Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Tuesday part mix tape PEDHTSKJMBA Version

flyer credit kenski, by way of urban jacksonville. jam on it.

Tuesdays creep up. Just like Art Walk's (pdf) seem to do. And here they come.

This super tuesday is not an event to support Barack Obama (like this one) though its not discouraged. Lots of people are doing things and some don't know about eachother. Reach out to all events and get your friends to vote. No matter who you are voting for. We all need massive turnout. We have people who are in office on less than 10% turnout. And it shows.

After Joey improves your mix life I am going to ride it out with tom waits and tom waits inspired jams on the vinyl records. Marks will have nighthawks double gate fold and cheap gins and mumble ermm mmmma (tom waits voice trails off).

Maybe Jubilation is exactly what we need in this bizarre long hot summer.

As chef brent says, be careful and prayerful on the streets. Do nice things and help one another.

Like that one bar says help ever hurt never. Free TSI. Go Boston. RIP Doug. Life's too short. Live well and happy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday is a gift! Have FUN!

This poster reminds me of Main Streets best MC slash record store manager, TJ.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Looks like TSI is the must see. Check, UJ.

I was there early and got to see my main man Kosha Dillz. Because one more pro Isreal rapper can't hurt.

But don't look to me for what to do. Look to experience jax. And don't forget you can put your event on it for nada!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Very Funny

I thought it was going end with Euro2008. I mean come on. Lots of 3 oclock lunch breaks today.

Bonus Links:

Need a Job
Need Something to do

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Listen Up. First Fridays is ON!

Ride your bike to connect to all the great urban core barbqs and events on the 4th! Pedal Power to the People.
most (if not all-- haven't checked with everyone) stores will be closed during the day, but we'll open around 6ish (normal FF time) to start barbecueing (veggie style as well as carnivore), get DJ Roy fired up, and start pouring beers. Then, we are asking everyone to ride or bring their bikes, so we can have a massive ride from 5 Pts to downtown for the fireworks, and, now that we know, some beers at BG. Just wanted to start getting this out there, as Emily is pretty busy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updated JULY 4th is going to be AWESOME!

You may remember that July 4th last year was the first time since 2003 that there was no Art Walk. So to make up for it, Art Walk agreed to be two days before America's Birthday, which is great for a number of reasons.

One is that Burrito Gallery will be OPEN! So we will have live music and fun and drank specials from 4 to midnight this 4th of July. Join us as we welcome back our Ambassador to France, Clement!

Coordinate all that around your boating, bbqing, throwback baseball (scroll), fireworks, and outdoor concerts.

Viva la Jax!

Super Tuesday

Heritage Days start on Friday with a Throwback baseball game in Historic Klutho Park. The Springfield Mommies Club will kick off the festivities with their annual 4th of July Parade around the bases, followed by the National Anthem.

Springfield's own Vintage Baseball League will then take the field to play the annual East Vs West throwback baseball game. The Eastside dominated last years game, but the Westside is looking to make a comeback. there will be beer and food available at the game.

This years game will be held in honor of Tom Provost, the recent victim of a violent crime. Tom was the home plate umpire for last years Heritage Days. The award that goes to the winners will also be renamed in Toms honor.

After the game, the monthly Springfield First Friday will be held on Boulevard between 2nd and 3rd, and in and around Klutho Park. Klutho is a magnificent place to see the fireworks from, and if last years impromptu 4th of July celebration is any indication there will be plenty of food and fun to be had.

On Saturday, SPAR will be hosting its second annual music series. Last year, Jacksonville's Symphony Orchestra played in Klutho Park. this year, 9 of Jacksonville's best up and coming musicians will be playing in the park. Shantytown Pub will provide beer and wine sales, and there will be other vendors set up to make it a day full of fun and music.
Here is a list of many of the artists.

What does this have to do with Super Tuesday? I admit not much. But I will play all of these bands tonite at Marks. Brian V will take it from there. $1pbr, $2draft, $3jager, midnight madness $1 wells. Support your neighborhood, burp.

If you were at the last Super Tuesday you might have met Jay McGovern. Jay is really close to meeting his goal for campaign contribution. Make a future friend in Washington and chip in if you got it. Jay is good people.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Go America, its your birthday.

This 4th of July, jump on the bike, or picnic, or both. This seems like a staycation's worth of events.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nevermind. They are all covering it now.


Except for FCN, nothing there yet. Were are armed with great transit needs and ideas. His speech today on the St Johns was important.

Read down the end about the green collar jobs.

Emphasis Mine

Finally. He's here.

Guest Post from Emphasis Mine

I was worried that no one in the local media knew the next POTUSA was in the nieghborhood. My neighborhood any way. It turns out that someone looked out the window from one riverside. Here is a gem from the daily (not bailey):

Media, Secret Service swarm before Obama appearance (calm it down a little on the headline we've been through a lot downtown this week)

June 20th, 2008
National and state media are canvassing the banks of the St. Johns River near the Acosta Bridge in anticipation of Sen. Barack Obama’s 4:30 p.m. press conference.

Obama hasn’t visited Florida since 2007. That explains why state news organizations have traveled from as far away as St. Petersburg to catch the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee today. (Right. Because if he was here this year at all there would be no story here? I mean it must of been hard for the St Pete Times to decide to send a reporter up north. What with the gas prices and all)

From here, the Illinois senator heads to Downtown Jacksonville for a $500-a-person fundraiser. (ELITISTAS!) An Obama staffer just said the campaign expects about 200 people to attend. (Thats a lot of Prime O Rib! I think they have a elephant mole on the campaign. What ruthless operative got away with planning a $500 dinner from the Prime O? Brilliant. Watch how many staffers accidentally drop plates. Any more than 3 and the fix was in.)

Also he may talk about America or something. He also might lead the free world or something. Still nothing at the other local media web sites. Tomatoes are BACK!

I would link to this story but even though there is no cruel and terrible comments yet, there will be and it will set humanity back. Again. Ditch them!

Mr. Denton (sir), tear down these comments!

Whats another $87 of ad money if you can save humanity?


Have a great weekend URBAN CORE!

Reporting from LaVilla, Emphasis Mine


Super Tuesday recap:

1. good music
2. good diverse crowd
3. good sign up for Generation Obama
4. good pass the hat for Tom
5. good celtics blowout

Biggie Tea would like to acknowledge that the Reigning Best Blogger was also crowned best "blogger in a dj role" with urban in the url. Obviously I've been busy with presidential politics. Still we couldn't compete with Jess over at Shanty. We are doing a casual super tuesday this coming Tuesday to reflect on the week that was. Go to Shanty and thrown into the hat. If you know you are going tell folks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I assume (but will update if I hear otherwise) Shanty will be open tonight. I suggest you drop in and show some love for one of our own who needs prayers and support.

We have a big jam planned tonight at Mark's with all kind of great stuff planned including battling blogger/djs.

But we have just added that we are going to pass the hat for Boston Tom. Anything you donate will go directly to Tom. Make pledge at the DJ BOOTH at Mark's tonight. Don't feel bad if you only have enough to give Tom some, the good senator from Chicago will understand. In fact I just saw Tom with a cubs hat so I think we'll be all good. Plus I know there will be other opportunities.


Petey from SARARC. Not the dog mentioned below but a rescued dog from Springfield none the less.

I am so bummed. Bummed but hopeful. There was a shooting last night at Shanty. Details are still sketchy and UrbanJacksonville and SPAR is on top of it.

There is a way you can help now and it comes with a mountain of good will. The girlfriend of the victim (hero if you ask me) just adopted a dog from the Springfield Animal Rescue. Obviously she has other things on her mind. If you are able to adopt this pet please contact SACARC at sacarc(at)

If, by the time you get with SACARC this angel dog has already found a new home consider adopting another to honor Boston Tom and his recovery. SARARC.

I know the neighborhood will galvanize for Tom! GET WELL SOON!

Info on adoption:

There is something you can do to help Janet so she can spend time at the hospital with Tom. She had just rescued a male red-nose pit mix who is passive/shy but sweet with lots of tail wagging. He didn’t like the crate at the vet but Janet was about to work with him on that and we don’t know how he is with cats but he gets along fine with her neighbor’s dog thru the fence. He wants human company and seems to be afraid of the dark.

We need to find a foster home for him TONIGHT. SACARC has had him to the vet for vaccinations and deworming, etc. Our usual foster homes are full to the gills and then some. Is there anyone available or can you put out feelers to everyone you know? We don’t want to put him back out on the street and neither Janet or Tom would want that either.”
could you have any interested parties email sacarc at if they can help.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I was asked to speak with some future leaders today. I was totally impressed. Reminds me of my Genesis days at college. Ahhh. College. Here is what I learned. From today not college.

I resolve

To not back down. Be myself. Work hard.

The only real way to make your life better is to make the world itself better. Good music and good people downtown makes the world better right?

Ok, thats debatable. The latter not the former.

If thats too confusing or heavy there are drink specials. And I am sure plenty of reds and independents. Its free admission for all.

I resolve

To listen to differences in opinions and not to try to change them but have them help form my understanding in what we need to move forward and progress.

I resolve

To head into super tuesday and battle.

update: There are a few folks that are running for office that will be at this event. Come meet them and other folks and talk about our great state, our great city, our great people, and how we can have great leadership too.

MMmmm. Kickbacks.

Greetings Neighbors,

On Thursday our monthly Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held at Kickbacks, a fun pub on King Street at the corner of College Street.

Please join us at 6pm and bring a friend!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

RADO – Riverside Avondale Development Organization


Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 20th. Save it! And also tonight, do it!

Halo friends, on Friday, the 20th of June from 6 till 10
there will be a large concentration of my new work
in the solo exhibit ""From The Vain Imagination Of Another Pulpiteer"
at the marvelous new Flux Gallery in Riverside
in the heart of 5 Points at 1011 Park Street.
Visit for more information.

i Would love to see you at this sweet little summer soiree.

And don't forget,
there's always something new at 9th & Main
(my favourite Springfield hideout)
and this week a new restaurant "Basil Thai"
will feature all new works in San Marco.

That is the Quick word from my world,
what is new in yours?

mactruQue continues to be one of the best painters in town. I've heard there are some real gems and are definitely reasonably priced worx in this new show. As a collector of his work I am not upset about this one bit. I am happy that you might get the opportunity to enjoy his work on a daily basis. It makes my family happy everyday to see his work around our house. Check it out at least and decide for yourself.

and if your itching for something to do tonight hit this:

Joey has a post about it here. Kicking off the new and seemingly dangerous River City Soul Company. Congrats fellas. I'm digging the line up and the arteests. Lowbrows unite! Life's too short fellas. Paint, show, teach, do, read. Live.

Speaking of Joey, there is also a massive show on Super Tuesday! Schedule nothing early Wednesday, in fact go ahead and ask for it off.

Also good show on Sabado Gigante Sat at tres layers (home of the best fruit cup on the eastside). Scroll for more info. There is sangria involved. Thats all I am saying.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

El Sabado

The Spanish Bullfight: Living History
A photo exhibition
Three Layers A Coffeehouse
During her 5 year residence in Spain, Springfield-based photographer Renee Parenteau, became fascinated with a tradition so ancient yet so popular in modern Spanish society. She followed the lives of top bullfighters through their training and dramatic performances in the Corrida, or “bullfight” as it’s known in Spain.
“The bullfight is a Spanish institution. It started as a military exercise on horseback and became an art, practiced today, on foot where elegance and finesse meet the thundering attack of a wild bull: where one inch can be the difference between a flawlessly executed sweep of a cape, rewarded by the cheering crowds, or the bloody death of an adulated hero.
I was fascinated to find that artists like Goya were inspired by the images of a bullfight and incorporated them into their work. Picasso said he would have been a bullfighter if he wouldn’t have chosen to be an artist.
This exhibition presents images from my extensive research of this ancient and controversial art embraced by a majority of the Spanish population and exported to the world as a symbol of Spain.”

renée parenteau photography 904.236.5337

You had me at sangria...

Opening night event

Saturday June 14

6:00-9:00 pm

Join us for a night of Spain in Springfield

Sweet treats
Sounds of Spain

1602 Walnut Street, Historic Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida 32206

10% of opening night art sales will be donated to S.A.C.A.R.C.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


cool car from Playsam, available at nest

Hi All,

I have been waiting for these to arrive for sometime now!

Playsam have just released a limited edition Organic line to their ultra cool wooden toy cars.
I just got them in, and wanted you all to know because they are super cool and also make great gifts (for dad perhaps). Playsam are known for their glossy lacquered wooden toys, but the new organic line show off the beautiful wood quality used. I love them, you will too!

I have attached a little information about Playsam for you:

A classic Playsam design, the Streamliner Classic Car has been selected as Swedish Design Classic by the Swedish National Museum for its inventive style and sleek surface. It's no wonder that this wooden car has also been a long-standing favorite for children both big and small!

Classic and contemporary. Fanciful and functional. Simple and sophisticated.
At first glance, these characteristics may seem slightly contradictory. But Playsam firmly believe that opposites attract. After all, a small company with a big name.

As the leading Scandinavian design company in its class, Playsam creates innovative and timeless wooden toys for the young and young at heart. With each and every toy, we not only strive for physical functionality, but also for an art form that challenges pre-existing artistic concepts and conventions. Take your pick of our exclusive products-from the miniature Saab Keychain Car to the Streamliner series to Playsam's wonderful Rocking Rabbit-and give the best of Swedish design as a baby, birthday or business gift.

The mission is to shape executive wooden toys that exude charm and charisma while simultaneously stimulating the very soul of Playsams audience. The products' capacity to appeal to the mind's eye is equally as significant as their bright and glossy surfaces.

The aim is to engage those individuals who welcome a visual challenge, demand superb quality and crave intellectual creativity-in short, lovers of executive Scandinavian design. And during over twenty years of business, doing exactly this by inspiring individuals all around the world with artistic aesthetics and ageless designs.

Playsam is a haven for contemporary, cosmopolitan, classic design. Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest. To experience the world, you need only to open your eyes and reach out your hands.

nestliving and keeps on growing each day. I can't tell you how happy I am with all of the support I have received. I am working on a couple of really exciting projects for the future that I can't wait to share with all of you. I'll be sure to update you when things progress.Thanks for all of your support.


Shaan Batten

Black Kids New Remixes

The Black Kids are approaching 2 million views of their myspace. Holy cow. There right up there with the new iphone and crap.

They have some new remixz there too. Click Click Ahhh.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You say Tomato


photo sarahg

For those of you keeping up with Tomatogate 08 The Burrito Gallery is staying on top of it with current selections of grape, cherry, and yellow.

If it gets too terrible we can all go to Florence (above). Thanks G!

also tonight at Mark's its dj same old same old. However since its just me and Brian V, $1 wells from midnight to close. Take a cab, they're surprisingly cheap.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Two good friends sent me this.

All of which brings me to realize that this is about place as much as it is about things — about where as much as what. It is good to be reminded that even objects with no apparent intrinsic worth have a place. But that’s probably what those red, yellow and green crates sitting outside the kitchen door spell out most clearly: that there can be a logic to the way we move things out of our lives. And that the things we’re finished with need a system too.


Here is what happened.

Do you have friends that have no idea how we got here and needs to catch up. The good rev doesn't come in until late in the sixth. Will November never come?

Case of the Mondays?

Pour a glass of your house wine, put your feet up, and relax. Then click here and watch as the world we prayed for takes shape in google news.

warning: if you click the "news" you get actual "news" and leave utopia and return to Monday.

Saturdays are the new Fridays

New exibit at bogda. Thanks for taking pictures! Please. Take pics. Send them out or post them (get permission first! and don't let the times union photograph them, unless you want them to sell them on mousepads at your expense). There are people all over town and the country and sometimes France that want to see what they've missed. Don't worry it won't cut down on attendence because you can't drink free pbr on wifi. Tried it. Link to the jaxcal site for a good review (albeit creepy reviewer) and some photos from the show itself. Even though this gallery is close by I didn't make it. Saturdays are the hardest to do things for yours truly. I will have to hit it while its still up. Some of the work is really cool and new to me. And I thought I had a grip on the street.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


David Luckin is Spinning tonight from 10 to 2am! Then Bob Bednar's this is jazz until 4! 4!

LISTEN LIVE! Click Listen Online. Or tune in to 89.9 fm in digital bliss.

Headphones. Check. Chaise. Check.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


This looks like a cool gallery. First Friday makes the greatest day even greatier.

Blowing Up!

image from three barks

Greetings Everyone,

Recently, I founded the Marietta Square First Friday Art Walk. I learned a lot about how an Art Walk works from my good friend Tony Allegretti in Jacksonville, FL where I participated in the Art Walk there for 4 years.
I have brought my knowledge of what I learned in Jacksonville to Marietta Square. Twenty-nine venues are a part of the Art Walk this month!

Art Walk is a free, self-guided tour of Marietta Square galleries, museums, cultural venues, restaurants, and businesses on the first Friday of every month - rain or shine. Look for a blue ribbon to identify each participating venue. Choose your own route, or begin at Headquarters - The Rod Sheriff Studio, 60 Powder Springs Street.

Parking is free on the streets in the Square. There is a free parking deck on Cherokee Street next to the Court House after 4:45pm. Catch the Trolley from this parking deck to start your Art Walk tour. Catch the Trolley at each colored balloon trolley stop to your next Art Walk location.

Pick up an Art Walk map at any participating venue. Ask each participating venue location to stamp your map. After visiting at least 10 venues take your map to Art Walk Headquarters, The Rod Sheriff Studio, to collect a gift bag containing a gift from each participating venue. The featured gift this month is an art print from artist Rod Sheriff. This is your chance to own a free signed piece of art from a well-known local artist.

Official Art Walk Pre-Show at The Avery Gallery, Avisca Gallery, and Durrett Studio and Gallery. Start your Art Walk adventure in East Square. Live pastel works created by Philip Lekki at the Avery Gallery.
(No trolley to these locations, but there is parking)

Official Art Walk After-Party at AB Gallery. Sneak-peek of AB the Flagman's June 19th opening where he will host the Patron party for the High Museum of Art!

If you would like a full printable map with a description of venues, artists and works being displayed, and directions please email me.

Hope to see you all there.


Jenny Henley

Owner and Director of
Henley Studios
280 Elizabeth Street, Suite A-109
Atlanta, GA. 30307


What I meant to say wuz (NSFW)

This video is calming to me. She did get a bad rap and I'm sorry. I also am a huge fan now. I can tell you that happened at about 7:54 in the video.

urbisimus show saturday

URBIS: (lat.) city
MUS: (lat.) mouse

Saturday, 6/7/08
8-11 PM
1253 McDuff Ave. So.
Jacksonville, FL

904 WTF (updated) (again)

Anyone not go to Art Walk last night? Jeesh.

Relatedish: Joey has his slide show from pokemon posted. Awesome. Which reminds me, I told the guy that who wrote the fantastic article about blahgging how Joey and I met (which is actually INTERESTING). I guess I'm blessed to tell that story for the first time. Which I will do soon when I announce an announcement about a co-op slash party that Joey and I are planning. That'll be newsish!

REDACTED! :) Sorry!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blowing Up!


Notice how the neighborhoods are popping lately. So much fun stuff its nearly impossible to keep up.

So above is a flyer for Anomoly's three year birthday party. Holy cow. 3 years is a long time for an independent shop. I'm super pumped for them. Great mom and pop story. Its what built five points.

Its also what built Springfield. So let me tell you a little tale about the Buyers Market Lodge. The Buyers Market Lodge was a concept/brainchild/idea that triclops (owner of some bar on 6th) and I and our benevolent landlord came up with to do three things. Create a "place" on Main St, create a few no to low paying green collar jobs, and create a shopping experience of simple yet sometimes hard to find things the new urbanist (really any body, but it sounds sweeter) would want and need. Its so successful that it makes me want to cry. Its economic success is subtle and has more to do with the cost savings of the people who frequent it. The success lies in the re use and recycle products available, and the attention Main St, despites its dug-up-ness, is getting and deserves. For one you can buy a record. Its a round waxy thing that your granny used to play. You can listen to it before you buy it. You can get the royal treatment management to freestyle over it while you listen to it (depends on his mood).

Or you can buy a bag. Prank phone call! Just kidding. You can buy a BURRO BAG!! I was in MKE this weekend and someone who reads my blog asked me about these bags. They are really strong and very comfortable. Matt and Chris hand craft these custom bags to your specs (if you wish) and they use recycled materials. Right now they're kickin vinyl from billboards. Who said clear channel was rubbish? Now you can wear clear channel's rubbish! They also pad bags for electronics/computers etc. Drop in and check them out, but check their site first, they are about to take a vaca.

But the real soft spot in my heart is the zombie bikes. These guys are solid. My daughters bike was swiped and she is just learning to ride. I dropped in to the shop (its like the taxi teevee show only greasier) and walked out with a spider man special. Under $20 and built to spill. I ordered an adult and two more kids bikes for a friend and asked how long it will take. My zombie said it depends how many people throw away their bikes this week. How f-ing awesome is that. He also said people bring in bikes all the time.

So here is the message. If you have a bike that is doing nothing but collecting dust, take it down to the fine folks at zombie bikes. Give it to them, or have them put some gorilla handlebars on it like I'm doing for Clement. The fuji, she waits for you Clem. Support your independent retailers and the city will continue to blossom. I love this town!

Also, tonight across from the burrito, in front of the Haydon Burns, I will have info on Heartland Hospice. We've got job and volunteer opportunities if your feeling it. I'm also sharing some space with RADO who will have info on their new homes and projects. Come see a brother.

Need an update on why I am doing Hospice? Listen to the man that called me to it:

ps- Thats not Dr. Wilson in the video, just an ad.

Have a fun ART WALK!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vive le JAX! ... from the French desk


It is just amazing!
This afternoon in the subway in Paris, I was wearing my Art Walk T-shirt from the BG and some guys came, see it and asked me if I were American. Actually they recognized the T-shirt because they are the red jumpsuit appartus from Jacksonville! Do you know them? I didn't. They told me that they know the BG and Irin!
We could'nt speak for a long time because they were in a hurry to get a train.

The world is so small! I was so happy to meet some Jacksonville guys! we'll stay in touch together via email and we'll try to see their show this summer.

In French we say "je tombe sur le cul" that means I fell on my ass so much I was suprised and happy!

See you soon boss, I'm ready and I can't wait to see you!!!


Clem, we're all on our ass here as well. And can't wait to see you either. These guys, or at least some of them are from the same high school as "Chops"

We've got lots of great projects waiting for you so brush up on your American Cowboy accent.

Its good to know ol' Walkie Walkerton (tm) is getting around the globe. His big day is tomorrow, lets not forget!

Art Walk Map (pdf)

As usual there are one billion things to do. Don't just sit in front of the BG, walk around. Then come sit in front of the BG. Or don't. I will have an update about some important stuff about tomorrow nights art walk in a later post. So check back early and often.

Oh yeah and tonight, we spin. Its the last of Cathartic (20 years of innovation (tm). We all bid him a fond farewell. Complete with $1 PBR, $2 droughts, $3 Jager. Even though he doesn't drink. But that's hardly relevent. Oh yeah and tonight Hilz really does throw in the towel. We think. CNN on the flat screen for my politicos.

Huge announcement about Mark's forthcoming. Also, at some dump in Springy, they got some biker chick dj-ing. So its up to you, are you shabby chic Springy stylee, or are you sophistamacated downtown lounge? Or both? Oh and if you don't want to watch me tell conventioneers that I don't have any flo-rida vinyl you can catch karaoke at TSI, which I hear is brilliant, but I have to work, at Mark's, where they have liquor. Which is hardly relevent.

Just take the whole week off.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weapons of Mass Beauty

Good story about seed bombs and the people who make them. Who knew there were such great people out there? You did of course!