Monday, November 24, 2008

Huge News.

Each month is gay,
each season nice,
when eating
chicken soup
with rice.

Tomorrow the Burrito will have Chicken and rice and tortilla soup. The tomato bisque was nice. I had it with a cheese quesadilla. I'm just letting you know. No pressure. While supplies last.

Additionally this is happening in Springfield and I'm throwing this in as sort of a save the date.
There are lots of great things going on right now. Check JaxScene for the latest. Shanty two year party flier should hit the tubes soon.

I may take a Thanksgiving break soon. Got a lot to be thankful about. It may take a minute. But check back anyway, I can be sneaky. The hiatus is situational.

In the meantime, bailout Main Street or something.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Honk if you love Veggies!

You should go eat your greens today at the co-op. New Event LIST!

That better be a bike horn! I know, I'm one to talk. But I do honk every time I pass the shop. Show your support to the BBBBB (bags, bikes, borts, burts, and beats) by honking your horn. I lay on it from about Chan's to the 6th street. I think the guys really appreciate looking up and waving at their fans six or seven times a minute. Show your love!

I found this update thru JaxScene Actionville's fair and balanced news blog (tm).

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vino 5 points!

Big fun comes in a fancy glass at tonights Five Points Wine Festival! Tip to Jack.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How many attendees will be arriving via public transportation?

Play the game!

Coordinating Regional Transportation for the Future
The North Florida District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) invites you to this special meeting that will focus on the future transportation needs of our region.

What are the advantages to regional planning? What affect does a regional approach have on funding? What is a Regional Transportation Authority and is there a need for one in North Florida?

The program will be moderated by Mayor John Peyton and the panelists include:

Charles Baldwin
District Two Secretary - Lake City
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Michael Blaylock
Executive Director/CEO
Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)

Denise Bunnewith
Executive Director
North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)

Brian Teeple
Chief Executive Officer
Northeast Florida Regional Council (NEFRC)

We are also pleased to have Commissioner Thrumston from the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) on our panel.

Cost to Attend:
$35.00 Members
$30.00 Young Leader Group Members
$45.00 Non-Members
Elected Officials receive complimentary admission. Please call 904-486-8256 to make a reservation.

ULI North Florida Sponsors:
Please contact Carolyn Clark at 904-486-8256 to register for this event and to receive your two complimentary passes. Thank you.
Register Now!
Go online
or call 800-321-5011 and mention meeting code 8153-0910.



In all caps. Get on the grid this weekend for ice cold beer (117 flavors) and red hot jazz. Cozy and Enshanting!


Check out this video from the archive of Tom P. It is from exactly 2 years ago. The weather just changed. I remember well. It was a Saturday morning downtown and these guys were just cold kicking it. I can't remember the name of the event but DVI had jazz bands all over downtown at certain spots on the sidewalkz.

tropic of cancer - train

Monday, November 17, 2008

Its not all about me!

So facebook is chock full of birthday wishes for me today! Thanks peoples!

I feel a little guilty having been celebrating my birthday all weekend long. Cyclones win! I was reminded this morning that it is National Hospice Month with a crack of dawn inservice I had to teach. Instead of breakfast in bed! But hey its worth it. The hospice benefit is an awesome thing. Ask me about it next time you see me.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This thing is turning out to be a mini Tallyrand (listen)!

Deadlines are due today for a slice of my birthday bailout tea! Thanks to all my blahg friends for pumping up the jam!

It starts whenever you get there but most people will get there after happy hour. Some will see it through. Remember no cover but when someone bats their kitten eyes at you with a hat out please throw in for change.

See you tonight!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


photo: CameraPhone AllStars

Big News over at BIKE JAX! Thanks!

You can pick up free tickets from me at tonights DVI Annual Meeting.

Annual Meetings with an electric bull nearby, only downtown. Metaphor much?

Someone will have to ride this thing since we are all riding it with you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OH SNAP! Its my birthday!


I need to take a small halftime break in national hospice month and spin some records. Listen to my favorite MC Tough Junkie, My DJ Triclops i, and my favorite new band Airport Factory.

So I have decided to throw (or if you are from new jares) trow my own birthday jam. Its BIKEVEMBERFEST! Come by bike and there is no cover. Come by car and say you came by bike and there is no cover! We will be passing the hat because nobody around here gets paid anyway and our insurance renewal is up at the BBB. So support your local bike co-op, recycle and waxy fabric bag shop, and record store. And enjoy $2 orange parks and $2 millerburgs and some other hourly shot speshes. THATS RIGHT SON!

Oh yeah. Starts at happy hourish. But then the entertainment starts when people start carrying heavy things toward the stage and asking people to move. FUN!

One last thing. If you have a blog, please feel free to cut and paste all this on there, because its just some kids trying to pay for their insurance. And an adult trying to dj. Old records. Like you read about.

And, if you do post it, I'll post one for you. You name it dude. Seriously.


You down with BRT? Yeah you know me.

Who has time to keep up with transportation infrastructure decisions much less tackle the beauracracy of our local authority? BOB! Thank the stars above! And he has good news over at his must read blog, Jacksonville Transit.

After thousands of articles, here and elsewhere, after explaining our need for rail as our primary trunk system, and BRT as our primary feeder, it would seem the message is finally sinking in. The system now proposed is a much less involved build. No 30 year wait to ride the buses either. Using surface streets - and better yet a main artery that is little used but connects the whole city, JTA has hit on the formula for BRT success. HOV lanes, Lem Turner Road, Shand's hospital and future commuter rail all out of the box on about the same date. Run Jacksonville RUN! Scott, Suraya, Please take a bow.

We all owe a huge thanks (as do our children and their children (though children shouldn't really be having children)) to Bob and all the folks active in keeping light rail and rail and alternatives to oil guzzling buses on the top of mind of the people who spend the billions on us. THANKS!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The urbancore bike route and music and art fest (aka bikevemberfest) is nearly complete. You can start at Flux in 5 points, then hit some pub called shanty in Springfield (see above flier, badlands!) and then hit the biggest bikevemberfest EVER at the BG. More on that tonight or tomorrow. Just waiting to see who else we can add to the bike art and music fest this Friday. They keep coming in. Charge up your headlights and ride in packs. And remember, Bush is still in office. So no funny business.

Speaking of Commander in Chiefs, thank a vet. If you love your freedom, thank a vet. Today is veterans day and there is a parade at 11 am. Downtown, water to newnan to bay to the stadium. Go downtown and thank a vet or thank one that you see on the street.

Here is a breathtaking set of photos from our next CIC, like him or love him these are amazing photos of an improbable journey. Tip to Catharsis.

Hang tight for more info on BIKEVEMBERFEST this FRIDAY!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Friday the 14th, Flux, Five Points

I'm throwing a big party at the burrito on this same night. Sounds like a good riverwalk bike ride to me.

Since our inception we have made an honest effort to showcase the abundant talent here in Jacksonville. On Friday, November 14th we will feature the artist Mark Hilpert. Although Hilpert is no longer with us, his work still warrants the admiration of many who knew him or simply have connected with his artistic path. The show will be curated by Raef Godwin who was one of Mark's dear friends. The basis for this retrospective is to accomplish two things: 1. To earn enough money to start a scholarship in Mark Hilpert's name that will provide support to local artists that need it and 2. To make works available to the public so that his talent continues to inspire others.

Per Raef Godwin:

Mark Hilpert was an artist of immense talent. He was also a dear friend. In 2006, both were lost too early. Through the showing of his art at Flux, I hope to further honor the work and the friend. His work shows a depth, passion and insight rarely seen. It is work from the soul.
It is fitting that one of the great local artists to come out of Jacksonville has a showing at a gallery that champions local Jacksonville art. It would make him proud. Since his death, I have taken on two goals to honor his memory-- getting his art in the hands & homes of people who appreciate it, and attempting to fund an FCCJ photography scholarship in his name through the sale of his art. I invite you to experience his work on Friday, November 14, at Flux Studio/Gallery.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Key is in the ignition

The latest from Berlin & Springfield based Smile Rays.

Duval Ya'll.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I feel like this guy today. Way to go DUVAL!
Duval County 284 of 284 Precincts reporting
John McCain - GOP 197171
Barack Obama - DEM 192173

And tonight? Well tonight you can stroll across the Main Street bridge and see all of the awesome downtown. Listen to live jazz on the soutbank at the Historical Society outpost (just below Ruths Chris on the river). You can ride the river taxi free with a guided tour by the river keeper (from the landing). You can hear our symphony free! at the TU center (7pm). All that info and more is at DOWNTOWN VISION.

I am giving a speech on how I single handidly won the election and saved the entire city (even the distressed suburban developers!) at pecha kucha which means goat sucker in mexican.

So in the era of good blog giveaways like you see at UJ, JC, JS, and others, here is a chance to hear me say "um" a thousand times. email answers to theurbancore(at)

The question is: What was the name of the special roast of Martin's Coffee we gave away during the first year of art walk?

First correct answer gets two tickets to the SHOW! This thing always sells out even though it is free you have to go and sign up or something. Check Moca site for details.

I go first so be prepared to leave right away. Just kidding. The line up looks really good. Directly after my speecheses I got to run back to the bigloo behind the bg to serve canned american, pro american beer. Come see me either way. But HIT THE WALK TOO! ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Gym is in the tank.

I picked the wrong morning to skip my morning work out! Check out Gut Reaction to see what you blast before election day as pre president elect.
Add Barack to the list of celebrities who like to hang out downtown. Lets see thats Ed Begley Jr., Russell Crowe, RZA, Katt Williams, Kevin Spacey, and Barack Obama all just this year!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Don't forget that Art Walk is Wednesday. This is the biggest one ever. Bring the family or get a sitter. But don't miss it.

Here is the full on official map and list of events. Included are free boat rides from the river keeper. These are awesome guided trips. They were popular last time so thankfully there is an artsy fashion show in the landing if you have to wait. It is also a can food drive SO BRING YOUR CANS to the landing! Across the river you will find live jazz at the historical center right at the east side of the main street bridge on the southbank river walk. FREE JAZZ! Thats a classic! Classical! Yep we have that too! Join Fabio Mechetti as he conducts our fine symphony in a preview of Bethovens 5th! Get it 5th! Fifth art walk anniversary! Whooot! Wooo! The river city band will also be jamming in Hemming. There are a ton of cool things to catch at this art walk check them all out here!