Thursday, May 26, 2011

CoWork Jax and Perdue, Inc. Announce New Partnership

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Elton Rivas, CoWork Jax

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CoWork Jax and Perdue, Inc. Announce New Partnership

JACKSONVILLE, FL , May 26, 2011 – CoWork Jax, a locally owned company bringing  coworking space to Downtown Jacksonville, today announced a significant  partnership with office furniture supplier Perdue, Inc.

Under terms of the partnership, Perdue will furnish the coworking office space with the latest furniture and accessories from Steelcase and Turnstone, which offer lines developed specifically for coworking and collaboration. 

The coworking concept offers space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small companies to work in a professional, creative environment and meet others like themselves.  Most coworking spaces offer desks that can be rented for the day or for an extended period of time, small office spaces and common areas for people to hold impromptu meetings or brainstorms.  Coworking spaces also offer areas like conference rooms and white boards, tools that are often out of reach for freelancers or other small companies. 

In February and March of this year, CoWork Jax held a demonstration coworking event in the AT&T Tower 301 in Downtown Jacksonville to demonstrate the need for such a space in the Jacksonville market.  The event was a success, opening the door for CoWork Jax to seek a permanent home in Downtown.

 “Downtown Jacksonville is where we want to be.  We think it’s on the cusp of something great, and we see CoWork Jax as a part of that new movement,” said Elton Rivas, founder of Zero Confines, the parent company for CoWork Jax.  “The partnership with Perdue, a Jacksonville-based business and longtime Downtown supporter, will provide us with some of the best amenities for our coworkers.  We couldn’t be happier.”

Perdue has been a Jacksonville mainstay since its beginning in 1916.  In 2009, they relocated back to Downtown after several decades on the Southside as they wanted to be a part of and show their support for the urban neighborhood.

 “We are really excited about what CoWork Jax is doing,” said Vince McCormack, CEO of Perdue.  “An organization like this will bring more entrepreneurs, new businesses and innovative thinkers to the urban core.”    

CoWork Jax plans to announce its permanent home in the upcoming weeks.  To keep up with the latest developments, visit and follow us on Twitter (@CoWorkJax).

About CoWork Jax

CoWork Jax is an initiative led by Zero Confines, LLC.  CoWork Jax was created to develop a permanent coworking program in Jacksonville, FL.  The program will focus on fostering the local innovative community to create and grow ground-breaking businesses. For more information on CoWork Jax, visit

Zero Confines is an launch agency that leads and supports the launch of products, services, businesses, and initiatives.  Zero Confines, LLC has offices in Jacksonville, FL, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC.  Additional information on Zero Confines can be found at 

About Perdue

Perdue, Inc. has provided innovative workplace solutions since 1916 for companies of all sizes from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 companies. They are the exclusive Steelcase dealer in the region and the only downtown business of its kind.  Whether a company is just getting started or relocating, expanding or updating, Perdue plays an important role in helping to create a work environment that supports their business goals and reflects their company brand.  For more information on Perdue, visit





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Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Last night at the at the Breakfest of Champions event at the 5 Points Theatre, Michael Kettman set the new world's record for spinning the most basketballs (11) while blindfolded. The event included the award-winning documentary film, "Breaking and Entering," in which Kettman was featured.

Also performing on stage were David Ferman (national champion juggler), Len Ferman (national champion joggler), and Morton Perry (Jacksonville champion saxophone player) and his band.  The event was sponsored by the Riverside Arts Market and the Jacksonville Film Festival.

Here is the proof for the Guinness Book of Records:


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today is a SUPER day

Did you know today is a SUPER day?


Something Unexplainable Powerful Extraordinary and Revolutionary is about to happen. 


Have you ever sat in a room full of people listening to a lecture or presentation, and the speaker asked you to raise your hand if you agreed on the idea that was presented, but you hesitated until others raised their hand as well?


This week, WE have the chance.  Wait..scratch that. Chance is something you bet on. 


WE have the opportunity to deliver a result so monumental, it can't help but change the way we view opportunities around us. 


But the first thing you have to do is raise your hand.


This week, WE can make the choice to shave a little extra time off our lunch break, afternoon commute, or weekend activity to enter into a place with our hands raised.


A raised hand demonstrates you agree with an idea. A raised hand challenges you to act upon your heart's urging. A raised hand makes a difference in our community.


A raised hand is a vote.


Step up Unlock the Potential that Exists Right now


Will you make the time to vote today?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 5 Points Theatre this weekend!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the 5 Points Theatre this weekend, with shows Friday and Saturday at midnight!

If you can't remember what Rocky Horror is or if you've been before, check out the trailer here:  

Audience participation is welcome, but go easy on us please!  No liquids or open flames.

We recommend advance tickets - get them here:

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ride your bike, get a free beer. End Message.

Teri2011 I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

So, how many of you brought your mom to RAM last weekend? If you missed it, I'll let you in on a little secret - you can bring her THIS weekend, too! Yep, that's right, moms are always welcome at RAM!


I DO want to apologize for the water/bathroom issues last week. When we arrived at the park last Saturday we found out that the bathrooms weren't working and there was no water. After much investigation by the City's Parks and Rec department, JEA, and many of our vendors, it was determined that there was a big line leak somewhere. I am happy to say that the City has taken care of the problem and we should be fine this weekend. I want to give a VERT BIG THANKS to the Red Cross for allowing us to use their restrooms for part of the day, and to the many people who tried to help. Believe me, we did not enjoy having the restrooms out of order, or having to use port-a-potties and hand-washing stations. BUT, in life stuff happens sometimes, you handle it, and move on. All is good now so lets have a SUPER Saturday this week!


This Saturday, not only do we have some great artists, entertainers and food, but it's Bicycle Day at RAM! Everyone is encouraged to ride their bike to RAM and if you use the free bike valet, you get a ticket for a free beer at Intuition Ale. (Only if you're 21 or older, of course!) Adding to the bike theme - Lake Shore Schwinn will be there, there will be a bike swap area, and there will be a bike clinic available so you can get your bike tuned-up!


It's going to be a GREAT DAY under the bridge so come out and join us, and ride your bike - it's MUCH less expensive than the cost of gas, it's good for your health, and it's FUN!


See you there!

This Week on the River Stage 

10:30 am   Crimson City Romance, Alternative Rock


11:45         Diane Durrett, R&B and Rock   


 2:00          Florida Conservatory of Music, Youth bands


For information on other musical acts and street performers, check out our website at: 


We are happy to welcome Torrie, our new volunteer coordinator! She is already working hard to develop some GREAT plans to make it easy and fun to volunteer at RAM!



There are MANY opportunities available both at the market and away, so come to RAM this weekend and meet Torrie, or email her for more information. 


  • Come as a team or individual
  • Get community service hours for school 
  • Help your neighborhood market
  • Have fun!

Email us at: to sign up or learn more about volunteer opportunities. 



Upcoming Events @ RAM JazzSax
This is a partial list of some of the GREAT activities that will be coming up this year. Mark your calendar and "Stay Tuned" for more fun festivities!

May 28 - Jazz @ RAM. FREE jazz and other entertainment all day long at RAM! 


June 25 - Health & Fitness Day @ RAM
Oct. 1 - Yoga Day @ RAM. Two yoga classes, three workshops, and several demonstrations to help you stretch and breathe!
 Oct. 22 - Oktoberfest @ RAM. Beer, German food, and Music to bring out the oompah in you!

Bike Sign

Be An Artist! 


YOU can be a famous artist and have your art for sale/display at RAM! 


All you have to do is buy a set of squares and do something creative on the 9' x 9' space. Then, put a price on it, turn it in, and we will include it at the RAM Art Gallery so visitors can enjoy it and possibly buy it!   


What? You don't have any squares to get creative on? The RAM Art Gallery has blank square sets available for purchase at RAM! Sets are only $36 and you can pay by cash, check, or credit card.


Local professional and budding artists are finding RAM to be a great venue for their work, and the community has been supporting local artists by purchasing numerous artistic squares.


Come out and see what's new, or drop off your completed art squares at RAM!



Join Our Mailing List


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Riverside Arts Market
2623 Herschel St.
Jacksonville, FL  32204

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Press Release - Clay Chamber Foundation Fundraiser at Carmike Cinemas

ARGHHH! You're stuck on an island with PIRATES!

Good Afternoon,  
Pirates are invading Carmike Cinemas Fleming Island 12 on May 19.
Carmike Cinemas is hosting a Pirates 4 VIP party sponsored by Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers on Thursday, May 19 complete with pirates, ships, live entertainment, fresh traditional and specialty pies and salads from Mellow Mushroom, cupcakes, door prizes and more.  The event benefits the Clay County Chamber Foundation, a  501 (c) 3 organization which provides scholarships for students and much needed supplies for teachers.   Seating is limted for the VIP party.   

Pirates 4 VIP Party Tickets are $30 and include:

        Preferred seating to May 20 - 12:01 a.m. showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D

        Fresh Mellow Mushroom Specialty & Traditional Pies with Caesar & House Salads

        Pirate Cupcakes from Dessert First

        Pirate Show from "Brothers of the Coasts" and “Black Raven Adventures”

        Door Prizes, popcorn and more

        Theatre-sized Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides poster with VIP ticket

We invite you to come out for live remotes with our pirate crew.   The festivities will begin in the lobby and parking lot the afternoon of May 19 and continue throughout the evening.   Tickets for the regular (not VIP) midnight showing can be purchased at the box office or via fandango.
Warm regards,

Leigh Ann Rassler
Film Marketing/Promotions
Fleming Island 12
1820 Town Center Blvd.
Fleming Island, Florida 32003


Press Release - Pirate Invasion at Carmike Cinemas Fleming Island 12.pdf Download this file

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New Work by Mark Estlund at nullspace (new location)


WHAT: "Sequence Variations", New Work by Mark Estlund (Inaugural show at new space)

WHERE: nullspace gallery, 109 E Bay St.

WHEN: Exhibit duration: May 7th through June 3rd
Opening Reception: Friday, May 6th from 6pm-10pm 
Also on view for June Art Walk: June 1st, 5-9pm
Open Hours: By Appointment Only

COST: Free

nullspace gallery is pleased to present "Sequence Variations", an installation of new sculpture by Mark Estlund.
Estlund makes intricate and uncanny assemblages that include intimate space where the viewer can look into another world. The artist says, "Elements are used to create scenes, suggesting to the viewer that the substance and beauty in life can only be found by looking beyond the simple exterior." In addition, two bands will play during the opening reception, Roger Whitcher and friends and Canary in the Coal Mine. 

Artist statement-

I make art in an effort to understand existence and the complexities of life. My work is how I connect with the world and find a route to communicate. Through my work I try to express to the viewer that humans are trying to manipulate the inevitability of the life and death cycle and the most basic elements of nature. I feel that fear of reality and nature has pushed many people to shelter themselves in such a way that they no longer see the truly beautiful aspects of life.

The artwork I make is constructed from a wide variety of materials. The pieces incorporate gutted antiques, and the exteriors are manipulated to give a sense of familiarity that is hard to place. Lighting and lenses reveal an interior environment that seems to be from another world. For the interiors, copper, fur, watch parts, insects, mirrors, prisms, paint, collage, and other elements are used to create scenes, suggesting to the viewer that the substance and beauty in life can only be found by looking beyond the simple exterior. 

Everyone, come on out to the new space. It's going to be an incredible show!

Jefree Shalev
nullspace gallery

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