Friday, February 29, 2008


Good news (noted below) is sometimes under reported in the core. There is a great story about a big new tenant bringing jobs and money into downtown today in today's daily record.

Here is a quote from George Swisher who is bringing his handsome office to the heart of where its at, next to the church of whats happening now:

“We really like the urban environment,” said Swisher. “The ability to get out and be around people makes a difference. Within a two-mile radius there’s all kinds of culture, food and entertainment. It was really enticing. And, aesthetically, this is a great building.”

You can sit at panera at Tinseltown all day and complain about parking and the tubes and how terrible things are, but at the end of the day you're just gonna have another boarded up cheesecake factory and best buy. All that crap doesn't make it to the history books. Sell all your car based garbage, get a home, a job, or start a business in the core. Visit your river daily by bike. Life is good in here. Its different. Its happiness based on the people you see and the sun that sets behind the bridges. You can't put the approach to downtown from the Hart bridge in a gap bag. Sure, they'll deforest more of our beautiful state and dump the sludge into our river for a more updated version of downtown with a better parking plan. They may even put "artists" and musicians on the sidewalk. But at the end of it all they will ALL close like the one before it. Regency becomes Lane Avenue. Nocatee becomes Regency. Nothing but an archived blip of dust on the cached homepage of consumerlust.

Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of something special. To make something special more special. To see people that are different from you, not just their cars.
Life is good in the urban core of Jacksonville, FL. I hope you are enjoying it with us.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Downtown Actionville Plan (as I remember it) UPDATED!

In my rush to get out and see ToughJunkie (tm) I forgot one big thing that Barton said. When asked about positivity in the press by one of my partners in Main Branch (who mentioned demo permits have been pulled and things are moving) Ron said that is there such a thing as positive press? Then he thought about it and said actually the Daily Record is a great source for news on what is happening in the core. I couldn't agree more. Its great as a daily source and great as a research source. In fact here is a recap from them on the same meeting. I'm not sure the Times Union was even there. In fairness there were 60 or more people and I don't know anyone at the TU any more it seems.

I am going to recap this because I need to actually work (on the biggiest art walk in the south (tm)). If you have specific questions email a brother. I would have live blogged it, if only CRACKberry allowed you to post to blogger. It is ridiculous that I have the a phone that millions of people have and post to a blog product that millions of people blog to and I can't freaking make a posting with this piece of crap. Stay positive. Sorry.

Back to Breakfast with Ron. Oh yeah the sherriff has no money and if he doesn't get any we will be the next Detroit. Paraphrasing here. I think if he gave this speech to a room of crooks (insert joke here) they'd be popping corks before Barton was done.

1. Remain Calm. Its called a market downturn. They ride out. It gives us an opportunity to look at the horizontal (streetscape look and experience as opposed to funded vertical capital projects). I did my part by asking Marion G when are we going to see the sidewalk open back up on Adams. He said soon. Its only been almost four years. It does look like the last thing that needs to happen, a good sweep, is all we need before we donate that chain ass fence to a recycler. We should make a historic marker for that sidewalk blockage. That crap is part of our downtown heritage. Sorry. Stay positive.

2. Downtown is not walkable. See number 1. It should feel like a neighborhood and it doesn't. They are working on this. But did mention that our wayfinding signs are faded purple odes to when they showed where Fat Tuesday was. Solid. So when are we going to see the new dogs. Seriously?

3. Pedestrian rights. One ways converted into two ways. This is supposed to be paid for and rolled out soon. H to the ell Fing Yes. Slow down is key. Gridlock is your neighborhood's best friend. Walk. People. I wish he was at my CCTF subcommittee meeting.

4. Event programming. 25 1 thousand people events instead of one 25 thousand people events. I like this idea. He said he would buy the keg. Truthfully, he's been saying this for years. Dude needs to buy that keg. I know a lot of people who would want to be a part of that first 1000.

5. The Landing needs to be reinvented. I tend to agree. Mr. Sleiman agrees. This will happen. I think there are really great things coming around and inside the Landing. I am using them for a corporate event soon and I could not be more impressed with their attention to detail and complete effort. I will let you know how it goes but I see a big letter of rec coming. There will also be a park one day between the landing and the TUCPA. Word. Barton didn't say this but he will.

6. Brooklyn won't be the next LaVilla which is a cluster flock. I like that our econ dev chief is willing to say these things and not suck up to some long since relevant pet projects from people who feast on low hanging fruit. Buh bye. Anyway, I could add to Ron's speach and Brooklyn that the ENTIRE DYNAMIC of this rejected neighborhood needs its biggest players to actually act like they care that they are in Brooklyn. Lets see we have the Jacksonville ELITE corporate stewards all on one strip. All in one neighborhood. All with their backs turned seemingly drinking coladas on their deck. Well check that, they have the riverwalk which is awesome, but damn if its easy to get to right now. Not from Brooklyn. One way right now and thats at the YMCA. Anyhoo, if all of these fine corporate giants just admitted they were in Brooklyn and had a cook out (or kegger RON!) we'd be on our way. All that has to happen is for the local news to call their companies "Brooklyn based". Search Brooklyn on this blog. Its fun. Also about the giants. Nice effing street face and thanks for one and two level parking decks cutting out the ENTIRE view shed of the river. Almost anywhere from the tip of the sports complex to well brooklyn and then from Riverside to the navy base you can see the river from the perpendiculars. The DRC that approved all this blockage owes the people of Brooklyn an apology. Seriously. Stand across Riverside Ave and look. Not too many places where you can see river and not much in front of you that is appealing. Sad. But throw a kegger maybe we'll forget about it.

Ron also called Brooklyn AKA North Riverside. North Riverside is actually outside of downtown and out of Ron's jurisdiction. It would be great to kick NR in too but I don't think this is what he was pushing. And I know Ron is not trying to change the name (like one lady mentioned years ago, vomit). But this is the kind of thing that dilutes the already diluted brand. Brooklyn brand needs to be reborn not confused.

They are doing bite size redev with this economy. Which made me think. Don't bite anything over by McCoys Creek dude. It also made me think compromise like LaVilla, lets hope not.

7. Friendship fountain, MOSH, and river city brewing need to be rethought. No mention of the maritime museum or ship proposal so probably not much happening there for a while.

8. Courthouse and Convention center will be one golf course. Just seeing if you are paying attention. Courthouse can't go into the Prime Osbourne because that isn't right. We're going to have a hover craft and jet pack station there with chocolate tubes that transport McCoys creek chocolate to the factory. I mean a transportation hub. I actually like that idea and think it can work with others over there. We bought some prime land next to the courthouse federales and dammit we need to do something there. Build it up and build the law school next to it. I know, but by then the law school can sell their building for a ton and be right there. Plus it will seriously take forever if the past 4 years mean anything at all. $400 million will bail out medicare by the way. Its that kind of project. Anyway. Ron said we, we have to do it. So lets just do this! Agreed!

The convention center needs to replace the old courthouse next to all those 900 hotel rooms we slapped on the river. The Hyatt is going to embrace the riverwalk more meaningfully soon too btw. I have an idea for the prime o, but will have to wait until after the biggest art walk ever.

So since you read this far I have a treat. Tell me there is nothing to do. Talk about how not fun it was but only if you were here. You must be present to win. Or complain. You can find all this on a ton of blogs out there. Flip around. I will have an extended list of local blogs very soon, when I change this site. Send your link! Also check

anyway, tonight:


Tomorrow night:

short films at midnight!



Next up. My complete guide to Art Walk. Get out and boogie.

Call to young conservatives... of water!

From our Riverkeeper (emphasis mine):

I am including with the following press release a personal plea to everyone in the media to help us get the word out about this exciting and important PSA Contest.

All of the decisions that involve how we use our groundwater and the surface waters from our rivers are being decided by politicians and adult decision-makers. This contest will provide our youth with the opportunity to have a voice in the debate and to help raise awareness about an issue that impacts their lives, as well. In fact, any problems that should arise from the decisions that we make will fall to them to bear and to solve.

Water is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The issue about whether or not we can safely remove water from the St. Johns and other rivers is on everyone’s mind. This Contest and subsequent television program can be an important way to help raise awareness about the consequences of depleted our water resources and the solutions that will lead to a more sustainable Florida.

Please, help us to make this Contest successful for the kids, for our water, and for our rivers.

Thank you for anything that you can do as journalists, members of the media, or concerned citizens.

Take care!

Jimmy Orth

Executive Director

St. Johns Riverkeeper


Contact: Jimmy Orth, Executive Director

St. Johns Riverkeeper cell: (904)655-2270 work: (904) 256-7591

Team Gaia info(at)

Eric Flagg, Jellyfish Smack Productions eric.flagg(at)


Contest will give high school students a voice in the water supply debate.

Jacksonville – Today, February 28th, students who attend high schools located within the watershed of the St. Johns River can begin submitting their PSA (“Public Service Announcements”) video entries in the St. Johns Riverkeeper “Conserving Water To Save Our Rivers” PSA Contest. The contest is being sponsored by St. Johns Riverkeeper in partnership with Team Gaia to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and the importance of protecting both our drinking water supplies and the St. Johns River.

One winner will be selected and awarded a $1,000 cash prize. The winner and some of the more compelling video PSA entries will be selected to appear in a ½ hour television program about the importance of water conservation and protecting the St. Johns River. The television program will be produced by Jellyfish Smack Productions ( ) and will be ready to air on PBS and network stations in May 2008. (Note: This date is a correction to an error in the previous press release.)

“Conserving Water To Save Our Rivers” PSA Contest entries must be 60 seconds or less and address the importance of protecting our water resources and the St. Johns River system. Jimmy Orth, Executive Director of St. Johns Riverkeeper, says, “We are not looking for entries that simply provide water conservation tips. We want kids to raise awareness by challenging viewers to examine how we use water, to understand why it is important to conserve water and the consequences of over-use, and to consider how to sustainably protect the St. John River and our groundwater resources. We expect this to be a challenging task for kids to tackle in 60-seconds or less, but never underestimate the talents and creativity of our youth.”

The deadline for submitting entries into the contest is April 10, 2008. The “Conserving Water To Save Our Rivers” PSA Contest rules and guidelines can be found on the St. Johns Riverkeeper website at

St. Johns Riverkeeper is partnering with the teen organization, Team Gaia, to promote and organize the contest. Team Gaia members have experience creating PSA's and documentary style shows to raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Recently, their show, "Global Warming: Fact or Friction?," created by Team Gaia to educate people on the topic of climate change, was nominated for an Emmy Award. For more information about Team Gaia, visit their website at Check out the Team Gaia PSA that was created for the Contest on the St. Johns Riverkeeper website –

St. Johns Riverkeeper is a non-profit grassroots organization that serves as an advocate for the St. Johns River and the communities that benefit from this tremendous resource. The Riverkeeper philosophy is rooted in a sense of public ownership of local water bodies. Our mission is to protect, preserve and restore the ecological integrity of the St. Johns River watershed for current users and future generations through advocacy and citizen action.

Jimmy Orth

Executive Director

St. Johns Riverkeeper

2800 University Blvd. N.

Jacksonville, FL 32211


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Positivity will set you FREE!

I don't have time to go in to great detail about this because I just got out of a great meeting on the Downtown Action Plan as described at a packed house by Ron Barton with DVI and have to jump to the next thing. Which is bringing you your tofu.

However the biggest thing to happen to art walk since being a SANCTIONED Super Blow event (which kept us from a lot of sponsorship cash- long story, read the book) is happening this ART WALK. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!

The graphic above can be found in analog form inside this weeks folio which copy and pasted a quote of mine that has already run in the Daily Record, downtowns original barker of the latest news. Anyway, here is your attribution Mr. Bailey. I wish that quote didn't run as the insert has the parking garage mistakenly on the courthouse moonscape. NOT ON PURPOSE! But don't worry about that, Barton is going to build the courthouse! He said! More on that later and a complete recap of the meeting of which I took notes. Really.

Back to DJ hyperbole. Here is what I am spinning about why this art walk is SOOO HUGE.

1. DVI scored a large corporate sponsor for this event (Heartland Home Health and Hospice). This is a big win in that it shows investment of new dollars into downtown from a large corporation that has no presence downtown and who is looking to get their launch in front of people who do things. Full disclosure, I helped, as I am contracting with said company through the art walk. If you are wondering why this client seems weird for me, the thing about my job (when I have one) it is usually an event that just soaks in the surrounding quality of life around us. There is not a more important time to have some quality than at the hospice time in your life, no? And then there is the old saying, if it didn't have art walk or break dancers involved, Tony probably didn't have anything to do with it. So not fair.

2. Free parking! Sure, DVI will say that they've always had free street parking after 6 but come on. If you have ever arrived to art walk after 6 you're looking at luck or walking from the Cathedral District. Which isn't bad. But anyway, we've got free parking in downtown's newest garage. Thats right southside sid, free parking. The only reason you haven't been to art walk yet. And this is art walk 51 if my math is correct. You can refer to the map above but remember its one block south.

3. FREE RIVER BOAT RIDES GUIDED BY THE RIVERKEEPER! One thing that eludes us is river access to all. Ok we've got a great riverwalk and its consumers are from all walks of life, but when is the last time you got to go for a free ride on the mighty mighty St. Johns? So this may or may not be unprecedented but I've heard from school agers to CEOs that this is something that they want to do. If it gets too packed? We'll have to do it again!

Thats it! If this isn't as life changing or city building as I hyped it up to be you can only come complain to me in person at the art walk!

Stay positive JAX! and stay tuned for a complete recap of this mornings historic meeting. Ok, it might not have been historic, but I'm on a roll. GITG

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Walk Across the Street

If you live in Berkman and are hitting the festival circuit, you may want to walk across the street tonight for my Southeast Vs Northwest Fest set a go go or something.

I'll be playing the artists of Langerado and Sasquatch respectively. Brightening the corners of America if you will. We'll have the debate on with the sound off (unless it feels good to mash it in).

Kind of makes you want to move downtown doesn't it? Smile.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I am Hospice

Above is a WJCT interview by Karen Feagins. Dr. Manny is solid and explains hospice in a way that makes me comfortable. I hope he does the same for you.

At the very end (of the audio) there is a clue about something big.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This just in

Today, the 1st DCA affirmed Judge Nachman's ruling in the Harms v. Jabour case. Technically it does not become final for 15 days, and if Jabour files a motion for rehearing, that will add additional time. However, since they affirmed without explanation, it is very likely they will deny rehearing quickly and it also prevents Jabour from seeking review in the Supreme Court of Florida.

From a friend of a friend. What sucks about this from a personal standpoint is that I think that Jay Jabour is one of the more engaged politicians when it comes to pro-urban issues.

Am I breaking this news?


Addys in the house.

This is one of the dozens of stops on the Art Walkseses that is totally a must stop. If the calendar is correct at the Florida Theatre website is correct there is also a sneak preview of Art After Dark.

Oh yes. There are more things too. Real big fun things.

In fact, there are 2 unprecedented (I believe) things on this Art Walk that are going to be really HIP. However, you have to wait or come see me when I dj at Marks on Tuesdays to find out.

And yes, I will probably do a big blog about it too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tomorrowland, Today

photo: From Kendrick Bangs Kellogs site, specifically about the Chart House Restaurant on the Southbank

Was doing my weekly peek at the house that Bob built and saw this cool post on KBK. I knew the Charthouse must have been done by a renowned architect but I sort of figured it was Bill Morgan or Bob Broward.

The Charhouse is one of those buildings that won't make it into one of those awesome books from Jacksonville Historical Society, yet. Its too early. Do we have more contemporary architecture that is extraordinary? Are we doomed for a slap up stucco heritage? Do we have courageous design happening today? Did we have it 20 years ago. Hit me if you know of examples. I'll post.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmm

photo: Florida Memory

Metro Jax has an excellent new video. What strikes me is how much more costly BRT is than commuter rail.

I'd like for JTA to just address that one issue. If the costs were flipped and rail cost 10 times what BRT costs I could see JTA holding strong. But its the opposite. And people like to ride rail.

The elevated BRT is absurd. I cannot see that getting through a RAP meeting.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busted Tuesdays at Marks

I mean Positively Vinyl. Jeez, ok we are going to have to change that name. But tonight I am going to bust out the prodigal vinyl again. Last week we were about to throw in the towel because of the rain and in walked the inspiration to 110th Street which I immediately played. Then I played every dang song they requested. They being some really attractive hip, ladies. They actually left their phone with me so I could scroll down and play everything they wanted without missing anything.

And it wasn't too terrible I guess. Till I found out they tipped a dollar. 3 hours of straight up requests and all you have for my bartenders is a buck. Naahhhh. Come on folks. Thats not what I mean when I say Tighten Up!

Anyhoo $2 drafts, $2 wells and Biggie Tea tonight at Marks. 10 to close.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gridlock is good.

film: StreetFilms

I could see BIKEWATCH in LaVilla, the Cathedral District to Bay, all over the riverwalk. We need to do this. Seriously.

This would be a fine program here. But we also need to consider the reasons why we need space to bike around.

I had an article sent from an concerban delveloper friend. It said,

This goes in the "DUH?" column. The argument is pure common sense, if you want to slow sprawl and increase density then quit spending huge amounts of public money to make it more and more convenient to continually commute from further distances.

This reminds me of the restaurant term: SHUT IT DOWN

The Road Home


I am raffling off a 36 x 48 original acrylic painting, The Road Home, to benefit the Florida Lupus Chapter for a donation of $1.00 or six for $5.00. Please see attachment above and visit my website

for more information. The drawing will take place March 29th 2008 at the ARTS AND HEALING EVENT, at THE LAKE SHOPS of COCONUT POINT in ESTERO’S NEW TOWN CENTER. Presented by Florida West Arts

Thank you for your generosity. Please forward if you feel inclined to do so.


Nancy Asbell

Sure Nancy. Heres to kicking Lupus in the ass. I have no idea where Esteros Town Center is, Hit up Nancy at her site for more info. That painting for a $1 would be a score.

Live at MTV2

Not sure where MTV2 is. Probably manhattan island or jersey or something. Don't the kids look fresh and energized?

Clip found at: JaxScene

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Electric City

film: MIC Duval

You can do that!

Learn how to Breakdance using a combination of impressive power moves & styles, while having lots of fun!

$15 class
Or $45 for a month

Thursdays 7:15-8:45 p.m.
Gold’s Gym Downtown
100 N. Laura St.

Gold’s 904-854-6531
Instructors 904-535-8832

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Viva La France

Subtle dig or inevitable prediction? You decide. o8.

I found this image checking out marketing blogs that Clement sent over.

The good news ladies, is that yes, Clement will return this year. The bad news? He is bring his girlfriend. But hey he's French so you never know, right? Just kidding Naome!

Check out of some of the blogs.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturdays in Springfield

I'll be on the grill and chasing Nico all over the campus. As more and more folks are calling Public School 24 home it is changing. Come see the changes and meet the students, errr residents.

Its looking like a beautiful day to discover Springfield. See you in Springfield!

Don't forget the Lunar New Year tonight!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go Breeze

photo Gulf Breeze News

At 10 in the morning the Gulf Breeze boys soccer team will take on some school called Nease in the state finals for soccer. Winning the Florida State Soccer Title is as big as it gets at this level with the exception of U17 and U19 National team play. Back in the day I played for Breeze and later my sister did. We were used to good ball and made it deep into the post season often. Since we moved on Gulf Breeze has become a state power but usually folds at the end of the year. Even back when we were importing Brazilians.

A couple of years ago I watched the boys team totally dominate BK only to be shut out by one of the best games I've ever seen a young goalie play. That kid is probably playing in college today.

Anyhoo this years team has already done something no Gulf Breeze team has ever done. They beat Merritt Island winning the schools only victory at the final four.

I saw the first half of their game at Stanton here. They controlled the first half, but by all accounts held on only by a string in the second half.

I hope the boys from Breeze can bring one home.

It will make it that much sweeter when we wack them in the alumni game.

Go Dolphins.

#4 Class of 89

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Downtown Annex)

cheap shot? eh.

Learned about this at Experience Jax.

Main library is to awesome as Experience Jax is to umm, awesome. I heart 'em.

Happy Valentines Sweety!

Actionville Jams

My friend DB turned me onto the new art from Yellowcard. They didn't come for the Douglas Anderson Alumni reunion but I bet they heard about it!

Anyway huge props for remembering the age old adage of Uncle Luke: Never Forget From Whence You Came.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday Preview Event - UPDATED

We figured it was about time to throw another weenie roast and loft open house. We are celebrating our 1000th can of beer! (actually figured more than 2000 cans of beer, and you said I was DJ Hyperbole) I'll make a more detailed post soon but we've got a decked out unit designed by Shaan Batten with fresh Bo Concept furniture. It looks great. More news to come.

But put us in your treo for Saturday because you know my dogs are on time.

Brats will also be in the house. Thanks to Michael for pointing out my spellin error. Good catch.

Oh and the Bo Concept unit? Stunner. For less than the cost of someother downtown rental you can own a piece of history and some bad ass stools.

More later.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Music Post

Flyer above from some joker called triclopsi

I am about to play the prodigal vinyl. I may never change the records in this crate again because its like goodness making an unlikely comeback. The year of the rat indeed. Thanks again Eclipses!

Next week I'll get back to my hyperlocal organic jams like lackawana, sunbears, kids, and any other sonic jams (sorry I can't get over the BA) for the party. Expect big things this election and city council season. Unwind downtown or recharge, but make sure you make a Tuesday. Ok and its totally understand about tonight. Its raining like a muv.

Speaking of Lackawanna. This is a good article that I saw pics of Lackawanna when I read it. It is a great neighborhood to discover. Its one of the most beautiful parts of town. Especially along McCoys Creek. See you tomorrow!

Do we have the political will to make them eat it?

image from thesneeze

That Tasty Nugget comes from Hemming Plaza. Another new blog I just found out about. Hurrah. Keep up the good work fellers.

This is also a good time to point out, I've noticed a sizable jump in traffic from the and If you are from there (or anywhere really) learning what commoners think of what is going on, know that if I post anything or link to anything that you think is unfair or disagree, please let me know. I straighten things out. My apologies and kudos and and corrections are downright kharmic and I would love nothing more than to set the record(s) straight. So don't let it seem like the charges are real by not saying anything. Get out and gain the trust back people.

biggie tea, setting the records straight (tm)

gotta run

This Job Ain't Nothing But WORK!

Ghostland Observatory - Midnight Voyage
Found at

The Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War
Found at

Here is a couple jams to get your blood moving this morning. Both from Austin. Both I want to see when I go there. Ok, Sis, please handle. By the way xjet fies non-stop to Austin. And New Orleans. Yeah baby.

This ought to hold you over until Mark's tonight. If you need me come see me there. I am on print deadline for the SUPER SPACTACULAR ART WALK MARCH 5. PUT MARCH 5 in the calendar. IF you come to Mark's tonight I'll give you the straight scoop (George Romero Style) on it. The inside word.

I'll also spin only vinyl tonight. Out of the crate that nearly got away. Behold my prodigal vinyl. I am in talks with Mark about changing format and theming up the joint for a while. Stay tuned. Let me just say if you got Wednesdays off or you want to meet people, I think you will likey. As usual its $2 drafts, $3 drinks or something.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Putting My Mouth Where My Money is.

DVI Meeting Reminders

Please be reminded of the following upcoming
Downtown Vision meetings:

Downtown Retail Meeting

Date: February 18, 2008

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Ed Ball Building (214 N. Hogan St.)

Room: First Floor Training Room (located next to the
escalators at the Adams St. entrance)

Topic: Make your business more efficient and
successful! The UNF Small Business Development
Center will be presenting an overview of available
services to retailers and restaurants, including
accounting, finance, hiring, supply management, and

Downtown Stakeholder Meeting with Jacksonville
Economic Development Commission (JEDC)

Date: February 27, 2008

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Ed Ball Building (214 N. Hogan St.)

Room: First Floor Training Room (located next to the
escalators at the Adams St. entrance)

Topic: Overview of the JEDC Downtown Action Plan

Speaker: Ron Barton, Executive Director, JEDC

If you are interested in attending any of these
meetings, please RSVP to our Director of District
Services, Amy Harrell, at (904) 634-0303 x 224 or via
email (mailto:amy at downtownjacksonville dot org).

If you are a stakeholder or retailer in the BID you should really try to make these meetings. I will try to make it, and if I do make it I will update, but don't count on it hot shot.

I've got some big posts coming. Click back feverishly.

Meanwhile I'm working on the Art Walk that changed everything. I better reign that in some before I am a victim of my own hyperbole. Anyhoo. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Its going to take a while.

But we're going to build this thing with style.

Friday, February 08, 2008

White House Redux

All you wanna be cookie eating pranksters that design things they will never build, for the fun of it, would love this project/contest.

No cad skeelz? How about photoshop?

Sorry Cat.

got these both from boing boing

Here is the thing.

Image of former moon colony razorblade window across from carnegie library, stolen from UJ. I miss max and cash. Hope they are doing well.

I've been thinking about an overhaul of this blog for about blank years. Thankfully a benevolent designer friend, or friendor, did it for a tradesong not long ago. Yes it does look fantastic. But other people, people who I really love and admire, send me stuff all the time and actually cry that they can't contribute. Usually they want to chime in with useless ass comments. There is nothing less important, less meaningful, less intelligent, less significant than a fucking internet comment. (Yes I love to post them too). Except maybe an internet message board. Or an anonymous comment. I want to be clear: COMMENTS ARE A FLASH IN THE PAN (tm).

That said I'll be bringing in comments and guest bloggers in a few weeks. With some stipulations, caveats, and conditions. You'll love it. Probably gonna rename the whole mess too. I feel I have to keep up, what with the dude (or chick) that thinks I should be mayor (needs to watch more wire), the riverdale revellers, blogus emeritus, and now this:


That is what I am talking about. Publishing. Publishing is doing something. Doing something is anthropologically relevant. Talking, especially making crap up and assfixing it to someone elses work is nothing.

Colony has smart, succinct, almost lawyerly takes on life, much of it political in Jacksonville, Florida, and the US.

Check this out:

Get free tickets on the DL? No problem. An unannounced, unreported breakfast amongst city council members? Why not just let the taxpayer get the check? Get an undeserved, half a million dollar city contract ? Who’s watching?

While we have to live with these apparently minor indiscretions, and no fines or jail time will be meted out, I find it difficult to swallow that, at best, our city government is rife with utter incompetence and devoid of a single ethical and moral fiber. Rudy Guiliani would surely be proud.

These things need to be blogged about. I need to read it and I think a lot of Jacksonville would agree. A LOT more than one might think.

I think that these things need to be investigated and punished not just because they are, well, against the law, but also because when you let everyone get away with everything public disdain is painted with the same broad stroke. Not all of our leaders suck.

Let that sink in. They don't all suck. I'm not even going to tell you the ones I like and don't and we'd probably disagree on a handfull of people. Except the one who hit me in the arm (as a greeting?) that one time. A little too hard there pal. You can have that MF. Actually if you want to talk about who I think is cool and who is not, I'm available, I'd just rather do it in person instead of on a blog that is already forwarded more around city hall than Van Halen tickets. Seriously. If you are reading this at 117 Duval, I'm not talking about you. I love you. Its that other douche. The one you don't like. Yep. Total creep.

Back to the point. It is up to us collectively to speak up and speak out against bullshit. Thankfully colonyjax is here to help.

And finally a confession. I went to the Green Day concert one time in the Mayor's box. There was no alcohol or anything else related to fun. It was like watching whatever Hannah Montana must be like watching. They sang we are the champions. I'll make a check out to some charity and pluck it in if that is the right thing to do. Please advise.

Its Friday, make plans. Act Busy.

Tonights Shea Slemmer and friends show upstairs at burrito will also include live music from the badlands trio.

Its free. Come see. i am here.

There is also some stuff to do over at UJ, speshly if you are across the dizitch. Also more blog news upcoming. Today. I promise. Keep clicking. Act busy.

My bad.

I forgot to attribute yesterdays, ahem, killer photos. They are from Sarah G, who is in fact back. Go Sarah, its your birthday.

Big post coming. Keep clicking back like a hundred times. Its Friday.

G's back but astronautalis is heading to Seattle (where the sun don't shine). I opened up for Rastro a few times at the Eclipsk. He is a solid dj. Last time I played there I misplaced my A Crate (tm). It has about 80 non-replacable records. Like John Spencer Blues Explosion, Calvin, I bought at the club 5. Speaking of Club 5, don't go there Saturday, go here:

But yesterday I went back to the Eclipsk and PICKED IT UP! OH HELL YES! That Eazy E with Erik Sermon Jam? Its in there MF. Huge thanks to Wes, Free, and the gamg over there for bringing crucial wax back in my life. Day one of the year of the pig was enormous. Speaking of:

You are going to want to go ahead and get your tickets online. They had to turn people away last year. That probably won't happen this year because of a bigger venue, however its best to be safe. I think this would be an awesome valentine present. I can't say enough about the food or entertainment. One of the best events in Jax.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Jason Wright is now showing in the underbelly gallery. Come pick yours out before they are all gone.

Sorry about the murderous post, just feeling Jacksonvilly today. And I can't get this song out of my head.

Oh, and art walk killed it last night. Nice to meet you Carlos!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Come downtown before the whole thing goes DARK!

Art Walk is already buzzzing and it hasn't even started. Sucks I have to work. Hope the service is at least acceptable! Please tell me about your art walk experiences so I can blog about it and provide free content that I just grabbed from somewhere else.

Like this dynamite video about Cameron Kuhn. Oy Vey.

But don't worry about that! Get out and do stuff downtown! The more people who do the more likely that the marble trio will be saved.

What stuff? Well tonight you can do this stuff!

Vote update

You want your vote to count. Keep em coming. I'll keep updating. I'm sure Reuters will think this is the new Zogby or something.

Obama 18
Billary 12
McCain 7
Huckabeez 3
Ron Paul 1

Also, did you know that more people voted for Obama in Duval than Kansas and Idaho combined?

Also, it won't rain tonight but if it does it just means you can get beer and food and art faster. And parking spaces.


Art Walk is tonight. Don't be fooled by the haters. Downtown doesn't suck. SHiiiiiiiii. We had to kick out waves of people at 2 last night at Marks. Ok, it was phat tuesday (tm) but still, its hopping.

Anyone that really needs to come tell me how terrible downtown is should come do it tonight. Otherwise shut the f___ up. Why take the time to analyze and waste time talking and typing? Makes you look small. I love your neighborhood and how crazy it is. I don't care if you grow your hood. I hope you do. I can promise I won't cry about it, when the leadership of your neighborhood does stupid things. I'll be there for you and if I can't I won't try to do anything but be supportive.

But lets be clear, if all you have is an opinion and obvious unfunded and unfounded ideas and criticisms keep it to yourself because we are busy.

Because I'll be having fun around people actually doing things.

I'll be selling Sparks (tm) at a reduced rate out back of the burrito all night. Come tell me there. If you can't get to me because its too packed. Try to make it to the Poppy Love Smoke | London Bridge | Ligit street party.

In celebration of African American History month, The London Bridge Pub, Legit Recording Studios and Poppy Love Smoke are throwing an old-fashioned block party at Ocean and Adams Streets. Enjoy the smooth sounds of DJ Speed Ball on the sidewalk and pianist and vocalist, Brian, inside the London Bridge Pub. Funky and fun original artwork on display.

But don't cry because you can't get to it because downtown is too packed and don't cry about no parking. Because you live in a city douchebag. Ride your bike.

Oh yeah results from my readers for phat tuesday (tm):

Obama 14
Billary 9
McCain 7
Huckabee 2

This is the warm up. If you can't make this one, ink in March 5 Art Walk now. Focus M____ F______!

NOT WORK SAFE. But what is? Cheesecake Factory is down like 10% this morning. Shiiiiiiiiiiii...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Send in your vote America

I have heard from quite a few folks today. Obama and McCain are leading the fields so far. I even know someone who would have caucussed for Barack but was registered independent so no can do. Everyone is voting this year. Hurray.

Tell me who you are going with theurbancore at the gmail dot the com. And I will do a full results page live from Mark's tonight. Putting the Phat in Fat Tuesdays (tm).

Welcome to Jacksonville

Where we aren't nearly as bad as people who sit in the burbs and complain about and not quite as good as Austin. Pictured above is either an early photo of my mom or my sister on her pedicab in downtown Austin. Yes, same sis. No she didn't lose her job. It aint cheap living in downtown Austin I guess and I guess it cuts down on the gym costs.

Back to the subject, my friend, who needs his own damn blog, sent me an interesting observation about the whole city council and city hall for that matter escaping indictment. In my ongoing effort to never get a consulting job at city hall I'll post here:

Whether you agree with the findings or not (some I do and some I don't) this one statement in the news article really bugs me;

"Grand jury foreman George "Buddy" Schulz Jr., an attorney at Holland & Knight, said the labor and expense of a trial wouldn't be worth securing $500 fines."

Have we set a precedent wherein the decision on future law enforcement action will be based on a profit/loss equation? Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

Great question! I am scared to death of sunshine, ask anybody who was on the CCTF with me. I love it but I dang sure wouldn't mess with it. All the quote above needs is the tink of a spitoon after it.

Oh and the pic? Pedicabs in downtown Austin are FREE! Just run on tips. Now why can't we do this Actionville?

Fat Tuesday got the votes that make the booty go

Some are saying Obama is up by more than 13 points in Cali-forn-IA. Now polls don't mean much this year but that seems like a ton.

If you are living in actionville, come watch the results of Fat Tuesday (yes it actually is that fat tuesday too (watch from Fat Harrys here- see you in mass tomorrow) Maybe Marks will let me go home at midnight when the horse cops plow through bourbon.

Anyway, come watch the results. It will probably be just me and you and really attractive bartenders. And great jams. The trophy for downtown will not be on display however as it is in its new home. Dive. eh.

And don't give up art walk for lent! Because its tomorrow and I have something special for you.