Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Return of the City

Jay is a friend of mine. His is not the slickest commercial, but he's not the slickest guy. Which I think is just fine.

So we had a party the day after it was declared, here in Duval, that the fundamentals of the economy were sound. Oh thank the lord.

Jay Mcgovern (ad shown above) was one of the two possible legislators (the other being Regina Young) at our party the next day. We raised something like $8,000 that day. Pumping Obamas party total that night to around 9 million $8,000.

So any way. Jay, above, is a retired military leader, engineer, RADO founder (just a coincidence), inventor, and bio fuel maker and user.

You see his signs everywhere for a reason. He's out in the community listening and conveying his plan. Here is an opportunity to talk to him yourself:

130 W. Adams St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Thats art walk which is tomorrow night. I have a huge post coming for it and some below. See you on the streets.

I almost forgot to mention, a photographer at our party locked her keys in her car. Then the candidate engineer got them out avoiding the locksmith tax. No offense to locksmiths but cash is tight.


image: jaxscene

Ok it was never off, but as you know there will be new rules. The new rules should not really apply to the average walker except you do not want to leave a venue with alcohol from that venue.

What do you do when they push your patrons back inside? BOOK AWESOME BANDS!

The Burrito Gallery, and I am sure all art walk venues, want to be able to stay open 4 life and serve you fine folks. So please be careful and prayerful downtown. We hope that alcohol related problems from five years of art walks continue to stay at a minimum.

Seriously. I do not know of any real issues that have arisen that make this night a target. The claim is "complaints" again. Who is complaining? Where is our transparency? Who ordered this? I don't mind folks doing their jobs but the order to watch this and enforce is coming from somewhere and it doesn't seem exactly across the board. For instance there was on street vending of hard liquor for this weekend's college football game. In the years since art walk was founded there have been at least 2 deaths that I know of at FL/GA alone. But little in the way of drinking enforcement and very little small business impact beyond the landing for taxpaying business in the core.

I'm not implying we should scrutinize FL/GA more, I'm wondering why open wine glasses at an art walk which happens 12 more times a year is an issue. We need to consider the same variance to this constitutional end around.

Again, I want state that all small business in the core want to play by the rules, provide food, drink and entertainment, and create a fun and vibrant downtown. I think this can be done by the rules and I certainly appreciate that we got a warning before people started to get in trouble. At the same time we need to not throw out the baby with the bath water.

The small businesses in the core are going to need you now more than ever and they are going to need you to not take your booze out of the place where you got it. Thats all. Lets show on this 58th art walk that we can do it peacefully, again. and again. and again. I don't think there will be random bev checks apart from people posted at doors however, (and believe me I get asked every art walk and say the same thing): you are not allowed to walk around our city with an open container. Yes it is upsetting, especially if you live or work downtown and see this happening every morning anyway, but here we are.

I have a BUNCH of new stuff to announce about tomorrow night but my lunch break is only so long. Stay tuned. In the meantime. Enjoy some SUNBEARS! And don't forget, I will be playing some Sunbears and Lovecraft and black kids, and others with my sidekick DJ Hank Paulson at Marks tonight. Biggie Tuesdays, where its just me and you. Don't forget to come to the DJ booth and pick up your free gift.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Defend New Orleans

photo: dan brien


A friend of a friend of mine has a benevolent non-profit that will help to rebuild New Orleans, clean and green.

If you have an America Express login, you can vote for it in a contest that will help fund the org. Can't vote without a login, so its a bit of a pain, but only if you don't have one. However, I think it is worth it. I know it is worth it.

Voters from across the nation have so-far ranked Global Green in 7th place out of 25 semi-finalists for the American Express Members Project. Thanks to those who’ve already clicked for our cause, Global Green needs at least 1000 votes by midnight on Monday, September 29th to propel our Rebuilding New Orleans Green project into a top 5 positions. All 5 will receive at least $100,000 and will compete for the top position which is worth $1.5 million. · Rebuilding energy efficient homes for low-income families

· Outfitting local schools with cutting-edge green technologies yielding higher student performance and happier, healthier kids

· Helping New Orleans become a national model for fighting climate change.

· Providing hands-on, public resources such as the platinum-LEED certified home, the first of an in-progress green village in the lower 9th ward now open for tours

· Offering green-geared monthly panel discussions

· Educating New Orleanians from all economic backgrounds about how to take advantage of the most progressive, affordable and sustainable green options

Also, I kind of use Defend New Orleans in a general sense, mostly because it was forgotten and left for dead by our country's leadership post Katrina. I found the Defend New Orleans guys on the myspace originally. In fact Defend New Orleans is MUCH MUCH MORE.

Showdown in Duval

Finally. We get to the crust of the issues. Right here in Duval

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Have Weiner!

From Jason Wright's Your TUbes page

So. Contests are the shiz. Tip to JC for the idea. Its like comments but much more delete-able and control-able.

The Runners Ups:

4. Nothing From Store, dog just needed ride. submitted by MP
3. Limited Edition Obama Barbie
2. Babysitter for the FSU/Denver game

and the weiner is

1. 6-pack of Tecate and a Swing-a-Way can opener

This would have won by many more points with PBR replacing Tecate, buts the can opener opened my heart. Congrats Natalie Hunt! You have an Obama Duval T-shirt credit at Burro Bags. Tell them biggie tea said so and if they refuse tell them to pack their stuff. Just kidding. You can get it at the store and possibly the farmers market downtown on Friday. Confirm when and where by contacting. Info at their site.

I'm not sure how many more OBAMA DUVAL will be made. SO GET TO BURRO ASAP if you don't want to miss out on one of the more anthropological t-shirts ever made.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Everything is so serious lately. Its high stakes life. And its stressful. So I thought I might do something fun. Like a contest.

I don't have really good prizes like JC but I wanted to do a contest. Winner gets a token piece of memorabilia and a bg tshirt or an Obama Duval shirt if you are so inclined.

In the film above, what does Murray Hill northsider and resident starlight monday night dj Jason Wright go and get from the store? The best answer wins. And remember its an election year so the best answer is not always the correct answer. Be creative. Closing contest at end of day. If you can't find my email you can't even begin to play.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Walk, We Have a Problem (slight correction, its not the feds)

photo: seperate is not equal

Funny story about how I found out it wasn't the feds, but the state. Ask me sometime.

The Burrito Gallery, MOCA, and Chew, each got a visit yesterday from the DBPR Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco.

Basically, any business that is on their watch list that lets patrons take alcoholic beverages OFF PREMISES are subject to shut down and owner arrest.

Nothing was said about people walking around with drinks. That was said to be out of their jurisdiction. In fact its only certain licenses that the ABT in particular are watching.

We have always tried to comply with this rule but have not been as strict (having someone at the door to make sure, when you are leaving the BG- we can't control what you are doing on the public sidewalk outside or where you came from. Someone else may, but not us.) about it as we will have to be next Wednesday and going forward.

Know that we will do everything we can to remain open and serving our food which is our cornerstone. Please do us a favor and not try to leave with a drink. I am not sure what the other venues (except for the ones above) are being told or what their licenses are. It seems like there hasn't been too much alcohol related trouble during the walk, but we're not everywhere. Art walk is so rubust and filled with places to get booze that We hope everyone stays safe, unarrested, and OPEN for BUSINESS!

Thanks- THe BG CRew

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knock Knock

photo: jaxscene

from my field organizer:

Thank you for taking the time to attend our rally on Saturday.

It was a special moment for Duval County. And in election season, special moments for Duval County are special moments for Florida. And we all know about what special moments for Florida mean beyond that-- It means that we now have real momentum to carry Jacksonville, carry Florida, win this election, and bring the change we need to America.

Now we just have to do like Barack said and knock on some doors.

Click here to commit to a volunteering shift in the Riverside/Avondale area.

When you commit to a shift, somebody from your neighborhood team will reach out to you and welcome you to the family. And then when you show up to get to work, you'll see the enthusiasm and drive that has made this campaign what it is today and what it could be by November.

Please click this link and commit to knock on doors or make some phone calls so that we can reach out to our undecided neighbors and change the world.

No experience is required. Your neighborhood team will provide you with everything you need, every step of the way. All you need is passion for change and a commitment to bringing change to Florida and America.

Thank you again for rallying for change. Now let's grind!

Maxwell Wood
Campaign for Change
Field Organizer

Go Max Go!

If you want, tell em Hillary sent you.

And if you don't have time to contribute, or money, VOTE EARLY. Get in, get it done. Because there will be a line out the door all day and all night on election day. VOTE EARLY!


I've gotten a lot of requests from folks about the Duval Obama shirts. There will be a fresh new crop on Wednesday at Burro Bags.

If you haven't seen the new Burro Bags. They are stellar. Come check out the shop. The three b's. The buyers market lodge. whatever. Check it.

photo: Jensen Hande

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Photos: CYPIX

I knew it was going to be difficult on the walk from Adam's Street to Met Park. As we got closer you could see a mass of people under the viaduct. The line started at around the Shipyards on Gator Bowl Parkway. The street itself. Then we walked all the way down to the enterance of Met Park by WJCT where we were allowed into the viaduct. Under the viaduct we followed the line all the way back to the shipyards with one last turn around back the gates. All four of us were ready but right as we got close people started coming back. It was full. I had heard there was no limit from a good source. No matter. Everyone was well behaved having walked that mile(s) just to get locked out. There was a rush to Kiddi Kampus but we waited because there were iron gates and a lot of folks trying to get in. There was a birthday party there. I wonder if that kid will remember this birthday. We followed the yellow brick road and got a patch of grass. You can see the yellow on one of the pics, far right. I'm not sure why they had the green sections shown blocked off, but we could hear from where we were. People around us still clapped and hollered. I have heard some reports of locked gates when people were all trying to file out, but other than that I have heard of no problems. It was a lot of people. I was super happy to see so many different and well meaning people. Definite vibe. And I didn't even see it. I was proud.

More photos and posts coming. There are some great ones over at Toms too.

Some good ones on the tubes.
We are the boss!
150 billion for new energy.
Art and Music for our children.

As a gift for peeking down this far check out the not yet released Return of the City page.

Friday, September 19, 2008



Kickball Thursdays is the new Fridays. If you missed it, I strongly suggest coming next week where you might see some noles and buffs too. I also suggest scoping out a team or meeting new people and starting a team. These guys look like they have a lot of fun with the kickball. We relplay the nights game out back so you can relive your triple.


ATTACK ON VOTERS: BEWARE (first ever all cap post)

Jerry Holland, Supervisor of Elections. If you have ANY questions make sure you get the answer directly. 105 East Monroe St • Jacksonville, Fl 32202
Ph (904)630-1414 • Fx (904)630-2920


Make sure you tell all of your friends and relatives make any changes necessary in order to vote.


If your Drivers License Address does not match the Address on your Voters Registration Card, You will NOT be Permitted to Vote. DAMN!! How LOW are the Republicans going to go in an attempt to keep power in their favor. Forward this to everyone in Florida, to check today, both addresses on their Drivers License and Voters Registration to make sure they match. The kids away in college is who this is targeted towards. Folks, this is VITAL!! The Republicans are using every trick in the book they can to prevent November 4, 2008 Change from taking place. It is, what it is now that it’s Law, we have to comply. So FLOOD the State of Florida’s Drivers License agencies to correct your drivers license address today. Here’s the link to change your address on line



The rumor below is not true, according to the clear statutory language
and every SOE that we have asked. That is, the address on the driver’s
license (or other ID) that the voter presents at the polls does NOT
need to match the voter’s address in the precinct register. (It
certainly is a good idea to update the address of both your voter
registration and your driver’s license, but this is NOT necessary to
vote.) This rumor may cause unnecessary alarm among our voters, so
please correct it when you hear it. Please also circulate to your pod
field colleagues. Thanks.




We are America

Tip to JM. Thanks for that man. Jeez..

My heart is so in it. Please. Please join us downtown. I will post a vapid KBT party post next so we don't look like wimps, but please make plans and come down and hit up the dog days (see post below).

Jacksonville is the New Portland

Below is an email from my friend and fello RADO board member Tom about a great idea to ride bikes together down to the Obama rally at Met Park. I hope everyone considers coming downtown to check out this historic event. There will be news cameras and reporters from all over the world and we can really make an impact. Our city is so beautiful to add in thousands of people swarming downtown would make for great images. So if you are bike-able to Riverside:
Dear All: As you no doubt know, Senator Obama will be at Metropolitan Park for a rally at 2:30 PM. The invitation is below and I encourage you to attend. The weather forecast is for very pleasant temperature. With parking being limited at the Park, come join me and ride a bicycle to and from the rally! We will leave at 12:15 PM from under the Fuller Warren Bridge where the RiverWalk begins at its western end. Riding at a leisurely pace on the RiverWalk and then streets as we get close to the Park, we can do the 5 miles in less than 30 minutes. Bring a bike lock with you as you cannot take your bike into the park. Remember no back packs. Please forward this email to other who might be interested. Bikers from north, east and south Jax might want to join the procession at the Y. There is a big parking lot just to the east of the Y. If you interested in making a statement for Senator Obama and Jay McGovern (candidate, 4th Congressional District) send me an email at barackandjaybikers@yahoo.com . In the subject line put the number from your household who will be biking. If we get 125 folks to committ, I will contact the media for coverage. Kind Regards, Tom

I have the greatest story about Jay McGovern that I will post at the Return of the City blog. If his opponent voting with Bush 90% of the time isn't enough to get your vote, this story may do it.

I get emails everyday from all over the city alerting me of the rally. So awesome. I have also heard about a lot of people who are going to bike and walk from Springfield. Where my dogs at? They are going to hit the dog days in the park (springfield's biggest community event) on the way to and from the rally. My dj, Triclopsi will be spinning. If you were at kickballs Thursday, you know that means fun and funk and little wickity wickity wack with a side of boom bap. Slideshow coming from KBT. You people are nuts. Anyway. Make plans. Come downtown. If you can't ride or walk from where you are pack up your car with hope. Park near Hemming and get a cup of joe at Shelbys at the library. Get a bite to eat. Hear the man's plan for change and why we shouldn't give up hope. Then have a beer or walk your dog or both. But come out and see your neighbors and put some unity in the community.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Return of the City Recap

Small Slide show here.

1. I didn't take many pics but there were several photographers there. We should see some stellar memories soon.
2. I didn't pick the song. It came with the thing, but I kind of like it. Plus I wear plain white t every day. Not sure what they sound like other than this so don't sign me up yet.
3. I'm on lunch break so I am not editing out the non party pics. I will take this down anyway when we get real photos.
4. Big thanks post coming. So many people did so much and gave so generously. We REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
5. Line of the night. I was telling someone that I was disappointed we couldn't get Obama Biden signs before the event that the party (Meaning local Dems) were lame. She said yeah this party is kind of lame. OH SNAP!

Hey Ho Lets Go!

thanks Garfield, that about sums it up as far as my week. From the Comments at Urban Jacksonville:

PHONE BANKING TOMORROW (Thursday, September 18) from the NEW FOX RESTAURANT, located at 3580 Saint Johns Ave

We’ll be there from 5 PM to 9 PM. Stop in when you can and bring your cell phone! We have to reach out to 30,000 people. Folks will be grinding out recruitment calls all around the city. Come join our team! We need your help to get all that we can out of this amazing opportunity!

Please let me know if you plan on making it out to this phone bank. Please reply with your full name and phone number.

Maxwell Wood
Campaign for Change
Field Organizer
(386) 453-7589

Barack Out at the Met!



I encourage ALL OF JACKSONVILLE to come out and hear Barack Obama. We can beat Portland if a third of Duval Democrats show up. Not to mention the region. Where you at Lawty? Not everyone can get in, but we can all at least ride our bikes downtown. Walk the Riverwalk. Get close to hope. The momentum has shifted since McCain came and talked about reform and the economy. Lets all go out and hear about change. We have 224,502 Democrats in Duval County alone. There will not be an opportunity to see a community to unite like this for decades, maybe ever. If we show the world a good portion of the registered democrats in Duval we can greatly effect this election beyond snide and dirty campaign spin. We can do it in pictures. Of thousands. On our beautiful St. Johns River. Shots of downtown on every channel! It will be cooler than recent temps with a chance of showers. If it rains we will look crazy for change.

Make plans now. Call your buds. When you RSVP there is an easy way to forward the link to all your blue friends. Lets do this. Hop on your bike. Walk. If you have kids park downtown and get your stroller on. If you own a business downtown open up! Make some money. Keep your money local, go downtown! Make some noise.

Change We Need Rally
with Barack Obama
This Saturday, September 20th, please join Barack Obama in Jacksonville, where he will talk about his vision for creating the kind of change we need.

Change We Need Rally
with Barack Obama

Metropolitan Park
1410 Gator Bowl Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Saturday, September 20th
Doors Open: 12:30 p.m.
Program Begins: 2:30 p.m.

Public Entrance: Gate 2
ADA Entrance: Gate 5
Free parking available at Alltel Stadium. Handicap parking available in Metropolitan Park Lot F, please use West Entrance.

The event is free and open to the public. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are NOT REQUIRED. However, a RSVP is strongly encouraged.

For security reasons, do not bring bags and please limit personal items. No signs or banners permitted. Parking on-site is limited.

If you have time and want to contribute it here is important info. I got this before the location was announced but I know they will still need help. And Generation Obama is only one of the great teams you can join. The number below is for the land line in the campaign office:

Members of Generation Obama Jacksonville:

While I have no news to report on the venue of the rally (an email will follow as soon as such information is available) METPARK!, we are currently trying to recruit a large number of volunteers for the event. We need people who can afford to help out all of Saturday (9/20) and for some time in the afternoon/evening on Friday (9/19) for a walk through of the venue. If you are interested, please respond here with the following information:

Full Name
Street Address
Contact Phone Number
Preferred contact email (if different than this one)
Last four digits of your social security number (for security purposes--if you would rather contact me by phone, my cell number follows)

Thank you so much for your interest in helping with the campaign.
Together, we can make the change

Zach van Luling - Campaign For Change [zmvluling@gmail.com] 904-425-3976

Return of the city recap post is going to be a blog of its own. And will debut very soon. If you won in the raffle but were not there at the end of the night, you will be contacted and if you were there and didn't win squat you can email me at theurbancore@gmail.com with your address and I will deliver your prize directly on your lawn. Ha ha (nelson). ALSO SEND ME PICS! We raised a good deal of money. We had a lot of fun. We met a lot of new people. We heard inspiring stories. We created inspiring stories including one about the McGiverness of McGovern. Stay tuned. The Return of the City blog is going to be the next best thing to being there.

Monday, September 15, 2008


THANKS FIVE POINTS! and Emily at Anomoly!

The picture above is a TON of loot donated by the five points merchants. Edge City donated a $50 gift certificate. Raglands donated the worlds biggest bottle of wine. Anomoly donated all kinds of cool tshirts, Obey, Paul Frank, etc. They also threw in some jewelry, and those really cool wallets. One a day gifts threw in as did Nest Living. There is a burro bag in there and all kinds of other stuff.

If you donated to the campaign and or donated time you can buy a $5 ticket to win somthing really cool.

There is a great chance that each raffle ticket will get a prize. If not we raised a lot for the campaign. Thanks again!

And thanks the Pearl of Springfield for throwing in for hope during these tough times!

The Pearl will also be open tomorrow night if you want to make a night of it! Hurray Duval!


The man himself is coming to Jacksonville. Saturday. This will be big. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thats whats up.

Anyone able to do the Obama Hustle at the Return of the City party or the after party will win a prize. How awesome is this. You can go clean and dress a defenseless moose if you want, but I want to hang at the lounge.

Also just in on the raffle tip:
ok, i've got a huge bag of tees and other anomaly goodness, as well as goodies coming from nest living, edge city, one of each gifts and (hopefully) raglands. i have raffle tickets too if you need them. do you want/need me to bring them?

Lots of big shots signed up now too so if you want hob with your knob, come on out. We can take donations for admission at the door but PLEASE RSVP. See flyer:

more info also at:

then you gotta hit:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Return of the City | $100 Obama Fundraiser | This Tuesday | We put the fun in Fundraiser

This blog started as an email. I don't mass email much any more. Like once a year. Here was this years:

Dear Friend,

Sorry to send you an email en masse. I hope that the subject is enough to get this email deleted if you are not an appropriate recipient of this Hope and Change based invite. If not, sorry in advance.

This Tuesday night in Avondale, my friend John Mills and I are throwing an Art Show Party and Fundraiser for Senator Obama’s historic run for President.

I have attached a flyer but you are only one click away from more info here.

Many things have been added to this party that are not on the flyer. For one, we will have yard signs for all attendees. We will have cool hope-based memorabilia for sale at hope-based prices.

We will have a raffle with gifts from Anomoly (http://www.anomalyfivepoints.com/) and other 5 points businesses.

The featured artist Steve Forster is silent auctioning off his painting “Urban Submission” (art shown on flyer). The flyer does not do this piece justice. The art is top notch, affordable, and the venue is a beautiful 1925 historic Avondale home. Walkable to the Shoppes of Avondale where you can happy hour before and after the party.

We have two sets of djs. Mac vs. Vinyl. Upstairs will feature Joe E Fresh of (urbanJacksonville.info) and Owen Holmes of the Black Kids (blackkidsrock.com) on their macbooks. Downstairs will feature biggie tea (theurbancore.com) and Triclopsi on vinyl.

Our food is catered by Biscottis and we’ve just found out that the Pearl will be donating some libations. Viva la Pearl. Everyone loves a comeback.

If you are unable to attend and wish to give to the campaign please mention “Return of the City” in the note section of your donation.

If you cannot afford $100 (in this economy) there is an opportunity to volunteer your way in. Find out how at this link:

If you want to come to the party but won’t have time to contribute send an email RSVPing and we will hold a spot. We have the ability to make donations to the campaign at the door. But please send RSVP.

After party is Super Tuesday at Mark’s on Bay Street.

I look forward to a great evening of fun, food, drink, art, and Hope and meeting new friends in the silent majority.


Tony Allegretti

Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless America

God bless America.

I'm sorry the country is split right down the middle with less than 60 days left before we elect a new President. When its over we have to get on and along. We are going to have bitter losers and obhnoxious winners. Don't equate any one person to any group. We are all individuals we are all different. We may even agree on some things.

I was talking to a couple conservative friends yesterday and we agreed to disagree on a lot, but one thing we will strive to do is improve Duval. To work hard and to hold people accountable. If their guy wins I hope he is real mavericky to the current status quo. If my guy wins I hope he reaches across the aisle for ideas and listens to all Americans.

I do feel like we need to be more focused on stopping 9/11s by going after our enemies and improving life for our people right here. Maybe we can.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Meet People from Around the World

There are a lot of beautiful things about the quality of life in Jacksonville, Florida. If you treat culture like anthropology or archeology and study and dig, you can uncover really wonderful examples of our experience on earth. And if you google map where your body is right now you are probably in Duval (if not imagine you are). Whats available around you? Where can you go?

Once at a MLK Breakfast at the Grand Terminal I heard the speaker challenge the crowd to break bread with someone of a different race at least once a year. Don't go crazy asking out people you don't know, but make an effort to learn more about people who aren't exactly like you.

This has always been easy for my family.

I could see how it could be difficult though. Its hard to just keep up with bills and work etc. Much less meet new people. Sometimes opportunities pop up.

So if your free tomorrow night:


Join us for a fun evening and build an alliance!

Jacksonville Asian American Alliance

Strength in Diversity

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - 5:00-7:00 pm
Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
St. John's Town Center, 10206 River Coast Drive, Jacksonville, FL
$5 members and $10 non-members

Space is Limited

RSVP before September 9th to jaaa.event@gmail.com

I am a director for the Jacksonville Asian American Alliance. Click this link and just watch the photos. Then click here if you are interested in meeting a great mix of people from around the world.

More Info here.

Check out the site even if you have plans. More to come from the JAAA!

Like She Said

I was reminded of where I first heard that green is the new black. Thanks Mel.

Monday, September 08, 2008



Its like we know that lush green plants and renewable energy are good (great even) but we don't strive for it because... why?

We can dig energy out of the ground, nevermind it depletes us and pollutes us and makes the weather more dangerous and unpredictable.

Greatest Postcard Ever

Two really accomplished, admired, and admirable guys (and friends) are having an art show Thursday in the Modis Building. Click image for print out.

More but not really about this show in particular over at AIRS. Tip to twitter.com/jaxdotcom


Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

And I had Garrard in my Fantasy League. Tip to JB


This pic filled post was inspired by Jax Confidential. They posted an AWESOME commercial that features JAX in a huge way and uses a Crash The Satellites jam. Typically when a youtube is this good I will just post it but I want everyone to click over to JaxCon and make it a daily read. Its worth it.

I will never forget the CTS show in the parking lot of the burrito back during the Super Blow. SOLID. Represent.

That is some good running music. The rest of the pics are either from super blow or remind me of that time. Can you name the Duval bands and musician shown? The mural (designed by Rick Rood) on the side of the Ed Ball was something I proposed when we found out that they were painting over Jimmy Smith and Tom Coughlin. What recent event does that remind you of? I know!

Have a great week Duval!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Call Me Allegretti

Sometimes things just make you go hmmm. In my all time favorite building there is a new French casual/upscale restaurant. Its called Allegretti. I've heard of chef Alain Allegretti because he was pretty famous at Atelier which was founded by Alain Ducasse. A different Ducasse and a different Allegretti have been teaming up down south for a while too.

Life has some sweet coincidences. Don't even get me started on this guy. (scroll down for the contact). Amazing project. For an Allegretti, I need to tighten up and get to work.

Friday, September 05, 2008

It is literally up to us.

Have a great weekend everybody! Don't forget that if you are going to donate to Obama's campaign you can add in some fun with it! Free gifts at Mark's this Tuesday and breaking news on party favors and upgrades! RSVP soon!

Give $100 to Barack and get a fun art opening and party. Change you can believe in.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

BG is Hiring

Want to work for one of the best burrito restaurants on Adam St? Call the BG and ask for Marco 598-2922. Please don't call during lunch rush.

Don't forget, tonight is Kickball Thursdays. Lots of athletic shorts and pulled up socks and concepts and stuff.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Allegretti Spinks Letters Revealed.

Good morning Tony:

Come what may the History Center and Maritime Museum will be ready for their first Art Walk tomorrow evening. There will be jazz on the Center and Blue Grass at the Museum. Bottled water will be our refreshments for the evening. COJ is scheduled to complete cleaning and repairs on Riverwalk before event starts. Advice on anything else we should to get ready for the walk will be appreciated.

The Seminole Hotel Exhibit is in the Modis lobby. It was installed last Friday and looks great. I would send you a photo but that part of my computer is broke. I want to have an official opening to thank you and Heartland.


Good morning Jerry:

The forecast for tomorrow seems excellent for a walk across the river at sunset. I honestly don't know what could be better before a sunset walk than ice cold water and live jazz and bluegrass. When you add the hidden gems of the Center and Museum cool displays and artifacts you've got really great content that folks will talk about. Each Art Walk will grow but I think you will get a nice crowd. Something like this should be no stress. Only good outcomes from jazz on the river.

DVI didn't provide much direction on the map so make sure folks know they can walk the Main Street Bridge (easy from the landing), water taxi, skyway (san marco station), or drive (limited parking on the east side of MOSH in addition to River City and Crowne Plaza- rates may apply). I'll be walking.

Looking forward to hydrating on the St. Johns! See you there!

Salute your Vets through Art

I don't usually post art events that are not free for artists, however, this event directly benefits vets, kids who need adoption, toys for tots, and my favorite cause Hospice. And by this time we should know who the next president should be so there won't be any stickers and sign wavers and crap. Just art and good causes. Thank the lord. Call one of the numbers or email below for the artist agreement. It seems like they have a lot of media behind it so maybe its worth it but I always keep expectations reasonable when asking artists to foot any bill. That said, I definitely support the causes above and will be excited to see any new art event succeed. Good luck!

Contact: Suzanne Jenkins, Creative Community Solutions 904.524.8481 ccssj@comcast.net
Joanelle Mulrain, Midtown Centre 904.476.9099

Midtown Centre Office Park Announces Community-wide STAYcation Event:

“Fall Art Fest & Salute to the Troops” in Historic St. Nicholas
Mayor John Peyton, Honorary Chair

First Coast News www.firstcoastnews.com Official Television Station
WOKV www.wokv.com Official Radio Station
“The Resident Community News – San Marco, San Jose, St. Nicholas”
www.residentnews.net Official Neighborhood Newspaper
www.visitjacksonville.com Official Resource for Jacksonville Travel Information

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Midtown Centre Office Park, formerly Koger Center, celebrates the distinction of being the first “office park” in the United States and continues its role of innovative leadership in community vitalization by announcing the inaugural community-wide Family Art Fest & Salute to the Troops focused on “bringing the arts and community” back to Historic St. Nicholas from 10-5 on Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9, 2008. This event will feature something for every member of the family. Event organizers anticipate 8,000++ in attendance, and there is no charge!

“I applaud Midtown Centre for taking an innovative approach to bringing the arts and community together in St. Nicholas,” said Mayor John Peyton. “The Family Art Fest & Salute to the Troops offers something for all ages with varied interests and showcases one of the city’s most historic areas. It is also fitting that this event kicks off the Veterans’ History Project which provides American war veterans the opportunity to share their stories on audiotape (videotape will be provided in the future) that will ultimately be archived in the Library of Congress.”

“Creating a family-friendly atmosphere establishes a comfortable and welcoming destination for visitors and local residents to enjoy over and over again,” said Visit Jacksonville President & CEO John Reyes. “The military plays a large role in Jacksonville, and we are especially pleased to partner with Midtown Centre to salute the men and women and their families for their sacrifice to serve our country while showcasing celebrated arts and culture within the city.” Please contact Visit Jacksonville to book area hotel rooms for this event.

Events, activities and displays include:
“The Resident” Community News Info Tents – Pick-up festival maps and more!
Family Support Services (FSS) Celebration
FSS HeART Gallery Exhibit – Award-winning photography exhibit featuring the faces of local children eligible for adoption
FSS Photographers' Gallery – Award-winning regional photographers whose work appears in the FSS HeART Gallery feature displays and work for sale
Toys4Tots Drop-off – Community drop-off of new toys into the U.S. Marine's truck adjacent to FSS corporate headquarters - help us fill the truck for area kids' holidays!
Dessert Station (Schultz Center) – Free cake (first-come, first-served) celebrating National Adoption Month and FSS adoption services

GREEN Eco Tent
U.S. Green Building Council and Breaking Ground Contracting
Main Tent – Learn about alternative fuel, hybrids, solar/PV panels, recycling, native and adaptive plants, permaculture, vermiculture, urban vegetable gardening, composting wind energy
GREEN Eco Tents – Non-profits and vendors showcase “green” products/services (Exhale Oxygen Bar, JEA, St. Johns Riverkeeper, First Coast MPO, Alice Designs For You, and more!)
GREEN Eco Workshops (Schultz Center) – Learn from area experts how to be “green”

ARTstop i – Woodcock Drive ARTmarket – Meet representatives from Greater Jacksonville Cultural Council, MOCA Jacksonville, Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists, The Historica Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum, The Art Center Cooperative, “Legendary Florida” and the Museum of Florida Art, as well as regional professional artists and organizations (Cathedral Arts Program, etc.), who will have displays, participatory events and/or art for sale, as well as strolling musicians and area businesses
ARTstop ii - Fogle Fine Art – Midtown Centre and its neighbor, Fogle Fine Art (just two blocks away on Beach Blvd.), offer trolley service or a short pedestrian ARTwalk for a chance to visit and shop a fabulous selection of original fine art and accessories for the holidays
ARTstop iii – Midtown Tenant ARTvillage (Town Center, Woodcock Drive) – Midtown Centre tenants offer creative and impressive artwork for purchase

Military Exhibit
Exhibits – Meet and greet our women and men in uniform and visit the exhibits, including the 27-ton AMTRAC and Chinook helicopter!
Recruiters – Meet armed forces recruiters + exhibits/displays, and experience simulators

Community Hospice Veterans Partnership
Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress American Folklife Center – (Schultz Center) Join the kick-off of a local initiative to participate in the Veterans History Project (VHP), a congressionally mandated oral history program that collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear from veterans and better understand the realities of war. Veterans may register for an appointment to share their personal stories, which will be added to the permanent collections of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Learn more about VHP at www.loc.gov/vets. (A special Flyover & Press Conference will take place at Noon, Sat. – USO Stage)
Veterans Walk – (Schultz Center) Resources and info for Veterans and their families
Veterans Expo – (Schultz Center) 20 info booths
Veterans Reception Desk – (Schultz Center) Community Hospice Veterans Partnership Info
Veterans History Project Registration – (Schultz Center)
Veterans History Project Recording Room – (Schultz Center - #4)

USO Stage i – 300-seat outside stage under a big tent featuring area military bands and entertainment, including the 50-piece 13th Army band!
Street Musicians & Artisans – A variety of street entertainment throughout the day
Jacksonville ART Stage ii – (Schultz Center) 110-seat inside stage (Schultz Center), a collaborative effort led by Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, featuring musical and performance talent!

“Draw for the Troops” (Schultz Center)
Drawing Station – Kids and adults “draw, box & send” a personal “Thank You” or a “Happy Thanksgiving” card to the troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan – bring Purell Hand Lotion (unopened), too – all goes into the mailing box!

International Food Festival
Jacksonville Sister Cities International
8 Food Stations – International food experiences for children and families from Matthew’s Market, 1171 Restaurant, Red Chilies, OMNI Jacksonville, Havana Jax, and more!
Sunday “Jazz Brunch” (10-Noon, USO Stage and Tent)
Beverage Stations (By International Food Festival Tents and the Military Expo)

Community, Health, & Safety Zone
St. Vincent’s HealthCare and First Coast Primary Care
Expo – Variety of community and health services; meet/greet St. Vincent’s HealthCare’s First Coast Primary Care doctors (free blood pressure screenings) – meet/greet the DEA; FBI Citizens Academy and learn about the “S.O.S.” program, “Student Online Safety; and more!

Kids' Zone
Roving Street Entertainment – Kitty the Clown and entertainers offer face painting, balloons, jugglers, a stilt-walker, and more + important community information for kids & parents

Workshops (Schultz Center)
1 – FBI Citizens’ Academy “S.O.S.” (Student Online Safety) Computer Registration
2 – Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Filmmakers’ Theatre (student films, including the
award-winning PSA for The St. Johns Riverkeeper, as well as their “The Green Monster”)
3 – GREENtalks by U.S. Green Building Council and Breaking Ground Contracting Experts
4 – Community Hospice Veterans Partnership “Veterans History Project” recordings

Volunteer Support provided by Hands On Jacksonville (formerly Volunteer Jacksonville)

Proceeds benefit Community Hospice Veterans’ Partnership,
and the children’s art programs of the Duval County Public Schools

Midtown Centre Office Park is in Historic St. Nicholas (32207), 3 miles from Downtown (3947 Boulevard Center Dr.), just past the Atlantic and Beach Boulevards fork, bordered by Beach Blvd. and Carmichael Ave., Art Museum and Boulevard Center Drives.

This event is produced by Midtown Centre Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization (904.396.9092 – Jacqui McClain)
Its Mission is to “celebrate the arts and community in Historic St. Nicholas.”
SOON: entertainment schedules and parking info will be on www.midtowncentre.com

Monday, September 01, 2008

Art Walk Wednesday Will Be EPIC! Updates constantly.

This just in from the Arts Center and Karpeles

Labor Day is only a holiday when you have a job.

Dear Governor, Senators and Representatives,

I appreciate your support and leadership for Florida and its varying industries. Over the years, many of you have shown support and interest in our film industry during visits to my filming locations.

I have been part of building this industry in Florida for over 20 years, but recently see a tremendous shift in direction. The first half of this year, I have scouted for more projects outside of Florida, then within. There are at least 5 outside producers with previous positive experience filming in Florida that are scouting or setting up production offices elsewhere. I am hard pressed to have them even look at Florida because of the current status and perceived outlook of filming in Florida.

Due to the 75% cut in funding of the Florida Film Incentive, over 50 film commissioners do not have the incentives needed to be competitive. All of this, during a time that our neighboring States have increased their incentives. We have not only lost loyalty from previous filmmakers but also our leverage with these neighboring states to lure productions and keep our local filmmakers and investors at home. Next to leave will be our film students, creating a negative population for an industry that contributes high paying jobs and spends millions on local support services and goods. Last year alone, my location budgets spent over a million dollars on hotels, location fees, communication equipment, police and fire, etc. In addition, I witnessed millions being spent on transportation, fuel, food services, office supply/equipment and entertainment during such films as "Recount".

With the weak dollar, the time is great for increasing production across Florida instead of watching them go elsewhere to mimic our paradise look. I don't know where cuts should be made in order for this industry and its incentives to be whole again. I do know that if we do not turn this around soon more businesses will leave, more homes will be on the market and many more jobs lost, not to mention the millions of dollars of free advertisement.

Maintaining our film incentive with a competitive amount of funds is the only way that Florida will stay in the business of filmmaking. Our incentives have already shown proof that the state received over six dollars for every dollar spent and the money had been spent by the production companies before any incentives were paid out. It's a money generator, as opposed to a drain on any budget.

As I began to prepare this letter I wanted to blind copy as many Florida film related workers and supporters as possible. I have copied over two thousand people that have been directly or indirectly involved with the process of making a film with me over this last year. I would request each recipient of this letter to acknowledge their support by sending a reply mail to all the government officials listed, as well as myself. Please feel free to forward this to your address book of film workers and supporters.

Can our industry count on your continued support?


Your Name Here

Please make this letter your own and send to (plus any other folks you may think interested):