Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes We Ham

Quick update before I go to God's gift to second hand smoke (black kids partie at the eclipse).

Hopy's House Partie (tm) was over packed early! That thing was more popular than am radio during the pledge drive. It was six hundred degrees and there were sweaty mens and a table of yum and what I think was a ham carcas. Clem and I don't like the crowds so we sought refuge at some bar called 9th and Main (I named it that. Look it up.)

Well if I have never given my complete eval before let me go ahead and tell you that it can kiss my elitist hiney. After a solid 10 minute wait as the only customers at the bar I ordered 2 sam adams because you know he said it was 2 for 1 drafts (one for each of us). WE drank the first one with the french desk and waited another 20 minutes for the bartender for the happy one. Still the only people at the bar. We watched more and more liberals walk next door. I am not sure what they did for crowd control but seriously it was PACKED! I know sometimes I kid but it was really crowded at the opening. Anyhoo. I ask for the total. $14! I'm not talking euros dude! I said I thought it was 2 for one. He said it was 2 for 1 "prices" Ohh. What? I said how much are they usually? 5$. Ok, so it should be $10. "I'm not going to argue with you dude."

Umm. Ok.

Let me be the first to announce $7 sam adams at 9th and main, unless its sad hour when they are five. Things got slightly better and way cheaper at make a scene. Poolparty no swimming.. And no pool. And no ahi. But they did have dollar beers so who am i?


black'd out

Jacksonville's own black kids will be signing cds and posters at these two upcoming "release" partys (tm) according to jaxscene (the drinking mans experiencejax (tm)) if I read it correctly. Oh wait, nevermind. they are playing in chicago. But their likenesses will be available on stickers and posters and other propaghandi that joey and i weren't offered when we invented the release partie back in 1998. We're just teasing you biters. I am happy there is a love to go around and a growing fan base in this town. Maybe not Glastonbury big but at least met park big. Imagine how big they would be if they just played tallyrand. Bring back tallyrand.

So whos going to Hopey's House Partie? (tm)
"Hello fellow Obama supporters �"
Please join the staff and volunteers for the Grand Opening of our Campaign HQ on
Thursday, July 31 at 5PM! Supporters from Duval and surrounding areas will be
coming together to get involved. Remember - nothing can stand in the way of
millions of voices calling for change...
Looking forward to meeting you all, "

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Don't ask me why its in Russian. Too easy. Also its in the Klutho Building. Next to 9th and Main for those of you without a clue of your city's architectural history.

OR! You can Make a Scene Downtown! OR BOTH!

Drink Specials $1-$5

Food Specials $1
-Ahi tuna sliders, wasabi truffle Aioli, arugula and tomato

-Mini beef sliders with lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheese

-Old Bay seasoned chips

Valet parking: $5
Parking Garage (next to the hotel near the main entrance) $8

$8 valet! SWEET! So basically if you walk or ride your bike, you're getting 4 beers, 3 ahi tuna sliders, and Old Bay chips for free! (ish)

Also, everyone knows that Jacksonville is an art school town. Well you do now! Journey down to the cultural center of the city (baymeadows). Get to know your art school. Lets ask them when they are moving to elitist downtown!

More info here!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We are all Berliners

um yeah, yo guys your, um not supposed to sit up there.

If you are ever feeling in the dumps, I recommend daisey, batsauce, and the smile rays. Hit up batsauces you tube for a video blog or vlog account of their adventures with the euro. like this one, the latest:

duval worldwide


A Ghostbike for Johnny

From Bike Jax (the bonafide journalist)

"I don't know why, but these reports of Johnny crossing against a do not walk signal kept nagging at me."

Work hard. Eat up. Then work it off again.

Treat yourself. This is usually a sell out for good reason. Try a new downtown restaurant or save on an old fav. Reservations fill up but I bet some good ones are still available or I wouldn't have gotten the email.


Knowing your interest in Downtown, I was wondering if you could help us get the word out on Eat Up Downtown. I have included all event details below and attached the logo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Restaurant Week Returns in August

WHAT: Save the date and your appetite! Downtown Vision, Inc. is dishing out exquisite cuisine at an affordable price during the second year of Eat Up Downtown, Downtown Jacksonville’s

restaurant week. More Downtown restaurants have joined this year to promote Downtown as a dining destination including bb’s and the University Club. From sushi to filet mignon, participating restaurants provide a specially selected (prix fixe) 3-course dinner menu for $25. There are no coupons to clip or tickets to buy, simply select a restaurant and call the restaurant for reservations. Try a new restaurant or visit an old favorite and Eat Up Downtown!

WHO: Eat Up Downtown participants:

bb’s Mongo’s Flat Hot Grill

Benny’s Steak & Seafood Plaza III Steakhouse

Bourbon Bayou River City Brewing Company

Café 331 Sake House

Café Nola @ MOCA The Wine Bar – Southbank

Chew The Wine Cellar

Hooters The Twisted Martini

Juliette’s Bistro University Club

Koja Sushi Vito’s Italian Café

WHEN: August 18 - August 24, 2008

WHERE: Participating restaurants in Downtown Jacksonville

COST: $25 per person for a three-course meal, tax and gratuity not included

SPONSORS/PARTNERS: Jacksonville Magazine, 102.9, The Point, and Visit Jacksonville

MORE INFORMATION: or call 904-451-3344

Make A Scene Downtown!

Michelle Brooks

Promotions Manager

Downtown Vision, Inc.

214 N. Hogan St. Ste. 120

Jacksonville, FL 32202

o: 904-634-0303 ext. 230

f: 904-634-8988

Eat Up Downtown August 18-24, 2008

The perfect time for a client dinner, girl’s night out or date night!

Menus available at


Now join a cycling club, or running, swimming? Oh yea and its Tuesday again. We are going to do a release party until we get a cease and desist. Or something. Cheers.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Case of the Mondays

What we need to do is stop complaining about everything and pointing and dividing. We need more skating.
Skate it off or hug the rug wall. Or something.

thats my dj

Or check out this chic bar, no cover, you can ride your bike to it

credit sarah g

Word on the Overstreet

Fantastic! This is a an awesome tour (long but worth it!) of some of the work at the BG currently by artist Overstreet Ducasse. Overstreet's art can really send you on an adventure. There is more content in his paintings than cable. Throw out your teevee and pick up an O.

You can watch this video here (above) but since Byron took the time and allows commentary, I would suggest a click over to JaxCal and see it. It is a longer video but Overstreet (and his paintings) have a lot to say.

Thank you so much Byron and O for taking the time to discuss the work and capture some of the show.

I want to remind all that Overstreet's show only lasts through this next art walk (nxt week). Many of the pieces are inexpensive and in my estimation well under priced. If you connect with a piece during this tour I suggest reserving it by emailing dartgallery(at)

Have a great week everyone and like Chef Brent (from he painting) says: Be careful and prayerful on the streets of Duval.

Friday, July 25, 2008

St. Nick






You could get discounts and info like this in your inboxed email- shop(at) -

I told you they were crazy!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful summer!

It's hot and what better way to deal with the heat than in a sundress from Anomaly!!! And best of all... We've got lots of summer stock on sale 20-50% off! New this week... Upper Playground, Paul Frank for men and women, Diane Warner jewelry, BB Dakota, and more.

Get to Anomaly at 9AM this Saturday for morning Mimosas and Madness! enjoy a morning beverage while you bonus shop! get 20% off all merchandise (including sale items!!!) from 9-10AM and 10% off from 10-11AM. the rest of the day be sure to swing by for end of the season deals!

Don't miss upcoming 5 Points events...
THIS Saturday - Sidewalk sale... come by Anomaly and get 1st dibs on samples/gently used items as well as tons of $1 overstock jewelry, Swing by Flux to grab amazing local art... all under $100! Violet will be having discounts store wide too!

August 1st - FIRST FRIDAY! Join us in throwing Jacksonville's only neighborhood block party! Free drinks, live music and more sponsored by the shops of 5P! Don't miss DJ Brian at Anomaly!

PLUS EVERY TUESDAY... Craftacular Tuesdays - 6:30, every Tuesday night @ Anomaly. $5 bucks buys you a damn good time!

Check our blog for info on Craftacular Tuesday (BTW, new pictures are posted from this past Tuesday), First Fridays and pictures of new merchandise so you can stay up with our newest and coolest products!

Also, check this months issues of Skirt! AND Jacksonville Magazine for listings about our awesome Indie Craft Night!!! How cool?!?!

See you soon!


1021 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
ring: 904.354.7002

Do you like Snacks?


From the French desk (sent from downtown!)

and action!

This year I've met RZA, Kevin Spacey and Ed Begley Junior. But I'm most stoked now!

They have vinyl!


Sound good. Ownen isn't moving. Sales are jumping. ONE TWO THREE FOUR!

Good shots of the girls.

And Kevin.

Reggie has shorter hair. Guitar solo. Good spot on O. So fun! Oooh Close ups.


Dave walks over. No one looks drunk.

Dave says: THank you black kids. Way to go!

I CONCUR!! Good night everybody!

their view

viagra commercial. somebody did their homework. verizon. please. saturday night fights on network tv. great. another reason to hate the teevee.

"bubbles" brown tomorrow. they couldn't wait one more night? shoot. x files commersh looks about as 'thrilling' as the show. the band is setting up im thinking more and more commersheses than before..

mercedes. summer love event. oh yes. better hurry. here we go. nope. more ads. crimini. teevee is total garbage. here we go.

duch is flat. his kids must be bored. wait never mind. penis bee sting story. i hear the x files music while he tells this stupid story. jesus. this show is painful.

Four year old penis jokes are so big city! come on dave. cut to the kids.

they could kill it and not save this show.

clip of he movie. i want to believe? I want to believe i didn't just see exhibit. and thats not skully. aw what ever. that movie is going no where. why couldn't it be like batman/bale tonight?

right back with the black kids. i should have had coffee.

x files opens tomorrow

Dead sexy after all these years.

Hes still got it. You know alien blood. No topless folks on duch's beach. No eating either. Reminds me of Mlibus most wanted. I know hood issues. Like people all walking up on your private beach and shit.

Nipple joke makes dave uncomfortable. Grapes allowed on beach. THe intensity of this thing! Must be crazy in the green room.

Duch is moving back to NYC. Doesn't know why. To avoid old people. Thats stupid. Old people rock.

weak. can't get worse. band up next?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

back to nyc

Regular blogging is embarrassing enough after a few days. liveblogging is probably going to be erased so laugh now. Its kind of fun though.

Here comes Shannon Ice with the toys. Kids toys. Two kids. good toys are important. 22 billion dollar biz the toys.

Dave had a wad of gum that his dad said was silly putty.

Robot dinosaur. Cute. Wow. American made. Those are going to be bigger than Owen, well at least Kevin. Dave is abusing it. Wrong. $350. Now dave is pummeling so hard he broke another toy.

Machine gun for kids. Nerfs don't kill people. Dave kills robot dinosaurs. Sad really. I believe in toy gun control. Just saying.

Not a glowing rec from dave though only costs $40. He doesn't like it either. Dave is getting grumpy bad news Reggie.

Tee ball for the indoors. One inning of tee ball is the most action packed 3 hours in sports. Solid . Hes punting them out like Bufon.

$20 helicopter. The boy is going to love that. I wonder if they were able to sober the band up yet. Just kidding mom.

Bio toys, they rot in the yard!

Contact!WOOO. Cool plane! I could see those at memorial park. Plane races and all.

Hobby quality. Not the band yet. Just the monster radio control truck. Too fast. That thing is way too fast. Rolls over the dino toy. Dave showing that fossil fuels are sort of canibalistic with that stunt. Commersh...back soon.

and we're back

Dave has a kid. He used to eat dirt as a kid. Didn't grow up in Lackawanna apparently.

Shaffer and Dave go back 27 years which explains the oldnest.

Dave is still on teevee despite one dude who talked to him today.

Crack on Leno. Damn could it get worse for Leno.

Stonehenge? Roswell? Clay Aiken got someone pregnant?

Barack spoke to 1 million Germans today, McCain was in the deli isle of winn dixie.

Dave has POW remorse for that joke. Then he's over it with top ten list.

Damn you hubcap!

NASA Excuses:

10. funny
9. funny
8. funny
7. eh
6. funny
5. huh?
4. eh
3. funny
2. funnyish
1. true

New toys for the summer time up next! I think. Wonder how many times we'll hear the word Jacksonville? Or will they go for Florida like a lot of media. Hmmm, anythingbut Nowheresville will work I guess. But I'm holding out hope for a DUUUUUUVVVVAAAAAAAAALLLL! back in a few...

LIveblogging Dave

Cool to see the black kids name in the graphic. Black Kids not The Black Kids.

Uh oh more cheers for monologue.

Teased Black Kids before Duchovney.

Kennedy speech, Reagan speech. Then Bush- Is that seer sucker?

Top Ten NASA something..

Back after the break. I know what the song is..Boyfriend. I was asked by the attys to not announce until the show starts. If you are up and watching email me. Its over there --->>>

Live from New York! Its Thursday there too! Black Kids SOUNDCHECK INSIDE INFO!

I wrote Owen Holmes (God's gift to indie bass) an email asking for the inside scoop about letterman tonight. Since I didn't ask for a job this time he actually wrote back:

Just finished soundcheck. Starting on the sour mash. Paul Shaffer
looks old as dirt. All the stage furniture is fucking dingy.
Thermostat is on 48 degrees.

Thanks for the bloggage — Sears gift certificate is in the mail.

There you have it. They did a sound check and they are still on! 48 degrees! I remember when they played in 100 plus under a hot tin roof (see pic above). Ok, I'll quit with the I remember. But at my age its exciting to remember. I think its awesome that he thanked me for the bloggage. Ha! If things go well tonight watch sales go through the roof. Then they can make an art album and retire to start his dream lawn care business, Blowen Holmes (tm).

See you at the FREEBIRD!

Stay tuned because I've also asked a couple crucial questions about tonights show. I'm putting my connection to the rising pop star at risk for both of my readers. Its called sacrifice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jacksonville's Black Kids!

Black Kids not shown. Partie people in the place to be. I rarely support non-wire teevee but tonight I'll make an exception. Tonight the black kids will be shown on the David Letterman! Drink coffee or something black. Stay up! Forget the haters, lay down your comments, and pick up a sparks, and partie like its the late 1990's. How long will it take before the Times Union picks up on this curiosity that has more page views than their silly, cruel "news" site? How long before there will be deep and meaningful dialogue about their name? Is it racist? Do you find it offensive? Post your opinions in my comments. Ha ha. Don 't forget in Jacksonville we have to kill our idols. Hell, here, we kill everybody!

Just kidding! Love ever, hate never.

The Black Kids are on a Jacksonville Journey we all can envy. And thats ch-change I can can be-believe in. Not even a year ago they were insisting that our sound guy at the burrito break the noise ordinance. TOO PIECES!! And we told them no! Of course now we'd let them make a hollywood time share out of the place, but who knew they'd be so enormous. Get bigger. Get badder. But like uncle Luke says, Never forget from whence you came. We are totally proud down here and can't wait until Sept 19, Freebird.

You’ll give paragraph after paragraph to an unknown demo, but take said band’s major-label debut as a smirky in-joke among your staff? I understand the need to correct the Black Kids’ critical narrative a bit, as so many outlets seem ready to make them the Barack Obama of pop music. Give them the 3.3 if it’s warranted. But have something to say regarding how or why it’s deserved beyond this narcissistic, juvenile-Dave Eggers bit of self-reflection.

LA Times (thanks August! Come Home!)

haha haters!

Partie Traumatic is a gloriously original debut chock full of youthful enthusiasm. “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Da-a-a-nce!” they squeal in unison on I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You, and you can't help but want to join in.

the (other) times

Nowheresville? Didn't we kick your ass centuries ago!? Just kidding, love ever...

Yet, if they’re to overcome the maelstrom of hype they’ve generated from the word go, they’re going to have to subvert a few preconceptions. ‘Partie Traumatic’ (released, not by one of the numerous major labels that rucked for their signatures, but by the band themselves) certainly does that, and here’s another one: if you thought this debut, like so many that have set the blogosphere abuzz in recent years, was doomed to disappoint, well, think again.

‘Partie Traumatic’ is the sexiest, most outrageous outright pop album of ’08
so far, hard not to love and (seemingly) even easier to lay.


If they worked at Dunkin' Donuts, they'd fill the jelly ones until they

Village Voice

BONUS: Here and here are a couple live sessions you may not have heard with some of the new tracks, recorded live in Philly. The city of bortherly love no less.

Stay tuned to Partie People dot org (tm). I got more.

I used to write about art showz. Now Joey is totally stealing all the good stuff! I keed! Its important to go to all of these shows. By bike. We may all be broke and killing eachother and such, but man there are some AWESOME things to do right now. People on scooters, bikes, walking around. Art for less than $100 packed out parks. If you live in the core, foreign oil can kiss your ass. Its like europe around here without the healthcare and decent economy, and safe neighborhoods. And smart leadership. Uggh. I can't end it like that. Here ya go:


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big News

Sorry its been a while. But you know me. There will be a ton of posts now because I'm catching up post staycation.

So the above pic is the first new menu item at the BG in 3 and a half years. Its on our glossy new menu with legible fonts (there ya go mom!). What you can't really see in the pic is a mound of fresh avocado. Mmmmm avocado. The new BG Shrimp Chopped Salad also features roasted corn, skrimp (mini lobsters!), queso blanco, tomatoes, black beans and hand crafted cilantro-ranch dressing. Yes I did. Come early because I think these will fly.

Oh yeah and we also re-signed with the Jags. And there is HUGE NEWS about that. But I gotta run one of these salads over to Riverdale before big jim blows. OUT!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Boston Tom Benefit Tonight!

Ok. Roll up your pennies, bust out your plasma, sell some records (thats how I did it), and get down to Fuel tonight for the Boston Tom's all star universal health care jam. Tom probably saved a life or two by taking on criminals and keeping them from getting into shanty. I hope our community will show up for him tonight. And dammit I'm traveling. But I already bought my ticket. If you can't make it, the bucket is always open at shanty. The burrito has chipped in some gift certificates and shirts and such. I heard the jags and john henderson are throwing in an autographed football. I'm sure there are great things. Last I heard Triclops I was going to do it raffle style which would be awesome. I will be looking for photos and video so please try to capture the event if you can.

My heart will be in 5 pts and my prayers are headed north.

Show Tom our thanks and love! And have FUN!

Big shout out to all the bands, artists, Fuel, etc! Thanks!

Poll Position

There is a glossy publication slapped together in my Riverdale (tm) neighborhood called 904. Its a cheeky business publication. Its local and I get it for free so I can't really complain. Unless they make me sound like a complete idiot. I can do that on my own right? Anyway. They teamed up with Downtown Vision to present a "best of" that will be in their fall issue and announced at Downtown Vision's board meeting. DVI used to do these awards and I'm glad they are bringing them back. If you don't live or spend a lot of time downtown it may be difficult to answer these. I put my answers below if it helps.

Best Residential Property: WA KNIGHT
Best Adaptive Re-use of Property: 11E
Most Active Corporate Citizen: Fidelity
Business Newcomer of the Year: George the Barber (Carling)
Favorite Cultural Venue: MOCAJ
Hippest Nightlife Hotspot: TSI
Greenest Downtowner: DVI
Best Shopping Locale: MOCAJ Giftshop
Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Jon Insetta
Best off Site Meeting Location: Upstairs Burrito Gallery
Outstanding Economic Development Initiative: Art Walk
Favorite Quick Lunch Restaurant: Burrito Gallery
Best Business Lunch Restaurant: Chew
Top Restaurant for Dinner: Chew
Innovation/Improvement of the Year: Opening of Adams Street Sidewalk
Coolest Office Space Design: LRK
Family Owned Business of the Year: Marks
Favorite Public Space: Library
Best Downtown Office Party: Foley Christmas
Outstanding New Storefront or Office Facade: Chamblains
Downtowns Best-Kept Secret: Bay St nightlife and Zodiac breakfast
Best Free Event/Festival: Art Walk

Don't forget to go to TOM's BENEFIT!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Going to lawyer up and head over to the pool party (no swimming). Come on.

Partie People

Thank you for visiting the Black Kids official fan site. Here are some quotes from a review in the SF GATE via AP.

Music Review: Black Kids smart, relevant on debut
By RON HARRIS, Associated Press Writer

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Black Kids are, with their debut album "Partie Traumatic," instantly the coolest "kids" in music.

...and rolled it into one of the best albums of the year without a sour track in sight.

They ought to sell iPods with this permanently burned into the memory so you'll never lose it. Who knew Jacksonville, Fla., could produce a band this fun?

CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: "Love Me Already" is a sweetest track on the disc thanks to Owen Holmes displaying ridiculous funky chops on the bass. He creeps and crawls and solos on the fretboard and outshines the singer, keyboardist and anyone else in the studio. Holmes is the new indie bass gold standard.

Thats my favorite song too! Here it is for free people!
Update- I haven't gotten mine in my email yet and the sign up wouldn't let you fill out the whole form unless you live in the UK. So we may just be listening to it via myspace until the album drops Tuesday. Partie people.


Well there is a lot of good news about the JTA downtown experience meetings today. I took a break from work and headed down because there was an article in a local, ahem, paper about these public meetings. It seemed to reverse the progress we made pushing buses and rapid transit buses (REALLY STUPID IDEA) out of pedestrian heavy streets downtown. But as it turns out it was totally wrong. There was no graphic in the online story but it was wrong too (Apparently they still print that thing). Wrong in a way that makes you wonder WTF. So apologies to JTA my earlier WTF was misplaced. DVI, JEDC and the people who have invested everything they have (retailers downtown) are against rubber tires and more exhaust from fossil fuel energy suckers that people don't like to ride. My comments are up above. If you have time to make the afternoon meeting (4-6) its at city hall. City Hall, you will note, is at 117 Duval, not 427 Duval. The paper got, you guessed it, wrong.

Bike Jax made it and had a great point about bike lanes.

Other positive news. Burro bags are making grocery bags out of recycled billboard vinyl. They are affordable and seemingly indestructable. Go get yours.

Also speaking of walkable neighborhoods. I ate at Mamma Mary's last night. Market corner of 4th. Delicious. Afro-Carribean. Walk there dude.

Call to Artists Updated

photo: macwagon

The Jacksonville Business Journal is seeking original artwork from local artists to be published in our Book of Lists in December 2008. The book, which contains more than 100 lists of area industries and profiles of more than 300 business leaders, reaches close to 90,000 readers in the Jacksonville-area business community and is used as a resource for a year or more.

We are looking for original paintings and drawings (not photos) that reflect area landmarks, events, communities or landscapes. The book is in a tabloid format, so vertical art is preferred, but we can work with horizontal. We will use one piece of art on the cover and 10 other pieces inside the publication. Please do not send generic works, flowers for instance, that could be located anywhere.
The artists whose works are selected will each be given a short profile with contact information in the Book of Lists, will receive five copies of the book, and will be allowed to use the published copy for promotion purposes. They will also be invited to the gala Book of Lists party, where their winning art will be displayed. Artists will be required to sign a release giving The Business Journal permission to edit the art as needed and to reproduce the art. The original art will remain the artists’ property.

Artists are welcome to provide multiple submissions. Art students as well as professional artists are welcome to submit paintings and drawings. Submissions can be e-mailed to Kristilee Adler at Art can be sent electronically by JPEG or PDF, please send high resolution images only. If you have any questions, please e-mail Kristilee or call her at (904) 265-2205. Submissions must be received by Friday, September 12. Please do not send original art.

If you would like to have a copy of the current Book of Lists mailed to you, please contact Kristilee. You can see a picture of the current Book on our Website at
This is a great opportunity for artists to reach a broad spectrum of the business community and decision makers in Northeast Florida.

Please feel free to share this information with artists you think may be interested.

Kristilee Adler
Production Director
The Business Journal


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So the idea is to crowd downtown with buses moving rapidly through downtown. I thought we had a working group? Who is working? Please someone. Please go and speak up about a walkable downtown. For crying out loud. This sounds TERRIBLE.
Public input

Hearing: There will be two public hearings on the Jacksonville Transportation Authority's downtown transit enhancement project Thursday at Jacksonville City Hall at 427 W. Duval St.

The first will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the formal public hearing from noon to 1 p.m. The second will be from 4 to 6 p.m. with the formal public hearing occurring from 5 to 6 p.m.

Copies of an environmental assessment report that looks at the feasibility of instituting a new public bus system can be viewed at the Main Library at 303 N. Laura St. or the JTA offices at 100 N. Myrtle Ave.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Overstreet Part 1

There is only a few short weeks of Overstreet Ducasse's show at the Burrito Gallery. I've known Overstreet for years. We've worked on several good projects together. He is an outstanding painter but has a ton of symbolism and depth to really capture your attention. This show comes down after the next art walk. Since its tough to see work on art walk nights (I know I know) I am suggesting that you contact the artist himself and get some of the backstory on this very impressive show. dartgallery(at)

I will have a follow up soon. Book your guided tour with an artist. Meet a great guy.

This is a call

photo: macwagon

Last year our Book of Lists featured art of local landmarks, people, etc. The next Book of Lists will feature local art again, so we're looking for submissions. Thought I would put a bug in your ear in case you run across someone at the artwalk or elsewhere who might be interested. It doesn't cost money to submit and the Book of Lists is an annual publication, so their art would be featured all year. Pretty cool...
Have them call or email Eleanor Snite, The Business Journal research director at 265-2225 or Have a good day!

Come on arteests. And don't forget today is Thuper Tuesday!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Call Jay

Its election season. I emplore you to research, register, and vote. I met Jay Plotkin last week and asked him some questions. Do you have any? Get in touch.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Martin from the LBP is turning the big five, oh. And there is a birthday bash set in place at shanty (the town) at 5pm tomorrow. Read(i)on:

hey all!!!! july 12th is martin's big 5-0 and we would like for you to join us for a celebration!!!! it will be a shanty town 6th and main sts. we will have food and beer and music if you want anything stronger byob. he is really excited and we would love for you all to be there. tony, ian... can you please pass this onto others from the bridge old clientel and i'll be following up with you with a flier. thanks so much and we are looking forward to seeing you all july 12 @5 and on shanty town 6th and main!!! love you all', ginger

And the word from Ian (their son) is, the 50 lb SPIDER PIG is roasting as we speak people! Bring your fork! My apologeez to all vegans and pet pig owners. And you. Spider Pig.


YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE! I was contemplating some drawing in the crazy lock-in at the contemporary. I hope they do it again. I am interested in seeing the show. I got the tip from JaxCal, Jacksonville's Art Portal(tm).

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


photo from bike jax

Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and go with the flow. For instance I cannot stand the idea of paying to have parties at specific places like Make a Scene Downtown. I prefer my events to be inclusive, like Art Walk. But since they are using my idea to have it at the Omni pool I can back up a minute and push tomorrow nights party, today. Plus I know for a fact the Omni GM is on vacation so POOL PARTY PEOPLE! And if you have too much fun, get a ROOM!

But lets put aside the reasons I might not like the "event" and look at the terribleness of the name. MAKE A SCENE DOWNTOWN. There is no way you can make a scene downtown without someone regretting it. Think about it. If you are saying create a scene, well then I would say you are spending my money (and yours presumably) on "creating" a scene that I think already exsists. Just because you don't see it or enjoy it, doesn't mean the scene doesn't exsist.

BUT if you are saying its bold and controversial like the old library calling itself the library then I have a suggestion for you.


That works on all levels. You can have it Emily. First ones free!

Another thing that BOGGLES MY MIND is that the MAKE A SCENE glossy calendars. Who is paying for these?! I know, I probably don't want to know. Whomever has to lay out these things should cringe when they know that thousands have already spent (by the Cultural Council and Visit Jacksonville) in the form of an AWESOME calendar that is inclusive and ALWAYS UPDATED unlike glossy full size "events" calendars.


TIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. See you at the POOL! Wear a white tea!

Can't leave on a negative note. I want to thank Terry Lorince, Michelle Brooks and all of the DVI crew for having the intestinal fortitude to not shut down the ART WALK after some idiot made a scene at Hemming. And way to hang jax. Biggest art walk ever, as evident from these cool photos from jax scene. Is that a burro bag?

Number 2 in the Number 1 Business

Taken by Timothy Cochrane for Kruger Magazine. (

Welcome to the Black Kids unofficial fan club blogozine. I plan on focusing only on breaking news involving the black kids. Not the ones below. That will never happen again.

The ones from Duval. Represent.

Todays news:

After being released this week in the UK, Jacksonville's Black Kids is NUMBER 2 on itunes. (tip UJ)

I will watch this chart everyday and when they move passed the relatively unknown band ahead of them, you'll hear it here first. I'm partially kidding.

US album drops on the 22nd. Letterman on the 24th. That means the 23rd is probably spa treatments. Love me already.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It wouldn't be Super Tuesday without minty gum

Cute interview. Dish on dad. Hopy doesn't like sweets. If that kid had any sense of humor she would have said he likes to melt flag pins in the microwave. Lets put all of our differences aside and agree that it would be good to see some cute kids in the White House. And I don't mean great great great grandkids. Sorry. Low blow.

Is it January yet? I can't swear Barack and or roll won't be there tonight. Joey Zibbbezz or something will definitely be there. Brian V is in Costa Rica surfing. Don't forget your sun screen, B.

Joey and I are going to devise something really special this time since we are not pre-occupied with Tom Waits vinyling, mixtape dropping, and beyonce requesting. Maybe. Save your money for the O or gas and ride your bikes down for $1pbr etc etc

Relax. Come downtown and hug it out.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Thats my dj

Hmmm. Solid line up. I wonder if they have tear away sweats.

JaxScene is a new daily read. The VJ Jaren mashes are great. Jaren was a DJ at Take Me to the River and Jazz in June for the community! The masher shown below isn't even the best one (to ensure you click).
I may have to play some Jaren at Super Tuesdays. Joey says its music that doesn't suck but thats not true. People make requests. Just kidding. Its hard to turn down a request when its just me and you.

VJ Jaren / A Plus D "Standing in the way of Connection"

Friday, July 04, 2008

Blowen Up

So I guess the world will find out what the world thinks of black kids from jax very soon! I hope letterman leaves some time to talk to reggie. What song?

Speaking of black kid songwriters from jax. Lets not forget the originals! 1900 downtown in the house.

And in the news! DON'T FORGET! Freedom IS PATRIOTIC! Read the whole article. Never forget that this country was based on people speaking up and out and our brothers and sisters are fighting for that. Thank a VET!



Thursday, July 03, 2008

Do things!

Photos by Dustin. He definitely got the Jubilation part of the programming:

If you are getting this E-mail it means that you are a fan of Tom Waits and therefore you should enjoy the attached photos of last nights show.
If you have any chance in hell to see this man perform live... Do It!!!Last nights memories, and these photographs that I am sharing with you, has forever changed me. I loved Tom before the show but now??? Words cannot describe.

If you like the pix let me know.

But you must be present to win. So I hope to see you at KLUTHO! $85 less than Tom Waits!

Which will help you save $20 for this!

Which is taking place in this hood:

Its important to get out and have some fun people! Do things! Its amazing right now. People are scootering, riding bikes, enjoying life.

Take pictures, hug people, high five, and ride your bike to the next one!

BONUS: I really like the new JAXSCENE, its like the drinking mans Experience JAX!