Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh Internet.

Yesterday was Delete your Myspace Day. I was totally going to do it but got busy. In fact I will probably be a lot more sporadic and hiatusy for the next few weeks until the big event.

I'm glad I didn't (delete it). I got a notice about the new Bogda show, More than Wallpaper this morning. It reminded me that Myspace is how I learn a great deal about shows and its all I have for some people.

But it is as annoyingly bad and distracting and gross in some circumstances as it can be uplifting. I have a lot of friends in other city's that use it and keep up too. Good to know that FOX is working on it. I'll try facebook so I'm ready when they all merge with google.

The interwebs can be dissapointing. Remember I was chagrined that the election was being called a Beauty Contest? You sort of expect from the teevee station. But as Gawker pointed out today, CNN is the bleeding edge of if it bleeds it leads. Message board opinions and comments follow suit with less responsibility. Great.

I'm working on a new place for this site and I hope you'll come with. See you soon.

Fred Wins! Wolfson Wins!

Thanks for voting Jacksonville!

More Than Wallpaper

If your not having dinner with George Romero (UJ) or even if you are, Bogda has an interesting show Saturday. Free refreshments. 13 Artists.

Perhaps Extravaganza is your thing.

Have fun.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Download Progress

download this poster at Shepard Fairey's site.

Obama swept Duval and a lot of the surround North Florida areas. Turnout was HEAVY.

With 99 percent of the expected vote counted, turnout for the presidential race was about 3.6 million, higher than any other presidential primary since Florida began them in 1972. In the 2000 primaries that Al Gore and George W. Bush won in their parties, turnout was about 1.25 million.

I talked to a lot of people who voted for Edwards. They all said they would rather go Obama than Hillary. Hmmm. And while McCain got whooped locally he looked strong everywhere else. If Mitt can't beat McCain on Tuesday I don't think it speaks well of him beating any D's in November.

What do I know?

Record Turnout!

Ok, so my man didn't quite pull Florida. Yes, he had half the Duval votes and he is still holding stron. Edwards is going to make a big announcement in New Orleans today. Probably not an endorsement but thats ok. Remember New Orleans? I heard one week off of Iraq would rebuild New Orleans and two weeks would rebuild the levies. Ummmm, let me see. Nah, we need the oil.

Nevermind all that. We'll be there for New Orleans. They've always been there for us.

We have our own issues coming. City government is poised to eat itself. The warning shots will be property tax excuses.

The first city official to whine about the tax cut is a rotten egg. Tighten up. I was against it because we haven't been able to make it work with what we got. And not we got less. You are feeling what most people have been feeling around this city, especially the poor. I'm reminded of what Clay Davis' driver said to him after his indictments handed to him by the cops.



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From the Lyon Desk

I got an email from Clement today. Our local elections results are vital to the great citizens of Lyon!


In France too we are talking a lot about the American elections, and tonight we saw the first interview of Barak Obama for a French TV from Miami. Despite he spoke a lot about Sarkozy, he is very appreciated here (including me!). Can I vote for somebody who won't vote? (I don't know if the grammar of this sentence is correct..)

Anyway I hope that you'll have the same vote participation rate that in France (73%) for this Election, and if Obama is not so bad, the real president of the usa for me is Biggie tea!


Well Clem we didn't get 73% turnout but here it would break a record to get half of that.

My man got beat today. Don't worry we'll get a boost from Edwards and its anybody's race. Going to look at the results now with some really loud music at Mark's. Right now.

No matter your candidate, get active in 08.

Beauty Contest 2008 CNN

Side show because we said so. CNN.

Why Florida has become a sideshow for the Democrats

CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider provides answers to questions about the Florida primaries.

from a person (?) named Q. Read the first half and then its like oh yeah we don't count, you can continue with the sidewhow pageant freak vote angle, we get it, we surrender.

But then:

Schneider: Clinton has already told Florida Democrats not to worry. If she is the Democratic nominee, she will make sure Florida delegates are not left out on the street. And you can expect any other Democratic nominee to do exactly the same thing. Really, can you imagine the Democratic Party going out of its way to insult Florida voters by telling them their votes don't count -- after what happened in Florida in 2000?


Beauty Contest 2008

Polls Open In Tight GOP Race, Dems Beauty Contest, Tax Vote
Election Officials Expect High Turnout

Lead story, as of 2:44pm

Poor tax issue is listed behind the beauty contest. Ouch.

Some Gems:

Whether because of the frequent campaign visits -- McCain, Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee each made at least one stop in Jacksonville in the past week -- or interst in Amendment 1 -- election officials expect a 30 percent turnout.

The presidential primary four years ago only drew 15 percent.

Democratic candidates are also on the ballot, although they did not campaign in the state's primary and the Democratic National Committee said it will not seat Florida delegates at its nominating convention as sanctions because the primary was moved ahead of other states in violation of party rules.

Ummm yeah, nothing to see here. Move along. Did you participate in the "Tight Race" or Little Miss Duval?

I wonder how Jerry Holland feels about it. Lets ask the Times Union.

Holland also alerted the media that some outlets were erroneously reporting that Democrats should not bother to vote because the national Democratic Party decided not to sit Florida delegates at the party convention.

“Please advise all voters they should vote in the primary today and that their vote will be counted,” Holland said.

I believe him, actually. I have gotten some emails about difficulties. When I was checking in the reader had a jam at precinct 14. I looked up and it was someone I knew. I'll ask him how he felt. It didn't seem to be a problem.

I got an email from someone that said the Murray Hill library was not really accessible with construction equipment in the way. In the story it speaks of someone being shooed away by a parking attendant. That is wack times like 30. I hope the person(s) who were shooed spent the extra 10 minutes to let the supervisor know so he could let the attendant know so we can freaking elect someone.

More pageant errr election coverage soon.

I'm concerned. You need to vote. UPDATED! UPDATED AGAIN!

I have heard from people who heard the correction on WJCT and saw it corrected (not sure how) on Channel 4. Thanks everyone! Now vote!

I just got a call from WJCT. It was a mistake. The correction was mentioned on the air already but I didn't hear it. Sorry WJCT. I am leaving my panicky post below because a. we need to stay on top of these things, I think, and b. I'm still sure that there are folks who heard the news and not the correction, and c. we've got elected officials riding a whopping 8% mandate, this vote will break 30% possibly and could mean huge things, we don't need any (more) obstacles. So go vote.

If you have had any issues at the poll email me theurbancore (at the )gmail dot the com.

I mentioned in an earlier post that NPR said you have to have two forms of picture ID to vote today. I have a call in to whom I thought said it on air this morning and yesterday (I'm told) to try to find out where that information came from.

You just have to have one acceptable form (see below) and EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANY you can cast a provisional ballot.

Why am I concerned? Because somebody went to the trouble to send me this via email today. They had to track me down because I don't have my address on this page:

Just this morning my wife asked about something she heard on NPR yesterday about needing two forms of ID to vote. She had the same concern expressed by you. I heard the same thing, thought it weird, then forgot about it. Anyway, interesting. (her name) was equally concerned because she almost thought, "screw it, I'm not going to go vote! I only have my driver's license." Time for (activist name) to look into this.
On another note, how the hell do i post an email to you from your blog. if it wasn't for having your card, i wouldn't have any way to comment, etc.
Love, (his name)


Voter's Responsibilities
Each registered voter in this state should:

Familiarize himself or herself with the candidates and issues
Maintain with the office of the supervisor of elections a current address
Know the location of his or her polling place and its hours of operation
Bring proper identification to the polling station
Familiarize himself or herself with the operation of the voting equipment in his or her precinct
Treat precinct workers with courtesy
Respect the privacy of other voters
Report any problems or violations of election laws to the supervisor of elections
Ask questions, if needed
Make sure that his or her completed ballot is correct before leaving the polling station
NOTE TO VOTER: Failure to perform any of these responsibilities does not prohibit a voter from voting.

(Section 101.031(2), Florida Statutes)

Then you can look at the FAQ about Voting at the Polls:

Do I need anything with me in order to vote?

Yes. Florida law requires you to have a photo and signature identification. Some acceptable forms of identification are:

A Florida Driver License
Florida ID Card issued by a State Agency
U.S. Passport
Military ID
Student ID
Employee Badge
Retirement Center ID
Buyers club ID Card (Sam's Club)

If you do not have a proper ID, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

My friend at WJCT said you had to have two forms of picture ID? Hell I can't think of two forms that I have much less carry. The line should have been you can vote with a freaking Sam's Card! I know NPR and my friend better than to think this was an intentional thing, but if one person (proved above) thinks about not voting, then they need to CORRECT THEMSELVES NOW!

I can take subtle TU articles with one blue cutout doll in a sea of red, even though blue outnumbers red by 25%. I can take everyone saying that Florida's election is a beauty contest (winner most disgusting headline ever!) We are going to get our delegates or I'll make an I'm stupid post, I can even handle our Supervisor of Elections bringing up reasons why people might stay home on election day.

Hopefully it was just a mistake. Doesn't matter to you though right? GET YOUR ARSE OUT AND VOTE! Bust out the BJs card dude! (updated- it was a mistake)

See you at Marks around 9:30!

You did it! Are doing it! Gonna do it!

There are lines everywhere this morning! Yay! If you've already gotten it done then hurray for you! Duval, show your I Voted sticker (for a free draft or glass of wine) at Mark's tonight and watch the results roll in! I will be there at 9:30 mashing up election results with great american jams.

If you haven't voted yet today, please do. Send a strong signal that despite everyone saying we wont have all or any delegates we came out and voted! People are still saying it too. For some reason Jerry Holland (who best I can tell is doing a solid job) mentioned the boycott and lack of delegates in between congratulating Duval on unprecedented turnout. UNPRECEDENTED. Then NPR also said you need two forms of ID. Hmmm I always just show my drivers license. I wonder how many people don't vote because they think they need two forms of picture ID?

We will get out delegates because Bill Nelson said so! This is a man who shot himself into space ON PURPOSE. Chuck Norris is Bill Nelson's pool boy. If he says we'll have delegates then dammit we'll have them!

Anyway! We are going to turn this Amendment 1 down. I feel that. I hope if my guy doesn't win Florida its close. I hope all the races are close to help turn out next Tuesday (tsunami tuesday).

Please, on your way home. Even if there is a line. Like at the BG, the line moves fast. It is literally the least you can do. Please vote today, Duval. We can make national news. We will probably make national news, but lets lead off the news! VOTE!

And if you don't, you have done nothing. Plus its a vote against free beer. And thats just not right.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Make Traffic Problems, VOTE YOUR ASS OFF!

I am BEGGING you to go out and vote against me. Make it happen Duval. Change things now. Vote.

And here is an email I got today:

Dear Antonio,

I'm writing to you with incredible news.

A month ago, pundits, politicos and the media thought Florida Democrats wouldn't vote in the January 29th primary because of all the fuss about delegates.

Boy, were they wrong!

Nearly HALF A MILLION Florida Democrats have already voted in tomorrow's election!

Early and absentee turnout has been simply phenomenal. We have QUADRUPLED early turnout in 2004's Presidential Primary. And, even better, we're right on the Republicans' heels. If Democratic turnout approaches anywhere close to Republican turnout tomorrow, there's no way anybody will be able to underestimate Florida Democrats anymore.

If Florida Democrats vote tomorrow, it'll be clear that Democrats have the momentum to elect a President in November.

So go vote!

For any last-minute voter registration questions, or to find your polling location on Election Day, please contact your county Supervisor of Elections office.

If you requested an absentee ballot but haven't turned it in yet, make sure to bring it to your polling place tomorrow. You have to get it in the hands of elections officials before the polls close at 7PM.

Please forward this email to all of your Democratic friends and neighbors to remind them to vote also. This election is enormously important. Don't let any Florida Democrat stay home!

There's something happening among Florida Democrats, and the national media is waking up and starting to pay real attention. If you're still a skeptic, read this article from Sunday's New York Times.

Do you believe me now?

Then get out and vote tomorrow!


Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman
Chair, Florida Democratic Party

We believe you Karen. I mean. Vote however you want. Hell, vote against me! If you vote against me and Karen and/or Billary or Hussein Obama or McIcabob McCrain or are just against Huckabee. F-ing vote. Vote. Come watch the results at Marks.

Free beer or wine with your I voted sticker or voters registration card. Seriously. If you want to come down and watch it happen live, see the results, drown your sorrows or toast your candidate. Want to talk to me about partnerships, how to form them, how to create buzz about what you are doing, whether or not I started something or have tea with Katt Williams, or do I really know RZA or anything. Talk to me. I'm at Marks. I am open to talk to you about ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING. But only if you vote. I don't have time for you if you didn't vote. I'm serious.

YOU HAVE TONS OF TIME. FIGURE IT OUT AND GO VOTE! NOW! Tell everyone at work they need to do the same. Its on.

Vote Breakdown 08

As a public service to both of my readers I am breaking down the vote tomorrow. Why turnout might even reach my hyperbolic levels? Probably next post for that. Just make your plans to vote so I don't look stupid. Ok, stupider.

If you are an independent, green, or libertarian, or whatever all you can vote on is Amendment 1. So lets start there.

Amendment 1- Cuts property taxes. Independent non-partisan sources say most of us will save about $240. Yippee! I can't believe the Orlando Sentinel thinks this is going to rein in local goverment. Dude. The first things cut in any situation except for jv soccer are the best things. Like, police, programs that help kids, the arts, jazz fest, garbage pick up. Can you imagine? Every time some inefficiency comes up your local dot gov type can tell you its because you needed a tax break tough guy. I know its hard to feel good about taking advice on wise choices from our local leadership sometimes. What with the fees and do as you please and all. But this one is a $9 billion hit verses a $240 win. And I've liked Charlie for the most part. And he's definitely behind this thing with billboards and television campaign. Teevee and billboards seem weird to me. I mean if you really need to push that hard for a tax cut in Florida, maybe you don't really need this one. Bro. I think the mortgage meltdown will clean up the same problems supposedly cured by 20 extra bucks a month. Got too much of the taxes? Move to Jax and average down. We have INVENTORY! The best deals are near the brink.

So its no on Amendment 1 for me. Sorry Gov. While I have your attention lets get rid of the FCAT as a basis for school funding too. Thats not on the ballot.

Now the real show (not that cut police and fire and quality of life in general aren't a real show- last I heard it was 40% for the cut and 40% against. All 20% of the undecided would have to go for the cut. Its close but they need 60%).

The Florida Primary -

The link above is from when it all started. It pretty much illustrates how Mr. Dean ingeniously made Florida the state to be, on accident. We will have record turnout for the anti Amendment 1 and the I need my tax cut posse as well. But what people don't understand is everyone is getting out to vote. Record breaking turnout.

All of the channels will be here tomorrow. They are in our midst right now. They all know (except for the local media) that we are going to get all of our of our delegates.

Vote for whomever you want or whatever tax relief you think you need or can live without, but KNOW THIS:


I will tell you who I voted for at Mark's tomorrow night. We will have election coverage and results. Show your "I voted" sticker for a free draft or wine. Make it happen.

Votes Rule Everything Around Me

Get the money. Dolla Dolla bill ya'll. Allow me to mash up hip hop and democracy. The picture above was taken of me and the RZA at the soldout rugby game. HUGE UPs to Spinner and the gang for putting on such an awesome event. I know they hit some huge numbers with the attendence but I bet the hotels really felt it. Nearly everyone in line that got a burrito while they lasted had an Australian or English accent. New money baby.

What does that have to do with voting?

I have it on good authority that DUVAL may push 50% or higher turnout Tuesday!

I will post a huge post on this later BUT GET YOUR CALENDAR TOGETHER SO YOU CAN VOTE TOMORROW! Don't believe Ron Little Page! It is more important than ever to vote no matter what party or candidate.

I'll explain why in a few and why turnout is going to change our city. Yes, I think I can prove why VOTING ACTUALLY WILL CHANGE SOMETHING! Also if you come to the Mark's tomorrow night we can watch the results live and if you have the I VOTED sticker I'll have something for you!

And here is something to chew on. My Partner (Sharkey) got a call from Senator McCain HIMSELF yesterday at about 3 oclock! A personal call to Springfield from the MAN HIMSELF.

Don't believe the garbage! WE MATTER! YOU MUST VOTE!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saturday in the park! Must have been the 26th of January.

Forget the rugby. I predict that the sell out will make way for lots of great games to catch. If you are already going come see me for a burrito. I also predict that UNF will be widely featured on ESPN, TNT, and every other cable and news outlet for this matchup. Just a guess.

Walk to Memorial Park.

There are already 10,000 people heading to UNF to the worlds largest rugby related traffic jam. If you haven't been painting your face for weeks for this one, you might want to take the laid back, inclusive, artfilled, good feeling laden, musical and whimsical Tangerine Fest. Maybe we can get 10,000 out for that. Its FREE YO!

More from Jimmy O:

This is going to be a lot of fun. There will be games, a garden swap table, fresh produce and hand-made items for purchase, music, food, a bike race, and a lot more. The event will take place at Memorial Park in Riverside from 11am – 9pm. I think the bike race is from 1 – 2pm.

Please, help spread the word to your friends and contacts.


Killer Partys Almost Killed Me

Today some one told me (in a complimentary way) that I make a living throwing killer parties. Untrue. I don't really make a living yet. But thanks! I do have some killer party news coming. One I'm throwing and one I'm overthrowing. I know. I tease.

While you wait. Rock. Florida style (with a base of Minneapolis and liberal amounts of Brooklyn).

Listen to The Hold Steady live in (God's country) Florida below from CaptiansDead. Made possible by skreemr. I learned it from you, Bob!

If its slow loading hit pause and let it do its thing. Come back, turn up your speakers and rock like you just joined a killer party.

The Hold Steady - Killer Parties
Found at

Did you hear that?

Thanks for voting up Fred and Wolfsons!

Now its time to vote for the Black Kids! (tip Jacksonville Confidential) DUUUUUUUUUVAAAAAL REPRESENT! Like Katt Williams said we're the only city crazy enough to holler out the name of the county.

Anyway. While I do soley represent the internet buzz for The Year of Getting to Know Us, the Black Kids are the internet. I can tell you from seeing them in Chicago that they rep Duval. So lets pay them back by voting on some teevee network site for them as best new band with shiny pants or something.

Activote or something Duval!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Springfield Springfield!

Awesome! Except they didn't say anything about the two great record stores next to Main Street's hottest veggie low main. Or shant. Or the school which is debuting at Sundance.

I'm pretty sure I represent the viral internet buzz for this movie. They don't even have a web site. The comments on leaks of the trailer have been brutal. But its just a trailer and I didn't think it was bad. Anyway, I hope its great. The people that worked on it were solid. Its cool it got selected.

Speaking of the school we've got a big bo concept, designed by Shaan, loft party coming in early Feb. Maybe you'll meet Groundskeeper Willie.

Bart: OK, we're young, rich, and full of sugar.
What do we do?
Milhouse: [yelling] Let's go crazy, Broadway style!
Both: [singing]
Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town:
The schoolyard's up and the shopping mall's down.
The stray dogs go to the animal pound [not anymore],
Bart: Springfield, Springfield!
Milhouse: Springfield, Springfield!
Sailor: New York, New York!
Bart: New York is that-a-way, man!
Sailor: Thanks, kid!
Both: [singing] It's a hell of a...toooown!

Man of the Year vs. American Gangster

It is a tale of two cities. On Saturday you can go watch grown men run full speed over each other (without pads or helmets!) or you can eat fresh local fruit and listen to live local music with community activists. Or you can probably do both!

As Phillip guessed, I'll be working with Russ:

Hey Tony,

I attached our poster for this year's festival. This is the third annual Tangerine Festival and is definitely going to be the most fun yet! From bike races to farmer's markets, bluegrass to potato sacks, pottery demo's, soccer tournaments, glass blowing, frisbee, handmade crafts, painting, food and all kinds of other awesome park activities!

tell Russell Crowe I said hello,

If you can't afford the gas to UNF, definitely walk down to Memorial Park and check out one of the most fun, inclusive events in JAX.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Support Wolfson's Children Hospital with ONE CLICK!

I don't care if you care about America's (AFC) Team or not. Or think the NFL is evil. Or that $9 for urban nachos is ridiculous (hey! Try one first at least!). Anyway, even if you don't like futbol americano at all you would have to be against sick kids to not vote for Freddy in FedEx new charitable promotion. And I know you are not, softy. Come on. See below. And please help Wolfson's Childrens Hospital by voting for Fred and passing it on!

Fred's designated hospital is Wolfson Children's Hospital.





ps- Spinning at Mark's tonight. Come drink your memories of City Council away or celebrate your land use change while you can still do that sort of thing. Either way, I'll have the freshness.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Story of Stuff

sent from Goliath

This is very good stuff -- Goliath


This is one of those web videos that you finish watching and just want to forward to everyone you know.

I totally agree. Pass it on.

Barak Obama, January 20, 2008

I hope he comes here. This is a long speech but he covers a lot of ground if you haven't been keeping up with his campaign.

Who would MLK vote for?

Sit at the Table of Brotherhood

JACKSONVILLE PARADE: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade, theme is "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" 10 a.m.-noon, Jefferson and Water streets, east on Water Street, past The Jacksonville Landing, under the Main Street bridge ramp, left on Newnan Street, right on North Bay Street, cross A. Philip Randolph Boulevard, end at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium parking lot J. (904) 463-2425.

This time every year I post something on Dr. King. This year I was going to post about the MLK breakfast at the Prime O. It is an annual event where they honor future leaders, have an inspiring speaker, and remember the dream. It was dissapointing to me this year. The very first thing covered, apart from the fact that the emcee got married at Mike Hightower's house on the river - why she thought that important to talk about I have no idea, was JCCI's Race Relations Progress Report. This is the single most depressing report I have ever read. Grab it (and all their other work) here.

If you don't have time, let me read you the only bold sentence in the Executive Summary:

All indicators demonstrate unacceptable disparities between white and black residents.

That will make cold eggs seem colder. Then the Mayor spoke, uninspiring. Except one quote that caught me. Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere. (Dr. MLK, letter from a Birmingham jail, April 16, 1963). It made me think about Eureka Gardens and whether or not justice has been threatened for its owners in Ortega yet. I'm watching the Jacksonville Journey (play where's Waldo with the picture at the link and tell me how many African American's in the pic). Here is an interesting article about the predecessor to the Journey. I'm assuming they let Mr. Foy join. Oh wait, fast forward to 2008. Mr. Foy has been working in the bloodiest neighborhoods for years. I don't think Mr. Foy is taking the easy way out of anything.

I propose all Jacksonville Journey meetings commence on the street corners, anything less is 2005, 2001, 1998, 1963, etc.

Then President Rumlin (NAACP) spoke. He heated things up two years ago to say that more blood would be shed without leadership. He caught a lot of flack for that speach, well, because leaders all sit at the head table. Well, to summarize he rightfully pointed out that that was 300 dead bodies ago.

Then there was a standing O for vocalist Toscha Comeux.

Then dinner with a difference. Jarik (Blueprint for Prosperity for caterers) Conrad. Just kidding I like Jarik enough. He talked about at least once a year you need to have a guest from a different cultural background over for dinner. I smiled because I was at the table with the mother of an African American young scholar who was at my house for dinner the night before! I don't think you could live in the urban core and not have multiple dinners with a difference. Its diverse down here. Move in.

Then tomorrows leaders were acknowledged.

Then Hattie Hill gave a speech. A smidge too corporate for my tastes but decent.

Best part of the whole thing was the end. Ms. Willie Dennis was supposed to take us out with "Free at last". She was no where to be found so it was a great idea for everyone to sing. I was moved. I sang.

See you at the parade. Heading there now.

One last thing. F. U. Central parking! Special event parking $5!? Hope that extra hunj was worth it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bill Nelson, Katt Williams, American Badasses

I am pretty sure I am the only person that had lunch with Senator Nelson on Friday and dinner with Katt WIlliams on Saturday. Lunch with Senator Nelson went awesome. I got to invite him to the Art Walk event on March 5.

I've been a huge fan of the Senator for some time but didn't know about Mr. Williams until I was asked to dj his two sold out shows. I admire both now.

As for Mr. Williams, he was as entertaining as Nelson was inforrmative. Ok, I didn't have dinner with him, per se, but he ate the burrito, and I did get to dj for him. With the Royal Treatment. Mostly Kaz. I am bucking for an honorary membership to their crew.

So let me mash up what I've learned about these two doods who made downtown Jacksonville part of their lives this weekend. (that reminds me of a campaign that I suggested around Super Blow time. What do Jay Z and Dick Cheney have in common? They both had a great time downtown this year. Be like Dick and Jay..) Or something like that. Rejected. Anyhoo.

BN: We're going to get a nuclear carrier because its stupid to have the entire east coast protected by one port at the end of a single 10 mile canal.

KW: Figured out how to control his kids interests and Christmas "wants" by telling them they could have anything they wanted this year but could only pick two things.

BN: Our votes will count this year, even in the primary. Senator Nelson sued Howard Dean (apparently Dr. Dean is still running the dems for some reason) to not make the candidates sign a pledge not to campaign in FL. Thanks Dean! Basically the person who locks the candidacy in either party gets to run the convention. He feels that we will know who that person is way ahead of the convention. Those candidates will recognize that Florida is too important to lock out and change the rules because they now run the convention. I was going to wait to run this news because I wanted to make sure I had it right, but I guess there was no media at the lunch. No Mayor either which I thought odd. I thought it was for the Duval delegation. Who was there? Supervisor Holland, CM Johnson and Redman, and Audrey Gibson. If this is correct Florida will go from the quietest state in terms of visits to a focus. I can't wait. I mean how are we supposed to know which of our neighbors are morons without yard signs?

KW: Not a fan of Hillary. Thinks she wasn't even the most, um, influential woman, in Bill's office back in the day. Likes Obama and thinks white people should vote for him to make up for slavery (if we're not ready to write a reparation check). Also noted anybody but Huckabee. I have to agree with this. We would look like punks with a leader by that name. Can't argue that.

BN-KW: Both guys were very concerned about the way things are going. The f-ed upness of our world. Bush, Federline, tigers, Hugo Chavez. We all need to stay aware. Stay on our game. Let the haters hate. Let them lie. Do your thing. When people come after you. Do more things. Stay more focused. Succeed with actions. Stay positive. Stay human.

By the way, there was gridlock downtown last night again. Packed places, sidewalks, bars, and restaurants. It would have great if you could have been like the Senator and Katt. Maybe next time. You must be present to win.

Friday, January 18, 2008


MARCH 5 ARTWALK. PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR. If you are reading this from outside of Duval, book your ticket today before they catch on and rates go up.

I know this is like way early notice and yes there is an art walk in between (feb 6).

But Seriously. It all changes March 5.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

They're Back!

File Under Awesome.

Dear Friends of the Arts,

Please let me know if you can volunteer to answer phones or help out in other ways on this worthwhile project!! Sincerely, Andy Bruck


This weekend, from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, AM 1460's Andy Johnson
will host a 24 hour fundraising marathon to benefit the Friends of the
Jacksonville Symphony Fund. That fund, which is a component fund of
The Community Foundation, Inc., was established primarily to fund
initiatives in the contract between the Musicians Union and the
Symphony Association through identifying new symphony donors.

The event will feature music, a call-in format for listeners, and VIP
interviews. Schedule updates will be posted at
A live musical performance will kick things off from noon to 5 p.m.
(Saturday) by members of the Jacksonville Symphony at the Unitarian
Church off of Arlington Expressway.

854-1460 is the number throughout the 24 hour event for calling in
to talk on the air with radiothon host Andy Johnson. To make off air pledges, call 421-0704.

All checks and credit card pledges will be for "The Community Foundation, Inc.". Also, if writing a check, the memo line should read, "Friends of the Jacksonville Symphony Fund." Checks should be mailed to JSPA, 2030 Schumacher Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32207.

The Jacksonville Symphony Players' Association will collect all such pledges and deliver to the Community Foundation, who will prepare and mail tax-deductible acknowledgements to donors.



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Promoto

Business Roundtable Q&A and Discussion

Come join AIGA Jacksonville as our panel of professionals answer questions that examine the key concerns designers and creative professionals face with self-promotion and new business development. Discover the different methods and principles that our panel members use to promote themselves, their businesses and to keep the clients calling.

Who Should Attend:
Print Designers, Web Designers, Photographers or any other creative professionals who freelance, owns their own business, might someday hang their own shingle or want to learn different methods of promoting themselves and attracting new business.

Roundtable Panel Includes:
Tony Allegretti - Allegretti Consulting
Rich Davis - Spark
Jeff Harrington - Harrington Design Company
Jennifer Holland - Holland Creative
Carl Smith - nGen Works

Thursday, January 17 at 6:00 p.m.
6:00-6:45 Reception with Refreshments
6:45-8:00 Q&A Roundtable

Immediately following roundtable there will be guided tour of the Art Institute.

Art Institute of Jacksonville
8775 Baypine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256 | MAP
(904) 732-9393

AIGA Members: Free Admission
Nonmembers: $10 | JOIN NOW

Please RSVP to rsvp (ate)

*Note: This event takes the place of the Annual Show.


Rebecca Zapen.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

If you are not jumping one of our new non stop flights to Las Vegas tonight for the Democratic Presidential debate (click link to ask the candidates a question), don't fret.

Tonight I will be mashing up my mix of tolerable jams with live debate coverage at Marks. Rock the primary.

If you didn't catch last weeks city council mashup, let me tell you, it works. I am trying to figure out how to record it. But for now, you must be present to win.

If you are there and are not interested in daft punk live or the new beasties or have listening interests otherwise, um creative (like the cha cha slide) don't worry, I'm sure you'll come up and request it. And I'm sure, I'll play it. Actually now that I hear it, I think this would go awesome over Edwards eradication plans for payday loans.

I have a friend who voted yesterday, the first day for early voting. I won't say which senator (rhymes with your momma) he voted for but he did say he was voter number 114 on that machine alone. 114 early on the first day? Jam on it, Duval.

Are we going to rock the vote this year? Or we going to send our people in riding another 8% mandate? Tonight I'll rock it democratically. Enjoy a PBR or jager or whatever. But don't bring your signs in. Thats whack.

Plus Kucinich's site doesn't even work, but he may sound good over sabotage.

And if you have insomnia, don't worry, my crowd doesn't even show up until about midnight. Yes, its brutal.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Conservative How?

Lets say you are really really rich conservative person. I know its a stretch, go with it. You are rich and you lean to the political and environmental right. Polar ice caps endagered? Whatever dude, its freezing outside. You didn't even stop to read the folio where they covered the fact that Orlando is about to suck our St Johns dry.

Well as you check to confirm the Obama is a muslim radical email on drudge, there it is. The headline: North, Central Florida fight over Water. You are torn. First of all fights are fun and Orlando is a bunch of punks. But they are pro-growth at all costs which is kind of endearing to you since so are you.

But here is the kicker. Kiss your fresh oysters and shrimp goodbye. Protecting your seafood is protecting your quality of life. Your quality of life is your biggest investment. Mine too.

No matter your leanings or earnings this is bad. Bad enough for drudge to to take notice.

But like every piece of quick or bad planning shoved through while the people sleep, studies are being done and money is being spent to justify it in the end.

If I were a politician. I would be on the news EVERYDAY telling Orlando and the district to STOP their plans IMMEDIATELY.

If you don't have time to read the article above, I'll leave you with the last sentence:

Cynthia Barnett, author of a book on Florida's water, "Mirage," said the region should conserve. "There is a great deal of efficiency to be made up before you begin tapping the river," she said.

For a third party look at things from an expert on the St Johns, go here.

T G I Monday!

photo metrojax

A quick news roundup so you can get back to work and feel good about having a cold import at TSI tonight. See post below. You deserve it Duval.

1. I'm not sure what it exactly means yet, but Old Ock at MetroJ (my favorite transit hippie on the web) has discovered the Union Station tunnels at the Jacksonville Terminal are fully intact! The photos alone are worth the click.

This of course is probably hard (brick) evidence that in this city, business interests can often times bury, sometimes literally, common sense and public preference (I bet 20 things come to your mind right now). Only they didn't bury it deep enough.

It is now time we looked at the McCoy's Creek. We need to blast it open where it is choked off and fouling up Brooklyn and North Riverside. Morris should sell the Times Union building to Miles now. Or whomever might want waterfront property in the city center, in one of Florida's most prominent urban business rows. Morris should move operations off the river, make some money (Oh, you know you need it). And get rid of that building before it completely sinks into McCoy's Creek. Will it suck to have a phase II on it now? Yes. But it will suck a lot worse in a liquidation sale. I have heard that things are changing over there. Sweet. Get aggressive and engage the people. When times are tight the car based companies and suburban developers will leave you (like now). The river, the people, we are here forever.

Story Two is from the Daily Record city notes. If you don't read the Daily Record, well, Daily, please do. They have consistently reported on core issues for years.

A concert is being held at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 14 at St. Paul’s By-the-Sea Church in Jacksonville Beach to benefit the Health and Welfare Fund for the musicians of the Jacksonville Symphony Players’ Association. The concert will feature excerpts from Handel’s “Water Music,” Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” and Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” For more information, visit

3. Good update on downtown development today in the TU. Not a ton going (obvs) on but more than you may think. Ron Barton speaks about the new Downtown Action Plan. There is copy of the Downtown Action Plan available at the JEDC website which should have been linked. Here it is. Whether you are casually interested or obsessed with our downtown development you want to give the city's perspective and plans a look.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Most important Monday

If you go to this show, you actually get the CD. So shake out your couch cushions and support some of Duval's hardest working artists and get a free gift of locally grown and produced tasty, crunchy, organic, hip hop.

Join Triclops i, Kaz, Chakka, aka the Royal Treatment Crew at TSI Monday (tomorrow or tonight depending on when you read this).

CD Release party for Wille Ev. Its like Monday Night Football. Beats Vs. Rhymes. Go with it. Oh and one of hip hops varsity lettermen will be there. Mr. Lif from the Perceptionists in Duval. Presumably looking for weapons of mass destruction. If you hurry you can catch him at freebird, tonight (Sunday, don't worry the new Wire is already on demand). What.

Also, catch the Smile Rays and TJ. This is one of those shows where you can come and tell me there is nothing going on downtown. Bring it.

To save our selves and our streets we may have to kill our cars.

"The paradox of transportation in the late 20th Century is that while it became possible to travel to the moon, it also became impossible, in many cases, to walk across the street."
- Joell Vanderwagen

I know that surburbia can be relatively safe for pedestrians. Mostly because you cannot walk anywhere. Too many cars. Too much traffic. Your life and all the things you do outside of it with very few exceptions start with your car. That is a dependence and that dependence (and mega money) shapes policy. That policy and planning and mindset carries all favor. In the core as well as all over the city with a few exceptions. So core policy and parking requirements and speed limits and one ways, while could be useful in some areas like near the airport and exchanges, are a total nod to the "just put more lanes" spirit. Well more lanes means more cars, less people, less bikes, and if you mix in bikes and people, more tragedy. Because dude, you were going 60 down Adams and didn't know.

Kill the one ways. Add bike lanes. Create gridlock. Have all of those people we try to fly out on game day stop and look at the bars and the cafes. Will it slow things down. Absolutely. Gridlock is good. The last two Saturdays tens of thousands partied at the stadium for the jags games on teevee at the bud zone. Bigger crowds that a sold out arena or Suns game. All of the parking in front of Mark's, TSI, Dive, were open. All connecting streets were open for traffic. Huge crowds on Bay Street showed all of these people there is something going on. Traffic moved too. It wasn't bad. Repeat. Gridlock is good.

You are already proving it. Let me put it in these terms. Go to Barnes and Noble in the town center. Then Walk to Urban Outfitters. You will make it there before most cars that you are waliking with. And they still got to drive around for while, burning it. They also have to wait for the lady to jump in the passenger side of her SUV with a tray of starbucks, but thats for another day.

Close in neighborhoods in the core of the city weren't built with roundys, speed bumps, valet lanes. So thats out. We chose to add more lanes and make them one way. We have an opportunity right now to change those lanes to two ways in many places (though not enough, but we'll take it). We also need to realize that bus transit needs to feed into not through the core. There should be no reason to take buses through downtown. People can take the trolley and skyway from Grand Central or whatever they are calling it.

If you are not keeping up with the BRT/JTA bus verses Rail debate, now is the time to start. I look forward to the folio article forthcoming.

The citizens, common sense, safety, public health, quality of life; these things were built on a grid, not a runway. Stop and smell roses not carbon.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hold on tight!

This is an awesome movie of the shipyards. These guys are unreal. I can't wait for the market to pop back up so we can see lots more of the good stuff.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hope for Downtown

from speak up

I had the kind of day where you think about your city. Alot.

What does Barack Obama have to do with downtown? Not much except for hope. To me, Barack seems to have hope. You can feign hope pretty easily (except to your boss/wife), but actually seeing it glaringly present on someone? I think you can tell. He thinks he can do it. That is inspiring to me.

Hope can be contagious. Infectious.

I'm still undecided but I think he definitely has a chance after listening to this.

I hope Obama comes here. Though I think they made a pact to avoid us. I think we overjumped in our attempt to be relevant. I ahem, hope not.

What if Obama got invoved with the runway debate at Craig? I mean Bill Bishop represents the area where opposition to the extension seems nearly unanimous. Maybe there is some key economic impact that I am not seeing but it seems like there is a rush. I should also say that I have had excellent results with our airport. I like the way its growing and the new non-stops continue to pour in. My sister lives in Austin and we've got them non-stop which is awesome. New Orleans. New York. I hit Chicago and saw a friend who is an executive and he was working as a greeter/expediter. Thats on the ground and not just sitting in an office making decisions. I think JIA is a definite asset and improving. So why the rush? I'm not saying there is no reason for it or that I even know enough about it. I have confidence that CM Bishop would act on behalf of his community. They should have done it before the Super Blow. Easy jet way comin at ya. Shoot. You could have done it in the name of corporate jets and ran a parade through the runway streets of Arlingular.

Courage. Change. Is there change coming? On Tuesday I talked to a local media executive and asked if he thought the Arlington residents would sleep well that night and he thought so. Bnnnnnnt!

Change for Jacksonville. I see some.

So what does that have to do with Downtown?

I was at a luncheon today and there was a general series of light complaints that sort of amount to one comment about downtown and entertainment deficiencies and they are not in one place. Clustering in the mall sense will never happen because aggregation is far too expensive in the core. Development is done by the private sector. Unless government wants to invest in it Which seems unlikely, though not unprecedented. There izn't no money left. However, I think we have made some great strides and there are layers and layers of unique things to do.

Granted, you might get approached by panhandlers especially on Adams and with greater frequency near Scottys, Greyhound, and Hemming Plaza. But also in the 5 and on Hendricks, lets be honest. One exception. Everybody is hard in Springfield so not so much hustle on Main Street, from what I have seen. If you feel unsafe at all, anywhere, call JSO, I guess is my point. If getting approached by a begging person is a major problem we're probably not ready for you yet. I'll admit that. You also may have to step over any number of unmentionable things. If you ever want to know who in general cleans that stuff up its the people who rent the nearest storefront and if its in the middle of the street its Albert who works with Catholic Charities. Please say thanks to anyone seen picking up trash downtown because they are cool. I digress. My life experiences downtown have far outweighed the grossness.

Here is my message for hope:

1. Go to and select the downtown category and click search. I just did it and WILLIE TONIGHT. GET YOUR JEANS IN THE DRYER! If you don't see anything. I mean anything that interests you at all, then go to this site, blog, this blog, and this blog. If you have been drinking go here. Or message him or her or him. Still nothing? email me at theurbancore dot the com at the gmailz.

2. If you email me, we will probably see eachother, at whatever it is I am suggesting. I try to go out as much as possible. I'm downtown tested. My mother approves (She lives here). While we chat you can tell me, at wherever we are, how terrible things are but you may have to speak up as there could be people having fun around you.

3. Prepare yourself. Know where to park. Here are the new rates:

During the weekday, you know, for bizness:
Park all day at the Sports Complex garage for just 50 cents and ride the Trolley (actually an attractive yet oil based bus) into town. Prepaid bulk purchase discount is available, once you catch the fever.

The Downtown Garage (between Pearl and Clay, by new Court House perfect patch) charges $1 per hour and the 1st hour is FREE, maximum daily charge is $5. Hopefully this will open up some of the metered spaces in the area of Hemming Plaza and Ed Ball. For the mommies heading to art class 'n' all.

Need a comfortable landmark before you pop in the Prius? Landing Lot is $1 per hour with a max of $10, or a max of $5 if you come in after 5 or on the weekend. The $1 per hour is in effect at all times so you only pay for the time spent (no flat rate charges) so if you come down for a drink or dinner before going to a concert at the Arena or an event at the Stadium it will only cost you $1 or $2 instead of the old rate of $5. Thats a fair tax.

But if you want daytime more than that free hour hit the $2 lot across Main from the library. There is a nice park just south of it for lunch from Shelbys.

4. Come enjoy what the urban core for what it is now. Work towards getting whatever you want out of it. I think if you want it, you will get it.

I hope.

Grants for local Arteests

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

TOPIC: "How to Apply for the Community Foundation's Art Venture Grants for Artists"

DATE: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TIME: 3:30 - 4:30

VENUE: Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, auditorium

Cheryl Riddick from the Community Foundation will explain the Art Ventures Grant Program and the application process.

Linda Broadfoot, Photo artist, will share her experiences as a grant awardee: applications and how to make the most of grant funds.

Please RSVP by Jan 28

Martha McManus
Education Program Manager
Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville
300 W. Water Street, Suite 201
Jacksonville, FL 32202
904-358-3600 x. 12
904-353-5100 fax
martha (at the)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Half Off!

Tiara has style. Shoes. Mix in the store at the contemporary, also half off. Lunch at nola?

Spend too much, hit the dvd section at the library for free and feel good about this country again.

I have no idea what that means.

Safety Pup

I didn't get back from traveling until about City Council time. Which means that I didn't get to blog about the Neighborhood Watch meeting Jennifer had at RADO last night. Read about it here. This meeting and future meetings are huge for me because I live very close to where Dennis got shot and I'm on the board of RADO. But in general I think we all need to turn off the tv and get out and meet the neighbors.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

City Council Vs. Daft Punk

Arlington Jet Pack Remix - only at Marks, 10 til. TONIGHTI am going to mash the city council meeting with the latest live Daft Punk sent from Clement in Lyon! Gratzie!

If you for some reason can't make the, ahem, show, you can see it here without the Daft Punk.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Liveblogging the Watercooler

The redesign and the wire debut on the same day.

I noticed you can have times union folks speak at your organization. Cool.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Thanks Konrad!



blap. blap.
blap. blap. blap. blap. blap.




I was in Chicago but my people left me a copy of the Jason Wright cover article (Lifestyle, Jan. 2) on my deskeses.

I will post photos of the original first sold work mentioned as soon as my sister's new house at Mueller (pronounced by her Miller) is ready. The udders are in storage. Throbbing, I'm sure. Every city that she lived in, this piece was widely discussed. She was a traveling nurse. She always had great apartments in the core. Buy more Jason Wright and talk about it with your friends from out of town upon a visit. Or take his pieces with you as you travel.

By the way, I gave the same sister a Hepburn for this Christmas. Funny story about that one...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Art Show

So how was art walk tonight? Since I missed it maybe I can make this one across the ditch.

Sean Mahan is worth the trip.

Art Walk Tonight

I've only missed one art walks out of 50. Not too shabby. But I'll miss tonight. For the same reason. I am in Chiblago. Its warmer here then it is there. But you should still head out. If not to make face down snow angels, to see the Cirque!

Don't think its not on because its too cold. Its ON! Cold weather art walks ensure cozy crowds!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thank You Robsons!

taking the metra in to olgivie center. Not light, but its rail!

Everywhere we have turned this vacation people have been so friendly. None more so than the Robsons. Whether its the warm roomy walkup or the shot of Jammi last night at the local option, I've got nothing but love for the newlyweds who took us in and helped us get around.


Happy New Year!

In the year 2008 we shall wear shiny pants. Very shiny pants. Just a quick update for the hardcore.

The Black kids show was amazing. They have polished up their act and the crown was singing every word which was very cool. They have costumes. That is to say that they have very very shiny pants. The opening band was SUPER LOUD which is endearing to me. I'll have to downloadz them. These are powers or something. The empty bottle does not take credit cards which made me think of TSi. In fact it could have been TSi were it not dumping snow outside. They did have old style. Thats what I am talking about. It was definitely a postcard white out chicago style. Its 7 degrees outside and my nostrils are full of beautiful bacon fragrance. Better get to breakfast. Feeling somewhat guilty today as my downtown dogs are already at the stadium. I wonder who is scooping salsa at prep without me there.

Anyhoo. See you back in the FL. I'll post more pics when possible. Love your show.