (including Monster Camp review)
5. VERY limited t-shirt run.

See you at the EA program tonight

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tickets at Jax Main Library 1st floor 630 1212 xt 4043

Thanks to Tommy for the above tip.

Entertaining U has a good guide too.

No sex in the champagne room or something.

Ummm. This film festival stuff is pushing the sexy, ahem, envelope.

Also, its Haydon Burns. With an "O". Jeez, never mind.

Anyway, get a room. $99 at the Hyatt this weekend. Seriously.

Also, for those of you calling me about where to buy tickets to stuff, I have just heard that festival central is in the New Main Library. You can't get that info online, or in the folio pull out. Please let someone know.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


It is time to find out where to buy your All Access Pass to the Jacksonville Film Festival (starts tonight!). Why? Because it may be the only way you are getting into CHOPS.

If you have even a peripheral interest in the arts in this fine city you know that our much of our tangled roots are over at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. All of their programs are nationally recognized but only one was documented debuted at Tribeca this year.

Check back to this humble blog for reviews of films viewed. I look forward to seeing you on the street and at the Downtown Airport Saturday.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Come home to the Cathedral District

16:flat is the most important residential project downtown.
Why? Because anyone can make a suburban cluster or stucco tower on the river.
Visionaries make breathtaking roof cinemas above lofts above secure parking.
16:flat is true infill using 100% of its land.
If this city adopts this kind of project we will end up with density instead of parking lots.
Please drop them a line to be the first to have a shot at these beautiful new homes in the Northbank's quietest yet in-the-middle-of-it-all neighborhood. Just a few blocks from the riverwalk, museums, new library, shopping, Jags, Suns, everything! You may not even need the parking spot!

Friday, May 11, 2007

9th & Liberty Tomorrow 6-10PM! SATURDAY!

Onward Movement, Justin Kliener
If you are too lazy or busy to check out 9th and Liberty, here are the other city's (and your city's) artists that you will miss:

Byron has done an amazing job curating this show which I could see replicated if enough people come out and support it. Which I really hope you do.
I have done an amazing job of acquiring the world's second greatest DJ (after biggie tea). We have arranged security and there will be a parking attendant to help you. All you have to do is take 9th Street east between Market and Liberty. 6-10pm. Come on out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Life Revolution

See if you can catch the subliminal art walk ad.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


(It is. Click every link and enjoy. See you there.{Only $10!})

May 25th, 7:30pm @ The Florida Theatre.

Performances by: Crystal Stafford, Goliath Flores, Heavenly Noise, The Homesteaders.

Who let the dogs out?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Take Main to 9th from Downtown. Right on 9th. 3 blocks down on left, watch for parking attendant on left.

From Los Angeles to San Francisco to Amsterdam to Seattle to New York to


Don't miss THIS SHOW.

also note: triclopsi and special guests on the ones and the twos

The Development Job

Director of Development
This position reports directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for engineering and executing a comprehensive fundraising plan that will deepen the Ballet’s resources and extend its many artistic strengths.
The Florida Ballet is a 501 C-3 Non-Profit that serves to enrich the cultural fabric of (Northeast) Florida through a highly accomplished dance company that impacts positively the lives of those who perform, engage and enjoy the ballet.
The successful candidate will be a person of the highest integrity and who appreciates the critical role ballet plays in the cultural lives of our citizens.
S/He will demonstrate a successful track record in closing both club level and major gifts and, preferably, enjoy success in building memberships to a similar organization. A bachelor’s degree is required .
Direct resumes or inquiries to The Florida Ballet, 300 East State Street, Suite E, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 or e mail

Gut Reaction

Its that time of year again. Get off your hiney and do something. You can start with Gut Reaction, a new physical fitness culture and lifestyle blog from the center of the city. Watch the tv on the radio to get your day going strong.

JOIN GOLD'S GYM DOWNTOWN and meet all the people in your neighborhood. Your neighborhood. Do you remember that song? Anyhow. Thanks to KBM not just for a great job at typing my quotes exactly, but also asking good questions.

Need a reason to get your foot in the door over at Gold's? These week only they have:

1 Free Month and $18 enrollment. Make it so.

And if you sink two putts this week you get a free smoothie! Seriously, walk over to Gold's and sink the putts at least. Get in the zone. Get on the Go Team! Even if that means riding the bus over and drinking all day with me.

Oh yeah, perhaps we can toast the City Council voting to not tear down a contributing building. You have to have a more compelling use than a parking lot. At least I know I would need one. Hell, if I owned something that sat empty for 20 plus years they would have already run me out of town. Whatever KBJ. Please email me and tell me why and I will post your reason.


Let's start the Film Festival off right with the far east. From my friends at the JAAA:

If you have not yet purchased your ticket for the movie HERO, please click the button below now!

Asian Epic Film, HERO, starring Jet Li (PG 13)
Sunday, May 13, 2007 -
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm1:00 pm- Box Lunch and Meet & Greet 2:00 pm- Film Viewing
San Marco Theater, 1996 San Marco Blvd.
Tickets are $10 each and include box lunch and drink.

You may also purchase tickets by calling 318-0825

Let's commemorate the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with HERO, a highly acclaimed historical drama known for stunning visual effects! Proceeds
will benefit the Jacksonville Asian American College Scholarship Program.

The Jacksonville Asian
American Alliance
is a
great group who has fantastic events that are
very fun for the whole family.
Check them out!

Dawn Patrol

Watched the sun come up over the Laura Trio from my life fitness machine. I remembered the headphones this time which made me totally stay another 15 minutes.
Special Gold's promo info in a minute. Think Downtown Experience.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Create Actionville

Flip over to CreateJacksonville for some great photos of the shows this weekend.
Big thanks to Brittni and Byron and all of the artists who rocked the show.
Also check out some great photos by Renee, one of the new owners at 1951. Click on the event link.
If you missed the hot dogs you missed out!
Don't forget 9th & Liberty Saturday 6pm - 10pm!
Additionally, my friends and part time business partners over at Silverstone Mortgage are featuring a daily billboard for special financing programs in the urban core. They asked which message I liked for their mini-campaign.
It is very hard to write for such a ubiquitous product in such a confined space.
Let me know which of these (via email: theurbancore -at- you think is most compelling if you were crossing the Ortega River and had your phone handy and are thinking about your mortgage lender:
MORTGAGE 328-2060





I am assuming all of the letters are always all caps and that they are not really yelling their deal at you.
Silverstone is a favored lender for the loft project in Springfield. The way we figured it is that the lowest cost condo at 1951 Market was under $700 per month first year. Call Rob at the above number for specifics. Rob is a partner in this project with me and has cut all of Silverstone's fees and is able to get great rates.
note: Silverstone also finances outside of the core (and in other states). I just refinanced my house with them so I can recommened them in confidence.
Enough about me. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the next few days. Including the debut of my friend and intern from St. Etienne, Clement!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Ok. Here is the deal. There is cool art.

There will be a realtor if you need help.

Come as you are.


From HIP HOP HELL Records (Duval). The N Word. Looks like you can check it at thee Imperial tonight even.

Thanks for the Ad

I have a myspace account to stay in tuned with the younger, hipper, more savvy, if not a little weird, generation. I love the myspace. I get some interesting invites and comments. There is a hemp party in DC on the fourth of July apparently and the smile rays are about to blow up.

Which begs the question. Who blows up first, Julius Airwave or the CLICK HERE FOR THE MOVIE PAGE ADVERTISED ABOVE.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jaxopolitan= Art Walk Edition

Burn some time (is it five yet?) and navigate your walk using JAXOPOLITAN's cheat sheets for eats (and crap wine).

There is also a show at the Haydon Burns from the Art Center folks.


This message brought to you by DJ Hyperbole.
Go check out UJ for updates all day long. If you can't have fun and soak up the local flavor this week there is something seriously wrong with you.