Friday, June 29, 2007

The Hiatus is back on

I am going to take a break from thee olde blogge for a few days. Since I don't have contributers like the other, ahem, blogs, the theatre will go dark for a lil bit. Probably resurface around the 777 shows. Make your plans to be downtown on Saturday June 7th for the Munny Show at TITK and the Steve Forster show at (PRIVATE) the space. It will be like a mini art walk.

Go brewers.

Also, RIP Ill Bill. You will be missed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You may think its funny, When your nose is runny

Umm great flyer. This is a do not miss show. Its groundbreaking. Go Joey.

We also have the Steve Forster show opening in (PRIVATE) the space that same night. It will be like an ensmallened art walk super focused. I guarantee very good and very different local art on this night. Its a lock.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sorry White Stripes

Ok. Enough already on the Adult Swim music automatically coming on while you read blogs at work when you should be working. I hear you. I'm a team player. Buleted. Making the internets is not an easy jorb.

Everything from here on out or until I do it again will not play automatically. So when its safe you can hit play or at lunch when you are supposed to be goofing off.


There will be at least one other major show downtown on this night so make sure you've got it in your helio, sidekick, or blackberry. Or slingshot, go with it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

This person is already your friend

I wanted to personally thank whomever over booked or underbooked or whatever shangrala and a slight breeze on friday fest. What a great impromptu show. If you love your downtown. It will surely love you back.

From the Oh Hell Yes Desk

Click over to MetroJacksonville to read all about the new trolley planned to connect Downtown 5 Points to Downtown. JTA (take the survey) probably got some help on this concept from some of Riverside Avenue's new folks. That is a good thing. Claim Brooklyn! If you miss the last trolley stroll the riverwalk! Yeah Jax.


Contact Amanda Davidson, Media Relations
(904) 993-7897

Registration Now Open as Jacksonville Joins

List of Cities to Host 48 Hour Film Project

Jacksonville, Fla. – June 25, 2007 – The city of Jacksonville shall be abuzz with creative activity during all 48 crucial hours between August 3 and 5, 2007. That's because the Jacksonville First Coast Chapter of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association (FMPTA-JFC) has helped bring to fruition an incredible opportunity to showcase the Northeast Florida region --- and all its talent --- by playing host to the 48 Hour Film Project.

The 48 Hour Film Project began in 2001 in Washington, D.C. and has now held more than 100 competitions around the world, including repeat visits to Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. 2007 will mark the first year that Jacksonville has participated. The crux of the project is that filmmaking teams register in advance and then have just one weekend to complete a 4-6 minute short film, including writing, shooting, editing and adding a musical score.

"Part the mission of the FMPTA-JFC is to promote filmmaking in Florida, specifically for those of us based in Jacksonville who want to live and work in this city we're proud to call home," says FMPTA-JFC President Mac McDonald. "Bringing events like this one is a very visible way to do that."

Once the films are completed, they're screened to audiences here in Jacksonville, and the FMPTA-JFC is proudly sponsoring the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project's Showcase Theater. While registration has only been open a week, there are already a number of creative and production teams that have signed up for the intensive August weekend.

"We believe that Jacksonville, a diverse metropolis, will be rewarded by hosting the talent of this city, and region, throughout this competition; with every imaginable accommodation that Jacksonville offers, the artists will find multiple avenues for expression," says Nicholas Quin Serenati, a digital artist with Run Fast Jump High Films and FMPTA officer at both the local and state level. "We hope their creativity and this diverse cultural area will be showcased when the first-ever Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project draws to a close."

How to Enter

Filmmakers and individuals interested in participating in the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project can go to and either click on the "Register for Jacksonville Now" or "Join a Jacksonville Team" link. Team registration is just $125.00 for the city's inaugural year. Questions about the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project can be directed to Winners a the local level will have a chance to compete at the national finals, with the potential to be named "The 48 Hour Film of 2007" which means your film will show at Cannes. For additional information, visit

About the FMPTA

FMPTA stands for the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association, a statewide not-for-profit organization working to strengthen the economy of film, video and sound recording production within the state. It’s made up of working professionals, production-related business members and associates. Membership and monthly programs are also open to the general public. Meetings/programs are held the second Wednesday of each month. Membership and meeting information is available online at, or by contacting President Mac McDonald at 904-622-6800.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Best Flyer you will never see

You got about 40 minutes left of this show. Sorry, for the late notice. It sounds awesome.

Springfield Jams

Get your hiney over to Springfield and get some hair of the beerfest dog.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I haven't djed in a year. The last gig I had I didn't show up. Sorry Mark! To be fair it was on my birthday and really late. Ok and there have been a few times when a promoter will say, dude where were you? and I'll be like when? This is the problem with djs (we'll go over the problem with promoters in a later post). You can't count on them, ummm me. Except tonight I am opening for Astronautalis (djing not MCing). I'm throwing my insane jams at 10pm strong for a number of minutes. Ian didn't let me practice last night so screw springfield.

For more info on Mr. Nautalis see his myspace page here.
Or see his profile from SXSW (with tunes) here.

Also here is the description by a legit promoter:

ASTRONAUTALIS ( will be spinning
opening the night is BIGGIE TEA (
It's going to be veddy! good times.
$2 cocktails, shooters, shots and yuenglings all night.

I got your pop right here. Also, please, no requests.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Computers are a flash in the pan

While working in the secret lab of the designers working on 2.0, I got to use one of these in the safe room next door. (no I din-unt).

UrbanJacksonville is so intrepid that they caught me messing around. Please people. Let me decide the right time to announce the projects.

Clearly I have Narcissistic Blog Disorder:

This disorder is characterized by the creation of a blog in which the individual consistently denigrates not only the opinions of others, but the very fact that others have opinions, saying things like "nobody cares what some overpaid starlet has to say about global warming" and "nobody cares what some crusty career politician thinks is wrong with society today." Simultaneously, the individual assumes that people do care about what he or she has to say, in spite of the individual's only political or activist experience being watching the movie Dave twice.

Dave. Had to look it up. Added to Netflix.

By the way, for you lefties there is a new phone coming out or something. Look for a local review here.

wine about it

I can't decide, beerfest or biz markie.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Curvilinear Springfield

photo intownjacksonville

Springfield retail is apparently a hot topic. Again.
There is a very interesting speech given by Mac Bissette of SRG at the SAMBA (Springfield Small Business Association) meeting at Urban Jacksonville. This is awesome of Joey to post because I can never make these types of meetings. With his work and the BRT and other study work done by metrojacksonville, its easier now to get involved or just stay informed.
Mac also goes over the Ulrich data mentioned in this article.
Urban is not a linear market.
I am bullish on the Main St. and Springfield long term retail success.
What if we call it downtown?
If you bring the residential density of Springfield into downtown (why not, we let southbank condos claim San Marco?) you have good neighborhood data knitted into the Northbank.

Friday, June 15, 2007

What are you doing at 9:47?

Friday June 15, 2007 “Love Affair”
Electrolounge 89.9 fm or internet stream
Tonight 4 tracks will be featured from our album Love Affair +++ PC Synergy & Crystal Stafford

9:00 pm) Crystal Stafford & PC Synergy - Grow There
9:06) Worldwide Groove Corporation - Fevertini Mix
9:14) Monte La Rue - Rhinestone Heart
9:19) Crystal Stafford & PC Synergy - Love Affair
9:25) Milky Lasers - My Mood 2005
9:28) 4 Hero -Morning Child (Play With The Changes 2006)
9:33) Minus 8 - Elysian Fields
9:37) Erik Satie - Gnossienne #3
9:41) Crystal Stafford & PC Synergy & Patrick Evans - We Can Make It
9:47) Crystal Stafford & PC Synergy – Heal You
9:50) Monte La Rue - Hole In The Sky
9:54) Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You


Byron (not Leftwich) put together an extraordinary show at 9th and Liberty earlier this cool summer. It sprung from the dangerously named Fecal Face website, San Francisco. Fecal Face recognized Byron for this cool idea and so I am posting about thier post. Which is as close as Byron is going to get to getting paid. Which is to mean he ain't. And neither are most people throwing shows. All they get is the satisfaction that you came. Which is a lot. If you come. And don't worry. There were enough their to keep the party going and to hope for more participation for the next one.
Big fun plans ahead for 9th and Liberty coming up in the Fall. Watch this space.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


JULY 15th.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Things are heating up

16:flat - READY TO SELL!

The residential real estate market in the core seems to be heating up in a race of rooftops vs. retail. Speaking of retail. Did you read the report from Retail Traffic. Joey has the PDF in his story. Guess we are the hottest market for downtown retail in the country. There is something going on.

I encourage you to walk over to the corner of Duval and Liberty where this property (16:flat) is located and take in the views as you walk towards the core, the sports complex, or the river. It is a short distance from pretty much anything. Reduce your carbon footprint, dude.

Hopefully we will see a lot more of 13 My Noot. Well, actually they will probably design City Market, but I mean projects like this. High Density, small footprint. Supporting this project is supporting good urban development. Oh yeah, and they won like the most major award in the AIA locally. The only local building to get an Honor Award in fact. There is a speech in here somewhere. Anyway. Get you one.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Boone Park. Stinson Park. Ringhaver Park.

photo Sarah G

The picture above is between the ends of Hogan and Pearl Street on the lawn of the Times-Union Center for the performing arts. .
This could connect at the Southern tip of Kuhn Park, or Fidelity Green, or something else. Below is a video of an event we had mostly on concrete at the very river end of the hot bland culdesac with no parking, I mean upcoming park next to the neighboring Landing.
Picture This: Throw in some good continuous shade and green grass. We might have a big cool green fuzzy welcome mat for urban walkers. Walkers, cyclists, skaters, bladers, strollers, segways (we've seen one!), boaters, skywayers, from as far as Riverside and the Talleyrand. Without seeing a car. Every other urban community connects rather smoothly to the Riverwalk.
It will take a lot of corporate and neighborhood support. I think it would be an ideal public asset for all adjoining properties.

Folks already use the Riverwalk to connect to any part of the Northbank grid. Soon the Sports and Entertainment district will be reached on the Riverwalk through the Shipyards park and Riverwalk.

On with show, this is it:

TV, History.

Guess its time to toss the flat screen in the yard. Television just got (even more?) crappier. I'm not talking about Paris watch.
I won't opine on what a great show the Sopranos was. You either watched it or you didn't. If you didn't (and I can't blame you, cable is hideous) and care to understand why someone like me thought it was artful, read this recap of last night's series final episode (must sit through ad for free read).
Runs back to the front yard because the Wire will return.
Yours truly,
John, from Had to Change it

Friday, June 08, 2007


Steve Forster will debut new work July 7th with an exhibition upsatairs and downstairs of the Burrito Gallery. Steve's wife Rebecca, seen here

will be showing her sculptures. Rebecca is an unbelievable sculptor. These two met in art school (Florence of course).
The Forster show will only run for one month, which is 1/3 shorter than a normal show at the BG. The couple are off to Chattanooga (they always steal our artists!).
Carlos Duran, the above painting, sold quickly for $350 at a cocktail party at 1951 recently. So his work is as affordable as it is breathtaking.
Save the date.
More on July events, including one HUGE CITY CHANGING EVENT. After the jump.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


You won't find this on the map.

(By the way, the map features the burrito ((and the central fire station)) one block east of where it actually is).

Bo Concept will design a drop in show at the Haydon Burns Library TONIGHT!. Last Art Walk the Arts Center threw a great show in the space and the crowd was better than expected. Thanks Arts Center! They usually have a ton of shows during Art Walk. Including...

Back to the point. Tonight at the Haydon Burns (home of the BEERFEST!), we will also feature the submissions for the AIA Awards. Like Honor Winner 16:Flat.

In fact you can also see the Emerging Architects work and FAMU student acrchitecture (controversial subject!) in the usually private only upstairs of the burrito across the street.

Lest you think I'm trying to keep you on one block. Do not forget the

I am almost done with my submission for that show. It will be for sale. There is also new work all over the city. Hit the streets. If you find that you don't like a place, hit another. There are 40 places. Download the PDF map here.

One last note (probably not but go with it): Its important to go out and show that you support the arts. There will be a lot of decisions made about the viability about our city at art walks. Its what we want, realized (once a month). OH AND NO ART WALK IN JULY! This is the SECOND TO THE LAST ART WALK THIS SUMMER. There will be 750,000 people downtown tonight. GOING CRA-ZAY. Yeah right. Yeah right. No way! (EXPLICIT - NOT WORK SAFE) Tip to seeing DD at TSI.

So no more updates today unless its an emergency. I have to write two speeches. Apparently I'm on the speaking tour. Tonights subject. The West Adams Street sidewalk 1884-2003.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Need a friend?

We interrupt this art walk week (TOMORROW!) to post a plea from the Springfield Animal Care and Rescue Club. They are overflowing, which means you get some good choices.
I sneeze just looking at the page, but I do totally appreciate the work of SACARC. You can tell a difference on the streets of Springfield.
Please, get you a dawg.


Scroll down and click the Joey Link to see the entire show of Judith Rosenau.

Judith Rosenau
Born 10-14-1980 in Aachen

2000-2001 History of Art, Literature, History at
RWTH Aachen

Since 2001 Visual Arts, Textile Design and Pedagogic at
University of


- Main Gallery of the University of Cologne
- Municipal Hospital,

- Professional Association of Visual Artists,

- Burrito Gallery,

Her paintings:

background of her work is formed by the nature of social gatherings. It focuses
on distance and closeness, rituals, social structures, observation and

Her work embraces family as an institution and discloses
similarities despite individual trades and diverse concepts of “family”. A
memory is often more an impression of something rather then the knowledge of
something. These deficiencies of memories are represented by the cut outs, the

Masters for the paintings are photographs, mostly from
the 1950’s, because photography enjoyed a different status than today. Since
digital photography, the present is overly documented and motifs are chosen with
more randomness. Photographs from the 50’s represent which moments were
considered worth capturing.

Rosenau uses oil and acrylic on canvas
as well as nitrocellulose thinner copy and other mixed-media.

I thought Judith might be at this art walk but she will be back in Cologne. Her reps, Tommy and Uli will be on hand if you need help. The Burrito has decided to waive its commission because Judith only got to show at two art walks. In essence all work is 20% off.

Also, Cathartic and Crystal Stafford on the back patio, and some limited edition tshirts. Scroll for details.

Monday, June 04, 2007


We're bringing Walky back.
Art Walk THIS Wednesday night, WHILE THEY LAST (starts at 5pm), the burrito is selling "I am the Art Walk" limited edition t-shirts. $10.

Walky was invented to represent Downtown Jacksonville's First Wednesday Art
Walk in late 2003 and has since been "used" as an iconic subliminal
marketing ploy helping city dwellers around the country and around the
world cross streets safely. Walky is thought to have been the driving force
behind the millions of "art walkers" who now pour in the downtown streets of
Jacksonville Florida every first Wednesday of every month.

How Jacksonville became the new Rome - New Yorker

The t-shirt table will be set up under the front stairs where all the custom iron work is.
BLOG BONUS: Buy a t-shirt, get an ice cold beer, free.
Disclaimers: While supplies last (beer and shirt, especially your size shirt). Promotion may end without notice or apparent reason. T-shirts never last more than a few hours. Sales that is. The shirt itself will last a good while. Unless you bartend at shanty or work in landscaping. Must consume beer on premise. You don't have to shotgun it. Slow down and talk to people. Enjoy your beer. Beer may be of debatable quality but indubitably American. Or Mexican.
Under 21? You just get a shirt, and a thank you...


Typically when one shows work at the Burrito they would get 3 Art Walks. Unfortunately DVI has decided not have an Art Walk on July 4. The burrito won't even be open. So, if you only trek downtown during art walks this will be your last chance to see Judith's work, though it will be up through July 3. It is very interesting work and a style that is unique. It is also as affordable as it is accessible. I believe Judith or her agent, Toby will be onsite at Art Walk. Come say hi.
Judith is a student from Cologne, Germany.
Joey shot all of her work if you want to browse from your cube. But you know, art is best seen in person. You must be present to win.
Also, more art walk news. I have 2 more posts on the burrito alone, coming up.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I have heard people moved to tears due to the fact that they have to throw recyclable materials away downtown. The word on the street is that there is a program coming. Is it possible for Jacksonville to become MORE GREEN?
We can only hope. More to come.

Downtown Getdown

The Royal Treatment. I can't say enough about those crate junkeez. Get your vinyl fix before the vinyl show at TITK at Art Walk (PDF) (next WEDNESDAY! Last ART WALK FOR 2 MONTHS! AHHHHHH). Also, my all time favorite Duval MC Blak Hart plus many more. At the BG tonight. Also, happy birthday Mas.

Joey has a ton more interesting happenings including an impressive show at TSI tonight. Don't forget to scroll!

Not enuff to do in this city? Pleez. U mus be crazy.

Also, I gave a speech last night to most important crowd I have ever talked to. I'll post it later including the jokes that were greeted with dead. Silence.