Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you want to be responsible for all of your child's art learning?

Do YOU?! Ok, maybe thats too cute of an image (from an article about getting into it. Tell it Momma.).

But art cuts? Give the kids a break.

I've seen it at Andrew Jackson. Make a call.

emphasis mine

Greetings --
If you have not had a moment to read the front page headline in last Thursday's Times-Union, please take time to do so now: here is the link.
As you scroll down through the article, you will see that, in addition to contract cuts with the Symphony, the Cummer, MOCA Jax, MOSH and the Zoo, the Duval County Public School System is also considering a proposal to cut $1.7 million for art, music and p.e. instruction.

My understanding is that this equates to a cut of approximately 50% in the arts instruction budget. The language in the newspaper article is that “support” for art and music programs would be cut. Our understanding is that “support” will also mean the arts resource teachers themselves.

Let me call your attention, too, to the first sentence of the article: The Duval County School Board is a long way from deciding exactly what to cut...
This is the time for all of our school board members to hear from YOU:
community leaders, program service providers, parents and students.

I am writing to you to encourage to write to each school board member to protect funding to arts programs. We know—without question—that musical instruction enhances mathematical achievement and visual art instruction impacts language arts development. For these reasons alone, these programs merit energetic support from all of us. I know how busy you all are, and with that in mind I want to tell you that hard copies of your letters are more effective that emails in delivering your message; however, emails are much, much better than nothing at all.

And please circulate this post among your friends and business contacts.
This work is important: I am counting on you!

Robert Arleigh White
Executive Director
Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

And we're counting on you Bob. Keep up the good work. Call or write your school board. In the meantime, do something with the kids.

I should point out that the king has a new princess. Both Jason Wright and Martin Moore have babies on the way. They are the latest show at the BG. Art Walk is Wednesday. Biggest one ever. Invest in the diaper economy. It is stable.

Wednesday approaches.

Sneak peak the big graphic artist conference in town this week over at UJ.

If you read Rihard Florida, you'll know the AIGA is like the Knights of Templar.

Friday, March 28, 2008

One time for the 74 Sound System

Tonight at the BG!

Check out the 74!

If you are in the colony, you can walk.

PIE 6-8 Art After Dark 7-at least dark, one would suspect

First, I want to thank all of you for all the wonderful support you have given me and my various ventures in the past.

It has been a joy to have been part of this community and join the efforts of so many who have worked for so long

to make this soil a fertile bed in which creative souls may sew their seeds. As part of this continuing process,

and part of my life's mission to provide venues for creative exhibitions, I have opened my studio from time to time

in order to pay forward my sucesses and give oportunity to other artists to show their work in an environment

that provides free and easy access to a properly lighted space. From the old days at Pedestrian, where

Steve Williams and I produced many shows, through the development of many other galleries and

exhibitions, I am delighted to click through the years and remember the artists' opportunities that I have either helped produce,

curate, or at least install. As we move into an uncertain world in which resourses become more and more

limited we find that the funding axe falls just to the north of the arts, food for the soul plays second fiddle to petroleum

products and funding for agressive actions. Now it is even more critical for those of us who have worked for so long

to stand up and tell those who are travelling our trail that what they do is important and that self expression can

happen in a safe environment. Last fall, PIE studio grew out of a conversation with Jay Shoots and Karen Sadler and myself.

The name comes from the concept of PROCESS INTENT EXHIBITION. This collaboration was started with no

particular agenda and not really any idea other than an intent to let an organic artistic venue develop on its own.

Since that begining we have had several well attended shows and other events.

We advertised and have mounted a great show called ART on a PEDESTAL which opens Friday March 28,

from 6-9. We have done this with no funding and pulling our own resourses where possible to get the show

up and ready. It is a great thing for Jacksonville that shows like this happen and a great thing for the Springfield

community an exhibition of this quality, with participants from all over the country, can happen in an area

that historically has been referred to as "blighted" in our city. Now it is time for us to ask for your

support. The first way that you can help is to pass the word to your circle that this show is happening.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the opening on Friday night. We also encourage and

willingly accept any levels of financial sponsorship. We will have a donation box and pins that you can use to

put your business card up as a contributing sponsor, your help is the only way that continuing these

exhibitions is possible. Thank you for reading this way-to-long letter, but I am passionate about this

subject and think that it is very important. Please forward to any friends who would be interested in what we are doing.

Jim Draper
PIE studio
1827 N. Pearl St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32206
(904) 476-6092

I think the funky formatting is because I cut it out of a forwarded email from a friend. I kind of like how the sentences are broken out. Its such a well written letter. If you have never been to Jim's Pearl Street studio, please hit this show. Its one of those brick lofts in Springfield that make people remark: I didn't know there were places like this in Jacksonville. I love the idea of the donation box and post your business card. My new card is not in yet, but I'll find something.

Then Art After Dark.

Both are found at

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shop til Josh Drops

Inertia Closes. Everything half off.

I'm sure it will be a bittersweet couple of days for Josh and the Deadtankers. For one, we had an independent record and book store in a city that needs more of these. Voted best by Folio. But he is only one man. He has a day job. He is in touring band(s). He is writing a book and working on a screenplay. I made up the last part. Anyway. We will all miss Inertia, but we still have Josh. Right? I mean, dude don't leave. Who will show me where the American Girl books are?

So friends, do what I will do. Sheepishly walk in, say how sorry you are they are closing, and then blow a lot of cash (cash only).

Its really the only way to make things right.

I am happy that Josh doesn't have to worry about retail now. It can be stressful and thankless. Go say thanks.

The Royal Treatment Record Store, Zombie Bikes, and forthcoming Burro Bags will still rock the block with Chans Chinese. One small note on Urban Jacksonville's story (with flashbacks!): The rent is not free its very low, almost ceremonial. Thanks to our benevolent landlord. But you have to add insurance, an alarm, utility bills. Anyway its tough and rent is cheap but nothing is free. See you there.

Bran Van 3000 - Go Shopping
Found at

Lighten Up.

Must watch the whole thing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jacksonville's Least Wanted

Ok. So here is post number whatever on graffiti inside the burrito gallery. Please don't do it. It sucks. Even if you had enough time to do something worthwhile, we don't want it. Plus, what if someone is waiting on the bathroon.

If you have done something that can be painted over and want to do that you will be forgiven. Let me know and I will arrainge.

So there it is. If you are caught destroying or tagging our restaurant you will be banned for life. If you know who has done this and let us know, we won't arrest we'll ban. For life. Start snitching. $100 bar tab for whomever turns in a culprit. We won't convict, just ban. You're not welcome here if you treat us worse than your grannies house.

Don't let us catch you though. That would suck.

I can't believe I have to write this. Do something. Creative. Seriously.

Otherwise, the truth would have sufficed.

Its not so much that she lied. Its not so much that she felt like she had to lie. Its not so much that all we've had is leaders saying anything they feel like for quite some time. Its not even that she got caught on youtube (which is changing everything).

Here is the deal for me. She lied. Admitted that she "mispoke". And then followed up with, on the same day she got caught, that she would leave GDA's favorite Rev Wrights church. Good time to talk about church, lady. Here is a gem:

"While we of course must protect our right to freedom of expression, it should not be used as a license to demean or humiliate our fellow citizens."

Lets not forget our right to totally rewrite history. And lets pretend that we didn't get the most honest dissection of race (our country's greatest hangup) of our lifetime.

Here is a column from someone who was there and has been writing on politics for 20 years (not Sinbad).

reporting from Springfield, in the heart of Duval, ducking and running

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy (Seattle) will play with locals before Metal Monday. The Pharmacy will go on between 9:30 and 10. No Cover. $3 Quartz.

At Shanty. 6th Street between Main and Laura.

The Pharmacy - Tropical Yeti Song
Found at


WHAT: Movies in the Park at Treaty Oak

WHERE: Jessie Ball DuPont Park, 1123 Prudential Drive

WHEN: Each Friday in April at 8 p.m.


DETAILS: As part of a special Downtown Movies in the Park series, you can come and enjoy free movies at the historic Treaty Oak in Jessie Ball DuPont Park.

Hosted by JaxParks and sponsored by Downtown Vision, Inc., Suddath, 102.9 FM The Point and Rock 105, the movies will be shown at 8 p.m. each Friday in April. All movies are rated PG.

Make sure you dine at a great Downtown restaurant before the movie or order take-out for a picnic dinner. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets for this spectacular spring night under the stars. A food vendor will also sell concessions on site for any extra munchies.

Movie dates and titles are listed below:

· Friday, April 4, “Madagascar”

· Friday, April 11, “Ghostbusters”

· Friday, April 18, “Hook”

· Friday, April 25, “Goonies”

Free parking for the event is available in the Suddath garage on Flagler Street between Suddath and the Hampton Inn. The garage gates will open at 5:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

For more information on JaxParks events, call (904) 630-CITY or visit For more information on this and other Downtown fun, visit

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Can't Lose

I mean with Beer, Pizza, and all. Makes you wish you were in Carolinas? Where no where is finer? Tuesdays anyway. Well, we do have Mark's on Tuesdays which has expanded on the $2 drafts and $2 wells. Now featuring $1 pbr, and $3 Jaeger (BGs house red). All Freedom Rock (Frank Black style), all the time.

Back to the story. Remember the media breakfast where Bruce said what about all this talk about a media bias towards Obama. That he gets more coverage and more favorable coverage than Hill. To which I said tell people there is a preference and they will be inclined to believe it. I then brought up that none of the outlets at that table covered that Obama probably won Texas and that Hillary would have to win each of the remaining primaries with 60% of the vote to take it. She hasn't won 60% anywhere yet.

So that bias is actually reversed. She can't win. Here is a quote that might be a strong cup of coffee for you:

Something that merely undermines him won't be enough. It would have to be some development that essentially disqualifies him.

So he would have to lose by some back door move that further divides the country. Not by votes. Sound familiar?

Florida's democratic leadership could lend a heaping, steaming pile of help I am sure. Idiots. Yes, I am one. But its like being a Seminole. We just find a way to lose.

Speaking of coffee. Hit the 3 Layers on Walnut and 6th. Open Sundays! Very good reuse, great atmosphere, and a cup of Joe is refreshingly affordable. Viva la Springfield.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Third Person or really first person plural. Oh who cares?

The post that describes the founder of this sites new career and new objectives is too long and unfinished at this point. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile flip over to UJ where there is further discussion about a festival in Springfield. We've been comment free around here and so have not been tormented with all of the unneeded and mean spirited garbage out there. We thought about allowing them with a lot of caveats but have reconsidered seeing some of the tripe available lately. So the comment hiatus is back on. Not that it was off. I know. Whatever. Though you can see how easy it is to comment with a blog.

That said we don't think comments are without their value. Sites get a ton of hits from them is an example. Good info is another. For instance the aformentioned UJ site has a constructive conversation about the Heritage Days. Not my favorite name. Reminds me of a painting by filup g that had little hoods instead of stars on the stars and bars. At the bottom it said a Heritage of Hate. Now in the collection of Walter Thomas. Ok, I'm sure thats not what Spar had in mind with heritage. But Colony, maybe the north flow of the parade was to illustrate how we kicked that confederate ass. Ole Miss wasn't built in a day.

For what its worth Spar seems way less unwieldy and cranky, and tired as in years passed. Choosing to passively support them has paid off for a lot of people I know. I can't stand the window decals on that building though. Talk about mixed messages. I digress.

We need a fest. It needn't incorporate everyone. It need not be well attended. It need not have some deeper Springfield meaning. It simply needs to get some of us out of the house and meet one another. Have an experience beyond the interweb complaint boards. Meet new neighbors. Live a little. If Talleyrand had many more people I would have felt uncomfortable. I thought it was a success. I hope they do it again.

Image swiped from Zombie Bikes! Welcome to Main Street fellas!

Don't forget all of the great things that spin out of 1520 Main are only possible because of the support of our benevolent landlord! Thanks!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sit. Watch. Decide.

While I have not totally given up on television, I am close. John Adams has replaced the Wire. The period design and acting is top rate, but I miss Omar. It was very cool to see Ben Franklin introduce John and Sam Adams to George Washington.

So a lot of the John Adams scenes are at Independence Hall which is where Barack is speaking from here. I am told he wrote this entire speech himself. Something he wanted to do because of all of the soundbites on loop all over the slow news networks.

If you are a fan of Obama or even if you are not, please take time to listen. He talks about Jacksonville all throughout it (especially 17:20 - 22:48). And New Orleans. And pretty much everywhere here in our divided country.

I don't dislike any of the candidates, but this is the first politician that I have ever felt like he was throwing out all the bull and speaking only from the heart.

Watching John Adams create the United States and Obama helping describe where we are are inspiring to me. Just wanted to pass that on.

reporting from Springfield

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Springfield Needs a Festival

source: Peter Kearns
Capitol Hill Block Party, photo: Peter Kearns What do all these places have in common? Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, St. John's Town Center, San Marco, Southbank, Northbank, St. Augustine, Orange Park. They have a festival taking place in the coming months. I was looking at the festival issue of Entertaining You and I realized there is one glaring omission: Springfield. I guess I can't say there are no festivals in Springfield. There is Dog Days in the Park, Heritage Days, the Crap Fair and maybe one or two others I'm missing. But I'd like something different. What I'd like to see is more along the lines of a music festival, something like SXSW, but divided by 10. You know, much smaller. I'm thinking a one day thing. It doesn't have to be big, and probably shouldn't be to get started. We can close off a block of Laura Street (I know this is possible, it's been done before), get a couple of port-o-potties, some kegs of beer, a few local bands, a stage and go from there. It can't be that hard right? Of course there are other things we'll need like: * Power * Security * Food and drink vendors * Permits * Sponsors source: Peter Kearns Capitol Hill Block Party, photo: Peter Kearns I'm sure there are quite a few logistics involved in doing this, but I know of two people who have organized something similar in Springfield and Riverside so it's not impossbile. I'm using the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle as inspiration. I think something like this will bring the community together and inspire people to create similar events in their own neighborhoods. Most of all I want more fun things to do in Jacksonville. Reporting from Springfield, this is Joey Marchy and I blog at You can contact me there if you want to get down and organize or have ideas/input.

“I want to thank you, Mr. Secretary, for working over the weekend.” -- Pres. Bush

“I want to thank you, Mr. Secretary, for working over the weekend.” -- Pres. Bush

Reporting from Springfield, on the city, state and nation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Burrito is hiring.

This job ain't nothing but work!

There is not enough room to describe my newest and most important move yet so I will just say this: I had a great time running numbers (not like grandpa) at the BG every Wednesday (and every other day the kids didn't make it back from bike week). I learned alot about the food and bev industry. Like how cranky you people are. And how the guy that says "you need more tables" takes up a six top for him and his date. And to all the people who know you are supposed to clear your own place, but don't. You can still stick it.

Sorry. But that is a pain and not fair to the person waiting on your table. Tighten up.

Ohh the post. Sorry. The Burrito Gallery is hiring. Day shift. Front of house. Basically the person who runs your food out. With the opportunity to possibly move into the cashier spot or the bar at some future point. We offer competitive pay which is why I have never posted this. But I got a real job (details forthcoming) and Sarah G is staying in Boulder longer than expected.

Talk to Marco any day after 5. Food and bev service recommended but not a deal breaker for good candidate. The shift is morning to afternoon. The more days available the better. Part time but hours will grow as experience grows. No parking on site. Many of our employees walk, ride their bike, or take public transit. I know, its amazing. There is a $3 all day lot on the block so don't fret if you are car addicted. We don't descriminate for any reason. Even cars. Talk to Marco about details.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I can almost hear the panic at the office of spesh events... No no no. You have to volunteer. But volunteering while watching free jazz fest while supporting a good cause? That is something spesh.

From the St Johns River City Band:

There's just one month until the Jazz Festival. We really need your help
serving beverages to the masses. Thank you to the people who have already
stepped up!

Please call Mace at 535-1122 or email him at
jim.mace (at) to schedule your shift - Saturday and/or Sunday - Open or
Close. Free admission and parking!

To see the full festival line up, go to

We also need 3 or 4 volunteers for the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on
April 2nd. If you would like to meet and greet Expo visitors for 2 or 3
hours between 9 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., call Diantha at 390-1999.

BONUS- SJRCB Dixieland Ensemble - April Art Walk - April 2nd from 6 - 8 p.m. in
Hemming Plaza.

If you're not into Dixieland in Hemming Plaza, check your pulse dude.

Happy St Baldricks!

my sis with a friend

It was that time of year again yesterday - things all of a sudden got a bit cooler - check out the pictures to see why! thanks to all who supported me - as of now i've raise 2,765 and a two year total of 6,430 dollars for childhood cancer research.
for those who haven't yet had a chance you can still DONATE

THANKS EVERYONE! Got the itch? Its really easy to donate to this great cause. Click and give. And have a safe and happy St Pat, errr Baldricks day!

(I of course celebrate year round)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here is the News on News. News Cafe that is.

I say this alot: You must be present to win.

Even with all of the blogs covering urban things and urban plans and suburban strip malls and things to do and lifestyle centers and blah blah blah. Wait, sorry. Even with all of this coverage of, ahem, schtuff, the best thing you can do to discover what is happening in your downtown and core neighborhoods is get out and enjoy them. Ride your bike. Buy a bike. Walk around.

I did, this morning, and I ate at the newly opened News Cafe. Great food. Cheese omlette for just under $3. I added onions and shrooms. You can get cruddy omlettes in this town and this is not one. They had free coffee today. Yes free. On top of that they had a jazz documentary on the teevee. Great jazz compliments free coffee. I mean come on! I can't find a site for it yet, so go link up in person. News Cafe is right next to the very nice and totally under-reported Poppy Loves Smoke. Which is right next to Ligit recording studio, which is next to the London Bridge Pub. Arguably the longest continually tapped pub downtown. Like Poppy Loves Smoke, News Cafe is a hidden gem.

You can read all day about what crap is moving into what mall, but no one really covers (except the good guys) new cafes in little downtown historic buildings. THis is changing. Like the media landscape, no? BTW, update on the media breakfast will break right after the Times Union profile of Paul and I, for obvious reasons. Do we need more shopping malls? Do we need more trees cut down? Are there any buildings that can be reused? Before your chidren have children that slap up stuccoed gap crap will be bulldozered for the latest in lifestyle. Not downtown (hopefully).

I mean, stand at the corner of Ocean and Adams. You have the Carnegie library, the Haydon Burns Library, Central Fire Station, and the Unite Cigar Building. What a corner! Then (at your own risk) step out to the new "popular" corner of gate and town center street (or whatever its called), if you aren't killed by the traffic or its exhaust. Look at what we've done to all those trees. And why dear mother earth must every condo have dozens of illegal chloroplast signs lined up and down the traffic jam? I don't even think the native american that cried would cry. I think he'd start scalping. I digress. Stay positive. Lets head back downtown.

This building, for instance, was one of the United Cigar Store buildings built in the boom year of 1926. In 2026 we should really have a huge downtown party. Maybe we can have 26 in '26. Try to get 26,000 people living downtown or something.

These shops may go the way of moon colony. But they only stand a chance if you turn off american idol and check them out for yourself. Please discuss.

Reporting from Downtown.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Travel the world from the comfort of your headphones

David Luckin has been recognized around the world for his radio program the Electro Lounge. So why is it impossible to find at I have no idea. Tighten up!

If you don't already have the studio radio dialed in, you really should. David takes you around the world two hours a day, five days a week. I am proud to say that I helped him with the transition from NightFlight to the Electro Lounge, which by way of streaming is heard all over the world.

His numbers are outstanding for local public radio. He has also been recognized by major publications in bigger cities. So is it time to syndicate? I think so. Flip back soon on information on how to get Electro Lounge piped in to your home city state public radio station.

And how about an early morning treat?

Here is a sit in with World renowned recording artist Catharsis on the Electro Lounge. Little known fact: Catharsis lives just a couple classrooms away from two thirds of the Smile Rays. Now thats old school.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The rich are different from you and me.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that. And its true.

Paul and I did an interview with a local news outlet today and explained that everyone thinks we are loaded (rich not drunk, and no that is not funny). We are not. We have a couple of buildings (worth of debt) sure. Jobs that consistantly pay us? Not so much. So the interview really got to the root of all the stuff we do and why. Though I'm not sure we covered the former and I can't wait to find out the latter.

I mean. I dj for diapers. No kidding. Thanks to a benevolent boss, I can survive a work week with a little coffee money. The record store? Benevolent landlord. I just feel you can't thank these folks enough. They are the ones that keep the core going. When you see an event happening in the core, take a look at the sponsors and invest in them, like they have invested in the heart of the city.

So why the filthy rich book? I just thought it was a cool idea. If you can afford the book, please share some of the info. It looks handy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Give it a spin

Operation Ivy - Energy (original pressing) Sold yesterday
Buyer - unnamed service industry worker
Price $20

The record store is slowly selling my precious vinyl collection with disturbing swiftness. I priced my albums fairly and fairly high. But the best ones keep selling. I'm circumspect about it. On the one hand, I am selling out my cultural background of irreplaceable time-capsule-esqe analog media of memories. They also will probably be worth a lot more than even my high prices. Then on the other hand, the boy's milk doesn't grow on trees.

Have no fear! I am still spinning the inventory at Marks. Tonight even!

Don't forget to support your local record stores. I think Inertia will be back when the tour is over, too. There is a bike recycler working on a shop in the building and I hear the poetry is taking off.

All of these things are made possible thanks to a benevolent landlord.


Reporting From Springfield

MMMMM Media Breakfast

Come for the talking heads. Stay for the donuts. This thing usually sells out, but because I'm on the panel, there are some tickets left. I highly recommend it if nothing for the fruit and the networking. In fact, you used to get a complete guide/directory to Jacksonville media at this event. I'm not sure if you still get that but I'm sure you do if you join FPRA. If you have never been to this event, I highly recommend it. And as a bonus for my readers here is how it is going to shake out:

Event Details:

7:30am – Registration / Breakfast / Networking

8:00am – Welcoming / Introduction of Bruce Hamilton (Scott Saunders)

Introduction of Panelists (Bruce Hamilton)

8:15am – Panel Discussion emceed by Bruce Hamilton

9:15am – Roundtable Discussion

9:45am – Panel Discussion emceed by Bruce Hamilton

10:15am – Presentation of Gifts / Closing Remarks

Weathering the Media Storm

Is sports news dying in a sports-hungry town? Are Hispanic media outlets more main stream than you think and are you missing opportunities? Who is making the decisions in television newsrooms with consolidation on the rise? Is business news coverage shrinking or a thing of the past? Are newspapers turning into community-based tabloids? Are blogs here to stay and which ones should I target? Will magazines survive if print news becomes extinct?

Media professionals are weathering the storm of constant change. Consolidation is on the rise, and the media has to adapt to corporations, consumers and technology. But what changes can we expect to see from television, radio, print, and online media outlets in Jacksonville? What’s really happening in the newsroom? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from media professionals who are experiencing these changes everyday. Arm yourself with the information necessary to get your messages across in this shifting media environment. Our panelists will discuss these and many more hot issues, so come prepared to weigh in during lively panel and roundtable discussions.

Bruce Hamilton, co-anchor of WJXT Channel 4’s The Morning Show, will emcee our program and its distinguished panelists:

· Jeff Prosser, co-anchor of Sports Final Radio 1010XL & Sports Final on First Coast News

· Luis Vienrich, founder, Eco Latino Magazine

· Frank Powers, assignment manager, WJXT Channel 4

· Stewart Verney, web editor, The Business Journal

· Frank Denton, interim editor, The Florida-Times-Union

· Tony Allegretti, founder,

· Anna Marie Burke, director of marketing, Jacksonville Magazine

Here is a rundown of how the event will go.

Event Overview:

The program will have three parts. As attendees finish up breakfast, the panel discussion will kick off the program. We will have Bruce Hamilton queued up with questions to get a lively conversation started among the panelists (no Q&A during this time). The hope is that this will invigorate the crowd and generate questions for the roundtable, which is part two. Each panelist will move to a table of eight guests and one FPRA board member. The board member will be there to help facilitate conversation (if necessary). The other task of the board member is to formulate a hot issue or question, based on the discussion, to submit for the final portion of the program. Bruce will collect the questions and decide which ones to ask the panel. At the conclusion of the roundtable, the media will return to the panel to discuss these “hot” issues for approx. 30 minutes. We will close the program at 10:15am allowing time for attendees to mingle with the panelists before leaving.

This will prove to be a great place to talk about changes about this blog and also changes about me and a possible new job. And no I don't mean Governor of New York. Though I am not ruling anything out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Media, for breakfast!

The Jacksonville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association


FPRA Hosts Annual Media Breakfast

Jacksonville Media Professionals to Lead Panel Discussion on Trends in Industry

WHO: The Jacksonville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA)

WHAT: The 2008 Annual Media Breakfast entitled “Weathering the Media Storm” will feature a powerful line-up of local media professionals. Bruce Hamilton, co-anchor of WJXT Channel 4’s The Morning Show, will emcee the program and its distinguished panelists:

· Jeff Prosser, co-anchor of Sports Final Radio 1010XL & Sports Final Sundays on First Coast News

· Frank Powers, assignment manager, WJXT Channel 4

· Angela Spears, anchor and reporter, First Coast News

· Stewart Verney, Web editor, The Jacksonville Business Journal

· Frank Denton, interim editor, The Florida-Times-Union

· Tony Allegretti, founder,

· Anna Marie Burke, director of marketing, Jacksonville Magazine

WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2008

7:30 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Deercreek Country Club

7816 McLaurin Road North

Jacksonville, Fla. 32256

WHY: FPRA is proud to host its annual Media Breakfast, a professional development seminar for public relations professionals throughout Northeast Florida. The program will address what is really happening in newsrooms across Jacksonville, and will provide attendees with the information necessary to get their messages across in this shifting media environment. Highlights will include lively panel and roundtable discussions.

For information, visit The event is $45 for guests, $35 for FPRA members, and $25 for students. Attendees can pay online with a credit card or pay with cash or check the day of the event. .


FPRA is a statewide organization of public relations professionals dedicated to advancing the profession of public relations and enhancing the professional development of its members. The FPRA Jacksonville chapter boasts a membership representing nearly every industry in the area, including insurance, banking, non-profit, healthcare, transportation, agencies and education. For more information on the FPRA Jacksonville Chapter, please visit


I was recommended to this panel by the king of all blogs (07-08) who could not attend. It serves as a great way to introduce the new deal about, which is what this blog will be called going forward. Doesn't it just roll off your urban tongue?

In my next post, I will describe how you can participate in this new project.

It may be a great time to get in the core.

Clean up. Clean up. Everybody do your share.

Everybody everywhere.

Join RADO’s Neighborhood Watch group for a street clean-up followed by a cookout!

We’re working to reduce crime in our community by sprucing up our blocks and meeting our neighbors.

WHEN: Sunday March 30th. Clean-up starts at 3:30pm. Cookout starts at 5:30pm

WHERE: Meet at 703 Ralph Street. Cookout will be at 2630 Gilmore St.

RSVP: Reply to this email or call 381-0950.

Bring family, friends, neighbors, dogs. All are welcome.

Don't bring your neighbor's dog (without permission).

Talk About Do Over -or- Change is on the Horizon.

The only thing I am against is letting the last vote stand. IT WAS CALLED A BEAUTY CONTEST! Just because there was massive turnout didn't mean everyone who wanted to vote did. Plenty of people didn't think their vote counted or would have counted (they were on to something, eh?)

Art walk was two days ago. I need information and the ole blog has not been updated. How the F am I supposed to keep up with what’s happening in Jax when the best source for info is not updated?

How’s everything going over thata way?

And I got this on Friday. I have been threatening to change this blog for some time. Well, that time has come. Soon anyway. Hold your horses.

Speaking of change. In the meantime here is the latest from Gulf Breeze natives Claybo and Downs:

Monday, March 03, 2008

Art Walk Wednesday, buy art for a good cause...You!

photo: Jason Wright

Let us not forget that buying a painting for $50, $100, any amount, will repay you every day. Sipping a cup of coffee listening to your vinyl on a sunny Sunday morning? Its smiling right back at you. Home late from a crappy day at work? Its ok son. That print of kangaroos can't wait to cheer you up.

Sometimes one can forget how much things we look at daily mean to us. Less so if you collect art. You can feel that plus community involvement in well placed local art. And you don't have to spend a ton to make a difference.

I founded a project called Art & Bills way back in Springfield. Here is a cached description from the ancient archives of yesteryear's interwebs:

Local and regional artists, discovered and otherwise, submit up to two works. Each work has an identifying tag next to it that states the name of the piece, the media used, the name of the artist and the price of the piece. Next to the price in parentheses is the Bill that the price is based on. Example: $150 (one week of daycare).

The spirit behind the Art and Bill's concept is to strengthen the bridge between Artists who enhance our lives each day and the patrons whose support allows us to live and produce art.

People bought art. It was pretty cool. I bought my first Jason Wright and I think he sold his first Jason Wright at Art & Bills.

Well it just so happens that Jason and his buddy Martin Moore are now showing at the Burrito Gallery, on your art walk. Jason and Marty will be on hand during art walk to meet and/or greet you, sign your new acquisitions, take pictures with. In that order maybe. It will probably be packed and once some of the art starts selling things may go fast. All of the art is priced right, I think. Small things are sometimes well under $100, large pieces are low. Some big ones like Jason's One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest are as low as $350. Marty has kid robot type figures that I shot but can't upload yet. I think you will want to meet the guys too. They are cool.

Oh and they are having babies. Both of them. Different mothers. Just kidding fellas. These guys are working artists making part of our cultural DNA with meaningful images and aesthetic. You can help with diapers and you can own it for life.

Be an anthropologist.

Downtown is RAGING inferno of fun

I've taken some hits for my hyperbolic marketing lately, so let me temper it with this: There is more going on than you could possibly deal with. I suggest that if you cannot do any of these things (DVI-pdf), you just take your box of whine down to Memorial Park and chill in a folding chair. The river is amazing this time of year.

Once relaxed you will be able to refocus. Take a shower maybe and then, well, handle it all. If you have any difficulties give these guys a listen. They'll be in another park, Hemming Plaza, wednesday night. And some future farmers market.

Oh and by the way, if your band would like to play Hemming on Fridays for the Farmers Market, give Michelle at DVI a holler.

Stay human.

It is more than just a crummy ad, Ralphie

This is a call to UrbanArtWarfare. I'll buy the stickers.

Don't forget the world's most amazing art walk ever (TM), just 2 days away. Quit rolling your eyes. Please don't missed this one just because I may or may not have overhyped it a smidge. Seriously there is some serious art shopping, art watching, people watching, river cruising, free parking, indie country alt listening fun to be had. Keep moving until you feel the love!

I've got another post coming soon about the new show at the Burrito.