Friday, September 28, 2007

Alabama dogs

Yes for some reason Florida State is favored. I can't bet against my noles but come on. I think Gulf Breeze could give them a game this year. Anyhooo!

Get out of the house this weekend and bring your pooch down to the park!

Klutho park! Festivities run from 11 am to kickoff!

Springfield is jumping lately. If you have ever considered buying in Springfield these events are great to meet your neighbors in arguably the closest knit community in Jax. Related: on the downlow, I hear that SRG is slashing prices to move inventory. I have heard they are really slashing. Like way low. Like call Chris Donovan today at Lifestyles to find out. 504-7066. Seriously. If the prices I heard are true they will be gone before the end of the weekend. Built in equity in one of the only stable zipcodes in town.

How do I feel about pice slashage with 12 lofts remaining? Awesome. The more neighbors the better. I'm even thinking about moving the fam back to the 06. Of course after watching 10 hours of city council I was ready to move to Bishop or Lee's district or Chicago for that matter. I have no real point here. Go to the dog days. And go Noles.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

From the Lyon Office, a division of biggie tea European Concerns

Hey Dude!

I have many things to tell you!

First I went last night to the game USA Vs Samoa in Saint Etienne for the Rubgy World cup. USA lost 23 25 I was very desapointed! it was a very interesting game American rugby is not bullshit! Moreover there was a magic atmosphere! Some American supporters said that they never seen that before, the crowd in the streets and in the bars and everything! American players stayed in the stadium 30 minutes after the end of the game, and everybody applaused them. It was an awesome. An exemple!! Some American guys must have the head in wood today...

The other thing I want to tell you is about my school. During this year I have to do a big project with a 4 people group. And my idea is to create some partnerships between Jacksonville and Saint Etienne. But I don't know yet what exactly. Maybe a twinning between the two cities (it might be good for downtown)?
So if you thing about something I could do and something that could help you, it would be with pleasure. It could be almost everything. You can talking about that around you for somebody else if you want. On top of that if I come back on July I could finalize this project (or doing something else). I'm so excited!! Noémie is asking for an international internship convention in her school.
Don't worry if you don't find a project for me, I have other plans in France (you know me...).

Finally I hope the package I sent you will arrive soon and I wish Oui-oui won't be too tired after the trip.

Say hi to the Familly and to the BG and take care of you


We got your package today! Thank you so much. Nico says Oui Oui! Tammy is playing classics on the xylophone!

Lets talk about the Blue Bridge to Lyon. As for rugby, check this out:

Russell Crowe:
“Jacksonville’s got the potential to take that whole market,” Crowe said following a press conference at UNF. “I think we made the best decision for the team by coming to Jacksonville.”

"This is the first time a first grade professional rugby league team from Australia will actually play a first-grade English professional rugby league team on American soil," Souths co-owner Crowe told Jacksonville reporters.

"Part of our process of changing the culture in South Sydney is educating the players, bringing them to a place like Jacksonville, bringing them to a university like this with all its incredible facilities," Crowe said.

Thats not bullshit. Thanks for the air!

Here is the gear. I say we stock up.

El Gato Game Day

Green sauce in a huge pump condiment bottle and 24 ounce ice cold Coronas and Tecates. Starting Sat! Northeast concourse.

Ephemera Sale

This image is not from this sale but it came up when I searched for ephemera sale. go with it.

Here is the scoop. This sounds really interesting. Scroll all the way down for the clincher:

Draper Studios
1827 N. Pearl st.
Jacksonville, Fl.

Friday, September 28,2007

Friday evening 6-9
Saturday morning 8-2
Clean-up sale.

art materials
some architectural items

(post cards, stamps, etc)

Free Beer to the first 48 people.

5 points buzzzz

Check out the newest blog in the incity and learn how to score up to 75% off some furniture whilest doing it. Urbanjacksonville has a plug too. Circular.

5 points blog is not the best blogger alive. Scroll down for several things to do though!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Save next week

On Wednesday there is this thing called art walk.

Then something special, the very next night, which is a Thursday. At the appropriately named Fuel, there is this film on why its better to be in the city than driving into the city. Much more info over at Sustainabuild! Sustainabuild did not win Best Blogger of the Year. Sorry yo.

And then roll on over to the first ever first friday JAM! And movie and more. Check this out:


Riverside, Jacksonville, FL. - Starting Friday, October 5th, 5 Points will launch it’s monthly First Fridays promotion with a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, Rear Window. First Fridays will take place, as the name suggests, the first Friday of each month. All the stores in 5 Points area, and particularly along Park St. will stay open until 9PM holding art shows, special sales and wine and cheese in some shops. The area’s restaurants and bars will offer drink and food specials. Once the retail shops close at 9PM, 5 Point’s own theatre will open for the first time in years for a screening of Rear Window at 9:15. Tickets for the film will be $5, concessions will be available, but BYOB, and a blanket or lawn chair is a good idea as the theatre no longer has permanent seating.

5 Points in the HOUSE!

Head East

Want to come to a really cool event downtown but not with a bunch of drunk 20 somethings? Try the Faces of Asia!

Time is running out to get your tickets to one of JAAA's
major events. Just a few more days to


This is the event you've been waiting for. Don't miss a fun evening of gourmet food, games, cultural performances, door prizes
and great opportunity to network!

The Asian Bamboo Garden at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Saturday, September 29, 2007, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
The River Club
One Independent Drive (Modis Building) - 35th Floor
(Free underground parking - entrance on Laura St.)

Master of Ceremony:
John Thomas (JT) of 96.9 The Eagle WJGL FM

Tickets are $35 each for members; $45 for nonmembers

Or Call (904) 318-0825


I predict utter pandamonium this weekend.

I predict downtown in a sea of Crimson and Garnet with gold highlights.

For some reason the noles are favored by 2 with our best linebacker and fullback suspended. Thanks fellas. Hope dollar pitchers at potbellys was worth missing the biggest football game in Florida history.

Lets not forget to work in some waters this weekend. And please don't kill anyone this weekend, Jacksonville. Please.

Did you know this is the biggest most soldoutest game ever played in this city and probably Florida? If you don't have tickets and are not working in the Burrito Gallery new restaurant El Gato Grande, then I suggest Mark's, The Dive Bar, and TSI on Bay Street. The latter may pull out their high rise funnel. Thats urban.

El Gato Grande has your BG Green in large pump dispensers fool! We are also carrying vegan bean burritos, some of the only vegan food in all of Municipal Stadium. In case you bring a treehugger to the game.

The original BG will be open regular hours Sat. Yes that means until 10. And yes we still have no TVs so you'll probably want to take that coed you met to Mark's anyway.

If you know me well enough to request an invite to my super secret 9th floor of Kellum Hall (K9!)class of 89 reunion tailgate spack-tacular, email me for code word and details. We are still looking for Hannon Smith, Mike Hernandez and his roomate (Ed?), Tom Kovandzic, Pauls Johnson, Dewey from Pace, that big Mike Guy, Wendell, George the RA, and everyone else. Genesis program in the house.

Parking will be at a premium. We will probably charge for parking in the lot. Just so you know. Double if you are wearing Alabama crap. Gay gotors.

GOOD NEWS bad news

No all vinyl biggie tea at Mark's tonight. Best Blogger Alive doesn't come out for weeks!

Lots more to come. By the way, next Art Walk will be about the boobs. Slow down, downtown. From DVI:



WHAT: October First Wednesday Art Walk

WHERE: 40 plus venues in historic Downtown Jacksonville

WHEN: Wednesday, October 3, 2007

5 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Rain or Shine)


DETAILS: MOCA Jacksonville - Kick-off breast cancer awareness month with 26.2 with Donna, The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer at the October Art Walk. This is the perfect opportunity to get the inaugural commemorative marathon poster, and have it signed by local artist, Kurtis Loftus. Also making an appearance at the Art Walk will be the official marathon VW Beetle Convertible. Don’t forget to purchase a raffle ticket for this one-of-a-kind car. Come out and start the month off taking strides against breast cancer!

Join The Art Center as they celebrate their 1st Anniversary and present artist Marsha Hatchers, “Drawing With Paint”. Enjoy live music by keyboard artist Brian Harris and the Ryan Sinclair Band.

CSX presents the first ever "Keep on Living" Safety Walk at the Florida Theatre. Join them for a reception and visit all three CSX stations: MOCA, Shelby's Café in the Main Library, and TTV Architects. Collect special sticker’s at all three locations and wear them to the Florida Theatre for a special giveaway while supplies last. Enjoy live music by Steve Vandergriff.

Come visit Bread & Butter and celebrate their Grand Opening on Art Walk night. Enjoy samples of their delicious pastries, smoothies and sandwiches. View works by Suzanne Pickett and Ingrid Mathurin.

The Official Art Walk After Party at The Twisted Martini. Turn in your flyer at the door for a complimentary premium cocktail, bottled or draft beer, glass of house wine, or the featured martini of the day. Must be 21 and over with proper ID and attire. Enjoy live demonstrations by Andrea Cody on the main stage.

MORE INFO: Visit and click on “PLAY” for event information, on “PARK” for parking information, or call 634-0303 ext. 230.

Blue Speaker Card Tuesday!

I may be spinning tonight at Mark's. Stay tuned all day as I have about one million updates. DJ Hyperbole. If you are speaking or protesting or otherwise disrupting the sausage fest at city hall tonight you can head to Mark's (by way of the BG if its before 10) and either drown your sorrows or celebrate your new garbage fee! There is a little "how to" from Alison Graff below.

I think this is my last day as Best Blogger Alive. Meet the FOCKERS!

The loser of the day is Flog. They don't even post any more. Apparently they all joined a band. I don't know why people would have thought they won the best blog on the phyrst coast. Maybe it was because I said it started with an f and had four letters. I meant to say thats what I screamed when I heard who the new champ is.

It ain't flog. Plus I thought I had the longest most useless url. That champ is flog.

Come back and see me today. I'm going to have lots of schtuff. Also, sign up to speak.

The City Council final budget vote is TONIGHT, City Hall, 5pm.

It is important that you fill out a speaker card if you are going to be at the City Council meeting tonight. It is not essential for you to speak; it is vital that you fill out a card!

State that they wish to speak in favor of bill 2007-813 (the budget). This is the overall budget bill before Council so any comments about a particular interest (arts, community services, environmental issues) should be spoken in the context of the overall budget and the importance of investing in our city.

Thank you for your continued support.


Monday, September 24, 2007

River Schmiver!

The Riverkeeper's blog didn't win Best Blogger Alive.

But its still a good read!

Here is a great way to get involved and learn about our city's greatest asset:

St. Johns River Eco-Heritage Boat Trips

We still have reservations left on both of our upcoming Eco-Heritage Boat Trips along the St. Johns River between Jacksonville and Sanford, so sign up soon.

Even if you are unable to attend one of the upcoming trips, we need your help spreading the word about the Eco-Heritage Boat Trips to your friends, family, and colleagues. These trips are truly unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There is no better way to experience the true essence of the St. Johns. You will learn about the history, culture, and ecology of the St. Johns River. You will be entertained and will meet interesting people. You will be in awe of the beauty of the flora and fauna of the river.

Your reservation includes: boat travel, ground transportation, parking, lunch, entertainment and overnight accommodations. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience for $525 per person. Reservation forms are available on our website - For more information, call 904-256-7591.

October 30 – November 1 Jacksonville to Sanford

November 2 – 4 Sanford to Jacksonville

Don’t wait. Sign up, now! You certainly won’t regret it.

Support Riverkeeper and experience the St. Johns like you never have before!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Monterey Jazz Festival Starts Tonight!

You don't have to be from Palo Alto to get down in Monterey!

Its the longest continual! Sonny Rollins and Dave Brubek Quartet on Sunday night? Sure.

Lets get the blood flowing to our Jazz Festival! APRIL 11 - 13th!

At the link there is contact information for booking! The city will start booking in October!


Do you love downtown?

Do you know which ridiculous one way streets go which ways? Can you work with both lost bankers and lawyers and keep the homeless from soiling the planters? Would you like to get paid to walk around? Do you know where legal aid is?

95% of the time I give directions (and I give them everyday!) is for legal aid. Right next to the Schultz building between Laura and Hogan on Adams. God bless legal aid.

Anyhow, the Ambassadors are looking for a few good mens and womens. I would add that you get to work with one of the greatest guys Walter, but he's not there any more.

Here is the scoop:

This is to let you know that Downtown Vision is hiring a few Downtown Ambassadors and we are asking your help to get the word out about this. Salaries start at $8.50 an hour and include an attractive benefit package after three months.

If anyone is interested in this position they should call 465-7997.

Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend! Anybody taking mass transit?

I know I know. This is no tomorrowland. I just thought it was COOL.

Taking the L into Williamsburg ready for a long weekend of urban gardening and salad making?

Everyday until folio announces the new king, I'll let you know who didn't win.

TOMORROWLAND did not win. Old man Bob doesn't even live here any more. Typical Murray Hill straight to Manhattan story. Speaking of someone needs to mash up this jam.

Brooklyn, Springfield, San Marco, Lackawanna, from the southbank to the tip of Mcclenny. Or something.

We've got that kind of pride right? Diversity unified!

Lets take it coast to coast!

Come to the hood where we're doing most GOOD!

Mark you calendar for Labor Day

And don't forget Morrison Pierce and Kurt Polkey at Jane Gray Gallery. Tomorrow night yo.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jazz cuts $500,000 to $420,000

Thanks Beth.

So with the $80,000 hole we've got to do more grassroots promotions. Lets get people excited about the festival well in advance when they are downtown. Afternoon Jazz Jams in Hemming. Downtown bars and restaurants can program around it and help pay musicians. Jazz City. Volunteers get tickets. All you need is a permit and a band.

Where do you get permits?

Downtown is a neighborhood!

This is a place to be! Not a place to speed through!



Stop the rogue press in maxville creating all the phony folio ballots. It seems my grasp on Best Blogger Alive will be ceremoniously (good word because we all know who is is the champ, forever, like tying knots). I want to plant two things in your brain. One, its best these things happen. Change is good. I'll move on. Fans don't cry. Two, nobody cares. Blogs are out. Social networking is out. The new here and now is national videos with no relevence or redeeming value funneled through the local stationS, tasers Bro, and OJ II. Lets get juiced people.

I want to thank those who did vote for Biggie Tea (best dj alive) and Moe's (best burritos). Best local news (Jiffy Feet) Best loft condo (16:flat) (sorry Mom) and best reason to keep downtown streets one way (SPEEEEEED!)

Also, since I know who won all of these things, check back often to see if I spill the beans. Here is a hint, what has four letters and starts with F?

Its a mans world

Be Creative! b. e. c. r. .e. a. t. i. v. e

With apologies to FNM fans.

My traffic always increases when I go political. Click click click. Anyway, its just some personal opinions. I do it to learn so if I'm misguided on something you can email me and straighten me out anom. I do post corrections. I missed some must see tv last night. I never know how to read these things.

Be Creative

I think taking money from one budget and putting it into another is whatever the opposite of creative is. I don't mean to say that I am against all of the budget moves per se.

I would have title this article like this:

Riding the swell of an 8% mandate and unopposed fundraising cycles City Council members were ready to put in some overtime. The special Budget Ax Wacking City Council meeting (last night) found ways to cut and move money AND explain it to the people in a way they could understand.

Ok, with some edits maybe. Seems a bit longish. If you don't have time to read the article here is a breakdown with personal opinions:

We beefed up the JSO in high crime areas. No complaints for me here. Hopefully there is some outreach involved. What about beat cops? Give out Jazz Fest tickets?

We cut the Faith Base Office. Watch for Folio title Losing Faith. I'm not sure we couldn't use this office but there is a thin, windy line between church and citystate here. I thought it was federally funded anyway. Hopefully we're not turning federal support away. We need as much faith as we can get our hands on.

We cut three people in the Special Events office. Ouch. Wonder if they were there. Also cut some unpublished money from Jazz Fest, one of the best and highly regarded in the world. I've asked how much. Will report back.

Even at a nominal fee Jazz fest crowds are robust and as diverse as our city gets (with the exception of World of Nations). Our hotels fill up and our downtown vibes. I think if you really want to be creative you might look at RFPing the entire office of parks, special events, and preservation. Since you are cutting em all anyway, create jobs for them. Let the executive level of each manage the vendors. Privatization is creative. Jazz fest cuts ain't.

What was creative about this meeting? It had a do - over! THATS CREATIVE!

The final savings came from council voting eliminate their own raises. That means the council members would stay at their current salaries of $44,579. The move saves $35,151.

Initially, Councilman Richard Clark tried to stop all raises for elected, appointed and non-union employees to save about $1.4 million.

"I don't know anybody in the private sector that is guaranteed a pay raise," he said.

The council passed his proposal 10-9, but Councilman Johnny Gaffney later changed his mind and asked for a new vote. Clark's proposal then failed 11-8.

Council President Daniel Davis cut off debate a little after 11 p.m. and set another special meeting for Monday.

"I'm encouraged by the creativity you have brought to the table," he said. "Now you have a little more time to be a little more creative."

The council must pass a balanced budget by Oct. 1.

Click click click.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clay Latimer can kiss my ass

Looks like Mickey Andrews is trying to slow down that Alabama offense. Maybe they can't swim.

I was just at the stadium dropping off some eats with Marco. Kicking off the new relationship with the Jaguars and the radio crew on 690.

They loved the food. I don't know how they kept it down having to talk about Clay Ass Hatimer's stupid article about us. Yes, the Rocky Mountain Oyster, I mean news, knows all about our city. Perhaps like Kornheiser he wrote this garbage before actually having been here. Up yours dude.

If you don't like to read bullcrap (and you are here anyway), let me break it down:

1. Wayne Weaver is trying to sell the jags.

- I'm sure your $18 per article ass knows first hand. I'd call you first Clay. I'm sure you know someone who can afford it.

2. Alltel's contract is up. Wait, not negative enough, Altell has declined to renew.

- So untrue. First of all if they were allowed to renew they would get the best stadium naming deal in the nfl by millions. They ain't. Someone is about to ink that deal for much much more. Douchebag. Its called homework. Do some.

3. Leftwich was nearly fabulous (I missed that game) and Gerrard doing anything good is overshadowed by wait, yes, an imbroglio.

- If only his readers knew what that is. Someone is bucking for $20 plus per article.

4. Jacksonville is known as "Hooterville".

- News to me. I can't tell which is sadder. You made it up or stole it from a more miserable hack. Reminds me of the fact checkers. Who have apparently never worked for the Rocky Mountain Oyster.

Mom, you are going to love that movie.

Anyway, if you haven't eaten the, ahem, journalism, is here.


Guy Who Has A Blog Thinks He's Funny

Do you remember when the school system taught the arts? Do you remember when the times onion had cool reviews? iPod track pics?

I know. Reach back though. You might remember Jeff Vrabel. He had some great columns about Barry Manilow and Alice Cooper and glam reunions at the arena. Well now, he drops the literary science about important stuff like his kids diet and kid nation. I'm trying to work in a "kid a" segue but I got nothing. Anyway, his blog is funny. And he's cool and like Bob and Tomorrowland he's out of here. But lets never forget. To read his blog.

Rest in Peace Nana

I can't tell if there will be less or more singing at the table tonight in heaven. Either way I can hear a newbauer theme. Sending prayers up the coast. RIP

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Four Weekend Painting Workshops at the Beautiful Okefenokee Swamp

Good news is that it is no longer on fire! I thought this sounded both funucational artsiful.

Four Weekend Painting Workshops at the
Beautiful Okefenokee Swamp
with renowned artist and teacher Allison Watson

Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 until 4:30 both days
Session # 1 – Oct. 20, 21 Session # 2 – Nov. 3, 4
Session # 3 – Nov. 17, 18 Session # 4 – Dec. 1, 2

Catered Lunches, all Supplies and Guided Boat Tour Included

Begin with a morning guided boat tour by ‘Okefenokee Adventures’. See the beautiful Okefenokee Swamp for
inspiration and photo opportunities. Classes will be held in the historic Mizell House in Folkston GA., a 45-minute
drive north from Jacksonville. Enjoy two days with other artists and complete your own original painting. No experience
is necessary. Students must be sixteen or older. The Folkston House Website is 904-219-4240

Allison will discuss and demonstrate composition, color theory, and painting techniques. She will complete a large
painting, and every student will have personal attention. You may paint landscapes inspired by the local area or choose
other subjects such as still life, etc. A variety of reference photographs will be available to students for the classes.
Enjoy a delicious catered lunch each day and enjoy the company of other artists. Bed and Breakfast lodging available
for those who want to spend the night.

Please send $100 deposit fourteen days prior to workshop to reserve your space. The balance of $250 will be due
the first day of classes. Pay by check only to Allison Watson. Deposits are not refundable.
An information package with map and confirmation will be mailed when down payment or full payment and completed
registration form is received. Space is limited. This will be a small class so please respond soon to assure your place.
Please send payment and information to:

Allison Watson
1275 Peachtree St.
Jacksonville, FL 32207
For information please call (904) 398-7145, or Allison (a)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Experience Jacksonville

This is a brilliant thing!

Experience Jacksonville is exactly what we need. You can read about it here.

Here is what I did. Clicked on all the categories. We're stocked! Art Openings needs more shows, because there are a ton out there but one shown. Theatre is robust and I bet there is a lot more. Comedy? Just Bill Cosby and DL Hughly.

Music. Specialty Events is thick, even. Anyway. Explore for yourself, get your event up there.

Also, its pretty important to Get out of the house. Here is an example of what can happen when you stay home:

Oh and if you go to EJ, you'll want to hear some JV because he is everywhere and there is a birthday party with him at cafe eleven:

And yes I know that cafe eleven is not in jacksonville, but out of the house is out of the house. Also cafe eleven has $3 groltsch draft (at band of Horses), coffee if you are DD, food items, and online cheap ticket buying so you don't have to get to St Augustine beach before you realize it has sold out. Its like a nicer, cleaner, Cow Haus. I digress.

Faces of Asia at the Zoo's new Bamboo Gardens!

Visit Thailand and the Phillipines on the northside? YES!

I am a member of the Jacksonville Asian American Alliance.

This organization is super friendly (as diverse as you are going to get) and it's events are like traveling to the far east, only much less expensive!

Make sure you check out this great event!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We are all made of stars


Interviews with producer or casting director may be coordinated through
Amanda Davidson, 904-993-7897

Open Casting Call for “Recount” Extras to Be Held in Jacksonville
Saturday, Sept. 22

Jacksonville-based Martini Shot Casting Ltd. Co. will be casting plenty of extras for the HBO project "Recount" to be shot in Jacksonville and Tallahassee October 8-December 4, 2007.


· Saturday, September 22, 2007 / 8-5 p.m.

· Ed Ball Building, 214 N. Hogan St., Jacksonville, FL 32202 – THIRD FLOOR Enter from the Monroe Street entrance (between Julia and Hogan Streets) Signage will be posted, street parking is free on the weekends. NOTE: Primarily seeking voting-age adults from 18 to 80 years old.

· IMPORTANT: Bring a recent photo with you that we may keep; if you have a car that is a 2000 or older, bring a photo of it as well.

If you cannot attend the call, download an extras form from the Web site ( and fax it in to 904-355-1410. A recent picture must be simultaneously emailed to

Opening Brooklyn

For Immediate Release

643 Edison Avenue Jacksonville, Florida 32204 904-338-5790 janegraygallery(a)

Jacksonville Contemporary Artists are “Dreaming of Black Mountain” in the upcoming exhibit at Jane Gray Gallery.

“Dreaming of Black Mountain” the upcoming exhibit at Jane Gray Gallery will feature cutting-edge, contemporary artists Morrison Pierce and Kurt Polkey.

The opening reception for the exhibit will be held on Saturday September 22, 2007 from 6pm – 9pm.
The exhibit will run through October 10.

Morrison Pierce and Kurt Polkey, two contemporary emerging artists living in Jacksonville, are breaking through to the national contemporary art scene. Pierce and Polkey have participated in Scope Miami for the last two years. Scope is a division of Art Basel Miami, a contemporary art fair, which is held annually in South Beach and is becoming the hottest fair for contemporary art in America.

Pierce and Polkey are multi-media artists using painting, drawing, film, and video
to create conceptual works of art that address personal and social commentaries.
Polkey will exhibit large- scale paintings and drawings. Pierce will exhibit paintings and works on paper along with art installations. The duo will present their latest collaborative art film during the opening reception. “I’ve spent a lot of time studying contemporary and modern art... Now I’m trying to forget it all,” say Polkey.

The title for the exhibit derives from Black Mountain College, which was located in Black Mountain, North Carolina through 1933 to 1957. John A. Rice, an educator who sought to open a radical arts academy during the Depression-era of the Appalachia for painters, architects, and liberal artists, founded the college. The college’s board of directors included Albert Einstein and noted poet William Carlos. Willem and Elaine de Kooning were both professors at the college.

“Dreaming of Black Mountain” will be on exhibit September 22 though October 10. Jane Gray Gallery is located at 643 Edison Avenue (one block off Riverside Avenue). For additional information about the gallery or to request photos please contact Missy Hager at (904) 338-5790 or email

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9am- 5pm. Evening and weekend hours are by appointment. ####

Friday, September 14, 2007

RADO PARTY! Open to Public!

Save thy date!!!

Join RADO for the 2nd Annual Riverside Harvest Gala


November 3rd 2007



Five Points Theatre


Fundraiser Benefiting RADO

Open to public

For more information or know someone we need to invite?

Call Jill 904-381-0950

Building sustainable and obtainable communities

If you are an artist looking for excellent exposure and are feeling charitable RADO is seeking work for their silent auction. Biggie Tea is dusting off his paint pens. I'm just saying.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

JaxCal dot org

This blog ( started as two cups with a string. Then it became an email that I sent to people interested in art events that I knew about. Then one guy yelled at me for sending and email about arts events and if he cared about things like that he would watch PBS. So then I started a blog. Because you know, blogs are voluntary. And blogs are good. One that I am reading more and more is JaxCAL. No its not a travel site to La La Land, its an artist and patron resource site that I think I remember sprouting from some spirited debate about the arts community on flog.

Anyway, she's come a long way baby. Check it out and get involved. They'd love for everyone that wants to contribute to do so.

The robust site design and features were done by my main homie Byron King. Check out his site and the powerful Trophy Soldiers site.


Survivors Eleanor and Linda

This October, National Breast Cancer Awareness will be coming to St. Augustine in a special way. The October First Friday Art Walk will raise awareness and funds to fight Breast cancer.

The following organizations, which help prevent, detect and cure breast cancer as well as help its survivors, will benefit:

 The Donna Hicken Foundation; whose donations stay in the Jacksonville area; begun by Donna Hicken, a local news anchor who is two time breast cancer survivor.

 Keep a Breast, which produces art events that increase breast cancer awareness among young people and benefit breast cancer education, prevention and treatment programs in communities around the world.

 Bosom Buddies; a support service of the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

 Art Breakers; a St. Augustine based foundation whose intent is to raise awareness and to provide funding for a “Nurse Navigator” for Flagler hospital and to improve program needs for patients.

The exciting evening will include special RED train ride to the sponsored stops where a raffle of 10 paintings by artists who are breast cancer survivors will be featured and raffled, live music at all stops, a survivor group photo at 8:30 in front of the Lightner, and a tent at 134 Riberia St. with awareness displays and information for the public from the four foundations we are supporting.

A ticketed after-party will be held at the Casa Monica Hotel, where Keep A Breast will premiere cast torsos embellished by artists such as Iggy Pop. Models for the castings are from the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. The after party will feature “The Trigger Happy Band” from Tallahassee and a tapas menu. Reservations may be made by sending a check made payable to the St Augustine Art Walk for breast cancer. They are $20. and check in will be at the door. Send check to Shelley Trela at the Premier Properties, 661 A1A Beach Blvd. St Augustine, Fl 32080
The Casa Monica is also offering a “Think Pink” weekend package, including a special “Pink Cocktail” and “Pink Dinner,” with proceeds benefiting the foundations.

Raffle tickets will be sold at each site displaying “survivor art:” Panache on Hypolita; Holborn Gallery, Premier Properties, and the San Sebastian River Artists Gallery on Riberia St.; PASTA Gallery on Aviles; Cousart Gallery on Spanish St.; 130 W.King Gallery and the Butterfield Garage on King St.; and the Casa Monica.

Please visit the official web site,, which goes live

With my sincere thanks,

Shelley Trela, Coordinator
904 669 8107

P.S. Everyone knows someone whose life has been changed by breast cancer. Show our community you care by helping us fight this disease!

Don't forget September is Childhood Cancer month. Family news later today on that! Lets whoop some cancer ass.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Burrito Gallery to open second downtown location!

The Gallery Restaurant Group, LLC will open its second downtown Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. The north east corner concourse fast service restaurant currently known as El Gato Grande will feature Burrito Gallery’s authentic burritos, nachos, and taco salads as well as Mexican beers.

Set to open for the Florida State/ Alabama game September 29th, the Burrito Gallery will serve its brand of food under the El Gato Grande flag as a co-brand for the remainder of the football and special events seasons. If the agreement is extended Burrito Gallery will take over naming and signage year two.

We spent a lot of time on the calculus of making this happen. To be able to deliver our fresh signature products to a captive, city-wide audience fits perfectly into our expansion strategy. Plus, from an alliance standpoint you can’t get a better partner than the Jaguars.

Word has begun to leak out and mostly what we are hearing is that people are really excited to be able to get our special green sauce and burritos on Sundays.

Whoop there it is.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go home. Take a nap. Head out to Marks.

I'm not dropping the news until tomorrow but if you come out and see me tonight at Mark's I will tell you while I spin from the crates of Biggie Tea. I'll be spinning from about 9 - 1am.

I need a name for this night. Biggie Tea's Gold Exchange? Biggie Tuesday? Extended Hours with DJ Alan Greenspan. Actually DJ Alan Greenspan won't be there (I just think its the best dj name ever). I will have guest djs on occasion, but tonight is all me. Come see me. Drink specials and ABSOLUTELY NO C&C Music Factory! SERIOUSLY!

Big Announcement

Sorry Steve.

Its more retail news, not ground floor, though still in the core.

Less rhymes, more info asap. Check back periodically.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Thanks for noticing the new blog. I'll post all about it soon. I just got an email from my sister. The one who got the brains in the fam. Wait. And the looks. Damn. Its hard to believe we are from the same Mom. You know the one who was partying with Elvis Mitchell and kissing Bill Murray (on the lips!) in Venice. Jebus. Anyway. I thought I would share an email that my little sister sent me while I was feeling sorry for myself. Click the link for perspective:

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month –

I came across this video on YouTube and I think it is very well put together, has accurate statistics and endorses our main pediatric oncology research institution. For those of you who know me well, know that I don’t generally send something like this but this is how I will make you more aware of the enormous problem that has developed from budget cuts – it is not acceptable to cut funding for childhood cancer research! Do something.

Share as you wish. Good day.

Christina Allegretti, RN, CPNP, CPON

Program Coordinator

LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center

1301 Barbara Jordan Blvd, Ste 402

Austin, Texas 78723

I believe in this earth.

Stay Human.

So I feel better now. Checking out photos of the south of France from French Bureau chief Clement.

He'd have something to say like, you don't like Lighthouses? You Suck.

I believe in this earth. Dumbasses not withstanding.

I love trash!

Raise your hand if you know that song...

Anything greasy or grimy or dusty!

I am feeling grouchy and since this is my personal blog I'm going to tell you how I feel and you can't do much but email me.

Firstly: To the person who ruined my artwalk night. I simply can't wait to talk to you again!

Secondly: This is a good one. We hosted the First Friday party for Historic Springfield last Friday. I had a blast. I assumed everyone did. There was definitely some dancing and even people who have seen the lofts before seemed to like the tour and seeing the updated homesteads. Speaking of homesteads, we had another unit go under contract. Yay. On the way out the young man who just decided to live in Springfield and his two daughters said hello to an older couple walking in. The older guy gave my Mom's new neighbor an earful about how stupid it was to have first friday at the school and how much it was bullshit and sucked, having admitted not actually making it to the party yet. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Thirdly: To the guy that harrassed my partner (burrito gallery partner who relieved me on the grill). I hope your brat was well done enough jack ass.

I am the freaking optimist, but I swear I have seen and can understand why people who dedicate themselves to this town's progression pack their shit and leave.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I neglected to mention that tonights FREE PAR-TAY will feature my famous dogs en fuego and FREE AMERICAN CANNED BEER. While they last. That always gets the kids out.

1951 Market. Corner of 10th and Market in Historic Springfield.

Lest I forget there will be an upcoming First Friday update soon. Here is a hint, its independent retail related. Correct answers get 5 points.

and then there is this:


I suggest you save the date. From the crew that put crue in creaux neck:


i attached a flyer for sept 14th @ burrito gallery . in hopes it will find it's way to your blog. we have a special guest that night . his name is
Rank 'N Dan. he is the longest running selector in florida. as i hear it; he was the first radio dj to play Tony Tribes popular song
Red Red Wine on the radio in florida many moons ago.this night should be fun.

thank you
freddie and the 74 crew

Fridays are made for this sort of thing. Scroll down holmes. More updates to come including big First Friday news.

You are invited to PARTY TONIGHT!

Ever wonder what it was like to party in a neighborhood where home prices are rising? Ever wanted to see how the other half live? The Springfield half?

Now is your chance!

One of the best kept secrets about the nations most dense historic district is their monthly first friday let your hair down and hug your nieghbor party. I've been to a couple and they are BLOCK ROCKERS. Typically they close down the streets and take over.

Tonight we get the privledge to HOST THIS THING at PUBLIC SCHOOL 24 (aka 1951

Starts 6:30 ends 10pm. After party with Von Barlow at the Shant.

Are you Old School? Come back for updates

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Art Walk Tonight! Come by train!

One day! I asked Lakelander what the numbers look like. Here is a simple break down via email:

There's nothing that says an entire region's mass transit system should consist of buses alone. Our proposal is to integrate the BRT with rail where available.

With that said, in JTA's 2006 Technology Asessment Report, the Northside's BRT line is expected to cost the following:

$45 million - busway facilities (roads, bridges, signaling, etc.)
$17 million - right-of-way (buying land parallel to I-95)
$7.9 million - new buses
$5.7 million - stations
$3.3 million - maintenance facilities
$1.1 million - park and ride lots
$1 million - ITS improvements

$81 million - total for 4 mile line from downtown to Gateway Mall ($20 million per mile)

By using the S-Line ROW (rough estimates)

1. You save roughly $15 million in ROW costs alone. (leaving $2 million to purchase ROW to reconnect city owned portions)
2. According to CSX, laying 45mph track runs around $1.5 million/mile, compared to $4.7 million/mile for a basic two lane road.

Double tracking the entire corridor, which is not necessary would come out to $15 million (5 miles x $1.5 million). So you would save roughly $30 million on swithing to rail instead of constructing busways.

Those are the two big ticket items. Combined you save potentially $45 million by using the S-Line for rail, as opposed to building BRT parallel to I-95. You would also save money on vehicles, because although railcars cost $200k more per vehicle, you need less, maintenance is cheaper and they last longer (you must replace buses every 12 years). Also, rail takes up less space so less land and building material is needed for stations, which are relatively large regular bus stop shelters that could be funded through the private sector (ex. I'd imagine Shands would not mind funding a covered stop at their facilities and proposed hotel, where the Bloody Block now exists). Since the Northside is dense, large scale Park & Ride lots would not be needed. Instead of building a new one, you could probably get away with using a portion of the existing lot at the Norwood Flea Market, which is directly adjacent to the S-Line.

All in all, by using the S-Line, you get a system that provides direct access to where people live, work and play with a mode of transit that has a superior chance of attracting choice riders.....all at a cheaper cost than what's currently proposed.

Ok. So you will have to dust off the vespa or charge up the segway tonight. Remember that attendance is MANDATORY!


Speaking of, I hear they are selling Jags tix in Hemming. Fight the black out!

Next Stop Bay Street Station!

Best Grafitti ever.

Sublteness/Cleverness: 10 points
Painted on a legal wall: 10 points
Activist Message: 10 points
Relevence: 35 points
Effort: 35 points

TOTAL SCORE (out of 100): 100!

I took a picture of this dang near perfect grafitti last night at a pub called Shanty. It took me a minute to get it (not work safe, if you work with smart people).

It reminded me that we have a billion dollar crappy bus line to defeat. Here is a quote from the comment section of a good article about why rail is and will always be favorable to buses that NO ONE LIKES TO RIDE:

May 30, 2007, 10:55 am
BRT or anything BUS is not the answer on the "S" line.

Looks like a case for "Modern Streetcar" to me. Of course in the wisdom of JTA it's easy to see why ONLY they think BRT is the answer. The numbers speak for themselves. America has ALWAYS had a "love affair" with rail transportation. People will ride a rail vehicle, but not a bus. JTA can have BRT built to look like a LRV, hide the rubber tires, tell us "Think Rail and Ride the Bus," until they are blue in the face!

Data compiled by the American Public Transportation Association reveal that, over the decade 1990-2000, total passenger-miles carried by US public transit increased at a very impressive pace – nearly 16%, or over 6.5 billion passenger-miles. (See table below.) And, of that growth, approximately 84% is accounted for by America's rail transit systems.

Bus (including BRT) accounted for 1.2% of Transit Growth
Light Rail accounted for 137.5% of Transit Growth

Passenger-Mileage, Growth, and Percentage Growth
Millions of Passenger-Miles, 1990-2000 ( Source:American Public Transportation )Associan


Mobilization will start soon. Are we a world class city or a bus route?

Its Business TIME!

By the way, ART WALK is mandatory tonight!

Downtown streets full of people

If you ever wanted to see downtown jacksonville full of thousands of people tonight is your night.

Roll down your windows and listen for the drum line.

I suggest starting at Hemming Plaza area. Make a wide loop down to TSI, LRK. Swing back north and west and hit the FL TH, TVT, and the old library. Then squeeze into the burrito place for some black kids before they let it go to their heads.

Get out and do it up.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Any minute now. I would suggest seeing them play at the Burrito Gallery at this Wednesdays art walk.

Here is an email from Owen who has been jacking up the price weekly based on all the pub they are getting. I think I might need to dust off my band management jacket. You remember 1919. I digeress, here is the email:

Sorry, I meant $5,000.

Earlier there was this:

That's two THOUSAND for Art Walk, right?

(Scroll down a bit.)

They better rock hard or they might not even get the tofu burrito (medium) we agreed to!

See! I can manage a band!

Seriously congrats. I hear LA is nice.