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MUST ATTEND: Urban Atelier = Urban Temple = Tracie = Show!

Tracie Thornton
the urban atelier
urban temple jewelry + urban exotic prints
like me:
call: [904]477.8111


Urban Temple Jewelry Presents

Goddess, A Jewelry Event

March 24th @ 7:30

Renee Parenteau Photography Studio

1951 Market Street

Jacksonville, Fl 32206



For more information:


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Looking for something to do after a long day of CoWorking

When has Burrito Gallery ever bought your first drink? Probably never. Until tonight! Your buddies at Tek Systems are footing the bill with a big tab! (first drink only some restrictions apply)

During this 5 -7:30 party a significant portion of your bar tab will go to the Chamber's Downtown New Front Door. Design by Content Design!

Improving downtown, one cold beer (or cocktail) at a time. And the networking will be great too. 

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Re: This pic alone was worth it

Awesome Pic!!!

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This pic alone was worth it

St. Johns Riverkeeper Update - March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012
Upcoming Events

March is a great time of the year to explore and celebrate the river, learn about its rich history and diverse ecology, and to take action to help protect it.
See some of the great upcoming events below. 
Visit our website for ways you can be River Friendly in March.

Sat, March 17  8 - 11 am
Click here for site locations in Duval.
Click here for sites in Clay.
St. Johns Riverkeeper volunteers will be participating at the Pottsburg Creek boat ramp at 8540 Beach Blvd. 
Bring your small boat, kayak or canoe and join in the fun.

Kegs n' Eggs
Cleanup After-Party
Saturday, March 17
All Wet Sports
8550 Beach Blvd.  32216
After working hard cleaning up the river, join us for an after-party sponsored by All Wet Sports and 96.9 The Eagle.

River Day at RAM
Sat, March 17 10 am - 4 pm
Join us as we celebrate the St. Johns River at the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller Warren Bridge in Jacksonville.
Stop by our booth and get a sticker to show your support for the river.

Follow these stand up paddle boarders as they get ready to embark on a trip of the entire St. Johns River.
They are also raising awareness and donations for St. Johns Riverkeeper in the process.
Click here to learn more about their trip and how you can contribute.
For more information about upcoming events, visit our website

Create a
River Friendly Yard
During River Month, remember to use fertilizers wisely, irrigate efficiently, and follow our River Friendly Yard recommendations:
  • Use slow-release fertilizers and no more than is necessary.
  • Pay close attention to rainfall patterns, follow local irrigation ordinances, and water only when needed.
  • Over-watering and over-fertilizing can weaken your lawn, making it more susceptible to pests, weeds, and disease.
  • Use native plants that require less maintenance.  
  • Install a rain barrel.
Click here for tips on proper fertilizer use.
Numeric Nutrient Criteria Hearing  
First of all, I want to thank all of you who offered to testify to help us acheive standing in our legal challenge of the state's plan to address nutrient pollution.  Your overwhelming response is sincerely appreciated. 
The good news is that our opposition backed off from challenging our standing, and the hearing proceeded and has now come to an end.  Our attorneys believe that we made a compelling case, and we expect to receive a decision from the judge in the next several weeks.  
As you may recall, Florida Wildlife Federation, St. Johns Riverkeeper, and several other conservation groups filed for an administrative hearing to legally challenge the weaker nutrient pollution limits that are being proposed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 
We believe the state's proposed Numeric Nutrient Criteria (NNC) will not adequately protect our waterways, including the St. Johns River, from nutrient pollution (an excess of nitrogen and phosphorous).  
Background about the Numeric Nutrient Criteria (NNC) issue:
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly stated since 1998 that numeric nutrient criteria (NNC) is necessary and must be implemented by states to protect polluted waterways.  
  • Numeric criteria is important because it establishes specific pollution limits for nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P).  Too much N and P can trigger toxic algal blooms and fish kills.
  • In 2003, Florida submitted its first plan to develop numeric nutrient pollution limits but repeatedly pushed back deadlines for completion.
  • When it was clear Florida would not honor its commitment, the Florida Wildlife Federation, St. Johns Riverkeeper, and three other groups filed a lawsuit to ensure that these important standards would be established. 
  • As a result, a federal judge ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to follow the Clean Water Act and get the job done.
  • In 2010, EPA established numeric nutrient criteria for Florida freshwater rivers, lakes, and springs, using the state's own extensive data and a scientifically-sound, widely-accepted methodology to establish the much needed standards. 
  • Industry groups and the State of Florida appealed the decision.
  • In 2011, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) finally decided to introduce its own weaker criteria, in an effort to supplant the more protective standards developed by EPA.
With your ongoing support, we will continue to seek effective nutrient pollution limits that are protective of our river's health. 

Critical meetings will take place over the next couple of weeks involving the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Georgia-Pacific (GP), and St. Johns Riverkeeper.  Despite the fact that GP is proceeding with the construction of the pipeline, we remain committed to making sure the wastewater that is discharged by GP is clean and safe. 
We are hopeful that our ongoing efforts to resolve the problems with dioxin and other pollutants will prove to be successful.    We'll keep you posted.  

Water Withdrawal Study
As we have previously reported, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) recently released the St. Johns River Water Supply Impact Study (WSIS), an analysis of the potential impacts from withdrawing millions of gallons of water each day from the river.    
Unfortunately, the media and the SJRWMD have focused on the benefits of the study and not its signficant shortcomings.   
The peer review of the study by the National Research Council (NRC), a group of independent scientific experts, identified major limitations and recommends additional analysis before water withdrawals occur.  According to the NRC, "the WSIS operated within a range of constraints that ultimately imposed both limitations and uncertainties on the study's overall conclusions."
This study does not provide a green light for massive withdrawals from our river.
Water conservation and the reuse of reclaimed water continue to be the most responsible and cost-effective strategies for meeting our long-term water supply needs and protecting our water resources.  
Click here to read a my letter published in several newspapers regarding our position on this important issue. 
Click here to learn more about the study and its limitations on our website. 

Save Silver Springs
If you have not done so already, please submit comments opposing the proposed cattle operation in Marion County and help protect Silver Springs and the Silver River.
Adena Springs Ranch has submitted a consumptive use permit (CUP) application to withdraw 13.267 million gallons of water a day (mg/d) from the aquifer.   
This is more water than the 12.85 mg/d used by the entrie City of Ocala. Adena Springs Ranch would use the water to irrigate pasture land for 30,000 head of cattle and a slaughterhouse.
The proposed cattle operation would be located within the springshed of Silver Springs and the Silver River and could cause further harm to these natural gems.
Please, visit our website to learn how you can submit comments and help save Silver Springs.

March is St. Johns River Month
Finally, this is a great time of the year to explore and celebrate the river, learn about its rich history and diverse ecology, and to take action to help protect it.
  • Explore: Click here to get a copy of our Get Your Feet Wet guidebook to the parks of the river or to take a virtual tour.  Then, get out there and start exploring!
  • Celebrate: See the sidebar for a listing of exciting upcoming events. 
  • Protect: Visit our website to take the River Friendly Pledge and learn how you can reduce your impact on the St. Johns. 
By continuing to work together to make our voices heard, we can protect and restore the mighty St. Johns River. 
For the River,
Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

BREAKING: City Buildings Top 100 Wonder what part of town they are in.


Three City Government Buildings Designated as Top 100 in Florida

City Hall at St. James, Florida Theatre and Main Library Chosen


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 6, 2012 Three city-owned buildings in Jacksonville's urban core have been awarded the designation of Florida's "Top 100 Buildings" by The Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects as part of its "Florida Architecture: 100 Years, 100 Places" competition. 


City Hall at St. James, the Florida Theatre and the Main Library were selected from thousands of submissions statewide, and are among a total of 17 buildings in Duval County to earn this designation. Throughout the state, 100 buildings were awarded this honor.


"It's an honor to have three city-owned buildings in the running for the A1A Florida 100 Years Celebration. For years, our St. James Building, Florida Theatre and Main Library have helped to define our downtown for visitors and business professionals," said Mayor Alvin Brown. "They help to provide unique, historic character in our urban center for all of Jacksonville to enjoy."


All three buildings are now competing in a statewide contest to be the number one ranked building in Florida. Visit by April 6 to vote for your favorite city building. The competition is designed to highlight Florida's unique and rich architectural heritage.





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Get on your River! Better yet, GET IN IT!

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JumpingFish presents…

In association with St. Johns Riverkeeper, Riverside Arts Market, the YMCA and Duval Ocean Swimmers


Expedition # 2, Saturday March 3rd

"Residents, businesses and non-profits coming together to preserve our waterways."

The Agenda:

§  A donation to cover fuel costs is appreciated but not required. (fuel approx $250)

§  Meet at dock by RAM/Fuller Warren Bridge no later than 10:00 departure time. Crew Meeting on board.

§  Make way cruising to marker 7 near NAS.

§  Begin the swim 2 hours into the ebb tide at marker 7. (11:21)

§  Swim at least 4 miles.

§  Board and return to RAM dock. The length of the swim is open so we may be as late as 3:30.


Our Hosts:

Boat 1 -  Southern Cross, 41 ft House Boat, Captains: David Cross and Donna Gentry, Cross River Cruises

Boat 2 -  Das Boat, Captain Ray Sutton



§  Welcome aboard! I appreciate your hard work and participation.

§  The dock is on the North side of the Fuller Warren Bridge, Riverside Avenue next to RAM and behind LPS.

§  Parking available on the opposite side of Riverside Avenue.

§  Please be on dock no later than 10:00. Timing is crucial.

§  Everyone must sign a waiver. (attached)


Swimmers: Eric DePetris(1), Ian Cherry(2),  Richard Shieldhouse(3) and Jim Alabiso(4). Duval Ocean Swimmers members all!

ü  Must swim together as a group. Everyone gets a number on their arm. We'll cruise around 1.8-2.0 mph for at least 2 hours.

ü  Bright colored swim cap required!

ü  We will provide a guide of Swimmer to Boat and Boat to Swimmer signals.

ü  Bring your usual equipment, spare goggles just in case, towel etc. Bring a wetsuit if you like.

ü  If you want to hydrate, bring a reusable bottle that can be hooked to a carabineer . No disposable plastic water bottles.

ü  Water temp approx 65 deg. We will be starting the swim in a good ebb current.  High SW winds predicted!

ü  Feel free to board if you get tired. No worries.


Up the River Support Team and Crew:

§  Peggi Karnes, Photography and Video

§  Candice Davis, GPS, Content Development

§  Eric Wendorf, Boat to Swimmer Communications

§  Janelle Jordan, Up the River, Art & Design

§  Donna Harden, Up the River, Event Coordinator

§  Mike Bernos, Up the River, Public Relations

§  Annabelle Bernos, Guest

§  Norma Hammons, Guest

§  Johnelle Causwell, Guest


Swimmers: Jim Alabiso, Eric DePetris, Ian Cherry and Richard Shieldhouse. Duval Ocean Swimmers members all!

ü  Must swim together as a group. Everyone gets a number on their arm.

ü  Bright colored swim cap required!

ü  We will provide a guide of Swimmer to Boat and Boat to Swimmer signals.

ü  Bring your usual equipment, spare goggles just in case, towel etc.!

ü  If you want to hydrate, bring a reusable bottle that can be hooked to a carabineer . No plastic water bottles.

ü  Bring a wetsuit if you like.

ü  Water temp approx 65 deg. We will be starting the swim in a good ebb current. Wind in our favor. (weather subject to change!)

ü  Feel free to board if you get tired. No worries.



To swim segment 2 of the 12 mile course (yellow line on map). We may swim some of Segment 3 depending on the weather and how we are feeling.



There are three 4 mile segments that make up the 12 mile course. (map attached)

·         Segment 1 is County Dock passing marker 9 to marker 7 off NAS.

·         Segment 2 is marker 7 passing marker 5 to marker 3 off Point La Vista.

·         Segment 3 is marker 3 passing between markers 2 and 1 to RAM dock.


Forecast for Saturday 10:00 am (as forecast on 2/29 11:15 pm):

o   Air Temp: low 70's

o   Water Temp: low to mid 60's

o   Winds: 20G32 mph SW

o   Rain: 11 to 18% chance

o   Sky Cover: 60%


Tides Based on Mandarin Point Launch

2012-03-03  09:21 EST  -0.00 knots  Slack, Ebb Begins

2012-03-03  12:08 EST  -0.68 knots  Max Ebb (will be much higher down river)

2012-03-03  13:53 EST   Moonrise

2012-03-03  15:44 EST   0.00 knots  Slack, Flood Begins



We need a bio and a photo  for everyone on the expedition. See last year's event for an example.





Jim Alabiso, (904) 673-4549

Up the River 2012

A 12-Mile, 6-Hour Swim from Mandarin to Riverside Arts Market

In association with St. Johns Riverkeeper & Riverside Arts Market and the YMCA.


-Up the River Swim, 12 Miles, June 9th

-Tahoe Twenty Two – Hands Across the Water,  22 Miles, August 11th

-Race Across the St. Johns, 4 Miles, October 20th


It's getting serious

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