Friday, January 30, 2009

Destination Downtown!

To my knowledge the Burrito Gallery was not invited to Destination Downtown. This is not big deal. We definitely still support all our downtown neighbors and encourage all to come out tonight. I mean free covers, $79 Omni and Hyatt rooms (awesome!). We didn't even get a shot at this but we love the idea. Maybe its because we don't serve the bud. It is probably because we close at midnight on Friday or because when approached with this kind of thing we almost always decline because of cost. We are cheap. Got to keep those tacos competitive in this economy right?

Speaking of competition, tonight 74 Soundsystem takes on the rude boys of shock wave soundsystem. The only time its ok to be rude at the BG.

There are specials on something I tried last night and kind of liked called joose. If you don't like it be careful how you say it.

But the sound clash isn't the only competition tonight. There is something MUCH more important going on. We have two wheats on tap and there is only room for one. Blue Moon Vs. Obering from Bells. I believe there is specials on these two as well. Two taps enter. One tap stays.

Anyway, I encourage you to come on out downtown tonight because its on and rocking. Steady.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Wishes and Positive Thoughts

Good Luck to Globatron and his second brain surgery today. The doctor left his cell phone in last time or something. Just kidding. He is at St. Lukes if you want to send a nice message. I don't think he will have a room until late Thursday or tomorrow so be patient (pun intended).

Anyway, its pretty heavy stuff. I know with your prayers and mine he will will be back to full strength pushing the art cause for the greater good. There are a ton of great sites Byron has created that document well his work on raising the bar and the discussion of art in Jacksonville, America, the planet, etc. Please take some time to check these out:

globatron the site
about globatron, good break down of the site and what makes it tick
Byron's main page-ish and story


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Post from your Host

The Cats at the Coop are wrenching on bikes tonight from 5:30 to 7:30. Want to make your two wheeler hum? Ride it down to the best bike coop on Main Street Son!

Yesterday on the UJW I spent some time talking about these guys and their cousins the Burro Bags. These are some of the best kids I know in the city. I am so proud of how much they do and how much they give back. Please support your local bike coop, record store, and messenger bag fabricators. 1520 Main St for LIFE! Or until Mack builds something cool there. Any way hit the workshops and or stay for the movie tonight at 8:30 Bomb it!

Urban Jacksonville Weekly is really taking off. It is a lot of fun and has exposed me to new people and ideas and issues. I am always stunned at how many new cool folks there are to be discovered in this great city. But you have to get off your couch. Because they ain't coming to your house.

Speaking of discoveries. Huge thanks to Sarah at Native Sun who sent me a huge chunk of bloggage that we needed to add to If you haven't favorited that yet, check your pulse.

Thats all for now. See you on the streets.

Ps- Southbank Sunrise is really taking off! Lots of repeat offenders coming out for the Bold Bean Coffee and Jerry the funky Historian.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Throw your face in the hair if you just don't care.

or something.

I'm not sure why I am bothering to write this as this will probably be the most well attended event ever to hit steamworks punk/irish/smoke bar. My facebook and twitter sinks have been clogged all day thanks to the local chapter of the BTUSA. Unless this is a trick by Schick I think we could emerge as the most friendly beard progressive city in the nation in a short time. Viva la beard.

Here are some details from a new blog that I was sent today.

That is two good ones in one day that I fed into

The other was this one sent by this one.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks for a great football championship! Updated


photo Sarah G

More photos found here at Jax Scene

I'm sore. There is your update.

Well I can't describe the excitement of this tournament. It was phenomable. Tremendulous. Huge thanks to Bud Light, North Florida Sales, Mojo, any body that I am missing. What a great event. Congrats the ultra football bar on taking home the trophy.

Video may be coming.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Riverside Arts Market Meeting Notes and Pics

Below is just cliff notes on the meeting today. I will possibly elaborate on Urban Jacksonville Um Weekly.

All photos were taken with my Blackberry Pearl. If you would like better pictures I wouldn't turn down an iphone. Just saying. I can't tell you how awesome this thing is going to be. It is well organized, an extraordinary space, and has a huge interest from the creative community. That said its still open to all to help find the way to opening day. You can help! Check Riverside Arts Market's brand new website for more info and updates.

5 different government entities
16 years
$4 million dollars
Dr. Wood
More than 100 people at First Guaranty
Space and Parking donated by First Guaranty
Fidelity is giving 900 parking spaces with overflow of 600
American Red Cross is donating parking for artists
200 additional spaces on street.
TONS of free parking
Public restrooms
Have point persons for each unit
Dr. Wood- Presentation
Fire Juggler
Portland 75,000 per year
25 years old
“City Changing Event”
Ours to use! Very fun. 1812 Overture.
What is art? Broad. Vegetables are art.
Great slides of art. And produce. Breads. Musicians.
Pet friendly?
Stage on the river for performances.
Marketing plan.
150 Spaces for artists
Food court
Restroom and office or .org
Guidelines are not set in concrete.
No imported items
Spread out of common styles, art and food.
Could stay open later. 4pm close now.
This aint yur grandaddys hot dog stand
Huge marketing budget
Major capital campaign right now. Costs involved.
Music and entertainment by Shackleford. Communicate with them to be on the main stage.
Must have a business license to sell art.
No limit to number of artists in each booth.
No guidelines set for the format of booths yet
Portland has 175 pages of rules. Don’t want to do that.
Food and art separated at this point.
Deer from Keystone. Come on.
Shrub lady.
Solution forthcoming on unload.
Laid off with business license can’t collect unemployment.
Here for business.
Blue grass, barbershop quartet, all types music.
How to advertise? An agreement with WJCT to be a media sponsor $30k for media and print media budget of ??
Grant from TDC to reach out to outlying communities. Free public relations!
Spread like wildfire., Kurt Chamberlain designed site. Posting updated policies based on feedback. Still growing organically.
Feb 15th is likely the submission date.
Demonstration. Art making. Cooking. Interactive.
Farmers can pull their truck right in.
Use farmers to pull in. Suck them in.
Soft opening. No but orientation.
Most important thing is the first year or two.
Build the market together.
Local and south geaorgia. Regional. Possibly. River street in savannah.
Powered booths. Not every booth will have it and will be a fee. Food vendors will be substantially more and will include power.
Expect 3000 per day and 100k per year. That is a little ambitious.
Lower priced items. $25 items keep people coming back.
Lots of excitement.
Hope it makes some money. Possible uses of funds would be to reduce costs to artists. =awesome answer.
Professional staff. Paid market manager.
Portland has 7 employees.
Community service projects. Hubbard house bakery etc.
In first is in. Charter members will have first dibs.
Confilicts of interest.
batt low. out!

Friday, January 23, 2009


practice fields

Watch some real futbol americano this weekend over at los gatos grandes practice fields next to the stadio. Big Football Tourney where the jaguars practice if you don't read spanglish. Anyhow.

See the battle for urban core king. 8 teams enter, One team wins it all.

Mavericks, Marks, Dive, Square, BG, Twisted, Ivy, Pearl.
Links and more info to come but!

This is the second year and the football is competitive and entertaining. Ok I guarantee entertaining anyway.

1PM Kickoffs! Free beer with each canned food donation. We will donate the cans to Sulzbacher for the winner after the game.

Big thanks to the Bud Light. Official beer of Bar Brawl OH NINE!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Urban Jacksonville Weekly Drinking Game

despite the pic I am not advocating playing in your car.

So Joey and Jonathan from Urban Jacksonville dot info and Jacksonville dot com and myself sat down for the first Urban Jacksonville Weekly podcast. It went pretty well for a dry run, first try, inaugural show etc. One take Tony is what they called me on the set. I think this thing is going to be pretty cool. I love how you can listen without downloading. Props to Joey for being persistent. He has been working on this thing for months. And thanks to Jonathan and the Times Union for hosting and editing.

The Game:

Every time someone says UM drink
Every time someone says Urban drink
Every time someone says Yeah drink
Every time someone says donk, throw your hands in the air and dump an imaginary recycle load into an imaginary truck

You should be passed out by the third minute easy.

Teaser: Ways in which you can help local bloggers and independent publishing in DUVAL. Watch this space.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All good in the hood

all images jaxscene

Still very excited about my new prez. Eric Sermon keeps running through my head. He's got a new caddy and its black like that.

If I do make it out tonight to tilt one back for change I will do it in Historic Springfield where everything will be $1 US Dollar! Or 1/35th of a barrel of oil or half a euro or something. Anyhoo, lets celebrate the US Dollar!

More info here at JaxScene.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Living it

This image from an amazing site, Art of Obama

Here is a cool thing that Jonathan did over at the TU. Click on Michelle at bottom for full effect. Perfect ringtone.

Thanks to all our old and new friends who came to Southbank Sunrise. It wasn't as cold as expected and the coffee was outstanding.

I often post MLK speeches around this time of year. I never would have thought, even in recent years, that I would see a black president of the United States of America. How awesome.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Every Sunday until we quit doing it, Jerry Spinks (President of the Jacksonville Historical Society) and I meet at the historical society center right next to the Main St. Bridge around 6:35AM! We listen to choice cuts from David Luckin's Electro Lounge, watch the sun come up over the St. John's. Take some photos. And generally relax and start the day and week. It was stunning last week though very damp and foggy. This time its going to be clear and COLD. SOOOOOOO, we will have a bottomless cup (until about 8:15 or so) of piping hot St. Johns Riverkeeper Roast coffee from local roaster Bold Bean Coffee. There is a great exhibit at the historical outpost with a train set, cool photos, and scale models. We had more kids than expect last week and I think the kids had fun. So its family friendly. Jerry grabs NYTimes on the way in too. Sunday edition!

Its the building right next to the bridge on the southbank riverwalk. Very nice.

Friends of the event include Jacksonville Historical Society, Heartland Hospice, Bold Bean Coffee, St. Johns Riverkeeper, Crown Plaza Hotel, David Luckin, and

Friday, January 16, 2009

Call to Artists and Crafters and Artisans etc!

Oh the mighty and beautiful St. Johns. The one waterfront property where we ALL own a ton of it! One thing that is happening in 2009 is the launch of the RAM. Riverside Artist Market. Its actually on the border of Riverside and Brooklyn so I think it may be later named BRAM but I digress. This will be a city changer for us. If you have taken part in the 5 year old art walk, let me tell you this project gives me that kind of hope. Where people and art and commerce meet in the urban core. I am so happy this dream is coming true for so many. Want to be a part of it? Read on friend.

The Riverside Arts Market (RAM) is planned to open in April 2009. This huge all-weather market under the canopy of the Fuller Warren Bridge has the potential to be the biggest weekly arts event ever held in Northeast Florida. The RAM Committee has been working for the past year to develop market policies and guidelines, a parking plan, a marketing plan, an agreement with the city, a sponsorship plan and much more.

On Saturday, January 24th, 10am - 11:30am, the RAM Committee will host a workshop for interested artists, food vendors and farmers. The purpose of this workshop is to receive feedback on the market guidelines (including market layout, booth assignment policy and cost structure, Market policies and procedures).

In order for the Market to be successful we need and want your input.

The meeting on the 24th will be held at the First Guaranty Bank Building at 760 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville FL 32204, immediately across the street from the Arts Market site. We will begin promptly at 10am. After the meeting, we will walk over to the Market location so you can take a look and ask questions.

Please RSVP by January 22 to Teresa Fish at teresa(at) if you plan to attend. This will be a great meeting!

Thank you,
RAM Committee


And for a little Friday pick me up here is a funny video of highlights of the Burrito Gallery Cyclones Over 30 B team. A drinking team with a soccer problem.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Southbank Sunrise is this Sunday!

Photo by Tom P or Jenny

We have huge news (hyperbole) coming about everybody's favorite event they've never been to. But until we break it, click the play on the jam below.

Koop - Waltz For Koop DJ Patife remix
Found at

Then right click here and choose open in new window.


Coffee news next.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One goes light, the other dark

Well Southbank Sunrise was pretty cool. The first light was about 30 minutes before the schedule time of 7:24. I knew it was going to be earlier from the last few days. It was really cool watching the sun/light come up. The full moon was unbelievable and to watch the day begin was as awesome as advertised. We are going to start blogging live from it, in pictures. We had good and strong French Market New Orleans coffee and chickory and choice cuts of jazz selected from Electro Lounge's David Luckin.

The best part for me was the families that came out to see what was up. With the city train set and cool little exhibits in the history center it is really a neat little stop. We will do it again next Sunday, so if you want to get your week started bright and early, give it a thought.

The other project, flipped the switch literally to be a little more environmentally friendly. That and it is more consistent with the feeds.

More on both projects this week. And others. Lots of great things going on in the city

Thursday, January 08, 2009

GOT CHOPS? This Saturday! UNF!

I saw this with a sold out crowd in the magnificent Florida Theatre. It was a main event for the Film Festival. And it got a standing ovation at the end. I won't give it away but it gives a great look one of DUVAL's brightest stars, DASOTA.

The Must-See Jazz Documentary of the Year

Showing One Night Only!

UNF Fine Arts Center

Saturday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m.

The film is so well made, a labor of love as seen through the eyes of a father…just the feeling of it, just the soul of it all....

-- Wynton Marsalis

Jacksonville-based film director Bruce Broder chronicles the journey of the Douglas Anderson Band as it travel to New York to compete against the finest high school jazz bands in the land.

See the award-winning film that has impressed audiences at the Tribeca International Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Newport International Film Festival, Jacksonville Film Festival, Homer International Film Festival (Homer, Alaska), and Ft. Lauderdale International film Festival.

Jed Dietz, Director of the Maryland Film Festival described the film: "The final moments of the film are as thrilling as anything you’ll see on film this year. Any doubts you might have had about the potential of American youth, the efficacy of arts funding, the practical power of music, are answered for good. And, of course, the music is not to be believed."

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students. Click here to purchase tickets online or call UNF Ticket Box Office at (904) 620-2878.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 BIG NEW THINGS One you may never take advantage of and another you may use more than your toof brush

A while ago a good friend of mine discussed all of the great blogs that we love and how Jacksonville has some of the best reading and pleasing content. We could name a few blogs that the other had not heard of and then contemplated that it takes too much time to try to dig through and remind ourselves. So my bud and another friend got to work and we created a tool that can be your one stop for all of the Jacksonville blog community to promote their blogs and to also give you one stop to catch up on the latest in Jacksonville independent web publishing.

Anyway, behold the beta:

It looks awesome in most browsers (working on blackberry), chrome is my favorite. Check it out. We hope it is useful. Don't hesitate to suggest blogs etc.

and also:

Every Day is a Gift!
Join us for coffee at the banks of the St. Johns
every Sunday at sunrise! Starts January 11th, 2009!

Heartland Hospice invites you to the Jacksonville Historical Society’s Outpost on the St. Johns River each Sunday morning at sunrise. We will feature Sunday papers from around the country and jazz for a walking tempo while you enjoy the southbank riverwalk at dawn. The Historical Society’s little museum on the river has great exhibits of the history of Jacksonville including scale models and a city train set! You can have a hot cup of Bold Bean, St. Johns Riverkeeper Roast coffee and read a paper or go for a hike on the river.
We will have a memory vase to remember loved ones, as we celebrate the start to a new day and a new week. Every day is a gift!

Next to the Main Street Bridge on the southbank riverwalk. Google Map “MOSH Jacksonville” Parking available on the east side of MOSH next to Main Street Bridge. Walk to river then right under the Main St. Bridge. Follow the jazz!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Ciao Mirko!
Man it is a pretty cool experience to look at the architecture of downtown during art walk narrated in Italian. That is pretty sweet. Smile. The art walk has been such an awesome thing to watch. I have participated only in fits like pecha kucha (video alleged), some shows like circuits upstairs and Jason Wright, where the dude ate a pigs foot for a painting. Uh. Sorry. We've had river rides and fight dancing and years of people doing their thing. I hope you are getting out and enjoying it. It is today downtown. Must be present to win. You can get more details and suggestions at jaxscene and he linked to bike jax's hipster bingo which you can probably win in short order.

The Library is a spot that I have really loved watching grow. Gray and Mark et al have done a tremendous job. One day this building will be a great little fully occupied retail and mix use hub. But people looking to lease are almost as few as people who want to lend money. Don't worry about when, though I still promise before the courthouse and it could literally happen any day. Plus its paid for, and all of that went into the historic fund to save buildings. Good things will come. But don't wait. Head there now. In the meantime the building is budding with art and people and conversation. If you haven't enjoyed it yet you are missing something. Here is the haps in that building from the producer:

Happy New Year! The Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk is this Wednesday, January 7th from 5 to 9:30! ART IS FUN! SO IS ART WALK!
FOR YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION COMMIT TO AN ART BUYING BUDGET FOR 2009 AND EXPERIENCE THE FUN OF COLLECTING THE ART OF YOUR NEIGHBORS! The art scene is flourishing in Jacksonville because of your support but remember artists still have to attend to the basics like rent and food so come, enjoy and BUY their work. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists. Original Art broadens the way you look at life! It is personal. It is meant to be enjoyed and can be uplifting if you let it! Forget the experts, let yourself go and simply look to your inner self for your own reaction. Your own neighbors worked hard to create what you can experience this Wednesday and own!

Sooo please come by The Library (, the former Haydon Burns Library) at Ocean and Adams and meet the new owners and see how they are preserving history and changing the future! The City Market, the hip downtown grocery market, restaurants, stores and offices are coming soon! In short, a great downtown site for you and your company to be a part of it all! Renovation construction is beginning and the lease spaces are filling up!

Upstairs with Trinity Baker's Super Funtastic Funhouse Extraordinaire presents Aurora: an Art Odyssey! It just gets better and better with Trinity and the following artists; Grant Thornton, Darlene Huto, Steven Marque, Kali McLevy, Monica D. Black, Stacia Brownlee, Marina Vugman, Kimberly Stafford, Shannon Palumbo, Matthew Birmingham, Jay Peele, D.J. Finn, Anne Kluck, Christin Easterling, Ashelea Penquite, Joshwa Skierski, Elizabeth Corriveau, Matt Cosby, Isabella Goloversic, Michelle Payne,
Also upstairs and in the theater will be Ernest Jackson's FIVE FIFTY FIVE Artist Management's "Red Carpet Runway" fashions and Sonnet Rock Impromptu (a fusion of rock music and poetry). Cuban's Spoken Word will also be rolling.

In the basement The CLAY DORAN PROJECT will present I'M BORED" Jacksonville's 3rd Annual SKATE DECK ART SHOW supported by RED BULL!! This will be just GREAT!

In the Main Gallery THISTLE ART and Gray C. Solomon are pleased to present Devin Balara's new paintings, the exciting sculpture of Kenny Balser, collagist Jose Cru and the outstanding art photographer Jake Ross as well as Gustavo Roca, Kristen Abrahamson, Erin Dennis, Kathy Horak, Christopher Phillips, Nesti Tonu, Nicki Smith, Argieline Mitra, Jacob Brooks and Troy Ellison. Enjoy the innovative photo artists Tim Darby, Kimberly Eicherly, Hal Miller, Jess Cumbe, Jennifer Lewis and jewelry by Christy Hyun and Tanya Ambrose. Mosaic glass artist Rebecca Hepburn and sculpture/paintings by Robert Noelke and Beads Here Now jewelry artist Shannon Reeves.

Bobbie Brown is The Riverkeeper's featured artist!
Patrick Barry will have his film project going!
Fashion designer JAXLEIGH returns!

A CAPOEIRA FIGHT DANCING EXHIBITION WILL RETURN AT 8:00 PM! Brazilian dance/martial arts system developed in the 17th century by slaves.

*Experience SAKE! Doug Mueller's Circle Japan on Beach Boulevard presents SAKE! A Tasting
*Experience Nuvitae! The first fiberceutial, high satiety health drink! 14 grams of fiber in one 12 oz. can!

The unofficial after party is at 331 West Forsythe Street.

As background, the Downtown Art Walk is an open 'happening' that occurs the first Wednesday of every month where approximately 40 downtown venues stay open until 10:00 and folk stroll around from venue to venue enjoying community and art. Included are the New Main Library, JMOCA, art galleries shops, restaurants etc.


Easy to get to! From I 95 just go over the Main Street Bridge and go North on Ocean two blocks and turn left. From the Matthews/Hart Bridges turn left on Newnan Street and right on Adams!

Just across the street from The Burrito Gallery!

So 'meet at the Burrito', get your official Downtown Vision Map and start your Art Walk experience at The Library!

Join the downtown excitement!

See you there. :-)

The Library
Mark R. Rinaman

Gray C. Solomon
Thistle Art

So it seems like all of my friends and relatives are heading to Austin. I wish we could all go. What a cool video. Thanks TJ. I am totally jealous.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Springfield Exposed!

I get a really cool email from realtor Amanda Searle every month that depressingly breaks down home sales in the urban core or what she calls intown. It is very interesting and has good transaction informations.

It makes me glad I'm outta Riverdale in the safe tranquil harbor of Springfield. Good luck Riverdale! So long suckers! Just kidding.

If you would like to receive this monthly intown real estate market update or have an event to add to next month’s Springfield EXPOSED! calendar, send an email to Amanda(at)

Everytime I read Springfield Exposed I read it in Kent Brockman's voice

Hang around or come back soon for updates o'plenty including a BRAND NEW PROJECT THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

not even kidding.

Friday, January 02, 2009

First Friday! Its a Riot! (tm)

Join me and my friendly friends in fantastic five points. I will definitely frequent flux and my favorite store. I haven't been to first Fridays in months because Fridays I'm usually wore out and family focused.

This post was brought to you by the letter F. Duh.