Friday, October 31, 2008

This is HUGE!

From my field organizer. LETS DO THIS!
Hi everybody,

I have some completely insane news.

Barack Obama is going to be spending Monday – the last day before the election – in Jacksonville, Florida.

We don't have details on exactly when or where yet, but I wanted you to be the first to know because Barack wants you to come out to your local field office or campaign staging location this Saturday to knock on some doors for him, Joe, and all of the billions of people generations ahead of ours who will be greatly affected by whatever takes place this Tuesday.

It's a big challenge. We have thousands of supporters here in Duval County who have little to no voting history. Reaching out to them will make all the difference in this election. And in the process of doing this, we'll let everybody know about Monday's big campaign finale. Neighbor to neighbor. Person to person.

Click here to commit to a canvassing shift on Saturday. We'll have all of the details regarding Barack's event when you show up to go knock doors with us. This is going to be big, y'all.

Maxwell Wood
Campaign for Change
Field Organizer
(904) 608-7881

If you are like a lot of people I know it is an anxious time. We are so close but we've been hurt before. It is easy to sit at home and watch faux news to see what cracks are possibly forming in our crystal O of hope so we don't get totally gutted. But don't do that. That will just drag this thing out. Get up. Get out. Put in a few hours and join Max and I and thousands of others and lets finish this thing off.

We have been so underserved here by our local, state, and national leadership that we are numb to how great we can be.

But the most followed man on the planet is coming here. Because you matter. Because DUVAL matters. Join us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A People Decision

HUGE PROPS TO Governor Crist who decided to declare an emergency and extend early voting hours! Thanks Charley!

From the Miami Herald:

''It's not a political decision,'' Crist said moments after signing the order, which declares a state of emergency in Florida. "It's a people decision.''

Politicians can say a lot and spin a lot. But this is pure America. Much respect. Much respect.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NO ON 2!

I've been asked by friends and celebrity rock stars from around the globe to post a NO ON 2 Post. So here it is. You might have already voted and if you did you probably voted against this anyway, but in the off chance that you did not vote yet, please remember, NO ON 2 and to tell your buddies.

The lines at some polls remain long and will only be worse on the 4th. Election day will be crazy. Vote Early!

Hi! As you all know I rarely make a brazen stand on political issues - but this one...well... it's too much to ignore.

The proposed amendment 2 that will appear on your ballot next week is unacceptable.

Vote NO on 2.

Mainly this law would make it so that families, domestic partnerships, etc., that currently have benefits such as legal rights and allowing each other to be covered on health insurance would be eliminated. If passed, it will create a huge strain on our legal system when the thousands of people who lost benefits sue the state. It does nothing to "protect marriage," as Florida law already states that marriage must be between a man and a woman.

Beyond that, as other states are passing laws that give more rights to families who choose not to be married, including same-sex marriage laws, Florida will go against this trend if this law should pass, making us appear as a "backwoods" type of state. A state that has passed a similar law is Kentucky. States that have passed the opposite law, giving more rights to families, are Massachusetts and New York.

It is a mean-spirited and discriminatory amendment that all Florida voters will be voting on this coming Presidential Election, Nov. 4th, 2008.

We should all join together to oppose stripping away existing employee benefits - like health care - while forever barring the passage of future measures that could help families.

My personal feeling is that this law penalizes any family that chooses not to join themselves by marriage. I support anyone who wants to join together as a family unit, to care for and support one another, and I don't feel that love has to be registered with the government at the county courthouse to be valid. Love and families are concepts that supercede government and laws, and government stating that only certain people can be in love is a Big-Brother, Orwellian type of scary. Each person may choose who they love without government permission, in my opinion. If you disagree with my personal opinion, please vote NO on 2 based on the legal ramifications I discussed initially.

Thanks for reading!


For more info

Monday, October 27, 2008

JaxScene Family Style

Carlisle @ Art Walk 5/08

music/vid from JaxScene vids

All you Moms and Dads check out one of the newer features of JaxScene, Family Edition. For the Kids!

The above footage is from an art walk. Which is funny because art walk turns 5! Next Wednesday! WHOOOOOOOOOOTWOOOOOOOOH! Check out all of this STUFF TO DO! WOW! (PDF)

Lots and lots of stuff here, for the kids!

I am also speaking at pecha kucha that night about how we started the art walk 5 long long years ago.

This clip sort of sums it up:

What do vice presidents do?

This is awesome. I'm so glad there was no mention of face shooting, closed door energy meetings, or deleted emails. Welcome to youtube Monday.

I ain't playing.

Watch until the end to get fully motivated to be somebody.

This one is for you mom!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I feel like Bartman

I KNEW i should have early voted. tip to Tom

Scroll down on info about free Obama/Biden signs and free beer tomorrow. Your read it right!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Green Retail Tour - Meet Jay McGovern - Free Obama Signs - Free Beer - Friday 5PM

Free Event Friday 5PM

Starts at 1520 Main, Royal Treatment Records, Zombie Bikes, and Burro Bags. Plenty of bike and other parking. Approachable from Main, next to Chan's Chinese. Pull in through promising blue business enterance sign through construction. Main St on the come back!

Pick up your free Obama/Biden sign. The real kind with wooden stakes. Hammer it in. You would have to be a McCainiac to kick these things.

Browse the record store, bike shop, and bag factory. Meet the management team.

Jay speaks at 6 for 15 minutes and hopefully will be avaialable for any questions you may have. He is running in a tighter than anticipated race. The Obama tidal wave may just help Jay do the impossible. It is hard to believe that an engineer and bio fuel producer, retired military pilot and small business owner is the underdog to an investment banker turned politician. I am not telling you who to vote for, just think that Main Street is not yet saved as predicted at the end of this article. Crenshaw has only missed 3% of his votes and has voted with his party 94% of the time.

At 6:15 ish we take the short walk down the historic dirt alley to some bar called Shantytown where the Return of the City hosts and Shantytown pub sponsor the first keg (AMERICAN).

Walt Disney World - Main Street Electrical Parade
Found at

Michelle about to take the stage

Watch it live on NEWS4JAX or catch the great live blog by tia.

Think about quality of life.

I don't blog much about my day job. Today there is a very good story about hospice on the front page of the New York Times.

Now most of us, ok probably all of us, can't afford to ride out in a luxury hotel where we once listened to jazz legends. But we all need to think about how we will care for our family and ourselves and what kind of quality of life we want when its time to get really comfortable and think about the good times.

As I have said before and say at least once a day. Almost 70% of people who are eligible for hospice die without it (nhpco)and 98% of families who go through the benefit recommend it (nejm).

You can always contact any of the hospice providers in our area. There are three in town. You will always find someone to talk to about benefit. Because it is good.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Mighty Mighty St. Johns! It is your River!

WHOA! This is so awesome. Check and bookmark/favorite the My St. Johns River site.

Tour the entire river and see the most amazing 360 degree photos of Florida. From the Riverkeeper:

We are excited to announce St. Johns Riverkeeper’s new My St. Johns River education and awareness campaign to facilitate personal connections with the St. Johns and to provide you with tools to “get to know” your river.

The goal of the My St. Johns River campaign is to foster a greater sense of awareness, appreciation and understanding of the river and to ultimately provide inspiration and opportunities for you to get out and experience your St. Johns firsthand.

Also, don’t forget to share your observations, memories, stories, and photos with us on the My River Stories section of the website.

Start your journey of the St. Johns River, today!

Note: Since this is the launch of a brand new website, please inform us of any problems that you may encounter. We also want to know what you think.

We will continue to add new features and information to the site over time, so feel free to offer suggestions and ideas. Enjoy!

Jimmy Orth

Executive Director

St. Johns Riverkeeper

2800 University Blvd. N.

Jacksonville, FL 32211

P: 904.256.7591

A little tip. Our Riverkeeper is again hosting more free rides on our ART WALK NOVEMBER 5!
The worlds largest ART WALK turns FIVE! NOVEMBER FIVE! With a free 5th! of what? Guess via for a free tshirt. First correct answer wins a "keep it wheel" tshirt or "you can do it put your bike into it" tshirt from burro bags.

Vote Early! HERE WE GO!

There are already some big lines but that is to be expected. Don't give up. Stick it out or come back. Get some friends to go with. Take your time, do it right!

From the Supervisor of Elections:

Early Voting for General Election

Duval County will begin early voting Monday, October 20, 2008 for the November 4th General Election. Florida registered voters living in Duval County are eligible to vote at any of the 15 early voting sites located throughout the county. Early Voting is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. The last day to vote early for the General Election is Sunday, November 2nd, 2008. Registered voters need to bring valid identification that includes the voter’s photo and signature.

Early voting will take place at the following locations:

· Duval County Supervisor of Elections Main Office
105 East Monroe Street

· Duval County Supervisor of Elections Branch Office (Gateway Mall)
5200-02 Norwood Avenue

· Argyle Branch Library
7973 Old Middleburg Road South

· Beaches Regional Library
600 3rd Street, Neptune Beach

· Bradham-Brooks Northwest Library
1755 Edgewood Avenue West

· Highlands Regional Library
1826 Dunn Avenue

· Mandarin Regional Library
3330 Kori Road

· Murray Hill Library
918 Edgewood Avenue South

· Pablo Creek Library
13295 Beach Boulevard

· Regency Square Regional Library
9900 Regency Square Boulevard

· South Mandarin Regional Library
12125 San Jose Boulevard

· Southeast Regional Library
10599 Deerwood Park Boulevard

· University Park Library
3435 University Boulevard North

· Webb Wesconnett Regional Library
6887 103rd Street

· West Regional Library
1425 Chaffee Road South

Thanks to tomp for the images!

Live McGovern/Crenshaw Debate on

Jaxdotcom says it will have the full debate tonight. I will link up then. Come meet Jay McGovern on Friday in Springfield to ask follow up questions. More info to follow.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beauty Contest 08

I know. I know. Is it over yet? Sadly no. It won't be over until the 5 Year Anniversary of Art Walk! NOV 5, 2008! Where were you? Woot. However there is lots of fun new stuff you can do like see what President Palin would be like. Mavericky for sure. My favorite is her ego wall. Doh. Thanks to my best friend Rob who sends me funny emails. Thanks dude!

Anyone mind if I digress? (yeah? put it in the comments)

Anyone notice that the interweb is changing things? I saw the title of this funny/tragic article and thought: Don't tell that guy sucking exhaust in the median of philips highway. But even the Union has got skin in the game. On the skinternet. The best thing on twitter (I know) locally is the jaxdotcom feed. Tight work fellas! When they get the bailout I think those guys should get big promotions and paid or something. They expose a lot of great stuff. There are a lot of blogs now that are really doing what I set out to do when I migrated my spam email about art events into a blog in the year of our lord 2005. For instance if you need art info try globotron, art isn't rocket surgery, or the outer bizox. UAW. Tonya Lee. There are a ton more just check out each blog roll on the right. Reminds me that I need to update mine at some point.

I also tried and arguably still am trying to be funny. Like the jiffy or this nut. I like urban issues and politics and bikes and beats and bags.

I also try to promote shows in the core. The best place for that (and an awesome blog roll with titles of the last post. convenient!) is JAXSCENE. This JaxScene thing is awesome. I thought ExperienceJax was groundbreaking, and it is. But the JS is in a category by itself with the follow up pics and all. If I ever gasp, had to move or spend a lot of time outside of DUVAL I would be happy to see what the haps is thru JS. And of course there is always the king. His comments are a great place to find new blogs too. Even though comments are stu-pid. Good stuff-to-do there too. He forgot to include Tony Bennett. Tickets still left for that. HE IS AMAZING LIVE! Anyone remember him at Jazz Fest? Dude played through the sunset. About 5 encores. It was amazing. Long live Jazz Fest.

Anyhoo. Just wanted to digress and thank all my mind blogging friends. Because of you, people get a new perspective on how great and tragic and awesome it is to live life here. Thanks pals. Have a great weekend!

Tony Bennett - The Way Look You Tonight
Found at

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emerge son!

Here's the whole scoop:
Emergence in October
Fogle and Doorpost Film Project are proud to present a monthly event called Emergence. The purpose of this event is to bring the best of what's next in Jacksonville to the people that want it. Don't you ever want to go to a party loaded with interesting people and just talk about art, music, culture and all of the high-minded things that distract you from the everyday grind? Well that's why we created Emergence.
On the third Thursday of every month we will be bringing the best in cutting-edge creative expression from Jacksonville to Jacksonville. These events will feature art, film, music and design.

October 16th TODAY, 5-7pm

See the new series of work by Tony Rodrigues. Tony currently has some pieces in the Making Marks show at MOCA and has shown some of the work we have on display before at The Gallery at Screen Arts in St. Augustine. His pieces are incredible. He describes his subject matter thus: "I look for certain things in potential imagery, a special stillness, absurdity or quiet dignity that is, to me, just a bit off-beat."
On the wall opposite of Tony is the work of Maribel Angel. Her fanciful expressionist pieces are highly textured, utilize an exquisite color pallette, and seem to work in almost any space without imposing. She has four new pieces on display in Emergence.
Tony and Maribel will both be present for the show.
The Jacksonville Film Festival will be presenting a series of short films in our small screening room and promoting their upcoming Viva Cinema! Latin Film Festival. Jesse Rodriguez, Director of Jacksonville Film Events will be in attendence to discuss the upcoming event and how he goes about programming the various film festivals we can be expecting in the coming years. We will also have a computer showing the short films from the Doorpost Film Project, an international film company headquartered here in Jacksonville.
We will be playing the Gypsy Diaries by Batsauce in the gallery throughout the night. Jacksonville beatmaker Batsauce recently moved to Berlin, Germany, but he took a crooked path through South America, Asia, and Africa and collected samples and rythms along that path to create this "album." This phenomenal project is online and available for download at
Emergence in November (11/20) will feature the art of Eric Gillyard and Christie Holechek and the Weird Island films by Eric Gillyard and Ian Chase. Stay tuned for further updates.
Come have a glass of wine. It'll be rad!

More over at art isn't rocket surgery.

Saw a couple more things at Jax Scene including the out of the box show. What a fantastic line up!

Do you need a pick me up between all these exhilirating art shows and conversations? Try caffiene, while its still legal and feel up about supporting uncommon grounds. Its on the way to all these shows man.


Jon who works with Fogle and who wrote this awesome piece of peace,

mentions in a later conversation that the wine is by wine bar and the beers are made local by the fine family of brewers at Bold City. Note its is a cash bar but the proceeds go to the River Keeper.

Then. And only if you are up for pulling up your socks and taking it back to late 80s & early 90s hip hop. There is Kickball Thursdays will have stars available from each of the teams for feedback and autographs. And $2 American tallboys out back at the bigloo. Tonights kickball games will be replayed on the nasdaq big board.

If the coffee really works the strong will head to the Pearl.


shown: sunbears via happenstance (out back of bg) via jaxscene

Oh sweet life. The coming November 5th ART WALK will be the day after the real Super Tuesday. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate to me. I know there is a ton of great stuff happening at this walk so stay tuned. Freshly married Airport Factory will be playing out back.

Get a babysitter before the neighbors book her. Ask for Thursday off. Book a room. Do what you have to do. You have been warned. This is the one.

Sufjan Stevens - Jacksonville
Found at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Internet Video Sensations

I think they should have let Matt narrate. He has a face for radio. And he is always pointing out in the crowd of political wear, um where, the duval proceeds go. They don't mention that after costs any and all proceeds go directly to the campaign. Obama gets our green dude. So the title of the piece is off a little too.

With all this attention, make sure you get your shirts before they become anthropological.

and Best wishes to Chris and bride! Oui Om Puer!

Me and Bob G

I got to watch the VP debate with Bob Graham. I asked him in his working man days (he used to spend a day doing all the jobs Floridians do) if he was ever a DJ or MC. Not yet he said. Awesome.

So I gave him one of the boys' Obama Duval shirts and said you know Senator, if Obama wins Duval he will win Florida, and he said, and if he wins Florida, he will win.

Let me add. If you vote, really take the time and do it right. It may take time! He will win Duval.

Time is running out on getting these shirts though. You can pick them up for $10 US (not ameros cuz) at Burro, 1520 Main. First coast news is doing a story on them today so there will be a rush, but as of this post there are plenty of sizes and choices available. Make it happen, Main St style.

All money after costs go directly to the campaign son.

Make it happy Duval


there is some little bar in Springfield...

I know. Never heard of it either.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch Breakable!

The Night Ride 10/11/08

video found at jaxscene

I did a little of the ride and caught a pint (and tour) at the new Brewery in Riverside. This video must have been shot after that. Great job Matt! I had an awesome time and I only did a tiny bit of it.

I heard Cowpea was great too! Way to go DUVAL! Jags Win!

For a slideshow with your lunch hit play below and then right click here and open in new window for a show by jaxscene. Enjoy! (best with hummus)

Iggy Pop - I am a Passenger
Found at

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its a Legume!

Got a fun stuff planned for this weekend? You better check yourself! For those east of the ditch and those with the guts to go there:

Hello good people of the Beach! (and the five burroughs)

It is a very exciting week here in Jax Beach, with Cowpea! coming up this weekend!! Be sure to buy your tickets to this super-amazing-funtastic event that supports the Beaches Local Food Network and educational tools/programming held at the Beaches Organic Community Garden! This Saturday night, 8 PM at Freebird! Only $10 for food, fun, music and more!
Please click here for further info: Cowpea!

Just to give a little info on this event title (cowpea) which seems a bit strange at best-- cowpea is actually just a bean-- a legume that is often used as a cover crop during the off-season because it fixes nitrogen, helping to replenish the soil and prepare for the upcoming planting. Cover cropping is an organic farming technique which helps to build soil quality, as opposed to chemical fertilizers which artificially provide nutrients. This is the cover crop we have used at the Beaches Organic Community Garden, and which current garden members are harvesting and eating and/or saving seed for the next time a cover crop is needed. Speaking of saving seeds... (please excuse my not-so-eloquent segue into sharing some important information)...

Did you know that US corporations (Monsanto together with USDA) have actually designed, patented and aggressively promoted "gene terminator" plant technology, which prevents farmers from being able to save their own seed because second generation plants essentially self-destruct. By doing so, this corporation can control the intellectual property rights and demand royalties from often-struggling farmers. Yes, the people that grow our food and now also our fuel. Just to express the severity of this situation... this actually prevents the practice of saving seeds and propagating food from one plant generation to the next--- a practice that humankind has depended on for survival since the beginning of human history. If we prevent plants from producing viable seed, we are creating SERIOUS problems here know, since we all have to participate in the simple act of eating in order to survive. Sorry for the heavy topic here, folks, but we must continue to educate ourselves in order to seek and implement positive solutions in our world! This terminator gene is just one method of genetically modifying seeds and plants... research the topic for more info. Here's one good article: Truth About Seeds
And a great film recommendation-- The Future of Food

And onto some of those positive solutions, happening right here in our town!
Debuting at the Green Market this weekend is Shakti Life Kitchen, a new raw food restaurant opening on Pine Street in Atlantic Beach! If you're wondering why the heck people would just eat raw food, your life is about to get a lot more exciting! Raw food is not only incredibly beneficial for your health, but it can be the most tasty food ever! Everything from raw crackers to "pasta", "meat loafs" and even ice cream! Serious amazingness. Shakti Life Kitchen aims not only to bring delicious, healthy food to our community, but they also plan on holding food prep demos and classes to aid in transition into healthy, sustainable living. Come try some of their tasty treats at the Green Market!

I hope to see you all on Saturday, both day and night! Don't miss out on this amazing Cowpea benefit... live music, food, art show and auction, green video games, art projects and more! Come celebrate with us while also helping to generate the funding to create educational programs and tools for sustainable living and agriculture, right here in our community!

See you soon!

Beaches Green Market
Every Saturday, 2-5 PM
Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach

For those in the core who like things that spin:

This thing is looking pretty fun. Much props to Matt.

Real bad asses will probably do both.

Or maybe you are heading south. This is so funny. I know a lot of bubbies kids who are looking into this. What a hoot.

not that work safe

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

BIKE JAX! (updated)

Don't forget Saturday is the Night Ride!

Big article in the Times Union yesterday about the bikes. Find it through Bike Jax.

Good video here with Burro Matt as narator. He has a face for radio.

there is also a good run down over at the best blog

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Joe E. posted this over at his interportal too.

What we failed (like Lehman) to understand is that there is a presidential debate tonight. Why they scheduled this thing at the last minute we will never know. But no worries. I'll just remix it right in. You can tivo the debate if you are hardcore. Or you can catch it on replay all night on CNN or something. But don't worry I will also jam the debate within the sets from the city's best DJs.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Today is the greatest

and last day to register to vote.

CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW! It is very easy and must be done today to be official. Its pretty clear that there will not be an election this important to Duval in our lifetime. I know a lot of people who have registered for the first time and a lot more need to do it today.

God Bless the United States of America.


Kevin Spacey, Kings of Leon, Joe E Fresh, what do they all have in common. They were there for the best residency ever to hit Bay St. And it ends tomorrow. The tag line: Biggie Tuesdays, its just me and you. Seemed to be a bit too truthy.

So instead of ending last week, we've decided to throw in and dj for nothing tomorrow night to say thanks to Marks for being so cool and letting us jam our jams loud and proud for so long.

Big guest djs including the beaches DJ Cries Thunder, Triclops i, Chaka, and probably more. Come see us tomorrow night. Bring a couple bucks and go home happy with ears ringing.

Friday, October 03, 2008

This Year

aldrin and g

all photos: JaxScene (4life!)

Click Play.
The Mountain Goats - This Year
Found at

Then right Click and open in new window here.

Enjoy your art walk if you missed it or relive it. Either way, see you in November for the big one. The five year anniversary. The wood anniversary. Indeed. Thank you Duval.