Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Steve Forster Upstairs One Night Only, 3 Hours ONLY!

Is sponsored by...

You guessed it...

Realtors from Lifestyles Realty will be on hand to answer questions. Like how in the world in the era of $400 per square foot condos do you have product that is nearly $100 per foot, gated, with historic brick and 8 foot windows? Ask 'em. Stump the realtors! Edit: Only one unit is $100 per foot. 3 are close, and most are closer to $200 but thats still pretty good. You gotta see em anyway.

Since we are on the subject of shameless capitalisms: we'll be selling the Urban Art Warfare designed "74 Sound System" tshirts like the one on the left and "I am the Art Walk" t-shirts (only xxl left, gasp) on the right. Which brings up a good point. Sizes and Colors vary. We are all out of "Always Free Parking" shirts. T-shirts are now $15 per. Blame Bush. We'll give you TWO FREE PBRs per shirt purchase, while supplies last.

Bring your wallet is all. If you don't get a Forster now, you'll regret it. I know. Carlos Duran was MINE! And I let it slip through my hands!

Carlos Duran by Steve Forster

Special Exhibit Upstairs Art Walk Night Only

Every artist that shows at the Burrito Gallery gets three art walks. Its how we do. Well, the current artist showing at the BG (Steve Forster) couldn't stay all three months and thusly gets only one art walk. This August. And the August Art Walk will be august (go with it). So we are doing something we really don't do much for our artist. We are opening upstairs from 5-8pm.

Notice at 8pm upstairs will no longer be available. Please and thank you.
Steve Forster's portraits, figure drawings, and still lifes will be upstairs while city scenes, subway, and landscapes/cityscapes will be downstairs.

Steve's wife Rebecca (shown above) will be on hand if you have any questions about the work or about Steve's awesome story.

As a bonus to my readers and any readers of blogs and such that link to me, I will have $1 PBR while they last!

also- Julius Airwave out back. I mean. Come on!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Bike Parking Makes Sense!

Thought this was interesting. We have a pretty lackluster range of (bike) parking options. Something to think about.



Jacksonville Film Events is excited to announce a new year-round series called "Friends of the Fest". This series is replacing REEL People. The first screening, CRAZY LOVE, will be Monday, July 30, 2007 @ 7:15pm at the San Marco Theatre.

Dan Klores' CRAZY LOVE tells the astonishing story of the obsessive roller-coaster relationship of Burt and Linda Pagach, which shocked the nation during the summer of 1959. Burt, a 32 year-old married attorney and Linda, a beautiful, single 20 year-old girl living in the Bronx had a whirlwind romance, which culminated in a violent and psychologically complex set of actions that landed the pair's saga on the cover of endless newspapers and magazines.

With the cooperation of the principles, Burt, now 79, and Linda, 68, Klores examines the human psyche and the concepts of love, obsession, insanity, hope and forgiveness. CRAZY LOVE recently had its world premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and earned the Best Documentary award at the 2007 Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Buy tickets now at the Jacksonville Film Festival site.

If you clear it they will come. And leave.

The alarms should have rang long ago, not today when the stock market plunged 300 points on the news of dismal results coming from the nation's top sprawl produces. It's pretty disappointing to see that so much of the US economy is based on the growth of these development groups which continue to produce nothing but atrocious housing developments on the outer fringes of nearly American city. Its also ironic that what we consider to be an economic engine in our communities is also responsible for degrading our lifestyles, increasing congestion, straining our resources and with that likely costing us as taxpayers more in infrastructure needs and upgrades than the economic benefit we receive in return:

"Disappointing results from home builders including Pulte Homes Inc. and D.R. Horton Inc. -- squeezed by a sluggish environment from home sales and continued defaults in subprime loans -- weighed heavily on the market."

An Excerpt from Suburban Nation, The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream:

"...The primary goal of the [housing] industry remains to build and sell individual houses as quickly and profitably as possible, to "blow and go," as they put it...Homebuilders, land developers, and marketing advisers are all constituents that must be won over if the campaign against suburban sprawl is to succeed. Their participation will be meaningful in the long run only if it is driven by the profit motive, because in America at the millennium, ideas live or die based upon their performance in the marketplace....A higher standard of development will become common place only if it offers greater profits to those who practice it."

Posted by Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal at MiamiTransit.com

Thanks for the tip Mark. Come back and read about the related Golden Bus Ride. Next!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

5pt Play

No, not a dirty referee. An art show. Brian's first solo show ever. Make it special. Buy some art.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Since green is the new black.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Green bike lane. Lets do it!

Another hit from StreetFilms.

Call to Artist (assistant)

Artist and mural painter coming to Jacksonville seeks assistant(s) to, well, assist.

Call Millree asap. His number is in the contact part of his website millree.com

This is a part time opportunity. Some art background required. Call today. Millree arrives tomorrow.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Sustainable, the blog

photo from south bronx project, NYC

Click over to the newest greenest blog in Jax, Sustainabuild.net.
Ellen has a local, regional, and perspective on greeness.

If you are just dipping your toe into the subject like myself, check out all the links and resources on the left of her blog.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

House Party

Its a buyers market. Go buy this house. Its got one of the only two car garages in Avondale. You can have two garage bands! There is a lofty space upstairs that can be converted too.

If thats not your thing, we do have some lofts left. Jimmy Fallon lived there with Lucy Liu dammit. Ok it was only for a couple days and that unit sold, but it has exposed brick and is historic as they get. Ok, jeez they get more historic, but come on, its classy! (get it?)

Party Party

These are always fun. Toast one for me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

14,000 "word"s

All photos Scotty Hays

Still floating from this event. Great to see everybody. If we missed you, we'll do it again. And it will probably be much improved. For one, I'll check the farmers almanac.

Huge thanks to the sponsors!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We ain't stin-jee

Look deep into this image and tell me what you see.

Thats right! This blog is PABST POWERED!

The Burrito Gallery now carries PBR and we know, you like it in the CAN!

Ok. So what could top this news?

$1 PBR until its gone! $1 Miller Lite cans too!
Offer ends whenever we say, but we always have something inexpensive for you.

Come grab an ice cold PBR or Miller Lite before the Stinj comes back to his senses.

This special goes out to all the sponsors, artists, bboys & bgirls, volunteers, sponsors, families, and people who were patient. THanks everyone from the BG Team, Ian, Miguel, and all of the other folks that worked very hard to bring on an amazing event. Please send pictures! Or bring them in for a cold one!

Monday, July 16, 2007

THX for coming!

It will take me a while to update. If you have pics from the event, please let me know. I'll get them in wide circulation or in this blog. Hoping your camera survived.

Thanks to everyone. From the heart. What a great event.

Saturday, July 14, 2007




read more here and here
This just in!

If we have rain the event will move to the back patio of the Burrito Gallery. How will you know?

The parking lot will not be closed (IF YOU MUST DRIVE- BE CAREFUL) and you'll be able to pull in to the lot. If there are no cones out and we are not set up in the lot the Burrito will be open like any other day only with a GREAT concert out back.

Lots of drink specials and inexpensive yummy FOOOOOOD. To go with the great EDUTAINMENTS.

We had a benefit for New Orleans in 2005 that rained the entire time, poetically. We moved it to the back and had a fantastic time and still raised plenty of relief.

All sponsors and info will still be available.

Come on down!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Loft City

The loft look at PRIVATE thanks to Bo Concept, 13 Minute Productions (the guys that bring you 16:flat), David Luckin, and Chef Eddy.

taken with my new blackberry

Loft City

The loft look at PRIVATE thanks to Bo Concept, 13 Minute Productions (the guys that bring you 16:flat), David Luckin, and Chef Eddy.

taken with my new blackberry

Word is born

THANKS Entertaining U!


More and more people. We do have a plan for light and heavy rain. If its raining in your hood, check this blog for updates on the Summertime in the City event.


Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm djing at eclipse from roughly 9 to exactly 11. Open for Andy, who is djing not mc-ing. Check that. Its the Interpol release party. Shit I better get my crate smooved out. Dammit I need to start reading my contracts.

If you've never seen me dj. Keep your expectations low and you'll be AMAZED. This is also the best time to approach me about anything but new friends or old business. Oh yes and once I'm there I'm committed to this thing. Loudly committed.

biggie tea

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can we catch the reverse shuttle?

This is a great idea. I wonder if it would be possible to market the ride back to the beach. I would be interested. Although it wouldn't be a daily commute for me, it could be for someone. I definitely would be down for the occasional ride to the ocean though. I signed up for info.

Or Maybe the bus stays downtown all day. Hmmm.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


RADO is a major sponsor for the Summertime in the City event. Here is a little more about them:

About Riverside Avondale Development Organization

Riverside Avondale Development Organization was established by Riverside Avondale Preservation, Inc. (RAP), in an effort to keep affordable housing available to the community. We proudly receive program support from First Guaranty Bank and LISC. Additional support comes from the City of Jacksonville through their various economic and community development divisions.

We Sell Homes

RADO renovates and constructs homes in the Riverside Avondale neighborhoods. We can assist individuals in accessing grant money, low interest financing and subsidies that are available to first time home buyers, and to those who fall within the median income range. Our homes are beautifully renovated and perfect for families that are just starting out. For more information on the homes we have available read the Homes For Sale information. We are available Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm to assist you in the purchase of your new home.

Visit RADO right now and find a home for you. I went and looked at this one today:

Very roomy total renovation. Super quiet street across from an elementary school. Big back deck with newly sodded yard. Master suite has a big balcony. CHECK OUT THIS COOL HOUSE!

Full disclosure: I'm new to the board at RADO.


And the living is easy.

You have to love a show when there are like 3 different logos and flyers from different folks. Here is the latest and greatest in notes below. You might get this in an email if you used to get emails from me about events. No need to unsubscribe, I won't do it again until the next big JAM!

This even below started as Ian (Triclops I) and I discussed the decision of DVI not to do Jazz in June. I actually found that out at a retail task force meeting looking at a list of DVI's monthly events. No JIJ. No June. No Karen Barnes. Dern.

But we needed a fix, we have been throwing jams on the river since, well a long time ago. Ian even longer than I. They used to rock the break dancing over on the southbank! But you might remember Take Me to the River or Jax Parks Get Out There.

Anyway, so we needed a space and a theme. Mas Appeal and his new radio program was a good tie in as we did a Summertime in the City behind the Burrito last year. We started hitting up our old standbys and have added even more accomplished arteests from a regional perspective. You can hear artists from Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Savannah, Atlanta, and of course heavy helpings of Duval's finest.

With Ian and Mas handling the entertainment I wanted to highlight walkable sustainable neighborhoods but also highlight that there is NO RECYCLING DOWNTOWN. I don't have the answer to that, but the conversation has to rise to the top. How can the cultural, business, and spiritual center of one of the largest cities in America shove recyclable materials into landfills? I don't know either but lets talk about it. Surely these new residents flowing in won't tolerate it. For full disclosure my mom asks me like everyday since she lived in the Knight.

And if you haven't seen our home town heros, the MainIngreedyAntz Crew break, its worth the walk. Believe it. Oh yeah, and its all free. And there is an afterparty as some Springfield Shanty Bar or whatever its called. Come on out!

“Hot Soul | Cool People”
Free And Peaceful Soul, Roots, Jazz, Hip Hop Artists
Regional Break Dancing Competition
(Adams & Main)
July 15th, 2007
Don’t Forget your Sunscreen!
Drink lots of water!

Sustainable Neighborhood Program Bullet Points

• We are encouraging in-city dwellers to walk, bike, blade, sail, etc to our event on Sunday July 15. We hope this event can be well attended yet still have a small carbon footprint, environmentally. Our ultimate goal is to have nearly 1000 folks stream in off the riverwalk from Riverside/Avondale, down Main from Springfield, and across the Main Street Bridge from San Marco. If living in an outlying neighborhood we are encouraging car pooling and public transit.
• Short Lectures and Sponsor Recognition Kick off at noon
• Awareness lecture from Freeport Recycling. We will recycle all plastic and aluminum from this event (glass free event). We will also announce a temporary recycling program downtown. Downtown has no recycling program currently with nearly 2000 residents and 40,000 workers and growing.
• The Jacksonville Carbon Neutral Initiative will be giving out various edible seedlings to help you start your own garden, while promoting their riverside garden project.
• Solar Works, a local solar energy provider, will be demonstrating the power of the sun through solar cookers and other demonstration models.
JEA's conservation campus will be present giving away free compact flourescent bulbs as part of the Energy Star pledge campaign with additional energy efficiency and conservation information from JEA
The Northeast Florida Sierra Club will be gathering petitions for the Florida Hometown Democracy ballot initiative.

• Affordable Housing info on available properties, projects, and process, from our sponsors RADO (RIVERSIDE AVONDALE DEVELOPMENT ORG)• My Community Financing consulting and other mortgage questions for first time home buyers by Silverstone Mortgage
• Healthy Lifestyle information and special deals from our neighborhood gym, Golds Downtown.

• 10 hours of continuous Jazz derivative and ROOTS HIP HOP music (a shout out to last years successful Jazz in June project). More than a dozen bands and djs from Jacksonville and the surrounding region.
• Cool off tents with plenty of seating and tables to enjoy lunch.

Tentative Line Up:

-Special Guests Speaking of Walkable Neighborhoods and Sustainable Urban Things.


-The Royal Treatment DJ Crew (on the tables all day)

-Break dance Battles for over $500 cash- hosted by Kenski of The Main Ingreedyantz Crew

-Snacks Blues Band (Jacksonville, FL)

-The Elevated Hip Hop Experience (full band, "like a Jacksonville Roots")

-The N Word (Hip-Hop Hell Records)

-Simple Complexity (Jacksonville true school Hip-Hop)

-Dope Sandwich Productions (Savannah, Ga.)

-Dillon (ATF REcords, Atlanta, Ga.)

-Fusik (full four piece funk band from Fort Lauderdale, Fl.)

-Heizikiah (Rawkus Records, DC/Maryland area)

-X:144 and SPS (Nonsense Records, Orlando)

-The So.illaquists of Sound (Anti Records, Orlando)

-The Smile Rays (Therepy and Heavenly Noise)

-The ABs (formerly Asamov) (Hometown Hip-Hop heroes!)


Atlanta Ice Company, Burrito Gallery, Lyricist Hour, 1951 Market, Entertaining U Jacksonville, City Market, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, 16: Flat, undergrounghiphop.com, Fm Firefly multimedia, Bloc 55, Giglio Signs, Legal Art Works, WJCT Electro Lounge, Image Factory, JaxGreen.org, Freeport Recycling, JEA, Shantytown Pub, NLightN Co., FuelMultimedia, Tomato Festival, Urban Autonomy, Cycle Spectrum,
Allegretti Consulting

Riverside Avondale Development Organization (RADO)Cheney Brothers, Golds Gym Downtown

More added daily! Thanks!

PS- This is a shine or shine event. Should it rain on our parade, we will move the event. Stay tuned to WHERE. ITS A SECRET!

Monday, July 09, 2007

They really are too! No guilt!

Hey Kids,

The St. Augustine Record is taking votes for the 'Best Of St. Augustine' and among other things they'd like to know what the Best Art Gallery is. So here's your chance to smother us with your hard earned (remember all that Free Beer and Rap Snacks?) praise by voting for THE GALLERY AT SCREEN ARTS!

Here's What You Do:

Go Here: www.staugustine.com/bestof

Fill out the requested info and then if you're not interested in voting for 'Best Acne Treatment Clinic' or 'Best Poodle Waxing', scroll down until you see 'Shopping'. Go down a little further and type in (or cut and paste) THE GALLERY AT SCREEN ARTS.

Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before going back to watching those Monster Truck videos on YouTube. In addition to casting a vote for THE GALLERY AT SCREEN ARTS this button will also send a message directly to the God of your preference alerting Him/Her of your supreme benevolence which should pretty much assure you a slot in the resting place of your choice.

All my love (and thanks),
Rob D

The Gallery At Screen Arts
228 W. King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Gallery Hours : Monday thru Friday 9a to 6p
Weekends and After Hours by Appointment

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sound System

Booming system.

See you out tonight. Catch the latest on the munny show over at UJ and don't forget to come and buy some forster at the BG.