Monday, June 29, 2009

Every day is a gift. RIP Uncle Fran


I know Barack Obama, and you're no Barack Obama.

with apologies to Lloyd Bentsen

I art directed a shirt that my friend created an image for. It was the Barack Hussein Obama photo with DUVAL underneath. After cost proceeds went the campaign. My theory was that if he won DUVAL he would win Florida, and if he won Florida he would win the election. I think I was right but I didn't go on to say that if he lost DUVAL, he could still win in a landslide. He did lose in DUVAL, but by only 5,000 votes. A pretty unlikely result if you follow local voting.

I told a good friend of mine that if I were to run for office I would want an iconic Obama-esque image to burn into the minds of the community.

Now, thanks to facebook, and the enchanting interwebs there is an image out, though not totally clear until today.

I am going to pretend I have a platform, because I don't think an image like this should be without some statement. I have an idea to keep adding to my platform as time goes by. We will have to see.

So here is a first draft...

Platform Plank ONE:


All business, emails and communications otherwise, procurements, meetings, and other collaborations shall be as transparent as current technology allows. A clearing house of public notices will be available online (mandatory). An example of an existing site using a similar calendar is The event profile you look at on experiencejax could be a public meeting. Only we will archive meetings (searchable) in the past and feature their youtube and or podcast recordings as well as attendance notes and transcripts. With a high return on minimal investment each meeting will be noticed, recorded, and archived. Should there be a question about how something was done it should only be a short bit of search away. No deals can be done behind close doors and no public meetings should EVER not be noticed.

Public Private partnerships to provide free wifi in public parks. Access to the internet is a great way for folks to make a better life. At very little or no cost we can enliven our parks at the same time.

More to come. This is kind of fun. What would you add to your platform?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Downtown is half naked and pulsing tonight.

The City of Jacksonville presents
Friday, June 19
The Florida Theatre
Street festival begins @ 5:30 p.m.
Movie begins @ 8 p.m.

$5 (cash only)
Buy your tickets and break out your bed sheets for a toga party like no other!
Activities include a showing of the college comedy classic Animal House and a street festival featuring Alpha Delta Nik Tribute Band, a toga contest, Guitar Hero, beer pong, corn hole, flip cup and much more.
Receive a free Wearable Towel with your ticket!
Courtesy of

Is your toga at the dry cleaner? No problem.
Don your Wearable Towel at the toga party!

First-come, first-toweled. Quantities are limited and only
those purchasing tickets will receive Wearable Towels.

Tickets are available for purchase at the City of Jacksonville Office of Special Events
(117 W. Duval Street, Ste. 280, Jacksonville, FL 32202)
The Florida Theatre Box Office
(128 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville, FL 32202)
or at the door!
Take advantage of great food and drink specials at the following downtown bars
Dive Bar
The Ultra Ivy Bar
Café 331


For specials, visit

This is just one of the cool things happening downtown, here is another.

Subject: TONIGHT! State of the Re:Union Hometown Premiere

The State of the Re:Union Hometown Premiere event finally here! The event is TONIGHT, June 19 at 6:30pm at WJCT Studios!

A special, multimedia version of the Jacksonville episode will be presented by Jacksonville artist Al Letson, winner of the national Public Radio Talent Quest, and he will discuss the show live with the audience and community members featured in the episode – “Jacksonville: Bold New City of the South?”

If you have not already purchased your tickets, please take a moment to do so by visiting or by calling WJCT at 904.358.6326. Limited seating is available, and we want to ensure all supporters of Al and his new show are able to attend this special event!
Remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the door; however, this event is selling out quickly!

If you purchased your ticket(s) online, please be sure to bring a photo ID. Also, please bring the printed confirmation page, if possible.

Doors open at 6:30pm and light hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be available prior to the multimedia presentation of the Jacksonville episode.

Map of WJCT Studios

For more information about Al Letson and State of the Re:Union, please visit.

Thank you for your support and we will see you tonight!

And this is ONLY for my blog readers (both). $4 BG Freezes all night to MIDNIGHT! Thats frozen margaritas and Downtown Yacht Club (tm)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


U.S. Department of Transportation
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C.
DOT 82-09
Contact: Sasha Johnson
June 17, 2009
Tel.: (202) 366-5037

Statement from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on the Highway Trust Fund
Washington, DC –

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today released the following statement on the Highway Trust Fund:

“This morning, I went to Capitol Hill to brief members of Congress on the situation with the Highway Trust Fund. I am proposing an immediate 18-month highway reauthorization that will replenish the Highway Trust Fund. If this step is not taken the trust fund will run out of money as soon as late August and states will be in danger of losing the vital transportation funding they need and expect.
“As part of this, I am proposing that we enact critical reforms to help us make better investment decisions with cost-benefit analysis, focus on more investments in metropolitan areas and promote the concept of livability to more closely link home and work. The Administration opposes a gas tax increase during this challenging, recessionary period, which has hit consumers and businesses hard across our country.

“I recognize that there will be concerns raised about this approach. However, with the reality of our fiscal environment and the critical demand to address our infrastructure investments in a smarter, more focused approach, we should not rush legislation. We should work together on a full reauthorization that best meets the demands of the country. The first step is making sure that the Highway Trust Fund is solvent. The next step is addressing our transportation priorities over the long term.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Groundbreaking of the Old Friendship Fountain

This video is pure anthropology and metaphor for me. Holy cow. Found it on JacksonvilleMag through the reader.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Best of Downtown

It is that time of year again. Where I tell you what my favorite things are about downtown. And you put the opposite. I think Burrito Gallery could be used as an answer in all of them but I admit a small bias since I dj there Fridays. BTW, I will be spinning bonaroo and lollapalooza line ups all night at the BG tonight. THATS RIGHT SON.

Anyway, here is the best of according to me and me only. Go here to do your own.

Hippest Hightlife Hotspot:
Hip is so subjective. Hightlife isn't even a word. So I am going with Marks.

Small Business of the Year:
Chamblains Uptown

Downtown's Best-Kept Secret:
Riverside Arts Market. Its no secret, in fact its front page news, above the fold. However most don't know it is actually half downtown!

Best Place to Live:
W.A. Knight Building

Best Cultural Venue:
Old Library Basement (RIP). Hard to pick this one with MOCA in the mix, FLTH, TU center with Jazz Fest was amazing too.

Best Dinner Value:

Innovation/Improvement of the Year:
Jacksonville Jazz Fest!

Outstanding Storefront/Office Facade:
Really? Ok. BG.

Biggest Downtown Supporter/Cheerleader:
Joey Marchy

Best Downtow Event:
I would like to buy a vowel. An N? Wait. Anyway assuming this has nothing to do with towing, I will go with Art Walk.

Best Outdoor Dining/Bar:
Gosh. BG.

Most Romantic Spot Downtown:
Florida Theatre. I mean it is DEAD SEXY.

Best Lunch Value:
Big Petes Pizzeria. Seriously.

Best Breakfast Place:
Easy. Zodiac!. Best potatoes in the city I might add.

Favorite Historic Place Downtown:
Old Saint Andrews

I have a lot more posts coming up today, but go fill out your best of downtown and if you haven't done the JTA survey yet, blow it up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be Prepared to Sing this Song for the Rest of your Life.

At least I am singing it anyway. All the time. The artist is Justin Roberts, who is headlining the first Kids Day at Riverside Arts Market on July 25. Get your kids hooked on his site because his concert will be free (as always at RAM) and we will have a LOT of fun kid stuff that Saturday. We always do but even more. The next week after that is Rebecca Zapen and a break dance competition. AWE YEAHHHHH. I can just leave Rebecca's site open all day and listen.

But you need something more sooner. More acute. More now. More this Saturday. Not a problem. This Saturday will again be magic at the market with magicians from all over the southeast! Fun this good is no, ahem, illusion! Also, headlining this weekend is Tammerlin!

Thanks for supporting your free market every Saturday! And hey! Its FUN WHEN IT RAINS HERE! Forecast is decent, but don't be shy if it looks like sprinkles is all I am saying.


Steve Forster Returns!

Steve Forster is taking a break from studies in NYC to return briefly to Jax for a show at the Corse Gallery.

He is an amazing painter. Get to know him and his work while he is in Florida.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Live baseball in the city


Take Time, Fill Out The Survey, Please. Thanks.

Please take the time to complete this JTA survey found here. Please do it now before your day gets away from you.

Most importantly, there is a check space for the Riverside Arts Market as a destination where you would take the trolley. It is a below an evening question so it is a little confusing. I will give you an example where you might take the trolley to the market just so you can check that with confidence. Say you were at Jazz Fest and wanted to hit the market, just jump on at the Landing and voila, direct, rain free trip to market.

The market is super when it rains. It is dry (mostly) and vibrant under the bridge. Some vendors have rainy day specials. Even if it is raining you should always come to our market every Saturday. If you live in San Marco or Springfield and the trolley was running it would be convenient for you to take the trolley and get dropped off under the cover of the streets! You can park at the landing under the cover of the Main St Bridge and take the trolley to the market! Just a suggestion, I bet you have a bunch of ideas too.

I don't think this trolley is the end all be all. I do think that if we can show support for transit between our inner neighborhoods we can get closer to a streetcar and/or a system that people can actually use in their every day life. But we have to push for it.

Also, the burrito gallery is closed today. Again. We have some new equipment that set us back a day. Please forgive. Reopen tomorrow.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

First Friday. Interact people.

Hello everyone.
I would like to extend an invitation to join me in a new project titled interact exchange meaning. It will take place on June 5th (during the first Friday celebration) at the entrance of Riverside Park. It requires nothing more than a willingness to enjoy the warmth of summer.

Looking forward,

I can do that!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Recovering Workaholics

Some of the hardest working people I know work in Springfield. And most of the hardest working people I know drink in Springfield. Come to think of it, some of the hardest drinkingest people I know work in Springfield. Ok. I will quit now. SPR4LIFE

Wednesday, June 03, 2009



I know. These videos are old. But I am getting so much new traffic I thought a remix wuz in order. Tropic (the music in the second video) will be playing HQ tonight so that is cool. Mario and Patrick are out back of BG (scroll down). I will also be slinging cans out of the bigloo out back so come see me and ask me about your application to the arts market because I never get that question. In fact, and this is just a special, while supplies last kind of thing, I will give my faithful readers a one of a kind extra special arts market poster behind the BG, while they last.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Another Free Fun Event Downtown!

Hello everyone! You are all invited to Jacksonville's 1st annual Filipino Pride Day.The event is hosted by First Coast Care and Carangue + Carangue

June 20, 2009
10 am until midnight
The Jacksonville Landing

Enjoy performances by local talent!

It'll be a fun event with many activities, performances, and tons of Filipino food!!!


Two Filipino owned companies - First Coast Care and Carangue & Carangue are sponsoring and coordinating the very first Filipino Pride Day in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). What makes this event significant is our theme - Filipino Pride Day - United to Change Lives. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for two local filipino organizations - Philippine Medical Society Medical Missions* and The Legacy of Care Health Clinic**. These organizations provide free medical exams and care to communities - locally and in the Philippines.

*The Legacy of Care Health Clinic started in 2006. Since then, registered nurses of the Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida, Inc. and physicians of the Philippine Medical Society of Florida, Inc. have volunteered to provide free health services to uninsured individuals. Through the clinic was started by the Filipino community, they offer their services to the Jacksonville community.

**The Philippine Medical Society’s East Coast Chapter of Florida organizes medical mission trips to the Philippines. In 2007, over 40 doctors and personnel traveled to the Philippines to offer medical assistance to people living in rural areas. In four days, they treated over 2600 patients. Most recently, they organized a program in Balantang, Philippines where they’ll give free medical check-ups and medicine to over 500 people. One of their patients was on our local news station - (see).

Special thanks to:
The City of Jacksonville
Sleiman Enterprises
The Jacksonville Landing
Lakewood Chiropractic
Mandura Health & Wellness
Lifestyle Management and Consulting, Inc.


The Dan May et al show and poster above is for the archives, ie it is old, I just wanted a cool lead image.

The current artist in the dining room gallery is Modesto Solano.
Out back will be the cool sounds of NYC indie rocker Mario Sevayega. He an legendary Patrick Evan and bands will be bringing live music to the art walks. The sails will be up and the breeze will be blowing.